Silent Courage

Extra 1: Eclipse

An eleven-year-old Link looked out the window of her house as the moon rose in the sky, a mischievous glint in her eyes. Now was a great time to see Rocky, nobody would come check on her at night. She closed the window and climbed down the ladders that led to the main floor of the house. She grabbed a cloak, a lantern and some raw goat meat, fresh from that day. She put the meat and lantern into a small satchel she had and left the house, peeking out and closing the door silently behind her.

Making sure no one is out right now, she went down the path that led out of Ordon, you'd think Rusl would realize by now how many times she's snuck out to the forest. Oh well, more exploring for her. She pulled the hood of her cloak up and walked down the path, going passed the Spirit Spring and over the rope bridge. She kept going deeper into the trees, the darkness giving her a comfort as she trudged through mud. Link was defiantly an odd one, she was the only one in her village that wasn't scared of the night and the monsters that come out, and she loved to explore all she could, the farthest she's gone is the old tree near the abandoned stall, but she hadn't gone there in a while.

The moon gave light as she walked off the usual path and into the bush, disappearing into the darkness surrounding the trees. Ten minutes later, she moved a bush aside to see a sleeping form under a tree, its chest moving up and down steadily as it breaths. She crept up, smiling as she pulled out the goat meat. Careful not to scare it, she shook the thing's shoulder and its eyes instantly opened. It snapped at her face, making her fall back, before recognizing her, and sniffing her, making sure he didn't hurt her.

She laughed lightly and ran her finger down between Rocky's eyes, his favorite spot to be scratched. He cooed and walked around her, nudging her playfully as she smiles brightly. He was getting big, he hatched not even a year ago and already he was twice as long as she was, she had no doubt he'd be huge when he was fully grown. Whenever that was. Rocky chirped "Ma," and hugged his head around her shoulders.

Link couldn't help but laugh a bit more, he got into the habit of calling her his Ma, guess it's because she was the first thing he saw. She was still curious of how he got into the cave, and why in Hyrule he was alone, it was like he was abandoned and left to die. It was hard taking care of him, he grew so fast and ate so much, and all the scars he's left from biting her still haven't healed yet. But she could take it, she had to, he couldn't survive on his own at such a young age. Besides, he's learning to hunt on his own, Link doesn't even need to bring nearly as much food, which is good, Rusl was getting suspicious when a load of meat just disappeared.

They stared at the stars as Link used Rocky as a pillow, his neck was wrapped around her and he rested his head on her lap as she scratched behind the mask he's always had. They just sat in silence when the full moon started to change. Gasping, Link sat up and looked fearfully at the once white moon, which was slowly turning orange. Was something wrong? Rocky didn't feel her fear, he just looked at it in wonder. What was doing this? Was something bad going to happen?

"Ahh, you silly mortals, always believing something as beautiful as an eclipse is an omen sent from Din's Hell," the whispery voice made Link jump to her feet and Rocky growled at the figure. He had no face, only a mouth, and his skin was like a shadow, he wore a silvery robe and glided over to them calmly, ignoring Rocky's growls. "Listen, kid, this happens every so often, that the moon and sun cross paths. When this happens, an eclipse is displayed. There are two different eclipses, a lunar and solar eclipse. A lunar eclipse is much more common than a solar."

Link just stared up at him, no longer afraid of the faceless man. Her eyes seemed to yell "Why did you sneak up on us? I can hurt you, you know!"

The man's mouth smirked, "You can't hurt me, kid. Besides, I'm not here to hurt you, I'm here to watch the eclipse, and you just so happened to have the honour of watching it with me," he said as the moon started to turn back to normal. "Now, listen kid, don't be afraid of things you don't understand, you won't be much of a hero if you're scared of unexplainable phenomenon," these words confused Link, what did he mean by hero? "You'll learn someday, kid. Now, I got to go, Din doesn't like it when I give hints to one's destiny," he laughed and disappeared in silver smoke. Once the smoke cleared, Link and Rocky were alone once again.

"Ma?" Rocky chirped after a few minutes. Link shrugged, she had no idea, and was outright confused as to why that man told her about not being afraid of the unexplainable. And a hero? Her? That was as likely as her being able to communicate with somebody.

Noticing how low the moon was, Link scratched Rocky between his eyes again before running back to Ordon, hoping she hadn't been caught. When she passed the Spirit Spring again, she didn't notice a pair of goat eyes watching her from the water.

-In the Realm of the Goddesses-

"LUNE! WHY IN THE NAME OF ME DID YOU TALK TO HER?" Din yelled at the still grinning man, who was lounging on a chair.

"Hey, she was afraid of an eclipse, just like all those other mortals, she needed to know that being afraid of something like that is stupid, and she now knows," he said.

"She can't know anything about her part in this! And you openly say she can't be a hero if afraid of that! She might be young, but she's not stupid, Lune."

"I know, but she'll be confused, and since she can't tell anyone about it, she'll forget about until the time comes," he waved his hand lazily. "Relax Din, you don't see Farore blowing her top, do you? The girl's her chosen after all."

"Farore doesn't have a yelling bone in her body. And I don't care if it's her chosen, my Triforce has a part in all this too, but Hyrule do I wish it didn't," she growled. "I'm a Goddess! I shouldn't have been so weak as to let Ganondork take my power!"

"Hey, everyone makes mistakes, besides, once the Triforce was in Hyrule, you no longer had control of it. Don't worry, I have a feeling after this, Ganon won't have your power anymore," Lune smirked, being the God of night, future and tricksters had its benefits.

-In Ordon-

Link made it back into her home without getting caught and smiled as she put her lantern and cloak away, humming to herself an Ordonian tune that played at festivals. Hopefully she could sleep in the next morning, taking care of a rapidly growing dragon is not easy. Yawning, she climbed into her bed and pulled the covers over her head, falling asleep instantly.

-The next morning-

"Link? Are you here?" Rusl opened the door and chuckled when he saw the lump under the covers, snoring quietly. She's been so tired for the last few months, the blacksmith couldn't figure out why. He walked over to her and shook her shoulder, waking her up. She sat up and rubbed her eyes sleepily, yawning as she looked up at Rusl.

"Come on, Link, we need to get Ordon set up for the Harvest Festival," he smiled as she kicked her legs over the side and yawned again. "I'll be waiting by the Ranch," he said and left.

Link quickly got dressed into her usual Ordon clothes and left her home after grabbing an apple. She munched on it as she walked through the tiny village and came to the Ranch, where goats were roaming free at the moment. She tossed the apple core into the grass and went to the Cucco Hut, but didn't see Rusl there. That's weird, he never let her kill one on her own. Where was he?

She wandered around the Ranch before going to the barn, opening the door to hear snorts and hoof stomps. She walked in and went to the last stall, which held the working horse Aly, a large mare with a brown coat and black mane. Her belly had been getting bigger lately, and Link was growing worried. Rusl was in the stall with Fado beside him, Fado was explaining what was happening, but Link didn't understand.

Rusl was nodding when he spotted Link peeking in. She ducked behind the stall door and grinned sheepishly when he opened it, like when she was caught doing something she shouldn't. "Don't worry, Link, I actually wanted you to see this," Rusl opened the door wider and let Link come in, she looked curiously at Aly, who looked like she was in a lot of pain.

"Ya'll don't have ta worry, bud," said Fado, sitting down. "Yer 'bout ta see somethin' amazing."

She was still confused and curious as she sat down between Fado and Rusl, tilting her head slightly.

With all the things she's seen, Link's just amazed she hadn't become crazy yet.

Aly wasn't sick at all! She was having a baby! Link should have known, Uli's stomach grew before she had Colin a few years ago.

The baby horse was small and covered in goo, but it was one of the most magical things she's ever seen, close to when she saw Colin for the first time. The baby struggled to get on its hooves, and Link was doubtful that it would get up at all, but was proven wrong when the baby horse stood and stumbled to Aly to get milk. Link could feel the smile on her face growing with every second, and soon her face hurt.

"Wonderful, isn't it?" Rusl whispered, hugging her into his side with one arm. She didn't take her eyes off the foal and decided now was a good time to introduce herself.

She stood up and slowly walked to Aly and her new baby, her hand outstretched as she crouched a foot away from the foal. "Link," Rusl and Fado warned, getting to their feet when the foal reached the rest of the distance and touched its head to the girl's hand, to the men's surprise.

Link smiled wider and she kept petting the foal, which was calm. It was like they were meeting as old friends who hadn't seen each other for a long time. Link's eyes shone as the foal opened its brown eyes and looked at Link before letting its head fall down, and quickly fell asleep. Link backed up before running out of the stall. Rusl and Fado shook their heads, she was a mystery, even to them.

Link rummaged through her house, looking for paper and charcoal. When she finally found them, she quickly wrote in Cucco-scratching and ran back to the ranch, smile never leaving her face. She passed the other villagers, who were confused, and came into the barn as Rusl and Fado were leaving. Rusl went to the Cucco hut and Fado went to bring the goats in. The eleven-year-old went into the barn and took a nail out of the floor, she used it to pin the paper on the door.

Instead of just 'Aly', there was now 'Aly and Epona' beside the stall door. Not really knowing how she came up with the name, Link left to help Rusl with the Cuccos.

Later that night, lightning bugs danced as the villagers enjoyed the meal. Link watched as the small lightning bugs flew above the water, casting their reflections into the water. Some fish, like the Common Ordon Bass, jump out of the surface and catch some of the bugs for their own meal. Owls hooted from the trees, Wolfos howled from the Faron Woods, and Link looked up at the moon, which was starting to become smaller once more. She loved Ordon, and she always would, but she just wanted something…more.

Lune stood in the tree that grew in the center of the village, smirking as the kid clumsily danced with a friend of hers. "Heh, don't worry, kid, there's much more to you than you know," he whispered to himself before leaving in a cloud of silver smoke.

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