Silent Courage

Chapter 1: The Forgotten Forest of Kokiri

Chapter 1: The Forgotten Forest of Kokiri

My eyes snap open but I instantly close them when the sun blinds me. After adjusting, I look around, stretching and yawning widely. ‘What a weird dream,’ I think to myself. ‘Wait…that wasn’t a dream…Holy Goddesses we’re in trouble!’ I realize before throwing on baggy grey breeches and pulling a blue tunic over my white long-sleeved shirt. I don’t even bother with my hair since it’s an untamable mess and run through the castle.

“Good day, Sir Link,” multiple people greet as I dash passed them in my hurry.

I pant and regain my breath for a few seconds before straightening and opening the door to the throne room.

Luckily, Zelda is here.

Unluckily, so is Alex.

The black haired, older sibling of one of my best friends glares at me and I return the glare. “What do you want, mute?” He snaps.

‘For you to die in a fire,’ I think before looking at Zelda. ‘I gotta tell you something.’

She gives a small nod before looking at Alex. “Could you excuse us for a few moments, Alexander?” Zelda asks.

“Yes, my Princess,” he bows deeply and pushes past me as he leaves.

I do the mature thing and stick my tongue out at him behind his back, making Zelda laugh. “And you’re the one who saved us all,” she giggles. But she quickly becomes serious. “What’s wrong?”

‘I had a dreamish/vision last night and I was talking to the Hero of Time in the Sacred Realm. I’m supposed to go find and awaken some sages over Hyrule or something like the Twilight will come,’ I tell her in one…what’s an equivalent to ‘breath’ when you can’t speak?

“I see. Thanks for letting me know, Link,” Zelda nod. “When are you going?”

‘Probably tomorrow ‘round noon. I gotta do some errands today,’ I explain. My friend nods and I run out.


“Why, if it isn’t Link,” Telma grins as I step into the bar. “How’s life been sonny?” she asks.

I smile and shrug, making a ‘so-so’ gesture with my hand. “Not too busy?” she asks as I sit at the bar. I shake my head and hand her the letter. “Oh, thank you sonny. I was waiting for this bill for some time,” she smiles broadly. “Want a drink?”

I shake my head fast, making her chuckle. “You’re the only teenager around here who I know doesn’t drink,” she muses.

“That’s a good thing. I don’t want to leave Hyrule in the hands of a drunk,” Rusl jokes as he comes over. I smile at him as he sits down. “How are your sword skills going lad,” he grins at the ‘lad’ part. “Would you like to spar later on?” my ears prick up at the thought of a mock duel with my old mentor. I nod and he smiles.

“I hope you haven’t gotten rusty,” Rusl says as we come to the field. He hands me my old wooden sword and we start. Ten minutes later, I have my sword at Rusl’s neck in a position that would kill him in a second. He nods his head in approval then heads back.

I walk through Castle Town, not having been to the market for a while, I want to look around. After some wandering, I bump into someone and nod a small apology before I am being taken by surprise from the person attack-hugging me.

I look up and realize it’s Ilia! I smile and hug back, not having seen my friend in about two months. “How have you been?” she asks as we walk away. I make the ‘so-so’ sign and shrug. “Anything interesting happen?”

‘I had a dream about the Hero of Time, if that’s what you mean,’ I think.

“So what happened?” a group of girls are washing their dresses and I hold back a laugh as I realize they are the people me and Adam threw eggs at.

“I don’t know. I was just showing off myself to some guys when a rotten Cucco egg was thrown at my face,” another one says.

Ilia looks at me knowingly. “And people call you a hero,” she says with a laugh. I shrug and chuckle as we walk along. “Do you even notice the looks girls give you?” Ilia asks me. I just look at her blankly.

Sighing, my best friend jerks her head at a bunch of girls who are eyeballing me. When I look at them they giggle and start whispering among themselves. Ilia laughs as I look away with a slightly disturbed look on my face. ‘Farore save me.’

We are walking in the castle when a familiar voice calls. “Hey, Linky!” Adam runs over as I glare.

‘You’re lucky I’m a mute child,’ my thoughts must be showing on my face, because he grins nervously as Ilia giggles.

“Hehehe,” he shrugs. “Anyway, Zelda told me you’re going on another quest. I’m going with you this time.”

“Wow, not even two months and Hyrule’s already in trouble,” Ilia comments. I look at her and raise an eyebrow. “No thanks. I’ll stay in Ordon thank you.” I nod.

“You understood he-him?” Adam whispers as people passed.

“We’ve known each other since we were two and one,” Ilia explains.

“What about Zelda? She can understand you,” Adam asks.

I put my hands up and shake them, signalling magic. “You blame that for everything,” Adam says. I just smirk.

~Well she's not lying~

“You should get packing,” Ilia tells us like the mother-Cucco she is. I nod and she follows me to my room. “How long do you think you’ll be?” Ilia asks as she sits on my bed. I just shrug and toss my Hero’s Clothes on the dresser and get all my weapons. “You’ll be ready for anything,” Ilia says.

‘Yep,’ I nod with a stretch and yawn.

“Cover your mouth,” Ilia scolds. I just roll my eyes. “Nayru’s Love and I’m younger than you,” she mutters. I chuckle as I lie on my bed. She goes into the spare room and I fall asleep the moment the door closes.


“Link, wake up!” a voice yells, but I wave it away and turn over, putting the pillow over my head. “Get up you lazy child!” the voice says as footsteps come over and someone pulls the covers off me.

Grumbling as much as a mute can, I sit up and glare slightly at Ilia before she throws the Hero’s Clothes in my face. “Finally you lazy g-boy, I’ve been waiting for you to wake up for a whole hour now.”

Ignoring the ‘lazy g-boy’ comment, I get up and quickly put on my tunic. It feels so good wearing the old clothes. “You make a more believable boy in that,” Ilia says. I shrug as I put my hat on and hang my belt and never-ending bag on my waist.

“Adam’s waiting for you in the throne room with Zelda,” Ilia tells me and I nod my thanks before running there.

I come in and sigh when I see Alex arguing with Adam. Just because I can, I whack the coal headed idiot over the head as I walk past.

“Hey!” he protests before pulling me back. “You are not going around Hyrule with my younger brother, you got that?” he demands.

“I volunteered to go with him,” Adam explains. “And I’m only younger by two years!”

“Will you stop it?” Zelda asks as she and Nura come in.

“Hey there, Linky,” Nura grins. I glare at her icily but she only grins more.

I give Adam a ‘you started something’ look and he shrugs. “So why are we here?” Nura asks.

“Link had a vision the other day and I want you four to go and find the sages,” Zelda explains.

“What?!” we all yell and/or think. “You can’t make me go with him!” Alex complains.

‘C’mon, Zelly! What did I do?’ I ask her.

“It will be easier to find them if there are more of you,” Zelda says calmly.

“There is no way in Din’s Hell that I’m cooperating with that mute!” Alex snaps. “It’s bad enough that I have to see him at council meetings, but now I have to fight with him? No way, Princess!”

‘Zelda, I hate to admit it, but I agree. I can’t even go a day without fighting with him at least six times,’ I try to reason.

“No, you all need to do this,” Zelda shakes her head, signalling that she will take none of this.

‘Fine,’ I sigh reluctantly as Alex and me glare at each other.

“The first you should find is among the Kokiri, they’re deep in the Lost Woods,” Zelda says.

“Kokiri? You’ve got to be kidding. Even if they were real, how would we find them?” Nura asks good-heartedly.

‘Follow the music,’ I think to Zelda.

‘There’ll be music playing in the woods and that will lead us there.’ Zelda looks at me in shock, causing the other to look at me. Then I realize what I thought. ‘I didn’t know I knew that.’

“That doesn’t matter,” Zelda says. “It’s good to know how to find them.”

“What?” Adam asks. “What did Link do?”

“Since we both share a piece of the Triforce, we are able to communicate telepathically,” Zelda explains.

“Great, now we’ll be stuck with a full mute when we go,” Alex sneers. I glare at him.

“Now is not the time. You four should go now and you might make it to Faron Woods before nightfall,” Zelda says with a sigh.

Nodding, we all leave. “Hey, mute, why didn’t you tell us that you could ‘talk’ to Zelda?” Alex mocks.

I glare at him and am tempted to punch him, but Nura grabs my tunic and holds me back. “C’mon you two. And Alex, stop being a jackass,” she snaps.

We go to the stables and I smile when I walk to Epona and pat her nose. ‘Hey, girl,’ I pull a sugar cube out of my pocket and give it to her. ‘We’re going on another journey,’ I inform her as I brush and saddle the mare.

She neighs like she hears me and nudges my chest. Laughing quietly, I rub her ear affectionately before mounting. The others aren’t even done yet. Alex is next and he comes up to me on a black and white pinto mare. Ironic how both us and our horses despise each other. “Listen here, Mute, if I find out you’re only doing this to make Princess Zelda fancy you, I’ll punch you so hard in the face, even your grandchildren’s grandchildren will hurt!” he threatens.

‘Try me,’ my face says it all.

“That’s it,” I hear Nura mutter and next thing I know, both mine and Alex’s ears are being pulled and we are yanked off our horses. Mine hurts more since I have the Hylian ears, but the Gerudo just ignored my pained face.

~No sympathy for being a brat~

“Listen, could you two try not to kill each other, insult, death glare or do anything along those lines for this? It would be appreciated,” she snaps.

‘I will if he does.’

“No way!” Alex yells and our heads are banged together by Nura.

“Now, stop bugging each other and don’t even talk-” I glare at her. “Fine-don’t even look at each other if that helps.”

We glare at each other, but that only gets our heads banged again. “Understand?”

She lets go and I hold my ear as she mounts her chestnut gelding. As she does, Adam comes over as he rides a golden coated, black mined stallion. “What happened to you?” he asks me when he sees my still red ear. I jerked my head at Nura. “Nura, what did you do?”

“I got them to stop fighting for a bit...hopefully,” she adds. “If they don’t I’m slapping them.”

“You can’t slap us!” Alex protests, but gets slapped. I laugh quietly, but Nura hears me and slaps me too.

“Don’t tell me what to do!” she snaps at Alex. “You’re lucky that I agreed to come, Zelda said I could get you into the Gerudo Valley.”

“Why do we need your help?” Alex asks. “It’s bad enough having the mute here, why do we haft to take a girl with us on something she’ll most likely scream of?” he gets a slap for that.

“The Gerudo aren’t fond of men, and women are stronger than you think… well can be,” she adds after some thought. “You need to respect us and Link,” she says.

‘And me,’ I think with an inward sigh.

“He is the one who saved us after all. The least you could do is be grateful that we aren’t under control of Ganon thanks to him.”

‘I’m right here you know,’ I hate being talked about like I can’t hear anything. I mute people, not deaf!

“Can we go please?” Adam asks and we all leave in silence. But after we get out, Adam starts talking. “Hey, aren’t those the girls…” he trails off. I nod with a smirk as we ride past some snobby girls.

“Hello, Sir Link,” one bows.

‘Good bye, Miss Bimbo,’ my thoughts must be showing on my face, since Adam laughs.

“When we get back, we should do it again,” Adam whispers. I nod. Suddenly, we both get hit in the back of our heads and look around to see Nura glaring murder at us. I grin nervously as Adam goes pale. “We’re dead once we get out of hearing distance, aren’t we?”

“Yes,” she replies coldly. Me and Adam look at each other for a second.

“It was his idea,” Adam points at me. I give him a ‘what the Din’s Hell’ look as Nura glares.

Just for what he said, we get hit over the head again. “Shutting up,” Adam says. Once we are outside, me and Adam gallop off as Nura runs after us. “This is all your fault, Link!” he yells at me.

I glare at him and kick him off his horse, making him fall into the mud and get punched in the face by Nura as she comes over. “Link, get back here!” she yell as she mounts her horse and dashes after me.

Suddenly a song plays and I gulp, Nura just played Epona’s Song. My mare halts, making me almost fly off her back, and rears up before turning around.

‘That’s just cheating!’ I think as Epona comes to her and Nura kicks me in the chest.

I fall back and she pins me. “Link, you need to stop throwing eggs at girls, even if they are snobby.” She lowers her voice and whispers into my ear, “It won’t make you the most likable person when they figure out what you’re hiding.” My face pales as she gets up and helps me up.

‘H-how’d she know?’ my thoughts are obviously on my face, since she cracks a smile.

“You didn’t think that that could hide that from me, did you?” she asks.

I look at Adam for help, but he just shrugs that he didn’t know. “We should go,” he says and we mount.

I look at Nura and she basically reads my mind. “I’ve known for a week. I saw Adam and he was talking to you, although I couldn’t see you, and he was yelling loudly. I heard him say, ‘If someone finds out you’re a girl in the next six days, you give me a red Rupee,’ and I just kept that to myself,” she whispers so Alex can’t hear.

“Pay up,” Adam holds out his hand. Grumbling, I put a red Rupee in his hand and stick my tongue out at him. “You’re so immature.”

“He’s the youngest, of course he’s immature,” Alex dryly remarks as he comes up beside Nura.

“Shut up will you? We need to go to Faron. Luckily, Link knows the forest,” Nura says.

It doesn’t take too long to get to Coro’s home, the afro forest dude waves to me as we pass and I nod before we come to the gate to the darker part of Faron. I dismount and wave for them to follow. “Why can’t we ride?” Alex asks like I’m stupid.

I walk forward and a Deku Baba jumps up, making them all freak out and one of them scream like a girl. “Nura,” Adam teases as I kill the plant. “I know it was shocking, but really?”

Rolling our eyes, we go through the tunnel and I pull out my lantern. “Where did you get that?” Adam asks.

I make a motion with my hands that make it seem like I have big hair. “Oh, Coro?” he asks, I nod.

“How the Din’s Hell can you understand him?” Alex snaps.

“Because I can,” Adam says and laughs at his brother’s face.

“Let’s go,” Nura says as I start walking.

“Um… are those spider webs?” Adam asks as I burn them. I nod before remembering he is afraid of spiders. Should I tell him about the Skulltulas? Too bad I can’t.

Once we make it through, I notice the purple smog is still around, just not as thick. “Great, you led us to our death, Mute Boy!” Alex snaps.

I roll my eyes and walk toward the smog before swinging the lantern around. ‘Thank you monkey,’ I think as the smog clears. I look back and smirk at Alex, but get slapped by Nura. I look at her in a ‘what the Din’s Hell’ way and she only grins.

“Nothing cancels out what I said before,” she says and I grumble as I walk forward and take the short way to the gate.

“Must suck to be you,” Adam teases, and gets smacked by Nura. “Is this becoming a hobby? ‘I’m just going to slap my friends and Alex when they say something?’” Adam asks. I snort my laughter, and of course I get slapped across the head.

“Yes,” she replies and we keep on walking.

‘Oh-no,’ I think as we come to the clearing before the Forest Temple. The seller bird is looking around and I look away. ‘Dammit Midna, why did you have to steal the oil?’

“What’s your problem, Mute?” Alex asks.

I just walk faster to the ravine, trying not to look the bird in the eye. ‘Where’s that Cucco?’ I look around before spotting it. I pick it up and look at the others, Adam looks curios, Nura looks sceptical and Alex just scowls.

“What in Nayru’s Love are we going to do with a Cucco,” Alex yells.

I spot some other Gold Cuccos and point to them, then to the one in my hand before jumping off the cliff and flying to an out-hanging, I land and wave for them to come on. Adam screams as he takes a leap of faith, followed by Alex (who is pushed by Nura) and then Nura.

Once we are at the forest entrance, I look at the Howling Stone. “What’s that?” Adam asks as we walk over to it.

“I don’t know,” Nura whispers. I close my eyes and listen to the song it sings, a small smile on my face. It feels so long ago that I was here.

“Who cares?” Alex asks. “Let’s just go.”

When we enter, Nura spots the second Howling Stone. “Hey, this one has the Triforce on it!” she exclaims.

I’m not paying attention. I’m looking out for Skullkid, and am surprised when I see the way to the woods open. I tap Nura on the shoulder (Adam and Alex are fighting) and point. “Hey buttheads!” she calls and they look over.

Both me and Nura exchange a look that says, “I can’t believe they answered to that,” before walking over to the entrance.

“How do we find the Kokiri again?” Adam asks.

“Zelda said that Link mentioned about following music,” Nura says. “But I can’t figure out why.”

“And without Zelda, he’s an even bigger mute,” Alex says. I roll my eyes before closing them and listening. I can hear a faint song being played and crack a smile before walking towards it. “Hey, where’s he going?”

“C’mon!” they catch up and follow me as I listen. “Hey, Linky, have I ever told you how useful your ears are?”

“The only useful thing about him is that he’s a Hylian,” Alex scoffs and I hear a slap. I snicker, but get hit the back of the head.

“Whoops, your head got in the way of the nut,” Nura calls. I turn around and stick out my tongue as I walk backwards. She does the same before running up to me and tripping me. With a grunt, I fall back and Nura laughs as I get up, smirking.

“Honestly, I’m not even the oldest here and I’m more ma-” Alex starts but is cut off when something cracks and he falls to the ground, stunned. I walk over and look at his feet before picking up a nut shell.

‘Deku Nut,’ I realize. Just then, I hear two screams and Nura and Adam are hit as well. I look in the trees to see Skullkids coming from everywhere. They throw nuts at me, but I dodge, back flip over their heads and jump to the side. But the second my feet touched the ground, the floor gives way and I fall through with a frightened scream.

I land on a rock and the wind is knocked out of me as I start to get up. I look around to see a denser forest where the trees are so close together that not even light can get through. The song is playing even louder and the air seems thick to me.

I get up and start to follow the music, but the thick air starts to get thicker, my chest feels like I am trying to breathe in water. Which hurts, believe me. I’m snapped out of it when I hear a small voice cry in the distance. I run to where it is and see some plants that look like Octorocks spitting seeds at something on the ground.

I dash over and Shield Attack one before stabbing it in the mouth. The other one jumps back and shoots at me, hitting me in the chest. I grit my teeth as blood bursts from the wound. The seed is surprisingly sharp and is piercing my skin on right my collarbone.

I jump to the side and preform the Back Slice before I go over to the thing on the ground, it is glowing blue and has four wings telling me which way it’s looking. Suddenly it seems to look my way and flies up to my face, making me jump and fall back into a puddle. “Oh my Goddesses, I can’t believe it’s you!” the light cries in happiness.

I raise an eyebrow curiously as it flies around my head like it is looking me over. “You’re the Hero of Twilight aren’t you?” the light asks. I nod. “Well nice to meet you. My name’s Navi, what’s yours?”

I get onto my knees and draw two circles in the mud before connecting them. “Link, your name is Link?” Navi asks. I nod and smile.

‘I wonder what Navi is,’ I think as I get up.

‘I’m a Fairy,’ Navi’s voice echoes in my head, making me stumble back and fall onto the ground again. ‘You’re clumsy aren’t you?’ Navi laughs as she sits on my shoulder.

‘How’d you do that?’ I ask, looking at her.

‘Fairies are magic,’ Navi explains shortly.

Suddenly my head start to pound, my chest is bleeding heavily and my head is getting clouded from the mist that’s hovering over the forest. I can faintly hear Navi calling to me in both my mind and ears as the edges of my eyes start to fade and become dark. The last thing I hear is Navi called my name.


I’m woken up by a stinging sensation in my chest. I sit up with a gasp and rub my head as dizziness swarms my brain. “Hey, you’re awake!” a voice cries in glee as I regained sight. I see a girl with green hair and eyes smiling at me. She wears a green tunic much like mine, except hers is more girly. She holds her hair back with a green head band. “Are you alright?”

I nod groggily as I rub my temples. “Thank you for saving Navi, she’s one of our oldest fairies around here,” the girl says as she gets onto the bed I’m on and sits on my torso. “I’m Sage, the direct decedent of Saria,” she says proudly with her chest up high. “What’s your name?”

I look around but can’t find anything that I can use to tell my name. “What’s the matter? Can’t you talk?” Sage asks. I shake my head and she grins. “I bet I can guess your name!” I shrug. “Okay, Jack?” I shake my head. “Alexander?” I shake my head with a scowl. “David?

“He-his name’s Link,” Navi flies in with a red fairy.

“Really? That’s weird,” the red fairy says as I sit up, making the girl fall to my lap. “What are you doing here, Link?”

‘I’m looking for the Sage and-where are my friends?’ I look at Navi.

“What friends? You came here alone,” she says.

I explain to her what happened with the Skullkids and the rim of her glow turns black with worry. “Oh Goddess, are you going to look for them?” she asks.

I nod. “Well, they’re probably at the Skullkid camp. Sage, Shelly and I can take you there,” Navi offers.

“Skullkids? Yeah, it’s always good to have a fairy and a Kokiri with them around. They don’t like adults,” Sage says.

“Well, Masked Skullkid doesn’t mind them. But that doesn’t matter. We should go, now that Link’s wound is healed,” Navi says as Sage gets off me and I stand up. But I bump my head on the low roof, gasp and hold my head as the others laugh. “I forgot to warn you, you’re in Kokiri Forest so everyone is a kid.”

I shake my head as I follow Sage and the two fairies outside and look around in wonder. There is a large clearing surrounded by trees with huge tree stumps scattered around, there’s a stream with kids swimming and there are three ways out. One leads into a hollowed out tunnel, another cuts through a hill and a third goes into a forest.

“C’mon! The Great Deku Tree might want to talk to you,” Sage says and tugs my hand to make me follow her to the hill cut path.

I have to smile at her, I always enjoyed kids. Guess it helps that there are some at my village. It takes about an hour, but Sage finally brings me to a clearing and my jaw drops. Sitting there is a large tree that could match Stallord’s and Morpheel’s heights put together.

“Great Deku Tree, I brought someone to see you,” Sage says with a bow before walking off.

‘Welcome, Hero of Twilight. I sensed that you would be coming,’ a voice says and I look around the clearing frantically for the source.

“It’s the Great Deku Tree, Link,” Navi whispers in my ear.

I look at the tree in surprise. ‘Hero of Twilight, you may already know of this, but I ask you to awaken the Forest Sage. There is a dark force coming from the Temple deep within the Lost Woods that is preventing the sage to be awakened. But I know you wish to find your friends. I have some things that will help,’ he says and shakes his branches.

Two things fall down and I catch them. One is a brown instrument and the other is a pouch. I look at the Deku Tree in confusion. ‘That is an Ocarina. When you play it, strange things will happen. And in the pouch is a rare stone that only the chosen one of the Goddess Farore can touch, you can hang it around your neck.’

I lift the bag upside-down and look the stone over; it has the Triforce with three stones in it.

I look at the Deku Tree again. ‘This stone will allow you to become the size of a fairy so you may sneak past the Skullkids and get to your friends,’ he explains.

I look at the stone sceptically before putting it around my neck by the leather strip and hide it under my tunic. ‘To return to the Upper part of the Lost Woods, play this song,’ he says and the wind plays a slow moving tune.

I nod. ‘Navi, I wish you to go with Link. This young Hero will need your help to communicate with her friends,’ the Deku Tree says.

“You got it Great Deku Tree,” Navi agrees and lands on my shoulder. “Okay, so play the song and we’ll go to the Upper Lost Woods.”

I pull the Ocarina to my lips and play, somehow my fingers know which hole to cover and uncover as I play the song with my eyes closed. I open them just in time to see green lights float around me and I am taken off my feet.

Once I land, I look around for a second before my stomach rebels and I run to the side to empty my stomach of the little food I have left. Navi pats my ear as I rinse my mouth and cough. “You okay?”

I nod at her. “Hey, why don’t you use that stone? I want to see you from my height,” Navi says.

I hold the stone out and look at her with a raised eyebrow. “The Deku Tree didn’t tell us how to use this, did he?” she asks. I shake my head. “Maybe just hold it and think,” she suggests.

I shrug and close my eyes. I gasp as air rushes past me and I stumble a few steps before falling onto my back with a groan, the world spinning madly. I lift my body on my elbows and shake my head as I faintly see Navi fly down. “Are you alright?”

I shake my head again and look at her, eyes widening in surprise. She looks around the age of a thirty-year-old woman with long blue hair that reaches her back and light blue eyes, she also has blue skin and ears like a Hylian.

I look around and blink. ‘It looks so different,’ I stand up. I’m shorter than Navi by about two inches or so.

“I couldn’t imagine,” Navi smiles, “So, any side effects?” she asks as she walks over.

I look down at my feet and over my body. ‘Don’t think so,’ I take a step forward. Nothing bad happens. ‘Why? Is my skin turning yellow or something?’ I ask, pulling my tunic, chain mail and under shirt up to look at my belly.

“No, I see nothing wrong,” she shakes her head with a small laugh. “But I just want to see something,” she says as she steps towards me and puts a hand on my forehead. “Well you don’t feel hot. I’d say nothing’s wrong.”

‘That’s good,’ it’s strange seeing a blade of grass look like a tree. ‘So I would just have to hold the stone to change back?’

“I would think so,” Navi nods. I hold the stone and the gust of wind rushes passed me again as my body stretches and goes back to normal. Navi flies up and feels my forehead again. “You seem to be taking this rather well.”

‘I guess the Twilight helped,’ I shrug.

“To save your friends, you’re going to have to get captured by the Skullkids,” Navi says thoughtfully.

‘Okay,’ I start to walk around.

After fifteen minutes, there’s a laugh and I grit my teeth when a Deku Nut is thrown at my back. Navi hides in my hat as Skullkids come out and tie my hands and feet up before dragging me off.

I blink when we come to a large tree that looks about the size of Kokiri Forest with Skullkids running and swinging through the branches. The Skullkids that have gotten me drag me down to the dungeons and throw me in, laughing as they leave.

‘That happened fast,’ I comment as I look around. I spot a dark shape in the corner and go over to find Nura. I shake her shoulder with a smile and wake her. She looks up at me with slightly hazy eyes and the next thing I know, my face is stinging and I fall back, holding my eye where she punched it.

I don’t think she knows it’s me, considering she kicks me in the gut and steps on my chest with a heavy foot. “Try to attack me again you Skull-Link?” she asks and jumps off. I groan in response. “Oh, Goddess of the Sand, I am so sorry,” she helps me up.

I just hold my gut and smile slightly at her. “You have violent friends,” Navi comments as she flies out of my hat.

“A fairy? Man, you keep getting more and more unique,” Nura states as she leans on my shoulder. I roll my eyes, just because I’m shorter than her she has to do this? “I’m Nura,” the Gerudo introduces.

“Navi,” the fairy’s aura glows slightly brighter.

‘Where are the Buttheads?’ I look at Nura.

She seems to know what I am asking. “They’re four cells down that way.” She points to the left. “Why? It’s not like you can get out of here.”

I grin and pull the stone out, showing her. “Pretty,” she nods. “What’s it for?”

I only grin again and close my eyes. Nura yelps and jumps back when I become Navi’s height. “How did you do that?”

“It’s the stone. It allows her to become the size of a fairy,” Navi explains.

“Nice. So you can get us out. But you’ll need the keys first,” Nura says as she crouches. “You’ll have to be careful. You never know what might happen.”

I nod before heading to the bars. “You need to be careful with the bars, Link,” Navi tells me as she flies down and lands beside me. “These thorns are covered in toxins that will kill you and turn you into a Stalfos before you could say ‘Deku Seed,’” she warns.

“The guard is at their cell. So you’ll need to go down there,” Nura says as she sits by the wall.

I walk to the bars and climb on, taking caution in not touching the thorns, and jump to the other side. I walk only a few steps when I hear shouting from a far off cell. ‘Navi, could you pick me up? I don’t think we can waste much time,’ I ask.

‘I was about to offer,’ the fairy thinks and lifts my up under my arms. It is pretty neat flying. But my mind is taken off of that when some Skullkids walk by and whack both me and Navi aside. We are sent different ways and I close my eyes as I fly through some bars and land on my stomach.

I pick myself up and look up to see Alex and Adam sitting on the ground with their backs on the wall, both with crossed arms and glaring at each other. I walk over to them and am about to use the stone when a Skullkid comes in. “You no sleep. You come with Skullkid in five minute,” he says before going.

“Great, we’re probably going to die,” Adam says.

“Where not going to be killed by kids,” Alex says.

“But they have spears!”

“We have fists. They both inflict pain.”

“They can shoot poison arrows at us.”

“They can, doesn’t mean they will.”

“They-oh my Goddess a spider!” Adam yelps suddenly. I look, trying to find it, when a foot slams down by me.

‘Nayru’s Love!’ I think as I jump back.

“Wait…is that? Never mind, it’s a spider,” Alex says.

“Huh?” Adam says as I pick myself up. “Link? Why are you tiny?” he asks as he pokes my stomach. I slap his hand (More like finger) away and glare at him.

“So Mr. Mighty Hero is the size of a bug now, eh?” Alex sneers.

“He can help us like this! Link, there are some keys just over there. D’you think you can get them and get us out?” Adam asks.

I nod and start to go when I am picked up by my tunic. “It will take too long if he walks. I’ll just shoot him over with my sling shot,” Alex says as he pulls out said sling shot.

My eyes widen and I struggle, but Alex puts me on the sling shot and aims me at the keys. He releases and I gasp as I fly through the air. I grab the keys and hold on with my eyes closed for a few seconds before opening my eyes. ‘Jerk. But he has good aim.' I muse as I start swinging the keys in an attempt to get them off.

Once I get them off, I turn back to my regular size and pick up Navi, putting her in my hat before unlocking the cell. “How’d you get big?” Adam asks.

I shake my head for later as I unlocked Nura’s cell and we run out to find ourselves in a long corridor. “Which way, Mute?” Alex demands.

I glare at him but my ears twitch and I look to the left to see some Skullkids. Me and the others glance at each other before running the opposite way. But sadly we end up walking right into a room with a very large and fat Moblin walking around.

I quietly walk up behind it and am about to slash at it when a rock hits its head. The Moblin looks around stupidly before turning and seeing me standing there. It roars and I jump back as I take out my sword and shield, the Moblin slams his axe down and I side-step before stabbing the stupid pig in the stomach. I slash it a few more times before it falls and we keep going.

Slap! “Ow! Nura, what the Din’s Hell?” Alex asks.

“You could have gotten us killed by shooting the Moblin!” she snaps.

I shush them when we come to some large doors. I feel Navi wake up and she lazily flies out and sits on my shoulder. “What is that?” Adam asks.

“I’m Navi. Is this the way out?” she asks.

We all shrug. “I’ll take a look,” she says and peeks in. “Good news: there’s a way outside from here. Bad news: we have to get through a bunch of Skullkids and Moblins,” she tells us.

‘I have an idea,’ I think and tell Navi my plan, she translates it to the others and they nod.

“Good plan, Link,” Adam smiles.

“Good luck,” Nura says.

“Break your back,” Alex states.

I roll my eyes before grabbing the stone. I sneak under the door and look around wearily. “Alright, ready Link?” Navi asks as she dims her glow.

‘Nope,’ I start walking to the other side. Suddenly a foot comes and kicks me in the side, sending me off to land in a hot spring filled with Moblins.I burst out of the water and shake my head as I start to swim to the edge, but the Moblins keep moving and the water washes me every-which-way.

Navi flies over and I wave at her as the Moblins start to move, making waves wash over me and send me underwater. I come back up and reach for Navi’s hand as she comes over, and am just about to reach it when a Moblin steps beside me, making me sink under with the water and bring Navi with me.

We are tossed around and are coughing and gasping by the time we get out. I flop on my stomach and heave as I feel a hand on my back. I look up to see Navi rubbing my back with concern. ‘Why aren’t you gasping?’ I ask.

“I don’t breathe the same as you do. I can breathe under water,” she explains.

I look at her and blink. ‘That must be useful,’ I remark as I stand up. She just smiles at me and we start walking.

But I am sent flying again when another foot kicks me. I land on the arm of a Moblin and shake my head as I start to fall off. I grab the shredded shirt on the pig monster and look around for Navi, but when I spot her, I see she is having trouble getting over because Skullkids keep talking to her.

‘Oh Goddess,’ I think as I look at the ground. ‘I will break my leg if I jump, so that isn’t an option.’

Suddenly the Moblin flicks me and I am sent airborne again and fly out the door, landing on my face outside. Groaning, I get up and sigh in relief when I see I am out. Navi flies over just as I grow to my normal size and I climb onto the window frame. I grab a fruit off the tree and throw it at the biggest Moblin I can find.

It looks at me stupidly before roaring, causing every other monster in here to look at me, and run forward. I jump off the window and run towards the forest with all the monsters following me. I see the others running out the other way and follow them.

I catch up with them and we are all panting. “So now what?” Adam asks.

I wave my hand and start walking towards the hole. It doesn’t take long to find it and I look at the others. “You cannot be serious,” Alex scowls.

I roll my eyes and jump down, landing on my feet and I lean on a tree as the others come down, one of them screaming like a girl. “Really, Nura?” Adam asks.

“Like I said before, it wasn’t me,” the Gerudo says and we look at Alex again, he only scowls and looks away.

‘If he gets scared by that, I can’t wait to see whatever monsters we face in the Temple,’ I think as we start following the music. We come to Kokiri Forest and I smirk at the other’s faces.

I wave for them and we come into the Deeper Lost Woods. There is a rustle and Sage comes out, smiling. “You found your friends! Hiya! I’m Sage! C’mon, I can take you to the Temple!”

“I hate kids,” I hear Alex mutter and then scream. I turn to see Navi biting Alex’s ear and I fall onto the ground, clenching my stomach as I laugh.

“Get your stupid fairy off me, Mute-Boy!” Alex yells.

I just smirk at him and rest my back on a tree, watching the amusing show. Sage comes over and taps my shoulder. “He isn’t very nice,” she whispers.

I nod in agreement as Alex runs around like a crazy drunk. As he runs past me, I stick out my foot and trip him. Navi lets go and flies to my shoulder, her aura red with rage. I snicker as I stand up and we start walking, Alex with mud all over his face.

“I hate you.”

‘The feeling’s mutual,’ I think as we follow Sage.

“We’re almost there. It should only take about five more minutes to get to the maze,” Sage tells us.

I notice Navi’s aura shivering and I raise an eyebrow. ‘You alright, Navi?’

‘Last time I was in that maze, there were Moblins around every corner. You’ll have to be careful,’ she warns me.

Soon we come to the maze, Sage says she has to go and we shrug as she runs off. I slow down and put my back to the cliff beside me before peeking around the corner. I instantly pull back, there is certainly a Moblin there. But it is much bigger than any I have seen. “That’s not good,” Nura whispers as she squats on the cliff. “How will we get past? There are those Moblins everywhere. I could jump from the different cliffs, but what about the Buttheads?”

I look at them and then at the cliff, if they had a boost they could get up.

“I have an idea!” Adam says. “Okay, bend down, Linky!” I blink in puzzlement, ignoring the nickname, and just stare at him. “Trust me, now bend down.”

Still confused, I bend down and gasp when he jumps on my shoulders. “Alright, now, walk to the cliff and I’ll grab on,” he points. I look up and blink at him. “C’mon, this’ll work!”

Wobbling slightly, I walk to the cliff and he jumps off my shoulders and gets on. “See?” he grins.

“Alright, my turn, Mute,” Alex pushes me down and steps on my back. “What are you waiting for?” he sneers.

‘Farore’s Spirit I hate him,’ I shoved him off.

“Now children, be nice,” we both glare at Nura, who grins innocently at us.

‘About as innocent as a Skulltula,’ I think.

“Alex, don’t push him. Link, just do it for Din’s Sake.”

Rolling my eyes, I bend down and he steps on my shoulders, hard. Gritting my teeth, I walk over and he gets up. I rotate my shoulders until I hear a crack and start to look around. I spot a hollowed log and groan silently before walking over.

“Are you alright?” Navi asks.

‘Fine. We’ve done worse to each other,’ I shrug as I get behind the log and start pushing.

“Link, look out behind you!”

I spin around and find myself face-to-gut with a grey-skinned Moblin raising it's spear up.

I take out my sword and shield, but the Moblin whacks me over the head with his club, sending me into a thick tree. I rub my head and look at my hand, blood covers it. I look up at a roar and roll out of the way just before the spear in its other hand stabs where my head was.

“Link, roll under its legs to attack from behind!” Navi shouts from my hat.

Nodding, I do as she says and come up behind the Moblin before stabbing its back.

“Link! Behind you!” Adam yells and I look to see more Moblins coming.

“Use your stone!” Nura yells as I narrowly miss being gutted by a spear.

I roll away from them and run behind a tree, griping the stone tight and feeling the wind rush pass me. I press myself to the tree as the Moblins come and look around stupidly. “Where human go?” one asks.

“Don’t know. He not gone far. I still smell,” another sniffs the ground. I back up until I fall through the tree’s roots.

“Maybe he hide in tree.”

“Tear from ground then!”

I raise my arm to block out the sudden light as the Moblins shake the tree. “Find human yet?”

“Be patient! You worse than Moblin Cub!” the leader snaps before throwing the tree aside. “Not here. Search for human. Master say we only want one with pointy ears!” and with that, they all leave.

“Are you alright?” Navi comes down. I nod and am about to change back to normal when Navi puts a hand on my arm. “Didn’t you hear what they said? They’re looking for you Link. You may want to stay like this until we get to the Temple.”

“You okay Link?” we look up to see Adam crouching above us.

‘Other than having a bounty on my head, yeah, I’m good.’

“We heard some strange news from the Moblins. Apparently, someone is searching for Link so he’s going to stay this size until we get to the Temple. You guys go, all the Moblins are gone and I can carry him over,” Navi explains.

“Okay. See you later,” Adam nods and leaves with the others.

“Okay, let’s hope we don’t get whacked aside like last time,” Navi says as she picks me up from under my arms and flies off. It is still cool flying, seeing all the colours blur together and the ground seems to leave focus as you look ahead.

‘This is awesome,’ I think absentmindedly, not aware that Navi heard.

She giggles, “Yes, I thought tha same my first flight.”

I glance at her and smile slightly, why do I feel so close to her? It’s like I know her or something.

I am taken out of my thoughts when she lands by a stump and I change back to normal. I sit on the stump and rest my head in my hand, yawning. It isn’t long before the others come and I stand up. “So, where’s the Temple?” Adam asks.

“It’s up there,” Navi flies to a ledge with a tree beside it.

“Great, how do we get up?” Alex scowls.

“I don’t know how you can, but I can,” Nura says and climbs up the tree before sitting on the branch. “Hurry up slow pokes. We have a Sage to find.”

I smirk a little before pulling out my Double Clawshot. I hand one off to Adam and use the other to aim at the branch. Nura jumps off with a slight curse and I come up, saluting her when I land. I throw the Clawshot down at the coal-headed idiot before he can say anything and we wait.

It is quite sad. They both have bad aim with the Clawshot and keep missing the branch. Finally, I walk to the edge and cross my arms. “Yeah, we’re coming. But these things are weird,” Adam says just before shooting it out. It flies at my head and I simply move my head before grabbing the Clawshot and sticking it in the tree. The red head comes up with a yelp and crashes into Nura, since I move out of the way.

“Get off me!” Nura yells and pushes Adam off. I hear a click and jump out of the way just before Alex pierces my head with my own weapon. It hits the tree and soon the jerk is up. Without a word or, in my case, a nod, we walk through the arch way and come to a courtyard.

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