The Legend of Zelda: The Alternate Link

Chapter 1: The Hidden Treasure

A pirate ship had just pulled up and weighed anchor at Windfall Island. This particular pirate ship was well known across the Great Sea for causing trouble with a whimsical crew and a quite young but feisty captain. Aboard this ship, besides obviously the crew and its captain, were a young boy possessing the honorable title “Hero of Winds," a little girl with a penchant for seagulls, a young Rito girl, and a Korok.

The strange group were all there on a mission. Not to pillage or drink, although the crew would probably end up doing just that, but to investigate a treasure chart that had been found among many old papers, charts, and notices of the captain's mother. The treasure itself was unclear, but as a pirate the young captain couldn't resist and whatever the wish of the captain was the wish of the crew.

"Come on, Link! Hurry up!" Tetra called, especially short tempered today although it was hard to tell because the fourteen year old girl never seemed to be in a genuinely good mood.

"I'm coming!" shouted the green clothed hero from the other side of the ship, who was hastily trying to strap on his shield to his back while walking. Link hurried over to Tetra and the others with his little sister close on his heels.

"Whoa, whoa! Hold it right there little girl!" Tetra exclaimed putting a hand up and stopping Aryll in her tracks, "Where do you think you're going?"

"With you! Big Brother said I could!" beamed Aryll proudly. "He even gave me my telescope back, so I can be a lookout for you guys!" Tetra then shot an accusing look at Link, arms crossed, impatiently waiting for an explanation.

"She won't be a problem. I already discussed with her what to do if we get ambushed. Besides this is the first time in a year that she got to see me, so I don't think it's fair to leave her behind," Link defended his case as if he'd rehearsed it a thousand times.

Tetra let out an exasperated sigh and muttered something unintelligible before speaking, "Fine. Let's go." She turned to her crew. "The rest of you stay with the ship! That's an order!" Then Tetra, Link, Medli, Aryll, and Makar departed from the ship and made their way to the only grave on the island.

The treasure chart, from what Tetra had deciphered, led to the lone grave on Windfall and apparently the treasure was hidden underneath it. From there it had stated that the treasure could only be uncovered by the Sage of Earth and Sage of Wind which was why Medli and Makar had been requested to tag along.

All the treasure, of course, would be shared equally once it was discovered. The grave was in relatively good shape but the writing was in ancient Hylian which was illegible to Medli but didn't pose much of a problem since they didn't need to know what was inscribed there even if some of them were curious.

Link, using his power bracelets, pulled the gravestone back to reveal a hole with a ladder leading down into inky darkness. Anticipating the lack of light, they had brought along candles. Tetra lit one and handed it to Link who took it before descending the ladder.

When Link called up that he had made it to the bottom, Medli climbed down next, then Aryll with Makar in her skinny arms. Tetra lit another candle before following her companions down into the hole. The passageway was narrow so they had to walk single file. Thankfully their candles, although wavering slightly, stayed lit. If they were blown out it would be nearly impossible to ignite them again.

The path wasn't very diverse and followed a linear trail, sloping downward every so often, and leading them deeper into the ground. After ten minutes or so the passage opened into a wider room, one where they could all stand side by side. It wasn't much different than the gently declining dirt walkway that had brought them there, aside from the size and bronze tiled floor with meticulously carved symbols embedded into their surfaces that the group assumed was some foreign type of Hylian. Tetra stepped forward and held the candle up to the wall in front of her to inspect it. Illuminated by candlelight was a series of notes etched into the stone. Below that was another measure of notes.

"Oh, I think I get it!" exclaimed Medli, pointing slightly to the left side of the notes. Tetra trained her light on the space that Medli was indicating. Letters were inscribed in ancient Hylian.

"The top one says Earth and the lower one says Wind. Link can you conduct us both?" Medli asked, looking expectantly at the blonde haired boy.

"Uh, I can try I guess," Link replied uncertainly, producing the Wind Waker from his pouch. Makar and Medli stepped in front of Link while Tetra stood back a bit with Aryll who was now also holding a candle since her elder sibling needed two hands to conduct properly.

Medli began playing first, her lyre producing a slow, relaxing melody that reverberated around the entire room. The melody repeated twice before climbing up the scale, and Makar joined in, adding the sweet, yet powerful sound of his viola to the song. He now carried a slightly different, more exciting, and fast-paced melody while Medli's harp echoed it in the background. Link was fully immersed in the song, working diligently to conduct both parts at the same time. As the song neared its climax the viola carried the main tune while the lyre harmonized with it. When the song came to its dramatic and abrupt end, the notes on the stone wall glowed a bright white and miniscule cracks that they'd failed to notice before lit up in that same white hot light to create strange looking symbols that looked neither Hylian nor like anything else they'd seen before.

The flickering candles Tetra and Aryll were holding were suddenly blown out, but the absence of candlelight went unnoticed because of the intense light the stone wall was emitting. In fact, the light became so intense that they were all forced to close their eyes and turn away. Allowing their respective candles to fall to the ground, Aryll and Tetra brought up their hands to shield their faces from the overwhelming light.

Suddenly the light began to grow even more intense than anyone thought possible. Without warning, dizziness overtook them. Darkness soon replaced the never ending light.

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