The Legend of Zelda: The Alternate Link

Chapter 22: Be A Little Bolder!

Her footsteps echoed back to her as she walked down the deserted corridor. She'd been like this for a while now. Alone. Her only company was her shadow which seemed to pulse every now and then as if it were alive, trying to reassure her. She felt as if something was watching her, but it could have just been the eerie atmosphere that sparked this feeling. After all, she was completely alone.

Tetra was looking for her companions, whom she had lost in this maze of a place. Maybe lost wasn't the correct word since they had intentionally split up to find what they were looking for, but it seemed appropriate enough since she didn't know where her feet were leading her.

She followed the dark tiled floor laid out before her, a wary hand on her dagger. Nothing had attacked her yet and that made her uneasy. Surely something should have defiantly blocked her path by now. Up ahead the corridor curved to the left and she quickened her pace to meet it, hoping to find something. She wasn't disappointed.

The room stretching out before her reminded her of a throne room. Near the back of the room an uncomfortable looking chair resting against the wall, imitating a multi-legged bug that nobody dared to touch but one. This one appeared to be a man, and she squinted, taking a small step forward as if it would help her discern the figure better. The new presence was cloaked in shadows, making it impossible to make out any features other than a faint outline, and even that was a stretch.

A shiver crawled up her spine, adding to her growing paranoia. She unsheathed her dagger, tensing up into a fighting position. She didn't like the vibe this guy was giving off. It was too irregular to be safe. His face was masked by the darkness, but that didn't stop her long ears from picking up on the light chuckle he emitted upon noticing her actions.

The figure vanished from his throne, and she glanced around the room, trying to pinpoint his essence. She couldn't properly sense his position until he was behind her gripping her shoulders a little too hard. Suddenly she was frozen in fear, unable to move. She clutched her dagger uselessly in her right hand. She didn't understand why she was terrified. She'd faced Ganondorf, taken on the Ghost Ship, got turned to stone…..the list went on and on. After everything considered, she shouldn't be afraid. Yet, she was.

"Let her go!" yelled a voice that she recognized as Link's. Kid was right beside him, sword drawn and a look concocted of both anger and determination on his face. Link shared a similar look, gripping his sword tightly as well. Both boys ran towards her, intent on saving her from the evil entity behind her. She felt the pressure leave her right shoulder for an instant. In that moment both boys were picked up off their feet and thrown backwards by an unknown force into a wall she couldn't see due to the dimness of the room. "Link!" she screamed as she heard what sounded like a wall crumbling to pieces. Her call of concern was for both of them.

Dust arose slowly from the impact, and she attempted to search for their forms even though she knew that she would not be able to see anything, courtesy of the combined effort of the dust mixing with the shadows to distort and obscure her view. The hand had long since returned to her shoulder, but she had snapped out of whatever spell had rendered her motionless earlier.

Tetra wrenched herself free from the unknown evil's grasp and bolted forward in the direction that the boys had been thrown, praying to the three golden goddesses that they were okay. She didn't hear any footfalls behind her, a sure sign that the man wasn't following her. She closed the distance faster than she would have expected and immediately came across debris from the fallen portion of wall.

She waved away some of the dust clouding her vision as her eyes swept over the rubble, in search of a flash of green. She did see a color but it wasn't green. It was red, slowly pooling out and becoming bigger soaking the bricks around it.

Tetra let out a small scream as she jerked awake. She laid there for a few seconds, staring at the wall, her breathing coming in short gasps as she tried to calm herself. She rolled over to see Kid peacefully asleep on the bed neighboring hers. Suddenly she was grateful that she had been able to share a room with her friend. Her companions seemed to be lighter sleepers. She let out a shaky breath in relief, pushing herself into a sitting position. She silently thanked the goddesses that it was just a dream. A nightmare, but not real anyway.

A sudden pain made itself known in her head, and she put a hand to her temples hoping it would ease the ache. It didn't. She closed her eyes, brief images of the dream flashing across her vision. Suddenly, she was cursing the goddesses. Tetra knew what the ache in her head meant, and she refused to accept it.

She hadn't had a prophetic dream in quite a while, but she still remembered the symptoms that came with one. A migraine was one of them. Feeling fatigued was another, as one does not really sleep when they are given a vision of what the future may hold. She quietly moaned, holding her head in her hands. She could hear voices downstairs and smell food cooking which meant that it must be morning. She wouldn't be catching any sleep if that was the case. Even if she did have time to get some shuteye she doubted that she would have been able to fall asleep. Those dreams tended to traumatize her for a few nights afterwards.

This one was more haunting than any she had experienced before. Tetra tried to remember as much as she could, forcing herself to relax and think slowly since any information she gathered was surely important. The dream wouldn't have been sent to her if it wasn't. She had been alone….she remembered that. Where ever she had been, the lighting hadn't been strong and the place was large. A temple maybe? Then she had come to a room and a man had been there. She had never seen his face. She could barely make out his figure, but she had known it was a man for some reason.

The man had disappeared and reappeared behind her, grabbing her. Shortly after that, both boys had rushed to her rescue only to be thrown back and…that was enough. She wished that she could forget what had happened after that.

She shook her head to rid it of the disturbing image. This action didn't help her headache, and she quickly returned to her former position until the pain subsided to the point where she could lift her head. Tetra wasn't positive about what she should do about the dream. Keeping quiet seemed like a bad idea, but so did telling everyone else. She was almost positive that her prophetic dreams were connected to the Triforce of Wisdom, and if that was the case then Princess Zelda surely had them too. Now that she thought about it, she didn't recall the princess making an appearance in her dream. Even if the princess had prophetic dreams then she doubted that she had had the same one, if any.

Besides that, they could possibly figure out her secret if she suddenly claimed that she has prophetic dreams. Only mortals that were "blessed by divinity" could have such things, or at least that's what her mother had told her when she was younger. Telling Kid would only scare him, and she wasn't sure if there was really a safe place for them to talk where no one would hear them.

If she remembered correctly, she hadn't been lost. They had deliberately separated. As long as she made sure that they stayed together, there was no way that those events could possibly unfold. Feeling a little better now that she had consoled herself she swung her legs over the side of the bed and slipped her feet into her sandals, securing them to her feet before standing. She then grabbed her dagger from the chair she had set it on the night before and fastened it to her side.

Some of her blonde hair had come undone from her bun during the night, so she quickly redid it, glancing at Kid who was still asleep. She swore that he could sleep longer than anyone she had ever met. He was a pretty heavy sleeper too, but she was slowly weaning him out of that habit by using various methods to wake him up. Tetra still had trouble understanding how someone so lazy could save her life more than once.

Reaching into her wallet, she pulled out the ring she had temporarily placed there last night since she hadn't wanted to sleep with it on. Just as Eldin had predicted, the ring was as black as ash. Peering closely, she could almost pinpoint its texture behind the glass as ash-like. Shrugging, Tetra slipped it on her ring finger. It was a perfect fit which was weird since she never wore rings. In fact, she never wore jewelry in general aside from the necklace her mother had given her.

Not feeling quite as creative as usual due to her lack of sleep and migraine she simply settled for shaking her best friend awake. He groaned but opened his eyes.

"What? No violent wakeup call today?" he mumbled sleepily. She stopped shaking him and pushed him out of his bed, a feat she probably wouldn't have been able to accomplish if he wasn’t in his current half-awake state.

"Stop messing around. Get up. It's morning," Tetra ordered him.

"I'd like to point out that you were the one that pushed me," Kid said, standing up.

"Don't sass me," Tetra narrowed her eyes at him, clearly not amused.

"Yes, Miss Tetra," Kid smirked back at her as he sat down on the edge of his bed, pulling on his boots. She didn't say anything to that. Instead she just huffed and looked away towards the closed door, hoping he would hurry up.

Last night they had briefly met most of the Resistance who had been researching the gorons and their predicament. Apparently, they hadn't been able to get close enough to speak with the gorons since they'd been attacked by them first thing. The Resistance were puzzled by their hostility and her older companions seemed just as stumped. The group had made themselves comfortable at the inn, claiming that it wasn't safe during the day since the gorons roamed the town during those hours, blocking both gates into and out of the village as well as access to other areas.

Among the three new people they had met only one interested her. This was actually the scholar, Shad was his name if she remembered correctly. He was also the one that had kept them up most of the night, refusing to drop the topic of how Link and Kid looked so alike yet didn't share family connections. Apparently, he researched the history of Hyrule and its lore. That meant he must know the legend of the Hero of Time, and if he did then she might be able to get some answers. She wanted to talk to him without Link or the princess knowing though which would be difficult if they were already up.

Kid was ready in a matter of short minutes, and the pair left the room, making their way downstairs. When they reached the ground floor, Tetra was disappointed to see Princess Zelda and Link already there, but she did a good job of masking it as they joined them. The Resistance was there as well. They knew who the princess was despite the cloak she wore, but that didn't seem to bother her.

They both slid into empty seats next to each other at the table exchanging brief greetings with everyone else as one of the inn workers set down a plate of food in front of each of them. Tetra began to eat, hoping it would take her mind off the throbbing in her head and provide her with more energy. After just a few bites she found herself pushing her food around her plate. Suddenly feeling nauseous. Why now? Why on the day they were going to a temple? She couldn't act like she was sick. They would make her stay at the inn and that was no fun. She also had no way of explaining to them that it was a dream and not sickness that plagued her.

Tetra swallowed as much as she could, eating slowly so as not to betray her true feelings. Once she had depleted the plate of food to a little less than half, she stopped, claiming to be full as Kid finished his food. He shot her a strange look, but other than that no one commented.

"Be careful out there, yeah?" the only woman of the Resistance, Ashei, cautioned them as they got ready to depart. She spoke in a similar manner to Gonzo which Tetra thought both amusing and strange. Her thoughts turned to her crew without her consent. She wondered what they were doing. Looking for them maybe? Drunk and ignorant? Most likely. Tetra didn't know which one she preferred. She didn't like them worrying since they usually did stupid things when faced with that emotion, so maybe the latter was best?

"We will," Link assured her as they neared the door. "I earned the trust of them before. They should at least listen to me."

No response was heard, and Tetra wasn't sure if she was supposed to expect one. They stepped outside into the morning sunlight which seemed to somehow amplify the dust that constantly blew through the nearly abandoned town. Tetra had only caught glimpses of gorons on the Great Sea before and never once had they struck her as something to be feared. They were traveling merchants, that much she knew, but she was never really interested in their stories, so she had never approached one to ask. The gorons had always struck her as an odd race, opting to wear ridiculous looking hats that cover their faces and carry packs larger than their bulky selves. Kid had told her after their adventure with the ghost ship that not all gorons looked like that, but she hadn't believed him. Now she did though.

She could see gorons near the spring, standing defiantly with their arms crossed. Describing them as comical was not an option anymore. They looked serious and ready to kill whoever had the audacity to come near them. Tetra hoped that Link wasn't lying when he told Ashei that he had gained their trust long ago. She certainly had no interest in being flattened by rock people.

The foursome approached the spring, their goal the cave leading to the back of the water source. Gorons blocked the entrance. When they were just a few feet away, they stopped, and Link was about to call out to them, but he didn't get the chance. The gorons simultaneously rolled up in a ball, spinning in place to gather momentum. Tetra took a step back ready to flee if need be.

"Guys, we didn't come to fight. Can we just-" Link began holding up his hands in surrender. The gorons paid no heed to his words or his body language for they launched themselves at the group of four without hesitation. They all found themselves dashing back to the inn with the oversized boulders not far behind. For being made of rock, they moved fast, and Tetra found herself having a hard time keeping up with the others. She blamed the prophetic dream for it. Normally she was faster. Kid noticed her struggling to outrun their pursuers and grabbed her wrist in an attempt to hurry her along.

They made it to the inn's porch and ran inside, Tetra halfway being dragged by Kid. The door slammed shut behind them and they all pressed their backs to it breathing heavily.

"Tried to roll you down didn't they?" the oldest member of the Resistance, Auru, chuckled, glancing up from the table he was sitting at with the other members of his group.

"Yeah, they did," Link answered for all of them, approaching the group with Princess Zelda, Kid, and Tetra in tow.

"There's absolutely no bargaining with them. I don't understand it; I really don't. They're usually such a gentle race," Shad spoke up, not taking the effort to raise his head from the book it was buried in.

"Gentle? I find that hard to believe. They just tried to kill us!" Tetra exclaimed throwing her hands up in the air dramatically.

Her words were ignored though as the young scholar continued, "Their actions only lead me to one conclusion, which is highly unlikely, and that is that something has happened to their patriarch. We can barely get around town though, the mountain will be impossible to scale, so there's no way to know for sure."

"I might have a way to get there. Do you think they'll let us out of the village?" Link asked Shad who had glanced up at the end of his mini speech earlier.

"If you want to get out of the village then you'll have to wait until nightfall. You could certainly attempt it now but they guard the exits all day, and lock the gates at sunset," Shad replied.

"Alright, then I guess we're stuck inside until then," Link sighed plopping down in a chair. Princess Zelda claimed a nearby chair as well. Tetra and Kid remained standing.

"Wait a minute!" Tetra cried. The temple was so close, and they were giving up and leaving just because of some brain dead boulders? "Why are we even leaving in the first place? We have business here!"

"I know, but we can't do anything until the goron's problem is resolved," Link argued.

"You said that you earned their trust before, so how did you do it? Can't you do it again?" Tetra wondered, crossing her arms in annoyance.

"Yes, but I don't have what I need to accomplish that on me at the moment. It's back at Ordon which is why we need to leave so we can get it and come back here," Link explained.

"What is it that you don't have?" Tetra questioned him.

He hesitated before replying as if debating over if he should tell her or not. He must have decided that it was acceptable for he answered her, "Iron boots."

"Iron boots?" she repeated, wondering if she'd heard him correctly. Link nodded to confirm, and she couldn't believe their luck. "And what did you do with these boots?" she asked.

"I wrestled the gorons," Link responded.

Tetra quickly turned to Kid. She did want them to keep a low profile, but after the battle with King Bulblin, Tetra could tell that Link saw Kid in a different light. He must have pulled off some impressive stunt while they were battling. Still, if Link was already suspicious then that was nothing that they could change. They might as well show off a little. Besides, she wasn't a patient person, and she was not going to wait all day.

"No," Kid stated, shaking his head before she could get a word out.

"I didn't even say anything yet," Tetra pointed out.

"You don't have to. I know what you're going to say, and I'm not doing it," Kid retorted crossing his own arms to mimic her stance.

"You can't lose though," Tetra insisted, gesturing to the golden bands on his wrists.

"I'm missing something here," Link interjected, raising his hand in the air as if asking permission to speak. "What are you guys talking about?"

Tetra sighed but began to explain, "Kid has iron boots too. So I'm suggesting that he wrestles the gorons instead."

"Why do you have iron boots?" Link wondered, turning to Kid for an answer.

"I uh….travel a lot," Kid stammered, clearly unsure about how to answer. Tetra rolled her eyes. He could have at least come up with a convincing lie.

"Despite that, the gorons are so much bigger than you, shrimp. You'll get torn to pieces," Ashei helpfully chimed in.

"She's right. There's more to it than just the boots. You have to have a good amount of strength too. I could barely hold my own against them," Link admitted.

"It's too dangerous anyway," Princess Zelda added, "It's best if we wait."

"Then let's make a deal," Tetra bartered addressing Link, "You and Kid wrestle. If he can't hold you down then we'll wait until nightfall and get your boots from Ordon. However, if he does manage to pin you then we're not waiting, and he's going to wrestle the gorons so we can get where we need to be."

"Hey! Wait a minute! Don't I get a say in this?" Kid exclaimed.

"Nope," Tetra said before quickly turning back to Link, "So? What do you say?" She could see him contemplating her offer.

"Do it," Ashei urged him, "I'd like to see how this ends, yeah?"

"Should be interesting," Auru shrugged.

"I agree, these kids you found are getting more and more interesting," Shad said, putting his book down for once.

"Tell me about it," Link muttered sarcastically before reluctantly sighing. "Fine, you have a deal."

They both shook on it, and Tetra smirked. He had no idea what he just signed up for. After alerting the inn staff, which was only made up of a couple people, and the owner that they weren't actually fighting, just training, they were told to make sure they didn't break anything and then were left alone.

Link and Kid stood facing each other, stripped of all of their weapons. Ashei stood between the two while Auru, Shad, Princess Zelda and Tetra sat on the sidelines a safe distance away.

"Rules are simple," Ashei announced, "No foul play. To win, immobilize your opponent for ten seconds which means get them on the floor and make sure they stay there. Questions?" Both boys remained silent, and she nodded in approval.

"Begin!" Ashei exclaimed, stepping back after waving her arm as a substitute for a flag she didn't have. Tetra watched as they both tensed up and began to circle each other slowly, neither quite bold enough to make the first move. Some shouts of encouragement from the spectators animated both parties though, and they lunged at each other, their previous uncertainty replaced with determination.

Kid was fast, but Link wasn't exactly slow either. In a matter of just a few seconds he had grabbed Kid and pinned him to the floor by his wrists. Tetra could tell that he wasn't using all of his strength though which was his mistake. Ashei began to count, but Kid was able to push Link off of him before she could even reach two seconds. Link stumbled back in surprise and managed to regain his composure as Kid changed to the offensive.

Link dodged and grabbed Kid's arm, his grip visibly better than it had been before. He tried to get Kid to the ground, but Kid was unwilling to go down without a fight. Her friend whipped around with his free arm and flipped Link over onto his back so fast that the onlookers couldn't even comprehend how he had done it. Beside her, Tetra heard a few impressed whistles and she smirked. She had taught him that move herself.

Ashei was counting again, and Link appeared to be having trouble getting up. A little past the halfway mark Link managed to get Kid off of him and everyone except for Tetra cheered. Kid didn't stay away for long though, and by the time Link had rolled over and was about to push himself to his feet, Kid tackled him back down, wrestling his arms behind his back. Now it was Tetra's turn to cheer as the others cried out in outrage.

"Come on Link! Get up!" the princess called out in encouragement as Ashei's counting reached the halfway mark.

"No, Link. Stay right where you are! The floor suits you," Tetra called out afterwards.

"7," Ashei announced as Link struggled against the smaller boy's hold.

"8" Link almost had Kid off of him.

"9," Ashei counted, her voice betraying her worry as she watched the two boys.

"10!" Ashei exclaimed in awe, "The shrimp wins." Kid immediately released Link and helped the older boy to his feet.

"I think I'm a little scared of you now," Link laughed. Kid just rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, not knowing what to say.

"How did you do that?" Shad questioned, addressing Kid as both boys joined them at the table again.

Kid looked to Tetra, silently asking if it was okay to answer him. Tetra gave a small nod and Kid replied holding out his wrists for inspection, "I have power bracelets on."

"Power bracelets? I wasn't aware such a thing existed!" Shad cried, leaning closer to scrutinize the plain golden bands.

"You must do more than travel," Auru marveled.

Before the conversation had an opportunity to go further Tetra interrupted them. "Look, he won. A deal's a deal. Come on, Kid let's go wrestle some gorons!" She grabbed her friend's wrist and marched him towards the door.

"Did I really win here?!" Kid wondered as she dragged him away.

"Wait a second!" Link yelled running after them, Princess Zelda close behind. The Resistance were laughing amongst themselves, and Shad had returned to his book.

"Yes, we made a deal and you won, but hear me out," Link said catching up to them. Tetra stopped in her tracks and turned around to show she was listening.

"With that many gorons out there, there won't be time to have an actual wrestling match with them. Instead, they're going to charge us like before and when they do you need to grab them and basically pick them up and toss them. That will give us enough time to get by," Link explained. "It'd be best to practice first.

"How do you suggest that he practices?" Tetra queried, releasing Kid's wrist, "There isn't exactly a nice goron that's willing to not kill us at the moment."

"I know, but I was thinking maybe he could practice with me. I'm not as heavy as a goron, but it's better than nothing," Link said.

A few minutes later both boys were standing in the middle of the room once again, Kid being instructed on how best to stand when facing off against one of the rock people. Kid learned quickly, and as a final test, Link was going to have him use the technique on him.

Tetra and Princess Zelda watched as Link rushed at Kid who was already in the stance that his counterpart had shown him earlier. Kid managed the pull it off effortlessly, but he had used more force than was necessary, and Link went crashing into a stack of crates.

"Sorry!" Kid apologized as he ran over, followed closely by Princess Zelda and Tetra, who was trying hard to hide her smile.

"It's fine. I'm good. You're definitely ready to fight some gorons," Link announced, sitting up and giving Kid a thumbs up. Link got up from the disturbed crates. As luck would have it, none of them seemed to be damaged. He carefully picked his way out of the pile, but not carefully enough. His arm bumped an unstable crate which, for some reason, was balancing a pot on its crown. The pot tumbled off before anyone could stop it and shattered into pieces as soon as it hit the floor. They all winced.

"Uh, I'll clean that up," Link said, pointing to the broken pottery.

"You better! I told you guys not to break anything!" called out one of the staff workers. After cleaning up the small mess they had made and apologizing profusely, they left the inn. Since there were so many gorons, and Kid could only focus on one at a time Princess Zelda was going to use her magic to protect the rest of them from the attacks.

The foursome approached the mouth of the cave for the second time that day. Kid had donned his iron boots and stood at the ready for the goron that immediately targeted them. Tetra huddled closer to the princess as she put up a glossy blue protective barrier. She watched as Kid grabbed the goron that was so much bigger than him and stopped it from progressing. With a yell of effort he threw the goron aside and it rolled to a halt. Then it popped out of the balled up position it had been in and looked around as if confused.

"Kid, look out!" Tetra warned him as another goron targeted him. He heard her just in time to stop the goron from ramming into him. Sliding back slightly, he searched for a better grip and once he found it, he proceeded to toss the living rock away from him. The same thing occurred with this goron.

"Do you they're under a spell?" Link asked, voicing exactly what Tetra was thinking.

"I'm almost positive that they are," Princess Zelda confirmed. Tetra focused her attention back to the brawl. The awakened gorons caught on to what was going on and began to help Kid knock some sense into their comrades. Soon all of the gorons around the spring were back to normal, all of them seeming a bit dazed as if they'd just awoken from a mystical dream.

The princess deactivated her magic, and the gorons all turned to address them.

"We are sorry for attacking you; we had no idea what was going on," one goron apologized.

"What happened? Do you know?" Link inquired.

"No, I have no memory of it and I'm sure my brothers are the same," a goron answered him.

"I don't quite remember either. My last memory is going about my business as usual," another one added.

'Could that evil presence in my dream be responsible for this?' Tetra wondered silently, staring at the ground intensely as if it would provide her with the answers she was seeking. Instead of answers it just seemed to irritate her head more so she stopped thinking about it and caught the last bits of the conversation before the gorons left them.

"We'll go help our brothers break free from the spell, so you don't have to worry about us," a goron announced before rolling off towards the other side of the village with his companions.

"Well, that was interesting," Link stated as they watched the gorons leave to duel their brothers.

"I wonder who placed the spell on them though. Could it be the new 'strongest side' that King Bulblin claims exists?" Princess Zelda pondered.

"I don't know, but I'm kind of hoping we never find out. Come on, let's go to the temple," Link said, approaching the mouth of the cave that would lead them to the back of Eldin's Spring. Tetra followed him with Kid, who had removed his iron boots, not too far behind. They made their way through the cave, and when they emerged from it, they plunged into the deeper water below them.

Opening her eyes, Tetra swam down a small way where an opening was present against the back wall. The tunnel glowed softly like an ember, and she could feel heat coming from it. She ventured forward into it, despite the warbled protests of Link to let him go first that reached her ears.

The tunnel was short, and when it ended she swam in the only direction that was available which was up. Breaking the surface, she hoisted herself up onto solid land which was conveniently a couple inches in front of her face. Water droplets slipped off of her and hit the ground, evaporating almost immediately. Behind her, she knew her companions were entering the temple as well, but her eyes only had sight for what lay before her.

A relatively large room, its walls constructed entirely of sand-colored rocks that were illuminated by an unknown light source, encircled them. Overall, it was considerably warmer than outside, but not in a pesky way. Tetra glanced at the ring on her finger and noticed that it was beginning to glow, proving that it was probably hotter in the temple than it seemed.

The floor was made up of slim red fragile looking tiles. They seemed to almost imitate waves as they snaked across the ground. This couldn't possibly be the place from her dream. It was too bright. In the middle of the room, the tiles had been etched into. Noticing this, Tetra stepped forward to take a closer look.

It was the symbol of Din, meticulously carved by a careful hand. However, it was a bit different than the symbol she was used to seeing. Each of the three parts were connected to their closest neighbor, causing the entire thing to resemble a helix. If the last temple was any indication, then this would serve as their map.

"It doesn't look like a complicated layout," Princess Zelda commented, peering at the symbol as well.

"It does look less involved than the last one," Kid added.

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean it'll be easier," Link sighed.

"We can dream," Kid grinned at him. Link returned the smile. Tetra looked up. Ahead of them stood an arched door, and she hurried over to it, wanting to get a better look. To her disappointment, the lines carved into it didn't seem to have any significance. A red gem glistened in the center of the door. Kid joined her after a few seconds and searched the door for its hidden meaning.

"It kind of looks like…um…." Kid trailed off, tilting his head to the side.

"Nothing," Link supplied helpfully, coming up behind them.

"Yup, that's the word," Kid agreed.

"You two have no sense of vision," Princess Zelda sighed, shaking her head.

"Okay then, princess. Interpret it for us with your wisdom powers," Link teased her.

"Gladly," she said, a small smile on her lips as she pushed him out of the way, so she had a full view of the door.

"Hmmm…there are a few possibilities. It could be a flame, but I have a feeling it's more than that. A blossom of fire perhaps, or it could even be a wing," Princess Zelda reported after a few seconds.

"Well, whatever it is, it's the guardian, and I'm sure we'll run into it sooner than we would like," Tetra huffed, "Let's just go."

The door turned out to be heavier than expected, but Kid had little problem holding it up long enough for them all to get through. Kid released the door, and it dropped to the ground with a loud bang. Tetra took in the layout of this new room, which was really better classified as a hallway. It curved to the right and was consumed in shadow before long.

She peered into the darkness, attempting to see what lay beyond only to have shining crimson eyes gazing back into her own.

"Welcome to the Temple of Din," Tetra muttered sarcastically under her breath to her companions before drawing her weapon and rushing to meet whatever monster hid in the shadows, the others not far behind.

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