The Legend of Zelda: The Alternate Link

Chapter 7: The Issue of Transportation

Now the threesome had a general idea of where they thought their friends were. The only problem: How would they get there? Walking would take days and Medli couldn't fly very far for extended amounts of time. Even if they decided to take up the challenge they had no survival supplies and somehow Link felt that buying them would render him bankrupt.

"What did they use in Hyrule for transportation?" Link pondered, putting the map and sea chart away and pacing. Medli and Makar shrugged, just as lost.

"Hey, maybe we could ask that Agitha girl!" Makar exclaimed, "Do you know where she lives Link?"

"Regrettably…..yes," Link admitted after a few seconds of silence.

"Sorry to be a bother, Link, but could you please go there and then come back here with her answer?" Medli asked sweetly, knitting her hands together in a begging fashion.

"Stop trying to sugar-coat it Medli. I'm the only one that can go in there anyway. Unfortunately. I'll be as quick as I can," Link sighed before waving to his companions and reluctantly making his way back into town.

"We'll pray for you!" Makar joked at Link's retreating back. Medli and Makar burst into laughter while Link just shook his head while thinking that they wouldn't be laughing if they had to go into town. He retraced his steps back to Agitha's house, thankful for once for the vast, complicated temples and dungeons he faced on previous journeys for he had developed a surprisingly good sense of direction because of them.

Link took a deep breath in preparation for the energetic girl before knocking. Agitha flung open the door and giggled in excitement upon seeing him.

"Come in please, Lil Grasshopper!" giggled Agitha stepping aside to let him in. Link stepped into the house, and Agitha shut the door behind him, closing off any means of escape for him and the bugs.

"Uh…Agitha, I have a question," Link began.

"Okay," Agitha nodded to show she was listening.

"What do you use for transportation around here?" Link asked cutting to the chase.

"Usually people walk or use horses or horse drawn carriages," Agitha answered. Link had no idea what those last two things were.

"W-what are horses?" Link wondered, sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck. Agitha doubled over in laughter. When she calmed down a little she looked back to her guest to find a timid but serious look on his face.

"Oh….you're not kidding?" chuckled Agitha trying to regain her posture. Link shook his head. "Where have you been living Lil Grasshopper? On an island in the middle of nowhere?" teased Agitha unable to contain her grin.

‘If only she knew,’ Link thought.

"Well…" Agitha started to explain scrunching up her face in concentration, "horses are animals. They're-oh! You do what animals are, right?" Link nodded and she continued, "They're big and strong and walk on four legs. They come in all different colors and people train them to ride them. If you need to get somewhere fast horses are your best bet, but if you don't know how to ride one you should find someone who can and have them take you. Of course, you could also rent out a horse drawn carriage, but you have to know certain people or have about ten thousand rupees lying around to do that."

"Do you know anyone with a carriage or horse that would be willing to help me?" Link questioned the words horse and carriage foreign on his tongue.

"Mm… Agitha hummed rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet, "I've never been anywhere besides Castle Town my whole life so I wouldn't have any need to know much about travel but," Agitha quickly continued seeing the crestfallen look that passed like a shadow over her new friend's familiar face, "I do know that Grasshopper, that's the other Link I told you about earlier, has a horse and he enjoys helping other people solve their problems. He helped me gather all my guests for my ball," Agitha gestured around the entire house pointing out bugs, "and he managed to find a partner for almost every one, so they're not lonely! I'm sure that he will help you too!"

Link looked discouraged. What was he going to do? They needed answers, not an eleven year old's imagination.

"Lil Grasshopper don't look so sad!" Agitha exclaimed, "I can write a letter to him. Yes! That's what I'll do! I'm sure he'll come, but it may take a couple days. The postman is weird, and he gets drunk a lot, but he is fast," Agitha ran over to a cluttered desk with papers, writing utensils, and goddesses only knows what else on it. She sifted through these items, delving for something that seemed to be missing.

She found what she'd been searching for, an inkwell. Unfortunately it was empty. After a few more minutes of ransacking every desk and drawer in her house while Link stood back watching awkwardly, Agitha turned, smiling apologetically at Link.

"I'm sorry, Lil Grasshopper. I don't seem to have any more paper or ink. If you don't mind, could you please buy some for me so I can write the letter?" Agitha asked, clasping her hands together in a pleading manner. Link nodded and Agitha brightened pressing a purple rupee into his hand.

"Thank you! Hurry back!" Agitha called giddily as he left. When Link stepped back onto the cobblestone path it occurred to him that he had no idea where to purchase the supplies. Link sighed and contemplated if it was really worth it. Seriously, what were the odds that the girl was even right? Although he supposed that it could be true since him being in Hyrule was definitely real. It did explain the Hylian crest, the guards, Castle Town, the fields of green, the similar yet different Hylian language…Maybe there was another Link. The Hero of Time perhaps? Yes, it had to be! And seeing as they had traveled back in time there was a good chance that the Hero of Time could help them get back!

With renewed vigor Link started in a random direction, determined to complete his errand. After a little over an hour Link finally found the secluded shop. It hadn't been easy since he couldn't exactly read what the signs said and had to rely solely on symbols and painted pictures, some better than others, for guidance. The shop was located in one of the quieter sections of town and probably the most neglected. The cobblestones were cracked and missing in places and the buildings looked like the next storm would blow them right off of their wooden foundations. Somehow it felt more comfortable to Link. Maybe because it was a bit closer to what he was used to. The quiet at least.

Link stepped into the shop to be greeted by a grumpy looking shop owner, an old man with graying hair in a yellow vest and long-sleeved brown shirt. The rest of his body was obscured by the desk he was leaning over. The man made him a bit apprehensive, so as quickly and politely as he could, Link purchased the slightly overpriced items, which was something he was still getting used to, and left the dreary shop. He had to contribute forty of his own rupees plus the fifty rupees that Agitha had given him to purchase the supplies.

Castle Town seemed to want to rob everyone of their rupees. Link had come with about two thousand rupees in his possession and already he was down to a little over one thousand. Hopefully he wouldn't have to buy much more or he'd go broke.

The green clad hero made haste back to Agitha's, and when he arrived he shoved the items into her hands and eagerly ordered her to write. Agitha swept the papers, quills, and any other inanimate object that was a blight to the space, off of the desk, not seeming to care when it all landed on the floor, slammed down a piece of paper, and sat down. She flicked open the new inkwell and picked up a fallen quill. She then began to write feverishly with Link peering curiously over her shoulder.

It figures that he couldn't read a word of what she was writing. When she was finished, she set down her writing utensil and looked expectantly to Link, "So? What do you think?"

Link skimmed the paper from top to bottom to confirm that he couldn't read any of it and declared with as much enthusiasm that the young girl before him normally displayed, "Perfect!"

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