The Legend of Zelda: The Alternate Link

Chapter 4: The Lost Saviors

Everything was eerily silent in the Lost Woods, save for the high pitched chirps of crickets gradually coming out of hiding as the sun departed. A light breeze ruffled the leaves of the many trees, and the setting sun cast large, deformed shadows.

"Tetra, what if I stand on your shoulders?" Aryll suggested. After realizing that they were more or less trapped they began to devise plans to get out. Unfortunately none of their plans had succeeded so far.

"Good idea, kid. Let's try it," Tetra said lowering herself to the ground, so it would be easier for Aryll to get on. Aryll scrambled unstably onto Tetra's shoulders, and Tetra slowly stood up while holding the younger girl's ankles, so she wouldn't fall. Then Aryll carefully stood up to her full height, balancing precariously on the pirate's shoulders.

She reached up as much as her tiny arms would allow but still came up short. The child then attempted to reach the twisted vine standing on tip toe. This minor change came unexpectedly to Tetra, and she stumbled a bit causing Aryll to flail her arms wildly in an attempt to regain her balance, but only managed to doom them further. Both girls tumbled to the ground with a scream and a loud thud.

"Oh…ouch. That didn't work at all," moaned Aryll.

"Ya think?" Tetra shot back sarcasm dripping from her words. She pushed the younger girl off of her roughly, ignoring Aryll's cry of protest. A stick had scraped the back of Tetra's leg when she had fallen resulting in a small paper cut like gash. It wasn't bleeding, but it still hurt. Aryll was lucky that she wasn't her brother. If it had been Link that had caused her to fall and injure herself she would have felt obligated to return the favor. Aryll got to her feet and dusted herself off. Tetra did likewise a minute later.

"I don't have any more ideas. What now?" Aryll wondered, pouting in defeat. Tetra was about to answer with a smart remark when a strange noise was heard. It didn't sound like that felonious creature from before. Peering curiously over the edge of their goal were…

"Monkeys?" Tetra whispered, a look of confusion on her face.

"What are monkeys? Aryll asked, her voice hushed, unsure whether to be elated or frightened, "Are they friendly?"

"Monkeys are those animals you see right there," Tetra explained gesturing to the unfamiliar wild life on the unreachable ledge, "As for if they're friendly or not, I don't know. I've never seen a real one before."

"If you haven't seen one before, how do you know what they are?" Aryll pondered.

"I read about them in a book years ago. According to the book, all the monkeys were lost when that old kingdom was flooded," Tetra said, giving the animals a skeptical look.

"Well apparently they weren't all lost 'cause they're right in front of us," Aryll pointed out. The monkeys jumped down from the ledge and stared at the children for a moment before turning and ambling under the vines that the duo had been trying to reach in vain.

A monkey with a flower tucked behind one of its ears motioned the Tetra and Aryll over. Both girls exchanged looks of uncertainty and then focused their gaze back on the animal. It motioned again a bit more insistent this time. Still neither girl budged. The same monkey came over and gently took Aryll's free hand. Then she, if the flower was any indication of gender, gingerly tugged on Aryll's hand to get her to move.

She hesitated for a second before following and was led to the rest of the peculiar animals. Then the other monkeys climbed on top of each other to form a makeshift ladder. The girl monkey scurried up the "ladder", grabbed onto the vines, and jumped to the ledge. She spun around and gestured for Aryll to follow.

Aryll's mouth formed into a small o as she pieced it together. "They're helping us Tetra!" exclaimed Aryll in realization. She then followed the monkey's example and carefully scaled the monkey made ladder. When she got to the vine and struggled a little, the girl monkey came to her aid and helped her over to the ledge. Once she was safe and sound on the piece of land that had been their goal for at least fifteen minutes she called down to Tetra to hurry up.

If the monkeys were helping them then they had to have some sort of intelligence to an extent. For now, Tetra decided to trust the animals and quickly climbed up to the ledge. The other monkeys worked together to get themselves back up and then ran ahead.

"Should we follow or…" Tetra trailed off as Aryll darted after the monkeys. "I guess that means we're following." Tetra sighed before running to catch up to her tiny companion and their furry saviors. They were led to the place where they'd first awoken and beyond to a dead end with a chasm stretching out in front of them.

The monkeys obviously had a solution to this predicament too for they made a bridge out of themselves to allow the girls to cross to a small ledge. They repeated this process a few more times until they were all safely on solid ground that continued for more than just a few feet.

"Thank you monkeys!" Aryll called after the animals as they waved goodbye before disappearing into a different section of the woods. When they were gone Aryll turned to Tetra adopting her former pirate stance, "What now Miss Tetra?"

"Now, we find a place to sleep for the night," Tetra replied starting in the opposite direction that the monkeys had gone.

"Aren't we going to find Big Brother?" Aryll wondered, worry hinting in her voice.

"Eventually," Tetra said passively.

They ended up staying near where the monkeys had left them. Being in a forest like climate was fortunate since there were many dry leaves and twigs so getting a respective sized fire going wasn't too difficult. They were both famished, but there wasn't any food around, and it was too dark to go searching for some.

The only option left was to sleep. Much to Tetra's chagrin Aryll laid her head down on Tetra's lap. Tetra wasn't notoriously one for cuddling, but she couldn't blame the kid. She was only nine after all. She wasn't cut out for an adventure like today which was why Tetra had been reluctant to bring her in the first place. It seemed that the simplest things turned into some grand complicated adventure with her and Link. She didn't want Link's little sister to be dragged into any more of it. Yet, here they were.

She couldn't let harm come to the Hero of Wind's innocent little sister. That's why Tetra felt obliged to stay up all night to keep watch even though she herself was exhausted. She was a pirate after all, a princess, the holder of the Triforce of Wisdom. She could do this.

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