Think Fast

In retrospect, not taking my keys was probably not my brightest idea. I'd forgotten I actually had a roommate that paid attention now and couldn't get away with leaving them on the counter anymore. Thankfully, Sam was on the couch asleep when I got back, and I figured I could just phase through the door without being questioned about it. I made it my room to change and thought I was going to be in the clear until started putting things up and dropped several cans of tuna and ravioli on the floor. I swore rather loudly, completely forgetting about my sleeping roommate. Sadly, this seemed to be more than enough to wake her (No! him, damnit, him! I have got to stop doing that!) from his slumber.

He looked at me confused for a second before he started asking questions. I didn't know whether or not to be thankful he was more focused on how I'd gotten in without my key than the fact that I had been out well past curfew.

"How'd you get in without a key?" I panicked a bit- I really had no way of explaining that without giving away my secret. I glanced to the side without meaning too trying to think on my feet.

"Tucker keeps a spare for me. I've always been bad about forgetting my keys." It was the first thing I could think of and I seriously hoped he'd take my lame ass excuse without too much of a fuss.

"They don't give out spare keys. Lancer hammered that into our heads at the assembly earlier." The fact that he seemed to catch every little thing was already starting to piss me off. Why the hell did he have to pick up on that little detail?!

Think fast, Fenton. Think fast. I felt my hand go to the back of my neck, a nervous habit I'd picked up over the years.

"Lancer got tired of having to come unlock the door for me last year and let Tucker have a spare to hold onto for me." I hoped it'd be enough to get him off my back about it. He raised an eyebrow at me in disbelief but apparently didn't feel like pushing me any farther for answers.

I turned back to the groceries sitting on the counter and heard an almost inaudible gasp. At first I wondered why, then I remembered all the scars on my back I'd left revealed for the world to see. I seriously did not feel like trying to come up with lies to explain that right now. I knew that throwing out some bullshit about depression and self harm would have been the easiest thing, but I knew that even if I tried he'd likely see right through it. Thankfully he didn't seem too keen on asking either. He went to his room shortly thereafter leaving me to sigh in relief. I might manage to keep my secret yet. Well, at the very least I would probably manage to get through the first week.

After I finished putting things up, I stuck a frozen pizza in the oven before going to Sam's room to ask if he wanted any. His door was unlocked and, I saw as I got closer, slightly open, so I went in, we were both guys, so it wouldn't really matter too much if I walked in on him changing or something. It only momentarily hit me that he might have different views on that and I might be invading his privacy. I figured he could yell at me later if that was the case, after all, the door was unlocked and left slightly cracked open. He was on his laptop, unaware of the world. I saw some bandages on his bed and briefly wondered what those could possibly be for.

I tapped his shoulder and saw as he managed to simultaneously close the window and turn to face me before asking what I wanted. He was clearly a bit peeved that I had just walked in, with invitation or at least announcing myself. Note to self, don't do that again.

"I was just gonna ask if you wanted some pizza when it gets out of the oven." I noticed he'd switched to a really loose tee shirt, but through it I saw he was trying his damnedest breath with his stomach muscles rather than letting his chest rise and fall normally. I'd seen some choir kids do it out of habit, it never looked forced the his did. I almost opened my mouth to ask why he would force himself to do that, but considering I'd just invaded his personal privacy, I figured it was best to keep my mouth shut about it. After all, he didn't ask about my scars and it seemed like a fair trade to me.

"I'll be out in a minute." That was all he said before a glare that said 'get out before I rip you to shreds' took over. Second note to self, don't piss Sam off because he might just try to kill you.

I'd retreated to my room after the encounter with Danny. I hated the damned bandages I had to wear over my chest. After wearing them all day, they had really started hurting. I decided to take them off replace them with really loose tee shirt to make up for it. I'd kept my door mostly closed, opened just enough to hear what was going on outside it; I figured Danny would have the sense to knock if he needed anything from me. Of course, when I made that assumption, forgot he didn't seem to have much understanding of the phrase "personal space."

I had been looking through my files to see if I could find anything in his history that would tell me about the accident he'd been in, I'd developed a strange fascination with it. It felt like it was something I should know about, I figured it was just something I had overlooked when I went through his file the first time. It wasn't something I did often, but it was known to happen. I was about to give up when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I nearly had a heart attack, but managed to divert the energy that would have gone into a surprised squeal into pulling a trick I'd grown quite fond of over the past two years. I managed to close the screen I was on and turn my chair around at the same time. It was something I'd found to be rather useful when I was sticking my nose in places it didn't belong.

He asked if I wanted any pizza, but my mind was more focused on the fact that I'd left my used bandages laying out my bed. I started controlling my breathing, letting my diaphragm control the intake of air to keep my chest from falling into its natural rhythm and possibly showing some rather feminine assets of mine. I could only hope he was half as clueless as he tried to appear.

Danny left after I told him I'd be out in a minute and gave him a glare that could kill. He walked out, muttering something about not pissing off Sam. Thank God he was too clueless to put two and two together long enough to realize I was a girl. While that fact was one of the few things I allowed to divulge if needed, I would really rather keep that a secret for the time being.

I sighed as I closed and locked my door before taking off my shirt and putting the damn bandages back in place before going to the kitchen to grab an extremely late dinner. It was clear I wasn't going to be able to get away from the lung crushing bandages if I wanted to keep Danny from learning I was a girl. The thought of having to wear them 24/7 was almost enough to come clean with that fact, but after a short battle with myself, decided that was probably not my best course of action for now. I could handle this.

It would just suck.

A lot.

I redressed myself I went to the kitchen expecting to see Danny there or on the couch eating. Instead, I saw two plates and the pizza sitting on the counter with absolutely no trace of Danny. He was just flat out gone. I was about to go check his room when I caught a flash of light out of the corner of my eye. I turned around and there he was.

"How the bloody hell did you get there?!"

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