The Legend of Zelda: The Alternate Link

Chapter 12: The Hero of Time?

The sun hung low, suspended in the air like a confused fairy, threatening to plunge into the earth and turning the sky a mixture of pink and pale blue. 'Even the sunsets look a little different here,' Link noted. After lunch, they had sat around talking and exploring the garden with Agitha. Now as the sun was setting, Link began to wish that they had something to do since it was basically just a waiting game. They had sent the letter and now relied on the Postman to get it to where they needed it to be. He had no idea how efficient the postal service was here since it just seemed to be one man on foot, but he supposed that it worked somehow.

"Hmm…maybe you guys should come spend the night at my house," Agitha suggested peering at the sky also, "It's getting late, and I'd feel bad to have you all sleep outside. I know that it doesn't look dangerous in the daytime, but one evening I saw these skeletal dogs come out of the ground. They didn't look too friendly. It'd probably be smart not to stick around in the garden after dark just in case."

"Skeletal dogs?" Medli repeated, not sounding completely sure that she believed the idea.

"Yup," Agitha confirmed bobbing her head up and down once, "Everyone in town is returning home right about now, so it shouldn't be too hard to sneak you two in."

"Okay, but how long do you think we should keep waiting here?" Link wondered.

"A little longer," Agitha replied, "I told him to meet me in the garden, but he may be stopping for the night if he's already on his way. Traveling at night isn't always the safest because it gets really dark, and it's hard to see much of anything. He will probably arrive in the morning."

Normally Link wasn't impatient, but at the moment he wished that the Hero of Time, if that's who he really was, would just get here already. Traveling at night on the ocean didn't stop any ships, or at least it never stopped him or the pirates, but he supposed that traveling on land with an animal would be a bit different.

They waited for another thirty minutes and by then the sky was almost completely void of light. Agitha seemed to be in a great hurry and rushed to pick up the picnic materials she had brought earlier. She acted as if they didn't get into town as quickly as possible then they would disappear along with the constantly fading light. Link and Medli helped her gather her things, and then they cautiously snuck into town with Agitha leading them.

Medli held Makar since he would make too much noise and draw unwanted attention from stragglers if he were to be allowed to walk. As Link surveyed the market area he realized that Agitha had been right. It had been so lively earlier, but now there were only a few people who all seemed to be oblivious to everything around them.

The foursome swiftly hurried out of the market area and turned into the side street that housed their destination. They made it into Agitha's quaint residence without any incident.

"Why do you have a tree in your house?" Medli wondered pointing to the large plant as if it wasn't obvious enough.

"The real question is: why don't you have a tree in your house Medli." Makar chimed in.

"I don't have any need for a tree in my house," Medli replied, "That's why I'm wondering why she has one."

"I have that tree so the bugs feel more at home," Agitha explained, reaching up and allowing a butterfly to land on her outstretched hand.

"See? It makes sense! Everyone should have trees in their houses!" Makar exclaimed.

"Um…no I don't think they should. With you it makes sense since you're basically a tree yourself," Medli then turned around to face Agitha, "and have you always had that tree? Did you plan it out especially for the bugs you would collect someday?"

"Well, to be honest….I've never exactly planned to have it. It was in the house when I bought it. Maybe the owner before me also adored bugs, or they were a gardener. I'm not really sure because I never met the previous owner, but that's what I believe anyway." Agitha answered as the butterfly took to the air once again.

"Besides the tree, what else was in the house when you bought it?" Link asked from the other side of the room.

"Not much," Agitha shrugged, "Just the furniture. Everything else I put in myself." As Link looked around he noticed how many decorations there were. He hadn't had a chance to really take in the decor of her house before since he had only been rushed in and out, but now he had a chance to notice more. It was apparent that a child lived here. From the brightly colored lights that hung from the ceiling to the multicolored jars and books that were cradled in a bookcase, it was obvious that it had all been fabricated by the mind of a child. The stained glass windows gave the impression that they were in some sort of fancy palace. Actually, it looked like something out of one of Sturgeon's fantasy books that he used to adore so much and his sister still did.

Agitha then took the opportunity to show the trio around her home when she caught Link's wandering eyes. After showing and explaining every inch and item in her house she sat her guests down and put together a quick dinner for all of them.

As they ate it was silent. Everyone was lost in their own thoughts. Link wondered how Aryll and Tetra were doing. He hoped that they were okay and nothing too bad had transpired in the time that they had been apart in this very different world. According to Agitha, and from what he could gather from the map he had purchased earlier, Castle Town was the most populated area of Hyrule. There seemed to be some neighboring villages, but other than that there weren't many places that seemed to be inhabited. He hoped that they hadn't landed in the middle of nowhere. The distances looked short on the map, but in reality he estimated them to be about ten times bigger. That meant serious trouble for the girls if they had been dropped even farther out in that grassy wasteland than the others and himself had.

Link quickly pushed that thought out of his mind. He couldn't allow himself to think like that. They had probably landed where Medli had suggested earlier. If that was the case, then they were at least near civilization. 'They must be fine. No. They are fine,' Link thought silently trying to convince himself that they were safe even though they weren't with him.

Before he knew it, they were finished dinner and in their temporary sleeping arrangement. Agitha slept up in the loft on her frilly canopy bed that looked as if it could belong to royalty, only adding to the dramatic fantasy feel of the house, while Makar was content with sleeping at the foot of the tree. There had been a big dispute between Medli and Link over who got the couch and who got the floor. Link wanted Medli to take the couch since she was a girl and deserved to be comfortable while Medli wished for Link to take it since she claimed that he never got to sleep in a comfortable place, unlike her. After much yelling and the near trampling of a beetle, they finally came to a compromise. Medli would take the couch while Link slept on the floor with the fluffy couch pillows. None of them realized quite how exhausted they had been for they were all out in a matter of seconds.

The next morning Link awoke to the sound of scuffling feet. He blinked away the fog that clouded his vision to see Agitha heading towards the door holding a parasol in her hands while her basket hung loosely on her left arm.

"Where are you going?" Link whispered so as not to wake the others who he knew were still fast asleep.

Agitha whirled around, "To the garden. I'm going to wait for Grasshopper to arrive. I'll bring him back here when he does and you can all meet each other," Agitha stated, flashing him a smile. Link didn't have time to formulate a response for the more energetic and awake girl turned on her heel and strolled out of the house without another word. Link couldn't believe how fast morning had come. It felt like he had just laid down. He forced himself completely out of the world of dreams and into reality. If Agitha's friend was already waiting at the garden, provided that he moved fast, then that meant that he'd be here soon, and Link was barely awake, not to mention that his companions were dead to the world.

Link got to his feet and stretched in his last attempt to rid himself of sleep. Then he set to the task of waking his companions. He stepped carefully over the fence guarding the base of the tree, from what exactly was unclear, and nudged Makar to rouse him while being mindful of the bugs in close proximity. It was difficult to discern Makar's expression since his leaf-made face was frozen in a permanent frown, like a mask that he couldn't take off.

"Link?" Makar yawned in his high pitched voice, "Why'd you wake me up?"

"Agitha went to go wait for our escort, and I'm not sure how long that will take. Just in case he moves quickly, we should all get up now," Link explained quickly, stepping back over the white guardians. Makar used his leaf propeller to fly over them instead of using Link's assistance.

Link strolled over to the couch and shook Medli's shoulder, "Medli wake up," he demanded. The Rito girl groaned to indicate her displeasure in him trying to awaken her from her slumber, but aside from that he received no other response. Sighing, he moved so he could grip both of her shoulders and shook her harder.

This seemed to work a little too well, and she awoke with a start, let out a squeal, and punched Link in the face. He reeled back and fell backwards onto the floor covering his throbbing jaw in his hands.

"Oh! Link, I'm so sorry!" Medli exclaimed, eyes wide and her face as red as Valoo's scales.

"Why did you do that?" Link asked, wincing when he moved his sore jaw to speak.

"I don't know! I was having a dream, and I was defenseless, and there was a monster, and I didn't have a weapon, so I was going to punch it, but then I guess you woke me up just as my dream self was doing that, and I ended up hitting you!" Medli rambled on in a rush, "Are you okay?" she wondered concern and guilt slipping off of her words similar to the way that one slips on ice.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Link nodded. It didn't seem broken since he could still talk. He had taken harder hits to his face before thanks to a certain pirate captain and her crew. Compared to that, this was trivial.

"Well, I guess that we know now that Medli isn't a morning person which is ironic since she's a bird," Makar commented.

"I am too a morning person!" Medli argued, "I'm just not very good with people waking me up."

"I'll keep that in mind for later," Link interjected, trying to rub the pain out of his jaw.

"I'm sorry!" Medli apologized once again bowing her head in shame.

"It's okay. It was an accident, but on the bright side, if you ever do really run into a monster then we know that you can throw a decent punch," Link replied, removing his hands from his face.

"Uh…thanks I guess, but I still feel bad for hitting you," Medli frowned, clearly still upset about the course of events that had just transpired. Link waved his hand, indicating that she should forget about the incident since it was over now, and he was fine.

Medli smiled apologetically one last time as if to signal the end of her lamenting period, and then changed the subject, "So where's Agitha?"

"She left. She went to the garden to wait for her friend that happens to share my name and looks, at least according to her anyway," Link supplied, changing his position on the ground, so he was more comfortable.

"She just left? Why didn't she wake us up and take us with her?" Medli wondered, seeming a bit insulted that they'd been left out of the trip.

"I don't know. Maybe she didn't want to wake us because we seemed tired," Link speculated.

"Still, we're the ones that need the help from this guy. She could at least let us wait for him together instead of making it complicated like this. Besides, we still need to get out of here and back to the garden. By the time she brings him back here all the people in town will be leaving their houses if they aren't already," Medli complained, using her hands to emphasize how dire the situation was.

"We'll figure it out," Link assured his friend, partially saying it to reassure himself as well. He wondered if it would really be a big deal if Medli and Makar were seen by other people in town. Agitha didn't react negatively to them, but then again, Agitha was a bouncing ball of energy and a child besides. Seeing an unfamiliar species like a Rito or a Korok wouldn't seem that strange to her. Instead, she'd be fascinated but at the same time accepting of them. She had said yesterday that the guards were still on edge. What could that mean? On edge from what? Assuming that he was correct and their escort really was the Hero of Time, then maybe the hero had just banished the darkness recently, and that was the reason why the guards were being so cautious. It was a possibility.

As Link was lost in his thoughts he didn't hear the door open and close behind him. He was only pulled back into reality when Agitha put her gloved hands on his shoulders and exclaimed, "Hee hee! What are you doing on the floor? Come on, stand up!" She forced him to his feet, seeming a bit more peppy than usual, and turned him around to face the door where his emerald eyes fell on a teenager that had clothes similar to his and eyes that were a piercing blue color. The clothes were a bit of a darker green than his own, and he seemed to wear chain mail underneath. What was even more surprising than his clothes was his facial features. To Link, it looked like an older version of himself who's bewildered expression mirrored his own.

"See! I told you that you and Grasshopper looked alike!" Agitha proclaimed proudly as if proving her point had just earned her the title of Bug Queen. No one knew exactly what to say just then. The only one that didn't find the situation awkward was Agitha, and neither boy seemed to be able to tear their eyes away from the other.

"You both have the same name too!" Agitha added as if this piece of information would help everyone snap out of their shocked state. Link had expected this and was probably more prepared for the startling resemblance than the older boy was, but he still found himself stunned into silence. Maybe Medli had hit him a little too hard. He figured that the silence was dragging on too long and the longer they dawdled, the longer it would take for them to get closer to finding Aryll and Tetra.

This silent reminder invigorated him. He cleared his throat and began a bit nervously, "So, Agitha's informed you of the situation right?"

His talking seemed to snap the other boy out of his dumbfounded state, and he replied, "Yes, she has, and I might have some information that will help you find your lost companions."

"Really?" Link inquired, even more interested than before, "What is it?"

"Are you looking for two girls by the names of Tetra and Aryll?" the other asked.

Link's eyes widened. How did he know their names? Agitha couldn't have possibly mentioned them in her letter since he had never told her their names. "Y-yes! That's exactly who we're looking for!" Link stuttered, stumbling over his words in excitement.

"In that case, I know where they are. At the moment they're at my home village, Ordon," the teenager informed them, "I can take you directly to them whenever you're ready."

Link was a bit taken aback that their educated guess had been right. It didn't really matter though. They were finally going to reunite with their missing friends!

"We're ready now!" Makar squealed in ecstasy from the ground, surprising their savior and causing him to drop his eyes to the floor to come to rest on Makar's hopping form.

"Yes, take us as soon as you can, please," Medli added, stepping up to stand beside Link. When she spoke the older boy's eyes turned on her. Link could tell that the teen was trying to think of what to make of the two unfamiliar races before him.

"I know that we're not really what you were probably expecting…" Link started trailing off.

"Uh…to tell the truth, not particularly," the elder boy laughed sheepishly.

"I'm not quite sure how to explain our resemblance, but I can explain my companions-" he attempted before Makar's high-pitched voice cut him off.

"We can speak for ourselves!" Makar cried indignantly.

"Err…right. Sorry," Link apologized backing down and letting his wooden companion take the spotlight.

"My name is Makar," the little Korok introduced himself, while the older boy stepped a bit closer to get a better look, "I'm part of a race called Koroks! We're the children of the forest and we are watched over by the Great Deku Tree. Every year we have a ceremony where I play my viola and a few select Koroks leave to spread the seeds that the Deku Tree produces."

"And my name's Medli," Medli bowed, drawing attention to herself and blushing slightly due to her shyness, "I'm a member of a race of people known as Rito. As you can see we're seen to most as half bird, half human. My tribe are messengers, sort of like your postman around here, except instead of running we fly."

"Interesting," the teen nodded, clearly intrigued by both of their descriptions of their species.

"Oh wow! You guys never told me all that! That's amazing! Makar, I bet you see lots of bugs in that forest you live in, and I wish I could fly! I had a dream that I could fly once, but I suppose that it's not the same thing." Agitha gushed, "Oh, but how can you fly without wings?"

"I have wings," Medli replied defensively, "You just can't see them."

"What good are wings that you can't see?" Agitha wondered.

Link jumped into the conversation before Medli could respond, knowing that whatever the girl beside him would say next wouldn't exactly be classified as polite, "Anyway, are the girls okay?"

"They're fine," the older boy confirmed. Link sighed in relief. He felt as if a heavy weight had just been lifted from his shoulders.

"If you're all ready to leave then we can go now," announced the teenager, taking a step back in the direction of the door.

"You're leaving already?" Agitha pouted, but the frown didn't stay on her face for long, "That's okay, just remember to visit, and don't be worried about the people out there." This she addressed to Medli and Makar, "It's still early so there aren't that many, but you should leave soon if you don't want to be caught in the morning crowd."

"Thanks," Link said acknowledging that he had heard and appreciated her advice.

"Let's go!" Makar exclaimed impatiently.

They made their way to the door and bid the bug obsessed girl farewell before stepping out into the street. Agitha had been right. Not a person or guard was in sight at the moment. The trio followed their slightly familiar escort out of the side street and into the small market area where a few shop owners were busy getting ready to sell their wares. To Link's relief, they didn't seem interested in a few passerby and didn't even spare them a glance.

When they stepped into the garden and made their way down the stone steps Link was surprised to see the big animal before him. 'This must be a horse,' Link concluded in his head.

"What is that?" Makar wondered aloud from his place in Link's arms.

"She's my horse; her name's Epona," the owner of said animal answered shortly. They then spent the next few minutes petting the horse and letting her get to know their unfamiliar scent before anyone even got on the animal.

"Can we all fit?" Medli wondered, doubtful that Epona would be able to bear all of their weight combined.

"Don't worry, Epona is strong. She can carry all of us," the teen reassured her, "I think the best way to do this would be to have all of you in front of me, so who wants to get on first?"

"I will," Link volunteered, handing Makar to Medli. He followed the older boy, around to the side of the horse and was surprised when he was lifted up, as if he weighed absolutely nothing, onto what their escort had explained to them earlier was a saddle.

The position felt strange, but he didn't complain. His left hand began to burn and when he glanced down he noticed the Triforce symbol pulsing. Link quickly covered it with his other hand, hoping that no one else had noticed. No one had seemed to register his discomfort. His look-alike had turned away to help Medli get on. Before she was lifted up Medli passed Makar back to him. By then, his hand was normal again for which Link was grateful. The teenager sat Medli on the saddle a bit differently than he had Link, so she had both of her legs to one side instead of one leg on each. Lastly, their escort swung up behind them.

"Okay, I know that you guys have never ridden a horse before, so we'll start slow, and then we'll gradually get faster. You don't have to do anything. Just hold on, okay?" the older boy explained. Link and Medli both nodded to show that they understood. Epona was turned around and began to walk forward. Having an animal moving under you was very different from the way the ocean moved as Link was finding.

Their escort made the horse begin to trot which bounced them a little more in the saddle. He felt Medli tighten her grip slightly on his shoulders to keep her balance. He imagined that riding the way she was had to be harder than the way that he was positioned. There wasn't much conversation. Link, Medli, and Makar were too busy gazing at their surrounds and trying to stay on the strange animal. This time Link was taking into account the wind and noticing that it was almost nonexistent. He supposed that wind didn't matter here quite as much, if at all, since they had animals like Epona to carry them around. The fact that they naturally had animals that big and strong was amazing. The biggest animal he could think of from back home was the lone pig that now existed on his home island. It was certainly big enough to ride, but it'd be stupid to try, and there wouldn't be much of a point to it since it didn't move fast and the island wasn't excessively vast in the first place.

Without warning the horse that had previously been so calm made a noise that Link's ears registered as alarm. The great horse stopped in her tracks and stood up on her hind legs eliciting a yell of surprise from Link, who leaned forward to attempt to stay on the panicked animal, Medli gripping his shoulders hard, letting out a small frightened yelp of her own. Makar had wriggled out of Link's arms and flew up to safety which gave Link an idea. Medli seemed to have the same one and released his shoulders from her petrified grip. She flew up as quickly as was possible and Link grabbed onto her ankles, allowing himself to be lifted from the saddle and into the air. They glided a short distance away from the horse, Medli struggling to keep them both airborne, and landed on the rough grass in a heap. Makar plopped down beside them. Link quickly got to his feet and whirled around to see what had happened to the other boy. The horse still seemed skittish and was prancing a little ways away shaking her head as if she was confused by her previous actions.

The other boy was just sitting up from the ground, shaking his head as if to clear it. Link assumed that when the animal had reared, he had been flung from the saddle instantly and onto the ground. Link hoped he was okay and was about to go over to check when Medli exclaimed, "Link, lookout!"

He turned back around to see two lizard-like creatures. They had dark green and red scales and yellowish stomachs. They were both at least a head taller than him with glassy yellow eyes and long snake-like tongues. The closest foe boasted a gleaming silver machete in its right hand. Armor made of some type of metal covered its left hand up to its elbow. Dangerous looking spikes were positioned on the end of its tail, clearly there for more than just a menacing fashion statement. The second enemy had the same features except it wore its armor on the opposite arm and held its weapon in its left hand instead. Link rolled out of the way as the nearest one attempted to strike him with its weapon. He drew his sword and shield, ordering Medli and Makar to get back. They both complied, more than happy to stay out of a battle.

Link focused on searching for a weak point. He made a half-hearted slash at the nearest monster's side. It used its right hand armor as a shield and Link's sword bounced right off. He then tried attacking on the other side to see what the creature would do to defend itself. He got his answer when metal clanged on metal. Link removed his weapon, not wanting to take any gambits and get his sword locked into his enemy's. As his last experiment Link aimed for the back of the monster and was almost sent flying by the tail but jumped over it and got out of range just in time.

His experimenting now complete, Link had a plan. He twirled his sword in his hand and charged the first monster acting as if he was going to strike its front. The lizard-like creature sneered at him and blocked Link's attack by placing its armor arm and sword in an x formation across its chest, thus ignorantly falling into Link's trap. He leaped up into the air and flipped over its head with his sword extended, successfully slicing the creature's head and causing it to screech in pain and annoyance that it had been tricked.

Refusing to be misled again, the creature decided to lash out at Link who had just landed and was about to try the same trick with its partner in crime. The monster whipped its tail around so fast that Link didn't have any time to react and he was sent flying through the air. "Okay, I didn't see that one coming," Link muttered to himself as he picked himself up carefully from the ground. The monsters were swifter than he realized. He has to be more careful. Nothing seemed broken. Thankfully the over-sized lizard's tail spikes had missed him, but regardless, its tail was still powerful enough to leave a bruise or two.

Link used his shield to block the next two attacks that assailed him and then thrust forward with his sword, catching the one monster off guard and striking its stomach, sending it stumbling backwards. He then angled his body so he was facing the next enemy. He side jumped out of the way as it brought down its machete in a clumsy attempt to split him in two, and Link took advantage of the opening that the monster had conveniently left for him. The lizard-like monster broke contact after Link was able to land three or four decent hits.

He back flipped out of the way of the next attack and tried to strike its exposed side, but he wasn't fast enough, and it leaped out of range of his sword. Link bit his lip in frustration and charged the weakest one, or at least it should have been the weakest one if he had been keeping track of them correctly. He jumped up and flipped over its head from behind, while narrowly dodging its tail that it was using as a whip. The monster screamed in its dying breath, and Link glanced over his shoulder just in time to see it dissipate into thick black vapor that faded quickly into nothing, leaving no sign that the creature had ever even existed.

The remaining monster didn't seem to be too happy about its buddy's demise. It let out a throaty growl to show its displeasure and charged Link once again. He turned his full attention on this single enemy, knowing that with one monster out of the picture this could only get easier as long as he didn't make any foolish mistakes. The lizard-like being used its armor covered arm as an offense rather than a defense and almost nailed Link in the jaw with an upper cut. Link just barely avoided the new move which seemed to infuriate the creature even more, like a spoiled child that kept being denied a toy.

Link reverted back to his original plan of attack, but the lizard-like warrior had seen this coming and raised its metal coated arm to deflect the now predictable move thus protecting itself from Link's sharp blade. Once Link landed back on his feet he spun around and held up his shield just in time as the monster used its curved weapon to try to land a decent hit on the young boy. To Link's surprise, the creature didn't stop once its weapon connected with his shield. Instead, it kept bombarding him with attack after attack. If it kept this up, Link wouldn't be able to keep his shield in the correct defensive position. He could already feel his right arm getting weaker with each hit as the shock was absorbed by the shield and reflected into his arm.

That's when he noticed that the monster's large form was blocking out the sun. If he could just angle the shield correctly then the light would be able to reflect off of his mirror shield and into his assailant's beady eyes. Link shifted his position slightly, nearly falling over by the force of the creature's next attack. He gritted his teeth and kept going slowly getting his lizard resembling foe to move out of the way so the sun could shine its blinding rays on his shield. Almost...but not yet. He inched a little further to his left and…there! Link tilted his mirror shield up and to the right slightly. His aim was immaculate. His enemy screeched and covered its eyes in an attempt to spare them from the harsh light that was reflecting off of Link's defensive weapon. He lowered his shield and took the opportunity to hack and slash at the monster's exposed stomach for all he was worth. It let out a gargled cry before disappearing in the same shadow-like substance as the other creature. Link relaxed his tensed posture and let out a breath of air he hadn't even realized he'd been holding.

"Link! Are you alright?" Medli asked running over with Makar in her arms and their escort on her heels.

"I'm fine," Link replied, sheathing his weapon and replacing his shield on his back, trying to slow his breathing. That fight had been more intense than he'd anticipated.

"Sorry I didn't help. First I was knocked off of Epona and by the time I was able to stand back up and calm Epona down I witnessed you slay one of those Lizalfos. I was kind of shocked that you could fight so well. I meant to help you, but I guess I ended up just watching," the elder boy admitted.

"That's okay, it wasn't that hard," Link waved it off not wanting to dwell on the subject, "I'm just wondering what they were doing all the way out here. I mean, Medli, Makar, and I were out here before and we didn't run into any threats. I find it strange that there'd be monsters walking around now."

"I'm not sure either. We should get going though, just in case more decide to show up," the older boy urged them, leading them back toward the horse that was now calm as if nothing had happened.

"She won't rear up like that again right?" Medli wondered, worry creasing her brow.

"No, I think she'll be fine as long as no monsters spook her like that again," came the reply from their escort. He helped Medli get on and then mounted the horse himself. They then continued on their way to Ordon Village praying for no more precarious interruptions and with Link reminding himself that with each step that the noble animal beneath him took, brought him closer and closer to seeing the familiar faces of his lost companions. There was still one question he didn't yet have answered and was reluctant to ask. Were they really traveling with the Hero of Time or was the kind teenage boy directing the horse someone else entirely? At first he had been positive that his prediction had been correct, but as time went on he became more and more unsure. Link decided right then as he sat atop Epona, a creature he felt that he should know but didn't, that once they were reunited with their friends he would ask the question. For now though, he'd keep it locked away in his mind, ready to use when the time was right.

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