Silent Courage

Chapter 9: The Demon, the Wind and Bonding

Chapter 9: The Demon, the Wind and Bonding

Me? I am the most powerful Demon under my King, I am the one who has created the best army and the best Demon City in existence,” he steps out of the clouds and onyx black eyes glow from shroud.

“I am Demon Lord Ghirahim, and I will revive my master once again,” he says and clears the platform of the clouds, reveling him as the man from my dreams.

That name…it sounds distantly familiar…kind of like when I met Vaati and Shadow the first time in that cell, but even more distant than that.

“You’ve most likely heard of me, since your ancestor was the one who prevented me from getting what I longed for,” Ghirahim says to Sheik.

“I’ve heard some tales,” he shrugs, bringing out his throwing knives.

The Demon Lord chuckles darkly, “You really think you can beat me? I am even more powerful than all those years ago when that Sky Child stopped me.”

‘Sky Child?’ I wonder. Who is he talking about?

“I’ll beat you into next week if you want me to,” Midna offers.

Ghirahim rolls his eyes, not believing that. He should, I’d like to see this guy get blown to bits.

“You really are fools, it may be three to one, but look at you! A defenceless, useless pup,” I growl, I can still make it so you can’t have children. “A Sheikah who is obviously not completely trained,” Sheik winces slightly as he clenches his fists tightly. “And a Twili who can’t even fully control her people’s power,” Midna makes her magic bigger, and I have an inner conflict with the pup in me to not run away again.

“We can still fight you, and beat you,” Sheik says, sounding more confident that he is.

“You have no idea what kind of power I’ve developed,” Ghirahim shakes his head.

“‘Power’s not everything,’” Sheik and me say/think at the same time.

“But it sure helps. Now, to get rid of you,” he grins at me and the fur on the back of my neck stands up as I crouch, growling.

He simply laughs and summons a tornado behind him, making my ears and tail fall. “Good thing my spy told me about your fear, it’s much easier getting a Keese to listen in on something than doing it myself,” he intensifies the tornado and Sheik and me glance at each other. So a Keese spied on us when we were telling each other’s fear.

The Demon laughs and makes the whirlwind even bigger. Big enough to make me start to come towards it. I push my paws in front of me as I try to kick back, but the wind gets too strong for me in seconds. Before the other two can even move, I’m flying through the air and howl when Ghirahim grabs my broken tail, holding me by that.

‘Not a chance!’ I think and swing up, biting him on the arm. He drops me, probably more out of surprise than anything, and I yelp when I land on my rear, my tail under me. ‘Okay, this is hurting a lot now,’ I try to get up, but the force of the wind keeps me pinned to the ground.

A shadow covers me and I move my eyes up to see the Demon Lord standing there, glaring down at me with cold eyes. He reaches out to pick me up, but is knocked off balance when Sheik comes and kicks him in the back. “Why do I always have to save you?” he asks, picking me up and jumping away from the Demon.

‘Believe me, I’m asking myself the same thing,’ I tell him.

Ghirahim comes out of the clouds and slashes at us with his curved sword, but Sheik ducks under it and flips through the air to land back on his feet. He puts me down and takes out his knives as we go turn our backs to each other, trying to find the Demon Lord.

“Link, what did I say about fighting?” Sheik asks, glancing at me for a second.

‘I can still bite him,’ I think.

“He only dropped you out of surprise. When he comes out, you run and Midna and I will deal with him.”

I look at him in disbelief, ‘I can still fight!’

“You can, but you won’t,” he replies indifferently.

That’s when Ghirahim comes out and Sheik pushes me aside before throwing his knives at the Demon. I tumble out of the way and growl in deep annoyance as Sheik pulls out his chain-whip and fights Ghirahim. ‘I am not useless!’ I mind-yell at him.

He ignores me as Ghirahim summons some glowing daggers, about to throw them when Midna comes up from behind him and hits him with a black fire. The Demon Lord hisses and teleports away, showing up behind me. I’m about to jump at him when Sheik throws a dagger at his face, but he ducks under it and kicks me through the air. I land on the ground and groan as I get to my feet, determined to fight.

But Ghirahim has other plans. He teleports to me again and steps on me, pinning me down as I struggle to get free. “Can’t have you escaping,” he says and makes a destroyed pillar fall onto my already broken tail. I grit my teeth as he pushes his foot off me and throws his daggers at Midna, who’s trying to get to me.

I look back at my tail and try to pull, but a shooting, burning pain fills my tail and I let my head fall to the ground as I pant, why do I always get hurt in some way? Whether it’s in a Temple or not?

I put my back paws on the pillar as I stand up and push, managing to roll it off, but with the pressure now off I get the full burn of the pain. I need to ignore it though, I need to help them. I look up and see Ghirahim stab Sheik through his shoulder, the Sheikah lets out a scream as he falls to the ground, blood pouring out of his wound.

I don’t know what comes over me, it’s like the wolf, not the puppy, in me wants to attack Ghirahim with all the strength I have, and it takes all my Hylian mind to make myself stop. Instead of just running in with no plan, I run in with a target. I bite Ghirahim on the back of the ankle, making him jump away as I let go. I stand in front of Sheik as I growl at the Demon, daring him to come any closer.

“Hey, Ghirahim!” we turn our heads to Midna, who’s smirking with her arms crossed. “Remember, you didn’t get all the Monsters on your side,” after she says this, a familiar screech echoes through the clouds and the phoenix from Jabu’s Temple flies in, burning the clouds away so we can see. The phoenix screeches and makes its feathers burst into flame as it charges at Ghirahim, and the Demon barely dodges.

The phoenix comes back around and makes a small storm of fire surround Ghirahim, who scowls and teleports into the sky. “Don’t think this is the last time we meet, Hero,” with that, the Demon Lord teleports away and I turn to Sheik, ears down in worry.


“Great, now I need to look after both of you,” Midna shakes her head as the sun sets. We haven’t moved off the platform yet and Midna’s fixing Sheik’s shoulder.

“Don’t blame me,” he mutters, wincing when the needle Midna’s using to close the wound pokes through his skin.

“You’re the one who left yourself open.”

“I was distracted,” he turns his head away.

“And that’s why you left yourself open,” Midna concludes as she cuts the string. “That should do for now, you’re lucky my mom made me sit through all those sewing lessons.”

He just rolls his eyes and doesn’t say anything. ‘Aren’t you lucky I bite him,’ I think. ‘If I had done what you said, you would have been killed.’

“Doesn’t change the fact that you can’t actually fight and cause much damage. And because you didn’t listen you now have a broken tail.”

I look back at my tail, grimacing when I see it. All I can do is wait for some potion or something and get it healed. ‘It’s a small price to pay,’ I think, not looking at him. I curl up and let out a sigh as I relax, starting to fall asleep when I hear Sheik and Midna talking.

“So, are you out of denial yet?” Midna asks.

“I am not in denial,” Sheik stresses.

“Come on, admit it already! You like her.” Who does he like?

“I do not! When well you understand I don’t like her?” Sheik snaps. Who’s ‘her?’

“I can’t understand, because you do like her. I’ve seen that look in someone’s eye before.”

“Midna, I’ll only say this one more time. I do not like Link.” My eyes become wide, good thing I’m facing away so they can’t see I’m awake. “She’s nothing but a girl who gets into trouble!”

For some reason, these words sting. I don’t know why, but my heart hurts a lot at what he says. Am…am I really that much of a bother to him? I thought we were friends. Why wouldn’t he like me?

“I know you don’t like her,” Midna says, and I close my eyes. So she knows too? “You love her.” This time I suppress a gasp. No…he- he doesn’t!

…Does he? Why would he…love me?

I hear him hesitate as he speaks, “N-no, no I don’t.”

Midna laughs, “If that stutter and blush isn’t an indication, I don’t know what is!”

“Like I just said, she’s just a girl who likes trouble. I don’t love…her.” Despite the pause in his voice, my heart twists painfully. What’s wrong with me? “Besides, even if I did love her, she wouldn’t love me back.”

“You never know unless you try,” Midna says.

“I’m not saying anything. We’ll stay the way we are, as friends,” Sheik says stubbornly.

“So you admit she’s not just an ally now?”

“Fine, you were right about that. But I only care about her as a friend, end of story.” And with that, I hear him lie down as Midna goes into the shadows.

But the words linger on my mind. Does Sheik actually like me?

And…do I like him back?

-The Next Morning-

I wake up to feel fully rested. Did I not have a nightmare last night? That’s nice. I get to my paws and yawn widely when I feel something weighing down my tail. I look behind me to see a bandage wrapped around my tail. Huh, guess one of the two did it.

“Finally, you’re awake,” I look up as Sheik gets to his feet. “C’mon Shorty, we need to get out of here today.”

‘Why do we need to?’ I ask. ‘Not that I don’t want to.’

“We need to warn Zelda of Ghirahim, remember?” he asks and we head to the edge of the platform where a bridge is. It’s actually not as bad as the others.

‘Oh…right,’ I think, wondering how I could have forgotten. We walk across the bridge and come to a dark room with only a few lit torches. After wandering around for a bit, we find some stairs and go up to see a path with barely any floor and the holes leading to the room below.

“Great. Why couldn’t someone have come here and fixed this place up? Would have saved us a lot of problems,” Midna remarks.

Used to her cryptic comments, I just smile slightly and trot forward, looking at the floor to make sure it doesn’t break. Nothing looks cracked, so I keep going and come to the end of the hall, where the floor covers the last three tiles of the door. ‘It’s safe!’ I mind-call.

“It’d better be,” Sheik mutters and makes his way over. With this one part of luck, we go through the next room and I scramble back on my paws when I almost fall off. The room only has single, floating tiles all around and the door on the other side has no tiles in front of it. We’ll have to jump to get into the next room.

‘If it’s not one thing, it’s another,’ I sigh. I crouch down and jump to the closest one, probably giving the other two heart attacks, and my paw slips slightly before I get my footing.

“Are you crazy?” Sheik asks.

‘You don’t want me to answer that,’ I think to myself, getting ready to jump to the next tile. I make it about half-way before it breaks under me and I fall on top of a pyramid with a small chest. I push it open to find a key, and I remember seeing that door in the first room up the stairs. ‘Guys, come down! I know where to go...ish,’ I add as an afterthought.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” I hear Sheik say.

‘Nope, I’m not. Jump down already!’

“Aright, alright. Keep your fur on, Shorty.”

‘I will if you hurry, Jerk,’ I retort and jump off the pyramid as he comes down. We unlock the door to find the floor of the next room nonexistent. We’re able to get through the door to our left, and find the same problem, but there is a platform across from here that’s still intact. ‘Oh great, more getting picked up by Jerk,’ I think and moments later, I get picked up.

Holy goat, I’m psychic (please note the heavy, heavy sarcasm).

He swings us across with his chain-whip and we walk into the next room to see Keese, a Gibdo and the thing I fought before I got Galore’s Necklace. “Oh great, a Like Like,” Sheik mutters.

‘What’s a Like Like?’ I ask.

“A Like Like is that thing, they can swallow people and take their stuff, like shields and tunics, and if they digest them before you kill them, you’ll have to buy more,” Sheik explains.

‘So, I’m guessing nobody likes Like Likes?’

“I bet Like Likes like Like Likes,” I can hear the smirk in Midna’s voice.

‘So, if Like Likes like Like Likes, then do likes like Like Likes?’

“Will you both shut up?” Sheik snaps.

‘Too late,’ I grin wolfishly when I see him take in a deep breath to calm himself down.

“Let’s just kill it,” he says through gritted teeth.

‘It’s fun messing with you, you know,’ I tell him, killing a Keese.

“I’ve noticed. Midna won’t stop,” he glares at the Twili in his shadow.

“I’ll only mess with you until you get over your denial,” she says.

I look down a bit, have they been going on about the denial thing this whole time? And what is he in denial for? Liking me? Or-

Hey a bone!

I blink to myself. That was weird, where did that come from? I shake my head and look around to see a leg bone of what used to be a Stalfos.

In. My. MOUTH!

I spit it out quickly, and it looks like neither Sheik nor Midna saw me with it. Thank Nayru for that, never would have been able to live that down. But why did my mind go blank and dark? And where in Hyrule did I get that thought from?

Actually, now that I think about it, it sounded a lot like a child’s voice. Maybe mine if I wasn’t mute? I’m not sure, this doesn’t make any sense.

Shaking my head again, and deal with another Keese before it can bite me while Sheik finishes off the Like Like that no one likes. With that done, we go down stairs to come to small, blocked in area. We go to the right and see nothing but a hole, so only one thing to do.

We jump down and we wait for a few seconds before two Stalfos come down.

Oh more bones!

I shake my head before running at one, head low and ready to smash the skeleton. With Galore’s Necklace, I break through its legs, causing it to fall forward as dust and bone fragments fly everywhere. I stand on my front paws and kick the Stalfos’ other leg as it tries to turn and hit me, and make it tumble to the ground where I head butt the back of its skull.

I flip out of the dust and nod to myself when I hear it blow up behind me, making the room all smoky. I shake myself as it clears to see Sheik, Midna, and even the Stalfos staring at me. I smile wolfishly, ‘Am I useful yet?’

Snapping out of her shocked state, Midna blasts the other Stalfos into pieces. Sheik just stares at me, mouth agape and not saying anything. “Well,” Midna says after a few long moments of awkward silence, “she sure proved you wrong, eh, Sheiky?” she laughs as she crosses her arms.

He lets out a long sigh. “Doesn’t change the fact that she’s a puppy.”

“And that doesn’t change the fact that she can’t fight.”

“You didn’t think she could fight either!”

“That was before I saw her wearing the Necklace of Galore,” Midna smirks.

‘Can we stop bickering yet? I’m starting to get a headache,’ I run my forearm down my face, feeling a light buzzing in the back of my skull.

Midna looks at me with a piercing eye. “Are you okay, Link?” she asks.

‘Eh? Yeah, I’m fine,’ I say, shaking my fur as I get to my paws. We walk through the door on the left side of the room (Gery: it would be the right from the screen’s POV, just to let you know), and find that we made a shortcut to the stairway where I had the bone in my mouth.

I still find that weird. When we go down the stairs this time, we go to the left and up, going through another door where two Wizrobes show up. My ears fall and I feel my tail go between my legs as I crouch, shivering in fear. They won’t come at me like in Jabu’s Temple, right? I sure hope not.

The first one, wearing a red robe, shoots a fire ball at Sheik and Midna, forcing them to jump apart as to not get burnt. I try to get away from the fire, but the other Wizrobe appears in front of me, this one wearing an icy blue robe, and freezes my paws to the ground. I tug my legs, but they’re frozen to the ground. I look over my shoulder to see the fire ball racing towards me and duck just in time for it to fly over me, singeing the fur on my head black and making a small flame burn a bit of my ear, before hitting the other Wizrobe.

It shakes off the attack and snaps at the Fire Wizrobe, sending a freezing cold wind at it, but getting me caught in the middle. It feels like I’m back on Snowpeak, walking through that bloody snowstorm. I shiver at the memory, not one of the most fun times I’ve been through.

Once the ice wind stops, I shiver, not just with fear, but from the coldness of it. A shadow covers me, but before I can look up, a cold, clammy and rough hand picks me up by my ruff, bringing me to the face of the Ice Wizrobe. In shear panic, or maybe because my puppyness kicks in again, I kick it in the face with my back paw and it drops me. I manage to drop onto my stomach, as to not cause any more problems to my tail, thankfully.

“That’s it,” I hear Midna mutter. “Their weakness is each other, we need to get them to hit each other for them to be defeated.”

‘Sounds easy enough,’ I think, standing up as I try, and fail, to get over my nerves from all the magic in this place.

“Alright, Shorty, this is one fight you won’t be doing,” Sheik states more than says.

Reluctantly, I look for a place to hide when I spot a hole in the wall. Being the best bet, I trot over and squeeze into the hole, making it so I can see what’s going on fight-wise.

-Sheik’s POV-

I’m just surprised she listened. She’s been acting strange for a few hours now, at moments I see her eyes go slightly more wild and unfocused, the pupils becoming wider and darker, but not in a bad way, just like she momentarily forgets who she is. It’s rather unnerving.

Snapping out of my thoughts, I flip over the Fire Wizrobe and send my whip at it, but pull it back before it makes contact, taunting the Wizrobe to fire at me. While I’m doing this, Midna’s teasing the Ice Wizrobe with small, short shocks of her power, only enough to slightly stun it, and making it come after her with its hands raised for its spell.

The Wizrobes, , not seeing what we’re doing, fire their spells at us, but Midna melts into my shadow as I jump into the air. The attacks sail under me and hit each other, causing an explosion to send the room up in smoke. Through the coughing and confusion, I feel something tug my leg. I look down to see Link, who’s small enough to walk under the smoke, and she trots off with me not far behind.

We find ourselves in a room where a purple, decayed hand is crawling over the floor and is guarding a pull-switch. I knife it, and it retaliates by charging at us. I jump away from it, but Link, being the idiot she can be, jumps onto it and bites down on the back of the hand. It screeches inhumanly and the Hylian-turned-wolf leaps off before it multiplies into three smaller versions of itself.

I knife the first two, and am about to attack the third when it latches onto my throat and chokes me, pulsing green as it takes some of my energy. Once it has its fill, it detaches itself and grows to its original size. I rub my neck, where I can feel claw marks, as I bring out my whip and swing it at the hand.

Before the smaller versions of it can get far, Link runs around them, distracting them, while I hit them, killing them instantly.

With the hand gone, I walk to the pull-switch and, well, pull it, opening the door behind me. We go through and easily pass through a hallway before going up some stairs. We come to a room where we can go left or right, and, finding nothing left, we go right and find a hole we can get over.

I look at Link in time for the necklace to glow and become white instead of black before she glides over to the other side, sitting as she waits for me. Shrugging it off, since it will be easier for me, I jump over too and go up some more stairs to find a Stalfos and hand.

After killing them, we go through the hole in the wall, walk over a broken and almost fully gone platform, go through another hole and make our way through yet another door. We find nothing useful and keep going to find a key in a chest. We go back to the room with the holes in the wall when the floor collapses under us.

We land hard on our backs in front of a locked door, groaning as we stand up. “Note to self: Look at the floor!” Midna yells.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I mutter and unlock the door. We make our way through a tiny maze and find ourselves on another part of the platform. Finding some clouds, we head up and see another large door. The boss will be behind that. “Ready, Shorty?”

‘I’m always ready and never ready at the same time,’ she replies as the Boss Key comes out of nowhere and fits into the lock. We find another possibly purple carpet that leads us to some stairs, but nothing is around.

Midna comes out, seeming just as confused as us. “Okay, so this is the last room, but where is this thing we’re going to fight? These places never let us off easily,” she says.

‘I feel like something’s watching me,’ Link’s eyes narrow as she watches the clouds.

-Link’s POV-

I think I smell something, it smells like a mix between a long dead fish, and a wind of garbage. All-in-all, it just smells plain gross. Something makes the whole place rumble and I fight to stay on my paws as a large tentacle rises into the air. It looks like the tentacle that tried to drag Sheik down the other day.

The sky blue appendage slams into the floor, making it crumble away. Midna goes back into Sheik’s shadow as me and him free fall. Suddenly we’re stopped and bounce on some soft, slimy and scaly thing. ‘What the-?’ I wonder when the thing under us shakes, making Sheik grab me around the middle as he holds onto a scale.

“What is this thing?” he asks out loud as he stands up, putting me on the ground.

I only have time to shrug before we jerk again and I look down to see we’re on the head of a weird, flying sea serpent. It has a fat body, but somehow manages to fly without wings, it has no eyes, the area where they’re supposed to be is blank of anything but scales, its wide mouth is the only way for it to breath it seems, and three, long tentacles come out of the back of its head.

It roars loudly and manages to shake us off, but a smaller, even more ugly thing like it flies down and takes a swipe at us, giving us an opportunity to get on its head as it soars around the thing’s head.

Flying Serpent: Rologangdrum (Gery: Rolo-gang-drum, it’s pretty easy to understand, just break up the different names.)

The familiar, female-like voice echoes through my mind as Rologangdrum lets out another roar to the sky, lashing its fork-like serpent tongue around to taste the air. The Rologangdrum we’re on spins, trying to throw us off, but I bite down on its skull, Sheik easily grabbing onto the scales, and we easily stay on. Sheik pulls out his knives and brings them down, stabbing through the Rologangdrum’s scales and making is screech loudly as it flies into the bigger creature. We jump onto the larger Rologangdrum and hold on again, thankfully it doesn’t notice us.

“We need a plan, and we need to find out its weakness,” Sheik says.

‘I don’t know what that would be,’ I think, peeking over the side and looking down its face to see the mouth gaping open.

“Here’s an idea, instead of looking at where you’d think the weak spot would be, look at where you wouldn’t think it would be,” Midna suggests.

Understanding, I look down the Rologangdrum’s body to see a gem-like thing on the end of its tail. ‘Might be the best bet for now,’ I think and slowly start my way down, careful not to fall off as the Rologangdrum flies around, probably looking for us. Suddenly the Rologangdrum circles back and I find myself falling for a few seconds before its tentacle wraps around me and encases me in a dark cocoon of sorts.

Growling, I bite the tentacle but nothing happens other than my teeth aching from the hard scales. I put my paws over my jaw and whimper quietly, ‘That was stupid.’

Suddenly the world starts moving, and I can only guess that the Rologangdrum is shaking me everywhere before I’m sent airborne. I land on another small Rologangdrum and growl as I dig my claws into its scales, determined to hang on. It turns fast and whips its tail, smacking me off, but I find myself pressed onto the big Rologangdrum’s face, in the spot between its eyes if it had any.

It blows up and I’m sent flying again, summersaulting through the air before I remember I have Galore’s Necklace. I flip over so I can use it and ride the air currents to the Rologangdrum’s tail, landing on the gem before switching my flight for strength and head butting the gem. A long, low groan escapes the creature and it whips me off its tail, making me glide again as I see Sheik running down its body to the gem.

‘At least he caught on,’ I think, gliding to the top of the Rologangdrum’s head.

Suddenly a tentacle shoots out and smacks me back, making me bounce down the tail before slamming into Sheik’s back. He falls forward and I land in front of him as he picks himself up. “Thanks,” he rolls his eyes, and stabs down into the gem. With a loud screech, the Rologangdrum starts falling, losing altitude quickly as Sheik grabs on while holding me.

‘This is gunna be a rough landing,’ I think as the ground starts to come into view.

“Don’t worry you Triforce off,” Sheik says. “We’ll be fine.”

‘Wait, what about the wind of Farore?!’ I look back at the sky palace.

“This thing can’t fly on its own, it’s too heavy. It must have Farore’s Wind,” Midna tells us.

‘I was wondering how something like this could fly,’ I think to myself, bracing for the impact that will come. As the ground gets closer and closer, I feel Sheik’s arm around me tighten. Is he scared? Or is he trying to protect me or something?

I’m probably gunna go with protecting me. I’ll let this one slide, since I can’t grab onto anything.

The Rologangdrum’s body hits the ground hard, sending up dust and rocks as Sheik and me fall off. Coughing as the dust clears, we look behind us to see the body slowly going dark. ‘Why does everything blow up?’ I wonder as we run from it before it can hurt us.

More rocks and dust cover us as a small sandstorm covers the rocky clearing we’re in. I look at where the body was to see a small, floating green tornado slowly falling to the ground. Midna comes out of Sheik’s shadow and, with a smirk, takes out a small black bag before letting the tornado go in. “And here it is, Farore’s Wind. That wasn’t so hard, was it?” she asks as she puts the bag under her robes.

“‘Speak for yourself,’” Sheik and me roll our eyes and look at each other.

“Will you two stop saying things at the same time? It’s getting weird,” Midna says as she comes back over.

“‘Not my fault,’” we glare at each other.

“Oy,” she rubs her forehead. “Let’s just go. Both of you are giving me a headache,” she goes back into Sheik’s shadow and we look around to find the tornado we used to get to the Palace of the Winds dying down before heading out of the path.

We walk in silence, out footsteps (paw steps) the only sound as we go. My mind keeps going back to Ghirahim and that woman who was with him. I can tell he’s powerful, almost as much as Ganon, maybe even more, and he knows how to use it. And why is he trying to destroy Hyrule? What can we possibly gain? This land of Old Hyrule is huge, clearly not as large as ours, but it supported our ancestors for possibly thousands of years. Why do the Demons want our land? Just to destroy it too. This doesn’t make any sense.

And…why did it hurt so much when Sheik called me ‘nothing but a girl who likes to get into trouble?’ It’s like I’m…disappointed that he only thinks of me as a friend, even though I keep telling myself that’s all he is.

This is all too confusing.

-Sheik’s POV-

This silence is starting to get awkward. I glance down at Link, who looks lost in thought like me. She starts to move her head and I look forward before she catches me looking at her. ‘So, where to next?’ Link asks.

“First we’ll need to get to the castle, where I can store the Wind so we don’t lose it any time soon. Then we’ll need to get information on the next Goddess Gift we’re getting, the Fire of Din,” Midna explains.

‘You don’t know where it is?’ Link tilts her head.

‘Heh, cute,’ I think before blinking.

“Not quite, though I have an idea. I’ll figure it out. We just need to get out of this old wasteland and get back to the castle to warn Zelda about that Ghirahim’s plan,” she says. “And I wonder who that woman was who was with him.”

“I don’t know, but they sure don’t get along,” I say as we come out of the path.

‘They both seemed familiar to me,’ Link says, I imagine if she was normal she would have her hands behind her head. ‘Ghirahim more than that woman. I suspect one of my past lives fought them, but I can’t tell for certain.’

“How do you know if your past lives fought them?” I ask.

‘It’s just a feeling I get, kind of like Déjâ Vu, but it’s only for an instant, almost like I didn’t feel it in the first place. You’d be surprised of all the Déjâ Vu I got when I went through the Twilight,’ she shivers slightly.

“It was quite amusing seeing her face go blank for a moment before she would hold her head and keep walking. It happened basically everywhere. The funniest moment was when she found out the Zora’s Domain was frozen, she mind shouted ‘again?!’ so loud I swear even the Zora’s in the ice heard her thoughts,” Midna laughs.

‘What? It felt like it happened before,’ she mind-mutters.

“Because it did,” I tell her, “when the Hero of Time was looking for the Sages of his time.”

‘That explains it,’ she nods.

“How do you know so much about the old Heroes? I think you know more about them than Link does,” Midna says.

“My teachers were really into the old legends of the Chosen Heroes and the Princess of Destiny. Learning about the legends was possibly the biggest thing they taught us, other than combat of course,” I explain shortly, not wanting to go into too much detail about my old home.

‘Sheik, are you alright? You always seem to get angry when you think of your teachers,’ Link thinks. I look down at her and I see she’s just curious.

“Nothing, I just don’t like them. We should rest for the night,” I say, changing the subject.

“You guys rest, I’ll go ahead and get to the castle. It will be better to get the Wind now before anything bad happens,” Midna says as she comes out. “See you later, Denials,” and with that, she teleports away.

‘Why does she keep calling us Denials?’ Link wonders.

“I’m not sure,” I lie, not looking her in the eye. I spot a dead tree and start to go there, at least it’s some shelter.

Once I get the fire started, I lean back on the tree, mind drifting off and eventually I start thinking of the dance. I still don’t know how I couldn’t figure out it was Link I danced with. And it’s all so weird, why did I help her, a ‘stranger’, on a whim? It’s like this protective instinct came in and took over my legs.

I shake my head, I can’t ever do that again. Stuff like that can only happen once without any backlash. Finally I fall asleep as the full moon peeks out behind the thick clouds.

I’m woken up by something pressing into my side and a whinny noise. When I open my eyes and look down, I see Link butting her head into my side. “Link? What are you doing?” I ask. She looks up and my eyes widen. Her eyes seem blank of her usual emotions, her pupils are slightly bigger and I can’t find any trace of human in her. “Link?”

She barks, not the threatening bark of attack, but a true bark of a puppy. She climbs onto my chest and licks my face, making me turn my head. “Get off,” I say, pushing her. She jumps off, but grabs my pants leg and tugs playfully, whining. “What is wrong with you?” I ask her, getting to my feet. She just jumps around me, barking and yipping excitedly. It’s like the puppy in her took over, like she can’t even control herself.

She comes up to me with a stick in her mouth, pawing my foot and telling me to throw it. “Link, you’re not yourself. Come on, knock the dog out of you,” I say, imagining how she’ll react once she regains her human senses. All she does is whine and paw my foot again. I pinch the bridge of my nose, letting out a sigh. This is going to be a long night.

I take the stick and she bounces away from me, stretching her front paws in front of her as she wags her tail in the air. I throw the stick, and with a bark, Link runs after it. Once she gets it, she lies on the ground and puts her paws on it, tugging it up in her mouth. “Good, so we’re done,” I say, starting to sit down when she comes back over and sits in front of me, ears hanging down her head, head tilted to the side, and tail wagging.

I can’t help but smile, she is very cute. Weather she’s a puppy or not.

I shake my head, ‘Why do those thoughts keep butting in?’

Link drops the stick at my feet and barks, wanting to play some more. Not able to take the grin off my face, I stand up and throw it again. She runs after it and comes back. When I try to take it from her, she pulls back, playing tug-o-war as she growls.

Then she lifts her head, letting go of the stick as she looks into the distance. I look her way to see a small shadow standing there. A shadow of a Wolfos. The Wolfos raises its head to the moon and howls, making the rest of its pack, which are just coming onto the top of the hill they’re on, howl with it. Out of the instinct of the puppy, Link is soon howling too, which makes the Wolfos pack come down the hill.

I brace myself, and feel panic run through me when I see Link running towards the pack, not seeing the killing intention in their eyes. “Link! Get back! Link!” I yell, but she keeps going. “Come on! Listen to me!”

‘She’s not reacting to her name, so what do I do?’ I think, mind racing as time seems to slow to a snail’s pace. What’s a name she’s heard recently? “Linky!” I call, but she still runs. One last shot. “Shorty!”

She stops in her tracks as time returns to normal. She turns her head and looks at me over her shoulder, tongue hanging out the side of her mouth. “Come here, Shorty,” I call. Barking, she runs back. Why she answers to Shorty, I’ll never know. She sits in front of my feet, panting. “Let’s go, these guys aren’t friendly,” I say and start walking, hand on my whip in case they feel like following us.

Oblivious to the danger she was just in, Shorty trots with me happily, carrying the stick in her mouth. I chuckle and she looks up at me with her puppy eyes curiously. “You’re just something else,” I say, shaking my head fondly.

I look back to see the Wolfos leaving. Most likely they only came was to get us out of their territory. Good thing I put out the fire, this place doesn’t need any more destruction.

Sensing my ease, Shorty sits and wags her tail, wanting me to throw the stick some more. I take it out of her mouth and throw it far. We continue playing until she yawns, and I smirk as I bend to her height. “Getting tired, Shorty?” I ask.

She responds by lying down. Smiling, I pick her up, surprised that she lets me, and head to the old ranch we stayed at before. I lie down on the floor and she puts her head on my chest, looking up at me before licking me again. “Ugh, not now,” I say, head falling back onto my arm as my other rests on Shorty’s head. “No dog kisses,” my eyes snap open when I say this, mind going back to the night of the dance. I look down at Shorty and she snuggles into my neck affectionately. So, even her puppy self seems to know my feelings, yet her human self can’t figure it out.

“You, Shorty, are one strange girl,” I say, closing my eyes for sleep.

-The next morning, Link’s POV-

Why does my mouth taste funny? And what’s on my head? I open my eyes to find I’m snuggled up to Sheik, his hand resting on my head as he sleep pets me. I lift my head, making his hand fall to my neck, and look around to find we’re in the old barn house. That’s weird, last thing I remember, I was getting ready to sleep in the grass when I looked up at the moon, then my mind went blank, save for a few words like ‘Link’, ‘get off’, ‘wrong with’, ‘knock out,’ ‘Shorty’ and ‘strange girl’.

Shaking my head, I stand up and see a stick, small teeth marks in it. Are those my teeth marks? What happened? “Finally come back to your senses?” I look at Sheik as he sits up. “I’ll tell you, the puppy in you is hyper like no other. And just about as oblivious as you could imagine.”

‘What?’ I ask, tilting my head.

“Last night, for some reason or another, your puppy side took over your entire brain and body, making you act exactly like a dog. You kept wanting me to throw a stick for you and even licked my face a few times,” he explains.

‘That’s weird…I don’t remember any of that,’ I think, looking around. ‘Well, that aside, we should probably get going. This whole place gives me the creeps.’ With that said-er, thought, we head out again and go towards the Lost Woods in silence again.

‘What was I like?’ I ask suddenly, making Sheik look at me in confusion. ‘When I was a full pup.’

I think I see him blush lightly, but I can never really tell under his shawl. “Uh, well you wanted me to play with you, throwing sticks and tug-o-war, you know, just normal puppy stuff. You woke me up by nudging my side and whining, then to welcome me, you licked my face.”

My ears fall slightly and I look away, knowing I would be blushing if I was normal. ‘Oh.’

“Yeah, after that, there wasn’t much that happened. Other than you answering to Shorty when you were running at a pack of Wolfos, not knowing they were out to kill you.”

‘I see,’ I think. ‘Not one word of this to anyone, got it?’

“Don’t worry, I don’t want to tell them either,” he says. I give him a curious look, but shrug it off once he doesn’t say anything else.

We go through the Kokiri Forest again and leave into the Deeper Lost Woods when I stop. Last time, I had to use the song to teleport, but I don’t have hands and my things disappeared along with everything else. How will we get back?

“Alright, you know what’s coming,” he says and picks me up, bringing out his chain-whip.

‘Oh joy,’ I think sarcastically as he swings his chain-whip. I look up at him from the corner of my eyes, looking into his own eyes. They suit him, really, they aren’t a cold colour of dried blood like Ganon’s eyes, but a deep crimson, and they hold a lot of different emotions. Strong, smart, quick to come up with solutions to problems. Where have I seen them before?

My ears fall when it starts to click. I have seen his eyes before, up close, but I didn’t have any clue who he was. Oh great Goddesses, at the party, I danced with Sheik! How could I have been so stupid?! It was right there, basically screaming into my face, and I haven’t noticed until now?

And slight horror fills me as I remember what almost happened last night. ‘I-I almost kissed Sheik,’ I think, careful to keep it to myself. ‘But, that was a heat of the moment type thing. Besides, we didn’t actually kiss, so there’s nothing to worry about,’ I reassure myself. ‘But if it’s true that I almost kissed him, then why do I feel…sad that we didn’t kiss?’

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