Painful Memories

I know Tucker didn't mean to set me off like that and I honestly didn't expect it to have that kind of an effect on me. All he did was point out something I had already noticed, that boy Sam looked a lot like girl Sam. Even though I already knew this, it still sent me reeling back into my memories, trapped inside my own head for several minutes.

I was powerless in my mind as the scene I knew so well replayed itself once more. There was one difference this time though, one little detail I had nearly forgotten. Right as the doors were closing, I saw a sliver of a purple cape where Sam had been. I never knew if it was just my imagination or if that was what had taken Sam from me. I didn't care to look into it, Sam was gone either way and it would only bring more pain to my broken heart.

The scene in my head slowly started to retreat and I saw Tucker there, trying to help me get out of my head and back to reality faster. Sam just stared at me with a look of pity on her face. Wait, her? Did I just say her? No, keep it together Danny. That Sam is a boy, not the one you lost. Sam just started at me with a look of pity on his face. His, not hers. God that flashback must have really gotten to me, I seriously hoped I wouldn't do that again. I couldn't have myself reminded of the resemblance between the two Sams more than I was already forced to. It had been a long time since something was able to set off two flashbacks in one day.

I looked at clock and swore- the opening ceremony for school was in less than fifteen minutes. It'd take us at least ten to run across campus and I still had to go find a shirt. Normally, I'd just go ghost and fly me and Tucker over there, but I wasn't sure if that was a secret I was willing to share with my new roommate yet. I made a mad dash through the apartment, quickly filling Sam in on the "Start of the School Year" opening ceremonies and how we were expected to sit through all the pep speeches about spirit and all that crap. I hated it with a burning passion, but anyone who tried to skip would find themselves in deep shit with Lancer. He already hated me as is, I didn't need to hand him something else to hold against me.

We were out of the apartment in less than five minutes and ran across campus. Even at full speed, we were still a minute late. Lancer was only willing to let it slide since we were "escorting the new student across campus." I rolled my eyes at that, but I wasn't going to complain, I'll take an excuse that keeps me out of trouble any day. We sat in the auditorium and awaited the lecture.

I was bored out of my mind within seconds when it started, and the others were too from the looks of it. I would have gotten us out of there if I thought I could get away with it, but somehow I knew I couldn't. Lancer had a habit of keeping a close eye on me, not because I was known to have small mental breakdowns but because I had a habit of skipping class. It wasn't exactly my fault I had to leave class. I had to keep those damned ghosts from hurting people. There was also the small fact that in order to phase us out of there I'd have to let Sam in on some version of my secret. I didn't want to do that yet. I still wasn't even sure if he'd stick around after all the weird shit in my life started to affect him too.

I just sat there, trying to daydream, but finding all of my thoughts we revolving around Sam at the moment, girl Sam, not boy Sam. I still remembered her eyes, and that cute smile she used to give me when she was teasing me. I remembered the day I almost kissed her, my own nerves were the only thing that stopped me. Why the hell did I have to be such a damned chicken that day? I could have told her how I felt; now she was gone. Now she'd never know.

I felt my mind starting to drag me back into a memory by force, I fought it, but I knew it was useless. I was reliving the memory of that damned accident for the third time that day, something I hadn't done in over a year. My new roommate was drudging up old memories that I had been fighting so hard to repress. I kept having to remind myself that he wasn't doing it on purpose in order to keep myself from losing my temper. I saw that sliver of purple again. Could it possibly be a cloak? I knew I had seen it somewhere before, but I couldn't remember where. It was starting to bug me, and the only way to get my mind to shut up about it was to focus on something else. Enter the good thing about being stuck at boring assemblies.

Lancer kept droning on and on about the rules and regulations of the school. I only forced myself to pay attention to keep my head out the clouds and the hell that made up my memories. It was finally over after about an hour and we were free to roam around campus until curfew. I chose to go back to my apartment even though we had roughly two and a half hours left. Tucker and Sam came with me, Sam because he didn't really have anywhere else to go and Tucker because he wanted to make sure I was okay after my little breakdown earlier. I hated how he always over reacted to it, it reminded me of what Jazz would have done and sometimes that only made it worse.

It wasn't until we were back at the apartment that I realized I hadn't eaten or gotten around to stocking the kitchen. Sam offered to give me some money to use when I said I was leaving to pick up some food. I knew he only did it since I was buying for both of us, but I really didn't need it. I had millions at my disposal since my dad had made his asshole, cheese head of a college buddy my godfather. The authorities couldn't find anyone else to send me to, so I was stuck with Vlad. I hated him; all he was good for was giving me the money I needed to live. That's it. He gave me the creeps and I was always making up excusing to stay at my school apartment during holidays instead of returning "home" to him.

I went ghost as soon as the door shut, barely noticing that I hadn't bothered to grab a key. Oh well, Sam would probably be able to open the door when I got back, and if not I could always just walk through it.

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