Faded Memories

Danny left to get some food to stock our kitchen with, and Tucker left soon after leaving me to unpack my bags in peace. A normal kid wouldn't care if they had to unpack with their roommate around, but let's not forget I've never been a normal kid. I took my stuff to my room and closed the door behind me. I had three bags. One I had carried with me that had contained my laptop, a single ecto gun and thermos, and a change of clothes, just enough to make it through a day even if I had an unexpected visitor. The larger of my two suitcases held all my clothes, about ten outfits worth of boys' clothing and three or four girly outfits. I was glad no one had tried their usual antics of putting pink crap in my bag; I would have had to strangle someone if they did. Then there was the slightly smaller suitcase that held the rest of my ghost gear and the few personal items I had.

I looked around the room, trying to find a section of the wall that was bound to have a hollow area I could store stuff in. The wall above the headrest of my bed was the best match and would be easy to get to in a hurry. I took out the few small wooden boards I had packed and made both them and the wall intangible. I slid the boards through the wall supports that would make a few small shelves once I made them tangible again. The thermoses went on the first shelf, ecto guns on the second, and all my girl clothes and bandages on the top. I let the wall fall back into visibility, hiding my stash of weaponry from view. Only a ghost or someone with my ghostly powers would be able to find them now.

I next turned to my laptop. I had already locked anything important with multiple password locks, but after hearing about Tucker's talent with technology, I decided I needed to add a few more to be safe. I double the length of all my passwords and went from three to five on every file. It'd be slightly harder to remember, but I had a system for that. Each file was numbered and in each one I had hidden hints to the passwords of the next file in the order. As long as I could remember the passwords to the first file, I could figure out the next set based on my hidden clues. It was a trick I'd picked up a few months ago and I seriously hoped it wasn't one Tucker knew. If he hacked into my computer out of curiosity, I'd be in one hell of a lot of trouble.

Once I had finished getting all of my crap put up and locked up, I went back to the kitchen to see if there were any more snacks I could snag since Danny hadn't gotten back yet. I noticed his set of keys was still sitting on the counter. He hadn't just left his house key, but also his car keys. I knew there wasn't a superstore on campus, so how the hell did he intend on getting to the store and back? It'd be a royal pain in the ass to walk back with enough stuff to fill the kitchen sufficiently. Maybe he had a bike he had taken instead? I doubted it, and even if he did it would still be pretty hard to get stuff back here even with a bike. I wondered if he'd taken a cab, he did say he almost literally had money to burn when I offered to help pay. I figured that was the only way he could do it without some ghostly help and that was something he couldn't have had. He would've been a person of interest if he had any known ghostly connections.

I went to sit on the couch and wait for Danny with the intention of letting him in when he got back. I didn't mean to fall asleep, but that's what happened.

I'm lying on the grass, laughing with friends. I can't see their faces, but they seem so familiar, like I've known them for ages. One is teasing me about being with the other. We call out "We're not lovebirds!" in perfect unison. The first one just laughs. I know that laugh, why can't I place it? He leaves, saying something about being home in time for dinner. I see a flash of his red hat before he walks off, leaving me alone with the other boy.

I know I've been in this scene before, I know something is about to almost happen. The boy looks at me with crystal blue eyes. I know those eyes, but whose are they? He starts to lean in, almost like he wants to kiss me. He's only a few inches away when the red hat comes back. He's left his stupid PDA behind and didn't have the sense to let us have our moment before coming back to grab it. There's frustration from the blue eyed boy. Why can't I make out their faces? The moment is lost. The blue eyed boy is now too nervous to try again. Damn red hat, why'd he have to interrupt us? The image starts to fade, and I still don't know who they are.

I'm woken up from my dream by a large crash followed by a few inventive swears. I've had that dream before; my therapist always said it was a memory trying to come back to me. I've never been able to see the faces of the boys in my dream, this was the closest I've ever come but I still couldn't figure out who the hell they were. I wish I knew, I wish I could have the memories of my life back before the accident.

I get up and go the kitchen to see Danny putting stuff up. That's when my mind kicked in, how did he manage to get inside without a key? I had purposely locked the door in an attempt to teach him to remember his keys next time.

"How'd you get in without a key?" The words were out of my mouth before I really realized the question was on my mind.

He looks to the side, whatever he's about to say is a dead lie. "Tucker keeps a spare for me. I've always been bad about forgetting my keys." He shrugs like it's no big deal. He really doesn't think too much about his lies, does he? Other than the dead give away of his eyes, the school doesn't give out spare keys. Replacements yes, spares no. Once again I spoke before thinking.

"They don't give out spare keys. Lancer hammered that into everyone's head at the assembly." His hand went to the back of his neck. He was probably nervous and almost definitely about to lie to me again.

"Lancer got tired of having to come unlock the door for me last year and let Tucker have a spare to hold onto for me." I just raised an eyebrow and decided not to push it. I probably didn't want to know if he was this intent on lying to my face about it. He wasn't a threat anyway. It didn't matter to me much. I still wondered how he'd managed to do it. Even if he did have a spare key, he came in silently. I normally woke up at the slightest sounds, and a closing door would have definitely been more than enough to wake me from my slumer. It shouldn't have been possible for him to get in without waking me up sooner.

My mind shut up about it when I realized he was shirtless again and I was promptly distracted. Apparently he wasn't too fond of wearing shirts around the house, this I could easily get used to. I had to pull myself out of a daze before I finally noticed he had one hell of a lot of scars. There was no way all of those were from the accident he was in, in fact, they all seemed to come from completely different time frames. Some looked months, even years old, whereas others looked like the injury had only happened a few weeks ago. With everything he'd been through, it wouldn't have surprised me if they were scars from self harm, but these looked so irregular and natural that I couldn't imagine he'd done it to himself. What the hell did he do to get this torn up? I didn't bother to ask, something told me I was only going to get more lies from him if I tried.

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