The Legend of Zelda: The Alternate Link

Chapter 3: The Green Sea

Link awoke to insistent tugging on his hair and a jingling sound.

"Link!" Makar's squeaky voice exclaimed in relief, "You're awake. Finally!"

"How long was I out?" Link asked, sitting up and rubbing the last remnants of sleep out of his eyes.

"I'm not sure. Medli was the first one up. Then I got up a while after her. That was about ten minutes ago," Makar explained.

"Where is Medli?" Link wondered noticing the Rito's absence.

"She went to look around. I told her she shouldn't and that we should wait for you, but she ignored me and said she wasn't going far," Makar sighed in defeat.

"Why didn't you wake me earlier?!" Link exclaimed getting to his feet.

"I tried! You wouldn't wake up," Makar defended.

"As a matter of fact, where's my sister and Tetra?" Link pondered looking around as if the two were hiding and going to jump out at him any moment.

"No idea. We haven't seen them. When that bright light flashed everything went dark, and the next thing I know is I'm waking up here with you two," Makar answered gesturing to their surrounds with his stubby arms.

"Hey guys! You won't believe this!" Medli cried from the sky. She glided gently to the ground on her pristine white wings before putting them away and regaining her pale arms and hands.

"What'd you find?" Both boys wondered in unison.

"Green! It's all fields and mountain ranges! From up above it looks like a rolling green sea! I've never seen so much land in my life! This could be the New Hyrule you and Tetra are looking for!" Medli exclaimed ecstatically, speaking so fast it took a few moments for the boys to process what she was telling them.

"Is it inhabited at all?" Link questioned.

"I don't know. I didn't go very far," Medli admitted, shrugging her shoulders.

"You didn't see Aryll or Tetra?" Link checked.

"No, I'm worried about them too, but I'm sure they're fine," Medli said smiling slightly.

"Maybe we should walk as far as we can until nightfall. We won't get anywhere staying in one place. We may find a clue as to where Tetra and Aryll are and maybe even bump into someone that can us where we are," Makar suggested. The group agreed, and they started in a random direction. Link carried Makar since his short legs made walking long distances a challenge while Medli walked alongside Link gazing in wonder at their surroundings. Link was amazed too. In all his many travels he'd never seen anything like this. Land as far as the eye can see were only things of legend. Times that were so far into the past that they weren't even conceived by the denizens of the Great Sea.

After what must have been an hour or so, it began to grow dark. Now endless green was getting as annoying as endless blue. In Link's opinion anyway. Medli and Makar seemed to be relatively enjoying themselves. They decided to stop for the day although they all thought that it was strange that night had cast its shadow over the world so quickly. Medli and Link sat down cross legged on the grass and Makar jumped out of Link's lap and began to play his viola.

It was decided that Link would take first watch, Medli second, and Makar would take third. They hadn't run into any enemies so far but you couldn't be too careful. The night passed uneventfully for which they were all somewhat relieved. They continued their trek. Makar flew up a bit and claimed to see a castle up ahead.

"A castle?" Medli repeated.

"Yes," Makar confirmed dropping back down and in Link's awaiting arms. They all quickened their pace to find that Makar had been correct. There was indeed a castle guarded by sturdy stone walls. There were steps leading up to large wooden double doors. It seemed to be a garden of some kind. A girl with blonde pig tails on either side of her head had her back to them and was rifling through some flowers. She wore a blue dress that was overly, and childishly, decorated. What was assumed to be fake butterfly wings adorned her back. Overall her outfit was anything but ordinary, but Link had seen weirder. She was the first person they'd seen in this unfamiliar place so of course they ran up to her for some clarity despite her….unique appearance.

"Uh…excuse me?" Link began tapping the girl lightly on the shoulder. She whirled around to face him with a smile on her face.

"Yes?" she asked sweetly.

"Well, my companions and I were wondering…" Link tried but got cut off abruptly by the younger girl.

"Oh! What are your companions? I've never seen anything like them, and a lot of strange looking people come through here!" The girl cried clapping her hands together in excitement.

"This is Medli. She's a Rito," Link explained gesturing to Medli with one hand, and then nodded to the Korok in his arms, "and this is Makar. He's a Korok. Now-"

Really? I've never heard of those species before! Where are you from? Oh yes! I almost forgot to introduce myself," the elated girl rambled, "My name is Agitha and I'm a bug princess. I've lived in Castle Town all my life."

"A-wait. Did you say Castle Town?" Link asked.

"Sure did…uh…"

"Link," he supplied.

"Link! Of course, but…why does that name sound familiar?" Agitha mused.

"Is that Castle Town?" Medli interrupted, pointing to the double doors. Agitha turned to look and nodded in confirmation.

"Oh yes! I know that name from somewhere else, well, someone else. He brings me bugs for my ball. Bugs are hard to catch you know, especially the golden ones. I don't know how he does it!" Agitha exclaimed in wonder. By the way this strange girl was acting Link didn't blame the bugs for avoiding her. A bug ball? What was that about anyway? Even more interesting was her claiming to know another Link.

"Wait, Agitha, who is this other Link you're talking about?" Link questioned, hoping that they could stay on topic this time.

"He wears green clothes just like you, but he has blue eyes instead of green, and his hair is a bit darker than yours, but otherwise I'd say that you two were spitting images of each other. Except for maybe height, and age. He is older. Seventeen maybe? I'm not sure, I never asked," Agitha explained.

"Okay. Thanks," Link said, politely starting to walk away.

"Wait!" Agitha called. The trio turned back around.

"Are you all going into Castle Town?" Agitha wondered. Link nodded slowly.

"Well, see, the people of Castle Town…they may not accept your friends, Link. It's true that a lot of strange people pass through here, but as I said before I've never seen any species like them. The guards are still a bit on edge, and they might perceive them as enemies. Maybe they should stay out here. I could show you around Castle Town so you don't get lost in the crowds of people.

Link looked helplessly at his friends at a loss for what to do. Medli spoke up first, "Excuse us for a minute." She then pulled Link and Makar aside and spoke in a hushed voice, "What do you think?"

"Well, she doesn't seem bad, just a bit…eccentric. Do you really think there's some boy out there with the same name as me?"

"Not likely. She's obviously living in a fantasy. She probably just made it up to get a reaction out of you. I wouldn't worry about it, but considering that she doesn't know what a Rito is, is saying something. I mean, our tribe delivers mail for a living; they must have a different postal service here. I think it might be a good idea to go into town with her. Find out as much as you can, and we'll wait for you here," Medli said, taking Makar from Link.

"Will you be okay out here by yourselves?" Link wondered, hesitant to leave his friends.

"We'll be fine. There doesn't seem to be anything threatening around here, and if there was I doubt that a girl like Agitha would be out here alone," Medli pointed out.

"Yeah!" Makar agreed, "You go find out where we are, and you could even ask around about the others." So it was decided. Link would take up Agitha's offer while Medli and Makar stayed in the garden out of sight of other people.

"Lil Grasshopper come on!" called Agitha who was hopping impatiently from foot to foot, the basket over her arm swaying violently. Link sighed but followed his new acquaintance through the enormous wooden doors.

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