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By invisible0one

Romance / Drama

Mission Start

My rather snobby tour guide was still going on and on even though I had made it pretty clear that I was ignoring him. Well, I acted like I was and really, really wanted to, but my training kept me from ever missing a word he said, regardless of how "distracted" I was. That didn't change the fact that I wanted him to shut up. Some of his first words were still driving me crazy, as he'd decided to greet me and then go on to brag about the school and its students.

"Only those with excellent social standing and those from filthy rich families are lucky enough to spend their time here, at the elite private school Casper Academy." Yawn. I knew that, I knew it before I even got here; I knew it before the last school year had even let out. Every little detail of this school might as well have been etched on to the back of my hand. I had to know it that well, I was on a mission and determined not to screw it up. I had every detail of this school committed to memory, from the basic building design plans, to the excessively long winded history, the exact teaching schedule of every single teacher on campus, to the schedules of every student of interest. If I didn't know something, it was either found to be irrelavent to the mission or the knowledge just didn't exist.

I was here with one goal in mind. Infiltrate the school and figure out what the hell was going on with the phantom kid residing here. It was my first long term assignment, I wasn't expected to complete the mission for at least several months. The Guys in White had actually messed with the school servers to grant me a full ride scholarship for up to my full four high school years. As long as I had gotten them the information they wanted by the time I graduated, I was guaranteed a successful career in the delicate art of gathering intelligence. As far as a long career goes, only my own skill could determine how long I'd manage to live doing it.

I kept my air of disinterest running strong as my mind began to take in the details, sometimes before I even realized I was committing them to memory. Blue prints and design plans did a lot, but details could be the death of you if you didn't keep them all in the front of your mind. Just looking around and absorbing the tiny details and quickly analyzing the people I could tell that no matter how hard the assignment turned out to be, it was bound to be amazing.

Of course, as with every mission, there was a downside. This was an all-boys school, and I was a girl with a cover to keep. I absolutely hated the fact that I had to act like one of these mindless boys, but it was a part of the mission, and it had to be done. I was pretty lucky that girls hair styles seemed to be getting shorter and shorter though, It let me pick a short haircut that could easily pass as that of either a boy or a girl. My cover was now a rather short, lanky guy with hair as black as night and odd purple eyes. I was no longer Samantha Manson, I was Samuel Mason. Personally, I thought my cover name was a little haphazard and way too obvious for such a long term mission, but maybe that's what the Guys in White were banking on. If someone thought it was way too close to my real name to be my cover, perhaps they wouldn't look too far into it. I can't say I agreed with their logic, but I knew it wasn't my decision to make.

My tour guide finally shut up upon reaching my dorm apartment. As he left, I asked him again for his name, I already knew it, but a new student would likely forget and would need to know in the event they needed any assistance. This was my mind, analyzing every little detail, finding every little opportunity to add to my cover, to make it seem more real.

I pulled out the key the office had given me, briefly noting the oily fingerprints that screamed at me that my new roommate was already there. My mind quickly informed me I was staying with a guy by the name of Daniel Fenton. I was both thankful and slightly bummed he was only of interest because I'd be living with him. Something about his past made the agency certain he would pose no threat to my mission or have any connections with the phantom I was here for. I took my surroundings in; a black sofa was against the wall nearest to me, a long coffee table in front of it. Someone, most likely my roommate, had already set up the entertainment center with an X-Box and stereo system. At least I'd have some spare parts for my gear if I ever got desperate. These things were so easy for me to hack, take apart, and re-purpose. I could do all three to both in well under fifteen minutes by now, but I figured that was not the best plan of action. I was meant to blend in, not gain attention.

There was a desk on the other side of the room, equipped with a school provided desktop computer. It was probably only there as a part of my scholarship, seeing as most students here had more than enough money to bring their own laptops. The kitchen of the small apartment held only the bare essentials. A fridge, stove, oven, microwave, sink, dishwasher, and a very cramped freezer filled the small space along with a few cabinets. The kitchen tinier than I would have thought, but then again, this area of student housing was only meant to be livable, not luxurious. I found a small dining table just outside the kitchen, and hidden behind that was a small hallway.

At the end of the hallway, I found three doors. The one on the right was closed, presumably the bedroom my roommate had claimed. The middle door was probably a bathroom, I couldn't tell because the door was closed, but the running water and the fact that it was the only remaining place available for a bathroom gave it away. The final door on my left was open and the bedroom in which I would reside. There were few furnishings, a small bed and night table, a dresser and a desk were all that could be found in the cramped space. I set my laptop up on the desk after depositing my bag to the floor to be put up later.

Once I had it started up, I had any files that even came close to anything to do with my mission locked under not one, not two, but three different password checks, each with a different set of passwords. No agent would be caught dead using the same password more than once on anything classified. I had a feeling I wouldn't need to worry about my roommate snooping around, but you could never be too careful. Of course, being too careful also meant I couldn't ever leave the comfort of my bed without wrapping my chest. I really didn't want to imagine what people would do if they realized I was a girl. It was still day one with these damned bandages, and I could already tell they were going to be a royal pain in my ass. They limited my movement and breathing, making me feel more vulnerable than I usually was. I knew that even with this handicap I could take out three full grown men without so much as breaking a sweat, but I still didn't like it.

I left my room and headed to the kitchen with the intention of raiding the fridge for a snack before the rest of my stuff got here. I may be a secret agent, but that doesn't mean I don't have to eat. I heard the water shut off in the bathroom as I settled on the couch with the chips I had commandeered from the cabinet. One door opened, and another on closed at the end of the hall. After a few minutes, he came out of his room.

Let's just say that any normal girl would have passed out right then and there, and I had to fight to keep the blood from rushing to my cheeks.

His hair was blacker than mine, and his eyes were a brilliant blue. His skin was only slightly darker than mine, but as pale as I am, anyone would look tan compared to me. For my personal tastes, his face was perfection, but that's actually not what caught my attention.

Oh no, what caught my attention was the expertly toned body. He had come out wearing only jeans, meaning that piece of art was on display for the world to see. I mean, damn, that boy had some muscle. From the files I had been given on him, I knew Daniel was no sports star or anything else, if anything he was known for being clumsy beyond belief, but something he did gave him some damn fine muscles. I barely reminded myself that staring would put a blow to my cover, but it was hard to keep my eyes off that body. The small apartment suddenly had more appeal to it since it meant I was living in close quarters to this hunk.

He smiled and reached out a friendly hand. "Hi, you must be my roommate. I'm Danny." I knew that, my files had told me that. What I didn't know was what had given him such a defined torso, not that I was complaining or anything. I was far from complaining.

Get yourself together Sam; it'd do you no good to blow your cover this early on. "I'm Samuel, but I swear I'll have you on the ground begging for mercy if you call me anything other than Sam." My cover said I was a straight A kid, it said nothing about whether or not I couldn't use just a few scare tactics to get my way.

Oddly, he didn't seem fazed by it in the least. I did catch him mutter something along the lines of "I already did that once today" though. I didn't see much of a need to push him into explaining. Whatever he did, it obviously wasn't anything dangerous if the Guys in White saw no threat to him.

I was definitely going to have fun living with this guy.

I mean, I was going to have fun on this mission. Yeah, that's what I meant. Fun on this mission.

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