The Legend of Zelda: The Alternate Link

Chapter 6: Wise Words

When the first rays of the golden sun hesitantly peeked over the tree tops a certain pirate captain shook awake her dozing companion. The crackling fire that they'd had going the previous night had long since died out. True to her silent word, Tetra had stayed up all night. It actually hadn't been too hard. She'd stayed up three days straight before a few years ago. She didn't remember the exact reason, but she knew it had been important. Of course, after that she had slept a whole day and a half away, but that wasn't the point.

All night she'd been mulling over the fact of finding the sacred blade, the Master Sword in that clearing. She couldn't come up with a logical answer. Tetra would like to know where on Din's red earth they were! A giant island made up solely of forest perhaps?

"Tetra, I'm hungry," Aryll whined.

"Me too, but we don't have anything to eat at the moment," Tetra replied, "Come on let's keep moving. Hopefully we'll find something."

"Like the treasure!" Aryll exclaimed in excitement, skipping ahead.

Tetra smirked, "Sure, kid…like the treasure." Although Tetra would have just settled for something familiar right now, or maybe even food. With all this vegetation they had to find something edible. After all, those monkeys didn't look like they were starving, so they had to have some type of food source in this forest. She sighed and followed Aryll, calling for her to slow down.

When Tetra caught up with Aryll she ordered the little girl to stay put while she climbed a tree to come to terms with their surroundings. This place was strange. The air had a completely different feel to it. One that she wasn't used to. Aryll lent Tetra her much valued telescope so she could have a better view.

"Be careful!" Aryll called up to Tetra who was climbing higher and higher up a huge tree, Aryll's prized possession in one hand.

"Please, Aryll. I'm a pirate. I swing across ropes and scale things all the time. This is nothing!" Tetra shouted down as she reached for another branch.

"Still! Just don't fall!" Aryll advised clearly anxious even with the elder girl's assurance.

Tetra rolled her eyes and hid a smile. The kid was cute. What could she say? As she ascended higher and higher the young captain refrained from looking down. Don't get the wrong idea. She wasn't scared of heights. If she was, it'd be pathetic. Looking down would only break her concentration.

After what she estimated to be five minutes she reached the peak. The view was breathtaking but what greeted her eyes, or rather what didn't, made her heart skip a beat. Water; there was none. Land; stretching out in front of her like some foreign ocean. Where was the blue? The sparkling surf and waves? Why did she only see land? At first she was disappointed but then perked up in realization and nearly dislodged herself from her perch in her ecstasy.

Could this be the New Hyrule they'd been searching for? But wait….no. That couldn't be right. Why would the Master Sword be here or anywhere besides Ganon's head for that matter? Her previous hopes and dreams washed away, taken captive by the tide of reality and her usual disapproving frown reappeared on her face.

'Well that was a waste,' Tetra thought, 'All that and I still don't know where we are.' Before descending the tree Tetra tried to use her pirate's charm once again in an attempt to contact her hero. No such luck. The stone remained dull and lifeless in her hand. That's fine. She hadn't expected it to work anyway.

Tetra began to climb down. When she was about halfway to the stable ground, the branch that had been supporting most of her weight snapped unexpectedly. Tetra gasped and desperately tried to cling to the branch she had her right arm around since she was using her left to hold Aryll's precious red telescope.

"Are you okay, Tetra? I heard something snap," Aryll's small cry came from below as she scanned the dense foliage for her pirate companion.

"I'm," Tetra readjusted her grip, "fine. The branch I was standing on snapped is all. Nothing to worry about." Yet a few seconds later the situation proved to be very concerning. Tetra couldn't get a firm grip on the thick branch and there weren’t any available foot holds unless she dropped a few feet and took the risk of breaking something. Her arm made the decision for her and slipped, which was more painful than it should have been, and she couldn't help but give a small shriek as she fell. Tetra fumbled for a hand hold which was kind of hard when you're falling out of a tree getting scraped up and having the wind knocked out of you by branches that are flying by.

Somehow she managed to switch the telescope to her right hand and grab onto an incoming branch with her left thus stopping her fall but also nearly popping her poor arm out of its socket. Tetra, not realizing she'd closed her eyes, opened them and found that she still had a little ways to climb down.

So, ignoring the soreness in her left arm, she climbed down the rest of the tree and was relieved to touch solid ground. Immediately, Aryll ran over to Tetra concern distorting her features.

"I'm okay," Tetra reassured, wincing as she moved her left arm experimentally. She returned the telescope to Aryll who accepted it gladly.

"So? What'd you see?" Aryll asked, looking about ready to burst in anticipation.

"Surprisingly, land," Tetra answered.

"No water?" Aryll wondered, her eyes wide in shock.


"Then where did the sea go?"

"I don't know, Aryll. Come on." The duo continued walking for a good half hour or so before Tetra heard a voice.

"O youth…come to my spring," a whisper called her. Tetra stopped and blinked. Had she imagined the voice? Noticing that her partner had stopped, Aryll came to a sudden halt also and spun around, looking up at Tetra in confusion as to why they were stopping.

"Aryll, did you hear something?" Tetra questioned her younger companion. Maybe the lack of sleep was getting to her.

"Yes, I heard a whisper, or at least I think I did. I'm not sure what it said though," Aryll confirmed.

"It wants us to 'come to its spring'," Tetra informed the younger girl.

"I think I hear water up ahead. Let's go!" Aryll exclaimed, taking off.

"Aryll! Wait up!" Tetra yelled bolting after her.

When she found Aryll she was standing in clear, shallow water. Tetra splashed into the spring and grabbed Aryll roughly by the arm.

"Don't run off like that!" Tetra chastised.

"Sorry, Tetra," Aryll apologized not sounding the least bit sorry. Their bickering diminished into silence when the clear water glowed a bright gold starting from the middle and extending outward, transforming everything in its wake into a more beautiful sight than before. A monkey type creature hugging a ball of pure light formed in front of them. The monkey had a long intricate tail that curled protectively around its whole body, causing the figure to look like a swirl of light.

"Pretty," sighed Aryll in awe, intrigued by the monkey made of light before her.

"You have a familiar air about you. Yet it is very unfamiliar at the same time. What are your names?" the being of light spoke gently.

Aryll was about to respond, but Tetra beat her to it, "We're not telling you anything until we know who, or what, you are." Tetra narrowed her eyes menacingly.

"Bold words escape your tongue child. I can feel that you are not native to these lands. My name is Faron. I am the light spirit that watches over these woods. Now I request for the second time, your names."

"The name's Tetra and that's Aryll," Tetra introduced, indicating her companion with a small wave of her hand, "Why did you call us here?"

"You are in my woods are you not? Dark times have passed in this land and peace is upon us. It is the duty of all the light spirits that the latter continues to ring true." Faron explained.

"Well, Faron, Aryll and I would love to get out of here, but we have a…..predicament. You see we were teleported here by mistake along with three others, but they weren't warped to the same area as us. We all need to get back together and go home," Tetra replied, stepping forward, her arms crossed.

"Teleported here?" Faron asked sounding alarmed, "How?"

"A song. Our friends played a song and we were suddenly waking up in your woods getting mocked by a strange imp creature with a trumpet and being helped by animals I thought were lost long ago!" Tetra exclaimed using hand gestures to emphasize her words.

"Ah. That 'strange imp creature' you're referring to is Skull Kid. Do not fret. He's harmless and a bit lonely. He plays with whomever enters the Lost Woods. Tell me, what was the song your friends played?"

"I don't know. They don't know either. We found it on a strange wall hidden underground," Tetra shrugged.

"Hmm….getting you home will be more complicated then. If you knew what song had been played, then all your friends would have to do is play the song backwards for you all to get home. Seeing as that's not the case it is beyond my magic expertise. However," Faron continued at Tetra's annoyed expression, "The goddess left me with a riddle long ago saying it would one day help herself return to where she belonged. I did not know what it meant and she had told me that she had no idea either. That it had just been whispered in her ear one night by her eldest and wisest sister. I've protected those words until the time would come one day to use them. I believe now is that time. Listen closely to Her Grace's instructions:

'Search for your counterparts; one of courage; one of wisdom,

And reach deep into the light.

Reawaken the servant who dreams,

Then enter the castle within,

And bless an ancient life with light.

A path shall be opened.

Only then may you have the means of returning home.'

Good luck to thee O youth," Faron bid farewell before disappearing.

"Hey wait a minute! That didn't even make any sense!" an enraged Tetra shouted throwing her hands up in the air. The spirit, however, was already gone. "Counterparts? What's that supposed to mean? What light? What servant? What castle? Who's life? Ugh!" Tetra fumed.

"Tetra, calm down. Maybe we can figure it out if we take it line by line," Aryll interrupted trying to think rationally, "Let's take the first line; Search for your counterparts; one of courage; one of wisdom."

"Your counterparts…one of courage….one of wisdom…" Tetra mused plopping down on a nearby boulder.

"What does counterpart mean?" Aryll asked sitting on a smaller boulder near Tetra.

"It's sort of like a separate version of yourself. To put it simply. There are two of you running around. Different but the same," Tetra explained.

"Do other versions of people even exist?" Aryll wondered.

"I don't know. I guess it's possible but not at the same time," Tetra yawned stretching, "Let's keep moving for now. We need to find Link and the others before we can go home anyway."

The girls continued through the forest and came to a wooden suspension bridge stretching across a dangerous looking chasm. Both girls strode across without incident, and Tetra pulled herself and Aryll behind some bushes.

"Ow-" Aryll protested, but Tetra slapped her hand over the younger girl's mouth, cutting her cry short.

"Shhh!" Tetra hissed, "Do you want to get caught?"

Aryll shook her head and Tetra removed her hand. "I didn't see anyone," Aryll whispered back.

"It was a little boy," Tetra said quietly, "Come one let's climb up that tree so we can watch."

Aryll agreed silently and they scaled the tree, Aryll being assisted by the older, stronger girl when necessary. Finally they had a nice perch and were perfectly secluded by all of the leafy foliage. They could see inside the gates of a similar looking spring to Faron's that had been the destination of the little boy that Tetra had seen. There he stood with an older boy.

The girls couldn't see many details since they were so high up. "Aryll, give me your telescope," Tetra demanded. Aryll pressed the metal telescope into Tetra's awaiting hand, and she put it up to her eye and focused it on the two figures in the spring. The one that Tetra had spotted earlier looked to be about Aryll's age with blonde hair and strange looking clothes. Not to mention his ears were rounded. She focused on the other boy and gasped, nearly dropping the telescope.

The boy looked like an older version of Link, green tunic and all. Granted, his hair was a few shades darker, and he had piercing blue eyes instead of mischievous green ones but still. The resemblance was uncanny. "The other boy down there looks like an older version of your big brother, Aryll" Tetra said, not taking her gaze away from the sight.

"Really? Let me see!" Aryll exclaimed, interested now.

"No. I'm still looking," Tetra refused.

Aryll didn't back down, "Come on; give it! It's mine anyway!"

"Shut up. You're too loud!" Tetra whisper-shouted, "They'll hear you!"

"Na uh! They're too far away!" Aryll argued.

"If you yell they'll hear you, stupid! They're not deaf!" Tetra retorted. Aryll lunged for her telescope catching Tetra off guard. She successfully snatched her telescope out of the hands of the determined captain but caused Tetra to lose her balance in the process.

Thanks to being a pirate she had swift reflexes and grabbed onto another branch a little ways down, a bit noisily, but that couldn't be helped. Aryll had held in her own scream of horror by covering her mouth with her hand when Tetra fell.

"Are you okay?" Aryll asked, sounding guilty as if she was being caught doing something she wasn't supposed to, "I didn't mean to make you fall."

Tetra winked and smirked at Aryll silently sending the message that she was alright. Aryll put the telescope to her eye to look at the boys but quickly lowered it and turned to Tetra panicked.

"They're heading this way! Hurry, get out of sight!" Aryll warned in as quiet a voice that she could manage in her panic induced rush to get the words out. Tetra wasted no time. She reached up with her other hand and heaved herself onto the branch. Then she stood up, a bit shakily, and hopped to a neighboring branch that was better obscured by leaves. Not a moment too soon.

The boys had just reached the foot of the tree and were scanning its branches for the disturbance. Aryll and Tetra were as still as statues not daring to make a sound for fear of being discovered. After what felt like an eternity the boys dismissed it as a squirrel or bird and headed back to what Tetra assumed to be their village.

Both girls let out breathes that they hadn't even been aware that they had been holding in relief. That boy look too much like Link for it to be a coincidence. Tetra gasped in realization. Search for your counterparts; one of courage; one of wisdom. She had had her suspicions, but now she was almost positive that this was its true meaning. In this unfamiliar place there must be another Link and Zelda. Tetra's lips slowly curved into a smile as she allowed her blue-eyed gaze to drift in the direction that the boys had disappeared in. It looked like they had found the other Link.

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