Out of Africa

Author's Notes and References

First, congratulations for getting this far. You were quite the intrepid thing, you.

Second, this story has a few concept, references, or words that are not my own, and you know what they say about giving credit where credit's due. For more asides, such as my personal "mental casting" of OC characters, please refer to the original version of this story posted on fanfiction.net.

CH 1--This is actually based on true events. In September 2013, the Shabab, a Somali Islamist group, attacked the Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi, Kenya. A joint task force of American, British, Israeli, German, and Canadian forensic experts were sent to investigate—the FBI sent members from the New York Joint Terrorism Task Force, but for the purposes of this story, I took a little artistic license and decided that perhaps they needed to some good ol' behavioral analysts straight from Quantico. Also, though some details of the event are true, all profiles and motivations of the fictional group of UNSUBs are NOT based on the real-life attack—and neither are timelines, body counts, or final state actions. Also, in an effort to create some distance between it and the actual event, I have created the fictional country of East Africa.

CH 3--The Shibboleth story mentioned by Reid is found in Judges 12:5-6.

CH 5--The lines of poetry quoted by Rowena are from T.S. Eliot's "Rhapsody on a Windy Night."

If I made any mistakes in reference to the process of salat, or the differences between various branches of Islam, please forgive me—it's been a long time since I studied all of this, and brushing up wasn't easy! I will put a slight disclaimer: since Ahoo is traveling, her form of worship is slightly different from what a normal prayer would be—the main instance being ablution and the processes necessary to begin prayer—and while researching the process necessary to make a valid tayammum, I found several different answers. I chose the solution that seemed the easiest to describe and the best fit for the story itself.

CH 11--The first section references previous seasons/episodes, most notably: Minimal Loss (season four), In Name and Blood (season three), Lauren (season six), and Run (season seven).

CH 16--The second section has references to events from 5.1 Nameless, Faceless and 3.2 In Name and Blood.

CH 23--The dialogue from the first section is not my own, but rather that of Andrew Wilder, who wrote Minimal Loss (4.3).

CH 25--The dialogue in the first section belongs to Chris Mundy, who wrote the episode from whence it cometh (4.17 Demonology).Spencer's mention of "anything but lilac freesias" is a reference to Prentiss' past with Doyle—it's the flower she's gardening when she's taken from Doyle's house as Lauren, and the same kind of flower he sends her to prove that he's found her again in D.C.

CH 28--The section titled "September 2009" centers around events from 5.1 Faceless, Nameless.
CH 34--Although I have spent a good deal time researching Durga, Chinnamastika, et al, I still know just enough to be dangerous—apologies if I've misconstrued the story of this amazing warrior (and please let me know if I have, so that I can make corrections). Side note: the whole saga of Durga's battle against the demons is pretty great read, if you're up for learning something new. There are ten days that celebrate the war (each day represents a specific battle against a specific enemy). The Power of Sacrifice and the Night of Courage is one of those.
CH 37--Constance's line "It will have blood..." is from Shakespeare's Macbeth.
CH 42--Emily's three lines of dialogue in this first section, plus the first two lines of dialogue in the next section, are not my own, but rather belong to Rick Dunkle, who wrote the episode from which they came (9.14, 200).
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