The Legend of Zelda: The Alternate Link

Chapter 2: Lost in the Lost Woods

"Tetra…wake up. Wake up!" a voice insisted, "TETRA!"

The pirate captain's eyes snapped open quickly, and she sat up or, rather, tried to. Aryll, who'd been leaning over her had been a little too close, and the two girls had bumped heads.

"Oww!" Aryll complained rubbing her throbbing forehead.

"Ugh, Aryll. What's your deal?" Tetra moaned massaging her temples.

"I woke up and you were passed out next to me. I don't know where we are," Aryll explained, standing up and offering a helping hand to Tetra who ignored it and stood up on her own. She took in her surroundings. All around them were….trees and more trees. They didn't seem to end and if they did there seemed to be a wooden wall behind them. Beneath their feet were leaves, broken twigs, the occasional rock, and grass. The sky was barely visible through the canopy of leaves.

"Any sign of the others when you got up?" Tetra asked Aryll distractedly.

"Nope. Just you," Aryll confessed quietly shaking her head and causing her blonde pig tails to sway back and forth.

"Alright, listen up," Tetra began her leader instincts already kicking in, "There must be some way out of here. You look over there and I'll search here."

"Aye aye Tetra!" Aryll saluted.

"That's Miss Tetra to you swabbie. Now move it," Tetra corrected the younger girl. Aryll nodded and ran over to her assigned post, holding her telescope up to her eye the whole way.

Tetra rolled her eyes and began delving for a way out. After a couple minutes Aryll called Tetra over. "What'd you find, kid?" Tetra wondered.

"Look, Tetra! It's some kind of stone and it’s singing! Listen," Aryll exclaimed pointing at a large stone with the symbol of the Triforce burned into its surface. Both girls crouched down next to the stone and listened. It was silent for a few seconds, and then Tetra heard it, a whistling tune. She was sure she'd heard it before but couldn't recall exactly where. Aryll began to hum the song, and the stone ceased producing sound. In her surprise at her unexpected solo Aryll stopped humming and after a second or two of silence the stone started the song from the beginning.

"Aryll keep humming it from start to finish," Tetra ordered.

"What'll that do?" Aryll wondered.

"It may just get us out of here. Think about it; we got here by Medli and Makar playing music, so maybe music will take us home," Tetra explained trying to be patient with the younger girl.

"But Medli and Makar are sages and I-" Aryll pointed out but was cut off by Tetra.

"Just do what you're told will you?!" Tetra shouted, her patience gone. Aryll jumped at the older girl's sudden increase in volume and tone and complied.

When she was finished all was silent for a while. 'Great, it didn't work,' Tetra thought to herself moodily. That was when she felt a small tug at her belt and whirled around the come face to face with a… well she wasn't quite sure what it was. A wooden imp creature? Then she noticed that it was holding a small tan pouch. Tetra felt around her belt only to find that her wallet was missing.

She lunged at the creature, but it disappeared with a giggle in a swirl of leaves. A quick intake of air and then a sour note of a trumpet sounded. Tetra and Aryll turned to look. The creature was atop an old tree stump with an aged, crude looking trumpet in one hand and Tetra's wallet in the other, a look of gloating on its face, although it was a bit hard to tell with the shadows that its hat cast over it.

Out of seemingly nowhere wooden puppets on strings advanced on the pair. "Quick, what did Link tell you to do if we got ambushed?" Tetra asked turning to Aryll.

"He told me to get behind him and stay close and he's not here right now so…" Aryll trailed off.

Tetra rolled her eyes and pushed Aryll behind her with one hand while she drew her dagger with the other. When the puppets were close enough Tetra freed them of their invisible puppet master, and they laid in useless heaps at her feet. Tetra picked up a rock and chucked it at the creature who was too far away and too high up to reach.

It hit the thing on the head and it stopped laughing. A smile quickly replaced the momentary frown on its face, and it jumped down from the stump and made its way towards a wooden wall which, to both girls' amazement disappeared. The creature now held a lantern and ran through the newly discovered passage.

“Ugh! You stupid imp! Give me back my wallet!" Tetra yelled furiously before charging after the strange creature. Aryll followed silently. This new passage led to a different walled in enclosure, this time with a sparkling water source and another visible passage. Aryll put her telescope to her eye, searching for the unusual thief among the trees.

"Where did it go?" Tetra muttered to herself stepping forward and looking every which way. A glint of yellow candlelight appeared in her peripheral vision and she turned to look. That thing had had a lantern…

"Aryll, follow me!" called Tetra running towards the other passage. Aryll took her telescope away from her eye and ran after the elder girl. At the passage they were cut off by more of those puppets.

"Not now!" Tetra exclaimed in exasperation, blindly, but expertly cutting them down. They were on the move again shortly and were led into another empty section with two passages this time.

"Which way Miss Tetra?" Aryll asked, looking up expectantly at the young captain.

“Look for the lantern light. Then we'll know which way to go," Tetra explained keeping a close eye on both of their options while keeping a firm grip on her dagger in her right hand. They were surrounded by puppets once again, but Tetra got them both out of it unscathed. Aryll and Tetra spotted the light at the same time and made haste through the passage in question where an upbeat song greeted their ears. It was being played by a trumpet.

"Where is it?" Tetra sighed searching for any sign of the creature.

"Hmm…follow the music?" Aryll suggested.

"In case you haven't noticed, Aryll, music hasn't exactly proved to be helpful to us today," Tetra replied, scanning the area for the musician.

"Well, I'm going to go look for it while you fight off any of those creepy puppets that get in our way," Aryll announced, putting her telescope to her eye. The song suddenly ended and that same high pitched giggle followed by a sour note tormented their ears. Puppets dropped down from nowhere, obviously summoned by that other creature. The trumpet then resumed its joyful song.

Tetra cut down the puppets fairly easily while Aryll ran around seeking the musician. She eventually found it behind a tree merrily playing on its golden instrument. Tetra wasted no time in running up to it and slicing him with her dagger. He disappeared in a swirl of leaves and opened a new passage before running away.

"Here we go again. Just give me back my wallet already! I don't want to play your stupid games!" Tetra shouted stamping her foot in aggravation and running after the strange creature. The process of tracking him down was the same as before and the pursuit turned into a pattern. After thirty minutes it became apparent that it was toying with them. Finally they were led to a brand new passage into an enclosure with many tree stumps surrounding a slightly bigger stump in the middle.

Tetra and Aryll used vines that conveniently happened to be available for their use to climb most of the way down from the ledge they were on. They were forced to jump down the last few feet since the vines appeared to have been cut off at a certain point. The pair advanced on the creature which was standing on the middle stump grinning like a mad man. It produced Tetra's wallet from its pocket and wiggled it tantalizingly in the air before stowing it away and blowing randomly into its trumpet.

Puppets dropped down surrounding the stump it was on like sentries and slowly made their way to the girls. Tetra cut through them, and then lunged at the creature. She made contact and hit it twice before being thrown off and having it teleport away. The battle ensued in this fashion, and after what felt like forever the strange creature seemed to be defeated. It giggled and threw the tan pouch at Tetra who caught it in one hand. After this it revealed a narrow grassy slope before disappearing.

"Is…that it?" asked Aryll skeptically glancing around and clutching her telescope to her chest. Tetra surveyed the contents of her wallet. All her rupees were there, thankfully, as was her pirate's charm. Maybe she could contact Link? It was worth a shot. She removed the blue stone from her wallet before fastening it back on her belt.

The stone didn't work. Both stones had to be a certain distance apart to successfully interact with each other. Where ever Link was, he wasn't close that was for sure. Oh well. They'd run into him eventually since they both had a funny habit of doing just that.

Tetra slipped the stone back into her wallet before following the eager Aryll to the new passage. It led to a grassy clearing with a crumbling stone structure to the left that must have been the ruins to some important place or other, but was useless now. A weathered stone arch with intimidating statues posing as guardians on either side was to the right. Since that seemed to be the only way to go the pair walked up to the arch.

It led to another grass filled clearing, this time with trees on all sides, and in the middle a white pedestal harboring a sword in its midst. "No way," Tetra breathed in awe. She jogged up to the sword to confirm her suspicions. In the pedestal rested the Master Sword. "But…how?" Tetra mused quietly to herself.

"What is it?" Aryll wondered oblivious to the ancient and powerful weapon before them. Tetra ignored the younger girl and circled around the sword. Being a pirate she had a keen eye and could distinguish between the real thing and a cheap knock off. This was certainly the real deal. From the unique design of the hilt to the thin yet sturdy sparkling blade everything was tangible.

Yet that posed the question: How? As far as Tetra knew, the Master Sword was at the bottom of the ocean in Hyrule sticking out of Ganondorf's head in a permanent stone seal, so if the Master Sword was here was Ganon now free? She sincerely hoped not. It was terrifying enough the first time and she still had nightmares about it over a year later.

"This doesn't make sense…" Tetra pondered crossing her arms and peering closely at the sword, "There is no way that this can be real." She reached out and wrapped her hand around the hilt. It wasn't a mirage that was for sure. Tetra experimentally tugged on the sword. It didn't budge proving even further that it was legit.

"Are we lost?" Aryll asked bluntly from her seat on the ground.

"Hmm?" Tetra said looking down at the little girl a little ways away, "Aryll, we're not lost.

"Really? Because it's getting dark, and I don't want to be in this place at night. We should leave," Aryll replied, glancing around uneasily.

"We arrived at Windfall in the morning. How can it be getting dark already?" Tetra questioned. Aryll just shrugged and pointed to the sky. It was a pale blue with pink sneaking in amidst the diminishing sunlight.

"Maybe we were asleep longer than we thought?" Aryll suggested.

"Whatever. I don't like it either. Let's get out of here, kid." Tetra admitted hopping off of the pedestal and running back the way they'd come. "That imp creature led us here. Maybe he'll lead us back," Tetra called over her shoulder. Aryll nodded even though she knew Tetra wouldn't see it. When they reached the arena there was no sign of the childish creature.

The vines that they'd used to climb down were too high for even Tetra to reach. After a while it became official. They were lost.

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