Silent Courage

Chapter 24: The Seige

Chapter 24: The Siege

-Sheik's POV-

I look back at Link from the door, my hand on the handle. She's sleeping so peacefully, with no nightmares or dreams. But I need to go and talk to Master Hitoshi. Both he and Sonja are at the Castle now and I didn't have much time to find them yesterday. I was too worried about a certain, reckless Hylian. I find Master Hitoshi in the library, just reading a book next to a candle. I cough into my hand to alert him and he doesn't even look up when he speaks. “Hello, Sheik. How have you been?”

“Fine,” I sit down on the chair beside him, trying to figure out how to tell him. “Master, you were right.”

He looks up, a smile in his eyes, and says, “About what?”

He knows fully well what. Looks like he just wants me to say it. “About Link and I being Connected. You're right. I can feel it now. And I think you're also right about me being Link's Guardian. I have this strong urge to protect her from anything that could harm her. And I get scared when I don't know where she is or how she is. I love her.”

Master chuckles, putting down his book. “Alas, you have admitted to your feelings. I was beginning to worry. You aren't oblivious to things such as that.”

“I was trying to deny it for the longest time. I didn't want to get hurt again, and I didn't want to burden Link. But we just confessed when we were alone,” I can't help but smile at the thought. “She loves me back.”

“Good. She has realized what she's feeling is love. For someone who never feels that sort of bond, I'm surprised she found out this soon. Of course, you were meant to be together the moment Link was born. I could tell. There was a strong wave of magic the night Amethyst gave birth to Link, such a strong wave that I was knocked to my knees by the strength. Your father. Kazuhiro, was knocked to his hands and knees. We had a hunch of what it meant, but didn't take it far into consideration. We visited Amethyst and Joshua, and the moment you saw her, I saw a spark in your eyes. The spark that signals a Connection. Her eyes were closed, so I didn't see the spark, but I could almost feel the love coming off of you. Yet you were only two years old, so you don't remember.”

“Actually, I think I do. Now that everything's so clear now, when I stretch my memory, I can remember seeing a small baby. I remember the feeling of wanting to just be with her, to watch over her.”

“I'm happy for you, Sheik. You and her deserve this love. But be careful, loving in a war is dangerous.”

“That's part of the reason I didn't want to tell her.”

“I understand.”

“Master, I have something to ask.”


“What's the difference between a Connection and Soul Mates?”

“Only one. Soul Mates are born in the same year, close to the same day. When they're born, their eyes are colourless and white. A Connection is when there's an age gap between the first born and the second born. The span is usually five years or so, but for you it was almost two. Link's parents were Soul Mates, I believe,” he says thoughtfully.


“Yes. I was at Hyrule Castle, as a Scholar's apprentice, when I met Link's father and her current guardian, Rusl. You're father, Kazuhiro, was also there with me, but he was soon to become Duke, so his life was more political. Josh, Rusl and I were enjoying the sun when two twins entered the city. The only difference between them was their eyes, the boy had brown eyes and the girl had violet. I was mentioning to Josh that they were Hylians, but he didn't hear me. He was transfixed by the girl. The girl noticed and looked at him, freezing up too. I would tell you more, but I think Link will need to hear this as well. As this is about her parents. But enough of that, did you come here for anything else?”

“No, that's it. I just wanted to tell you what happened, and say thank you,” I smile. “I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for you.”

“I'm glad that's true. You and Sonja have been the best students I have ever had, and you both are amazing Sheikah and people. You have the skills and instincts of a true Master, and I hope one day you can follow your dream and become a Master yourself. Just like your father before he became Duke.”

Master stands, straightening his robes, when I hug him, something I haven't done in a long, long time. “Thank you, Master Hitoshi.”

“You're welcome, Sheik. Let's pray that by the week's end, Hyrule will be saved and this war will end.”


-Link's POV-

“Tiiiiime!” I yell, finding myself alone in the Sacred Realm. It's way too quiet here, how can Time or the Sages even stand it? “I gotta ask you something!”

“Twi? I wasn't expecting you,” I jump and turn, finding him behind me.

“You weren't? But, you're the one who calls me here, aren't ya?” I ask, tilting my head.

“Normally, yes. But I think someone else wishes to speak to you.”

I'm about to ask who, when I'm lifted off my feet and get hugged with a gasp. “Good to see you're okay, Sister,” Darbus says, finishing his hugging and putting me down, ruffling my entire head. Time disguises a laugh in a cough into his hand and I glare at him. “It was getting dreary waiting and watching the Smog make its way down that mountain.”

I turn to him in alarm. The Twilight Smog's doing what?!

“Yeah, the entire mountain's shadowed in it,” I look over and see Coral standing there with crossed arms, Sage by her side. “Those yetis managed to escape and are coming to the Castle now, but the Smog is moving faster than expected. Good thing you found Avira, we would be at a loss right about now without him.”

“And don't worry, we were able to get our races and tribes to agree to fight!” Sage beams. “The Kokiri won't come, but the Skull Kids, Deku Scrubs and even some Wolfos are going to be helping!”

“And my Gorons will come in time, they are getting ready now,” Darbus says.

“The Zoras will take a while as well, since who knows how long they'll go without being in water. Ralis is ordering them to take highest precautions while preparing.”

“So, what was it you needed to ask?” I look at Time.

“I wanted to know what exactly these Medallions do,” I pull the small coins out of my Never-Ending Bag.

“Very simple, they will allow you to call us when the time is right. Before the Siege, you will need to use the power of the Medallions and we can hold the Smog back. We can't fight, but we can keep our side at a little bit of advantage,” he explains. “And when the time comes, they'll also power up the Master Sword so it can slice through bones easily.”

“Goddesses, that's powerful,” I mutter.

“Hey, why didn't you tell us Link was visiting?” Naoko smiles gleefully as he walks over, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. “Hey, Link. The Sheikah are ready to command. You really have the shadows on your side for this fight.”

“Gale's already setting out with the Wind Tribe,” Avira says, with his usual mask up, but his eyes twinkle. “They'll get here in half a day, so hold out until then, okay?”

“Sure?” I shrug, as if I can decide that or not.

Time suddenly frowns in worry and looks at me. “You need to go. Get out of your room and go find Zelda, she wants to see you.”

I don't even have enough time to think 'huh?' before I wake with a slight jump. I stare at the ceiling for a few seconds before I kick the covers off, grab my sword and shield, and leave the room in my sleeping tunic and pants. 'Zelda!' I mind-yell, yawning as I run. 'Zelda, where are you?'

“Link, there you are,” Charlie calls and waves to me as he runs up. “Zelda wants to talk to you, but she's too busy with the siege plans, so she sent me! Come on, we don't have much time until daybreak,” I run a little behind Charlie, hoping Zelda's alright after having dinner with Pretty Boy. Charlie waits outside and I head in, I can't help but smile in relief when I see she's fine.

“Good, you're here. I need to talk to you Link, and you need to take what I say seriously,” I nod. “I have found out who exactly Edward is. He isn't just working for Ghirahim, he is Ghirahim,” I feel the blood drain from my face. “Last night I slipped some truth power into his drink. I asked him who he was and he answered. I questioned him about everything, his plan, his army, his weaknesses, his realm. He had no idea that I was gathering this information. I wrote it all down. I knew he was hiding something the moment he stepped into this Castle, but I didn't know it could be something like these. I also knew that you were right with him being the one draining magic, I just couldn't tell you my plan. No one could know my plan, or Ghirahim would have suspected something going on. That's the only reason I accepted his invite to dinner, and the only reason I made sure you stayed there for a while, so he would be distracted by talking to you. I put in the powder when he was asking about you father. I'm sorry I didn't tell you.”

'So that's why his gaze softened when I came back after the City! He knew I was a girl then, and he was already planning to make me marry him,' I suppress a shutter. 'Where is he know?'

Zelda smiles grimly. “He left. After the dinner, he said he had some business to attend to and left the Castle. He's with his army now, I know it. But what he doesn't know is that I got all his secrets and plans. When the battle is at it's highest point, he's going to kidnap you and me and take us to the Demon Realm. He's going to use us to bring back his master, Demise. We must stop him, if we don't, we'll loose this battle and Hyrule. We can't let Demise return. So be on your guard during the battle.”

'Wow, so this was your plan all along? You pretended to be ignorant, but you were just driving Ghirahim into false security? Goddesses, Zelly, never knew you had it in ya.'

“I'm sorry if I made you feel upset at all by pretending. I couldn't let anyone know, it might have ruined my plan,” I wave off the apology. I understand now. “Well Link, looks like this is it. We've prepared ourselves all we can and when the sun rises, the siege will start,” Zelda looks out the window, I see that heavy snow is falling. “We have an advantage. While Demons are immune to warm, dry environments, they get cold easily. With this snow, they might be slowed down a bit. Now, I need to tell you were you need to go. I want you to fall into lines with the other knights. You'll be on the ground facing the battle. I hate to do this, but I think it's the best place for you. Sheik will be on the walls, doing all he can to attack from above. Everyone else, like Alex, Adam and Nura, are going to fight on foot in the battle. And Link, I must tell you this, no matter how much you might hate it. You can't save everyone,” she turns to me. “And don't even try. People will die, Link. On both sides. Do not try to save them all. Fight for yourself. Yes, I know you'll feel selfish, but you must fight for yourself, and those few around you. If you see someone about to get crushed by an Orc some twenty meters away, do not rush to save them. Focus on your own fight.”

I look down, nodding. I can't save them all, but I'll do my best. Now I realize just what I'm heading into. I'm going into something that I might not come back alive from. I'm going to haft to kill many Demons and creatures, but I can't feel sorry for them. I must stay strong and fight 'til the end. I'm so scared. I notice my hands are shaking and my eyes sting. I won't cry. I can't cry. I need to be strong.

Zelda wraps her arms around me in a hug, and I break down. I hug her tightly and cry into her shoulder, feeling the most scared I have in my entire life. 'Zelly, I'm scared.'

“I know you are,” I feel a tear drop on my cheek, and it isn't mine. “I am too. Link, no matter what happens, you'll always be my most trusted and beloved friend. And if anything does happen, we'll meet again, I promise.”

'You'll always be mine, too. And I know, even if I don't remember you, I'll always be your friend. We seem to have a way of finding each other eventually.'

Zelda laughs. “That we do. Don't worry so much, I'm sure we'll get through this.”

'I hope so.'

-Charlie's POV-

I look in through the small crack of the door, feeling my heart ache. Little Beast will have the fight of her life, and I'll do whatever I can to make sure she comes out of it alive. I back away from the door and lean on the opposite wall, looking up at the roof and closing my eyes. “I promise you Amy, Josh, I'll protect her. I broke my promise once, but I won't do so again. I will die for her, and fight for her. You won't have to see your daughter, your Link, this soon. She still has a full life to live. She has just discovered love, she has overcome many challenges, her life must not end here. I'll make sure of it. I promise,” I say.

-Sheik's POV-

I walk through the halls of the Castle, hearing a howling wind outside. I look out a window and see snow falling. I smirk. So we do have a bit of luck. It won't be long now. If this is my last day, week, or battle, then I'll spend all the time I have with Link. Sadly, I don't get my wish. Sonja comes running up to me and gives me a bear hug, making me laugh a bit. “There you are, Sheik! I was looking all over for you! C'mon, I have someone to show you. She was a pain to get here, but she'll help with this siege a lot.”

“Who'd you bring?”

“You know her. may not like her,” Sonja grins and I give her an unimpressed look.

“Sonja, don't tell me-” I start when a voice interrupts.

“If it isn't the Traitor,” I hold back a groan when I turn the corner. Rosalie's leaning on a wall, Cerberus and Chimera are guarding her, probably to make sure she doesn't escape. I notice her hands are bound and she's wearing rags. I'm certainly not glad to see her.

“Sonja,” I glare at m cousin.

“I can explain, just be quiet for a moment. When she was in her cell, we found out something...interesting. Osamu taught her how to transform into an animal. In her case, a cobra. She was trying to escape, but Chimera here wasn't fooled by her disguise. Once she was back in her cell, I struck up a deal with her. She's going to use her transformation to help fight, and in return I'll grant her early freedom. She agreed, eventually, and I also made her promise not to hurt Link, or she'll go right back in her cell and stay there until her old sentence is over.”

I glance at Rosalie, who smirks at me knowingly. However much I hate it, I trust Sonja's judgement. “Alright, you do what you think is right. You're usually the one who knows what's what.”

“Thanks for thinking so!” Sonja smiles. “Well, we ought to get going. The siege will start when the sun rises,” she hugs me. “Stay safe, Sheik. And don't worry, we'll make it through this. We'll win for Hyrule.”

“You got it,” I nod and we part the hug. Sonja goes to take Rosalie to the barracks and I head to Link's room, bumping into her on the way. She looks up and I see her eyes are red and puffy. She was crying. “Are you alright, Link?”

She rubs her eyes with the back of her hand. 'Yeah, I'm fine. I was just talking with Zelly, and the whole 'siege' thing got to me. I'm really scared,' she folds her hands in front of her, looking down. 'But I know this is what we have to do. If we don't try to fight, we've already lost. The Demons won't hold back, and neither will I. I'll fight with all I got, and I won't back down, 'cause I know the Demons wouldn't give me mercy.'

“That must have been hard to grasp,” I say as I huge her into me. I lift her chin and look her in the eye. “Link, no matter what happens, whether it be we die, live, win, lose, I love you. I love you more than anyone, and I will love you until the end. If that means tomorrow, then so be it. I at least have something worth fighting and living for. You.”

She tears up and wraps her arms around my neck, kissing me deeply. We stay like this for an eternity, but we break it and I kiss her nose and forehead. 'I love you too, Sheik. I love you with all my heart. And even if we die, I'll at least die knowing I love you.'

“Come on, we should get some rest,” I whisper, feeling tears in my own eyes. She nods and we walk hand-in-hand to her room. We sit on her bed, and just wait. There's nothing more we can do. All we can do is sit and wait for the dawn to come. The dawn that might just be our last.

-The Morning, Link's POV-

After months of searching and planning, it's finally here. The thing everyone has been waiting fearfully for. The siege has arrived. My heart pounds in my chest as I sit on Epona, covered with the magical armour I got on my birthday. Epona herself has armour on her, so she'll be protected too, at least. I stand in line with the other knights, all of who are on their steeds, ready to defend their Castle and country with all their strength. I look onward, able to see shadows among the falling snow. It has lightened up, and the snow on the ground is thick, but the sky is still a dark grey, and I can only think that this is a sort of scene you'd find in a book.

One of the knights beside me, slightly shorter than the others and not riding a horse, looks at me occasionally, but whenever I look at him, he looks away. Something's not right with this guy, but I can't think about him. I can see the army coming.

It's like they're trying to make this more suspenseful than it already is. They march to the top of the hill slowly, on foot, on horses or in the air. Ghirahim is at the front, sitting straight on his horse and looking down at our own army. Even from here I can tell he's not intimidated. I keep telling myself that size and numbers don't matter, but in this such battle, I think they help a lot. I take in a deep breath, seeing the cloud escape my mouth through the cold air. All is silent. Not a bird cries as tension builds and almost suffocates me. The captain of the guard, who just so happens to be the Chancellor, turns his horse to us. “When I look at your faces, I am sorrowful. For I know that I will not see all these faces looking back at me. But if I live, I will not mourn forever. Today, we fight to defend our nation. Today, we fight to keep our families alive. Today, we fight for our Princess. Today, we fight for peace!” he raises his sword and we all unsheathe ours. I feel sweat break out on my forehead. “Today, we fight for Hyrule, or die trying!” the entire army cheers, I can't help but cheer along. All of us are scared, but we all know we must do this. It's our duty to uphold our oath to Hyrule.

Seconds after he finishes his speech, the army rushes down the hill, a killer look in their eyes. It's begun.

Time feels like it slows down as the Chancellor turns and urges his mount forward. The knights and solders follow, swords, arrows, axes, spears and shields raised. The knights before me, carrying lances, speed up ahead and the Demons riding horses lower their own lances. The moment the first lance hits its target, time speeds up, and the rush of battle starts.

I don't even need to tell Epona where to go as I unsheathe my sword and shield, eyes fixed on a Demon that's coming my way. I ready my sword and he readies his. We collide, and I stab right through his stomach, making him lurch forward and fall off his horse only to get trampled by another knight. I try not to think about it as three Demons come at me at once. One of the knights beside me runs by my side and we go different ways, me right, him left, and slash at the three Demons, coming around to be behind them. The knight grabs one of their shoulders and runs the sword through their back, and I swing my sword into the second's collar bone, making him grab it and get distracted. I use this to kick him off his horse and Epona stands on her front hooves to buck the Demon behind me, which I hadn't noticed. I look over my shoulder to see she had gotten him right in the head. There's no doubt that he's dead. His horse keeps running, the lifeless body bouncing with each gallop.

The knight who helped me pats my shoulder. “Keep you eye on the game, kid,” he says, pulling a spear off the saddle of his horse. “It ain't over yet, and it'll get much harder after this,” he runs off into the thickest part of the battle, where I see Demons and solders falling.

Keeping his advise in mind, I guide Epona forward and take out the dagger Midna gave me, holding it in my right hand as best I can. A talon suddenly comes into my view and hits me over the head, knocking me off Epona. I almost get stepped on, but jump to my feet before a fellow knight kills me. I look up at a screech and see a Harpy flapping her wings quickly, forming a ball of fire in her mouth. She throws her head in a circle on her neck and shoots the ball at me. I duck and I hear it hit somebody, but I don't have time to look when she flies down at me again, extending her talons to rake me down. I jump to the side, almost getting hit by her wing, and swing my sword in the same movement, cutting along her side and making her crash into the dirt.

Seconds after, ten Demons surround me and three knights who had jumped off their horses. Epona's fighting by herself a few meters away. The Demons run at us and I raise my shield. The Demon who was after me hits it with his sword and I jab my sword out from under the shield, but the Demon jumps back and kicks his feet at my legs, trying to get me down. I kick his leg back and then continue to kick his stomach. He stumbles, but I can't get a finishing move on him since another one of his buddies cuts my left arm. I ignore the cut and pivot on my feet, catching the Demon on his leg, but he shrugs it off quickly and stabs at me. I bend my back and make an arch, seeing the tip of his sword almost touch my nose before I follow the arch and roll backwards and get to my feet, blocking his next swing with my sword. His blade runs down mine and our hilts lock with a clang, we glare at each other as we push, trying to get the upper hand. He quickly overwhelms me and I let my legs buckle and roll on the ground. I get up and stab him in his side, sinking my sword between his ribs and making him scream in pain as he stumbles away, holding his side as blood stains his hand. I hear footsteps and back flip as high as I can, soaring over the head of the Demon I was first fighting. I land on my feet and stab him in the back. He falls over dead. The Demon with the bleeding ribs rushes at me, but gets his head taken off by a solder passing by with a one-handed sword.

An Orc slams its club into the ground a little ways away and takes out eleven solders and knights. Some other knights are shooting it, but they don't do anything. I slide under a Demon's horse as it runs by and pull out the Megaton Hammer as I roll once and swing it down onto the Orc's foot. It roars and falls forward, crushing a Harpy that was about to feast on a dead solder. I can't get a good blow when another Orc picks me up. I struggle to break free of its hold and start to get crushed when two, nicely curved blades decapitate it. I fall and land on the ground as the Orc falls back and look up to see Nura standing on it, smirking down at me. “You always need saving,” she laughs, helping me up. I grin as we go back-to-back. We get surrounded and I can hear the smirk grow in Nura's voice. “Link, lock your arms with mine.” I'm confused, but do as she says and lock arms. She suddenly leans forward, making me go on her back and spins. Quickly getting the idea, I kick the Demons as quickly as I can, knocking them back and dazing a few of them. Nura puts me down and runs in a swift circle, hitting them all with her twin glaives. They drop like flies and Nura comes to my side, twirling the hilts in her hands and making the blades face her forearms.

“Are you holding up okay?” she asks as I pull out a bomb and toss it into the mouth of a Gryphon who tries to take off my head. I nod as it explodes behind me and I get my sword and shield back out before another Gryphon can cut me into pieces. I raise my shield and see the tips of its talon break through the shield before I tug it back and stab it through the head. It falls and I jump off my right foot to step on a Demon who fell to the ground and use him to propel myself into the air so I can spin. I manage to hit three on-coming Harpies and a Gryphon before coming back down and slamming my boot into the Demon's face, then stabbing him through the heart. My heart pounds heavier in my chest as I roll away from some more Gryphons and I feel my blood pumping every time I strike an enemy down. I'm not enjoying this, but the adrenalin is keeping me going and helping me to not stop and think about what I'm doing.

Suddenly a Minotaur charges through a small group of solders and I see it's eyes land on the solder I spotted earlier. I recognize that look in its eye from when I was in the Fire Temple. That solder's a girl, and she's in trouble. I slide between the legs of an Orc, slicing his leg while I go, and run a couple of Demons through before coming behind the solder. I jump up and over her head, raising my sword and bringing it down on the Minotaur's head, splitting it in half as I land on one knee. I get up and turn to look over my shoulder at the solder, who's staring at me through hr visor. I give her a small salute before seeing Epona running towards me. But, she doesn't stop beside me, she stops beside the solder. I see her freeze as Epona nudges her, which makes my ears drop. The only person Epona nudges beside me is...Ilia...Oh Goddesses!

I don't have time to think anything more when an Orc comes up behind her. I grab her arm and pull her back before its club can crush her and get onto Epona's back, using her help to fly above the Orc and bring my sword down with a Fatal Blow. The Orc falls back and I back flip off of it, using a Spin Attack to knock some Demons and a Moblin to the ground. I look around, but can't find Ilia. Where did she go? And why in Hyrule is she even here?

“Kid, duck!” a knight gallops towards me, lance lowered, and I crouch. He makes his horse go over me and he knocks a Demon of his horse. “Keep you eye on the prize.” He says and, with a war cry, goes further into the fray.

I mount Epona and take out my bow, notching an arrow on quickly. I look around for Ilia, but I've lost sight of her, and I sigh as I shoot a Harpy. I hope she'll be okay.

There's no time to think about it, I need to focus on fighting. If my concentration breaks, I might just break down with it. After doing all I can by shooting, I bring out my sword to see the world grow darker. Some foolish solders stop to look around, but they get killed for doing so. I keep my eyes forward as I slash a Demon's horse, making the horse stumble and the Demon gets stuck under it before getting his head crushed by a Moblin running by. Don't think about it, don't think about it or you'll throw up.

Suddenly Epona stumbles, making my heart jump out of my throat, and I'm thrown over her neck and land on my back in front of her. I quickly get to my feet and kneel beside my horse, her hind leg got stuck in a hole. Gulping, and praying she'll be alright, I go around and try to get her leg out, but she's flailing too much and catches me in the gut. 'Epona, calm down! I'm trying to help!' I force my thoughts to reach her and I see the wild look in her eyes soften slightly. I manage to pull her leg out, but my shoulder suddenly stings. I look to see an arrow sticking through the small slit where there's no armour and curse. I grip my sword in my right hand, extremely clumsily, and turn to see a Demon riding a Gryphon. He goes to shoot me again, but Cerberus suddenly pounces from nowhere and takes the Demon and Gryphon down, ripping them apart with 1 and 3 while 2 looks out for more danger.

Epona manages to get back on her hooves, but I see that her hind leg is red and inflamed. Crap. I shake my head, however much I hate it, I still need to focus on the fight. I turn and find myself surrounded by ten Demons and three Moblins, alone. There are no solders or knights around, and Cerberus is dealing with other Gryphons and Minotaurs.

One Demon teleports and I flip my sword in my hand and stab backwards, feeling it hit the Demon in the gut. I spin and kick him, knocking him back and letting Epona crush his windpipe. I suck up my pain and switch my sword to my left hand and pull out my shield, this'll hurt, but I gotta fight. A Moblin roars and stomps on the ground, trying to knock me down by shaking it. I spread my feet to stay balanced and smash my shield into the face of an advancing Demon, then I proceed to cut across his chest. He falls and I get hit over the head. My vision blurs and I feel panic start to rise up in me, but force it back down and swing my sword to the right, where I can hear armour clanging. My sword bounces of metal and I hear the Demon stumble. I kick up and feel my foot strike hard metal. Mentally cursing some more, I spin my sword in my hand and stab down, feeling it break something on the Demon's body. My feet leave the ground when a Demon grabs the back of my tunic. I feel his sword touch my neck as he pulls my head back by my bangs and he chuckles.

“Say goodbye,” he hisses and I smirk.

'Goodbye,' I think and ram the back of my head into his chin, then kick my leg back. I hear him make a groan and fall to his knees, and I think I know where I hit him. All's fair in love and war, I guess. My vision finally turns back to normal in time for me to see an icy wind come at me. I move just in time, but it freezes my foot to the already frozen snow. I tug my leg to get free, but the Demons around me just laugh as they close in. I try to think fast when Epona jumps over my head and bucks two of the Demons in the jaws, breaking them before she turns and bites a different Demon's shoulder. She throws him far before ramming her side into a Moblin, making him fall over and shake the ground. The shaking causes the ice around my foot to shatter and I bend my knees, raising my sword and holding it in both hands, shield still on my arm. I ignore my stinging shoulder and see a yellow beam of light run down the blade before swinging right, left, than center, all the while jumping up and striking down all but one of the Demons. The first one I was dealing with stands slowly and sends another wind of ice at me. I bring out the staff Zelda gave me and the wind hits the orb, gathering the power. The orb turns a light blue colour and I see the spell swirling around inside it before I swing it around my head and point the staff at the Demon, sending the wind back at him. He gets frozen solid and Epona finishes him off by bucking him, causing him to shatter into pieces. Goddesses, this is getting brutal.

Suddenly, a large shadow of a tower covers me and I look up to see just that. A wooden tower, being pushed my Moblins and Orcs, is coming towards me. I see many others closing in on the walls of Castle Town and gulp. This can't be good. Instead of running out of the way like most of the solders and knights are doing, I run at the tower and jump, grabbing the wooden front of it, where no one can see me from behind the tower. I make my way up, the arrow in my shoulder becoming a numb feeling, and move to the side of it before looking over the railing. I see a ladder that lets the Demons up and there are already at least fifty of them standing on the tower. I smirk and let one hand go, holding on with my right. I grab a bomb and light it before tossing it on the floor. None of the Demons notice until it explodes. It makes three of them fall over the side, one of them almost knocks me off, and the other Demons look around in confusion.

I move to the back of the tower, which is just a ladder and a plank of wood that they're standing on, and swing myself up, still unnoticed by the Demons. Geez, these guys are dumb. I get onto my hands and knees and crawl between their legs, getting my sword ready as they try to find where the explosion came from. I wait a few seconds before springing up and Spin Attacking, making many of them scream in pain and surprise as the majority are tossed off the tower. The rest surround me and I grin and jump in the air, grabbing onto a loose part of the roof just before two Demons thrust their spears forward. They impale each other and I drop back down, bring out the dagger, and twirl the sword and dagger in my hands as I step forward, slicing and stabbing the Demons in their weakest spots. My dagger hits the heart of one Demons as my sword slices half the leg of of another, making him stumble and fall of the tower. Then I notice more Demons climbing up the tower. I'll need to get rid of this whole thing.

Suddenly I'm knocked back and hands wrap around my neck as I see the walls of the Castle drawing closer due to half my body being upside-down. I kick my leg up and toss the Demon who was choking me over the side, he falls with a scream. I follow through with falling out and grab the edge, wishing I still have my Clawshot.

Just as I think it, I hear my name being called. “Link, think fast!” I look up and see Navi toss one of my Clawshots at me. I catch it in my left hand with a grin. I nod to Navi before letting go of the tower. I put the Clawshot on my right hand and shoot it at the bottom of the tower. It hits with a thud and I kick my feet to swing under it, pulling out as many bombs as I can. One blows up one of the pillars and the tower leans over with a groan. I land on the very top of it, a roof's above the platform with the ladder, and jump off it, much to Navi's panic.

There's a sudden roar and I almost get whiplash as I'm taken up into the sky by Rocky. He got me right on his face and I grin at him as I climb to stand between his horns. I pull out my bow and ready it, smiling as Navi flies above my shoulder. “You are crazy,” she says as I look down to watch the tower crush many Demons and a Moblin. It even crashes into another tower and causes it to fall. I shrug, if I'm crazy, so be it.

Rocky flies down towards the back of the army, which is holding back. He sprays boiling water on them and Navi sends electrical charges at them, making them scream and smoke as we fly back towards the Castle walls. It's now that I notice a large dome hovering over us. The Twilight Smog surrounds us completely, but I also see six lights holding it back from all directions. Yellow, green, red, blue, dark purple and orange. I smile, Time and the Sages are really helping.

I tap Rocky's head and signal him to take me down to the ground. He lands, crushing as many Demons as he can, and I jump off, shooting Moblins and Harpies left and right. A solder falls beside me, and for a fearful second, I think it's Ilia, but the solder's helmet falls off and I see it's not my friend. I shake my head and continue shooting, when I suddenly see that we're starting to be overwhelmed by the army. No, it can't end so soon. With a war cry, I unsheathe my sword and shield and fight with all I've got.

I stab, slash and cut swiftly, making sure to be careful and alert for any on-coming danger that might be unseen quickly enough. People on both sides fall or continue, and it's weird seeing so many people I had seen walking around yesterday just...still and not breathing.

Suddenly, like a slap to my face, it dawns on me. People are dead. People with families, friends, kids. People who had at one time been babies. People who won't see a better tomorrow, or the end of this battle. People my age are dying before they even get a real chance at life. And not just the Hyrulians, the Demons too. They've been dying as well. They're fighting for what they think is right, but what is right? What if they know this isn't the right thing, and they are being forced to fight for Ghirahim and Majora?

I stumble back, not due to any physical blow, but from the fact that I've been killing people who have families back at home they won't see again for years. I look around and time slows for me. I see falling bodies, hear cries of pain and rage, and can smell burning flesh. This battle, this siege, this war, it's horrific! How can anyone even stand it? All the killing. And I've helped them!

I don't notice the beam of fire coming towards me until I'm lifted off my feet by my tunic and put down on the other side of her person. “You Light Dwellers are silly,” I snap my head up at the voice and I see a male Twili smirking at me. He has navy blue hair and a black torso, his arms, legs and neck are white, and his face is a dark grey colour. His eyes are navy blue, almost black, and seem to shine. He's taller than Midna is by at least a head. He's wearing a long black robe and breeches. “Don't you know you can't quit yet? You've got to have somebody worth fighting for.”

'Who are you?' I ask, shaking my head and numbly lifting my sword.

“The name's Noir,” he says shortly and summons a double-headed axe. I've heard that name before, but where? “Now buck up and keep fighting, Link,” he teleports before I can ask him how he knows my name. Puzzled, I look back at the fight, gulping as I go back to the thing I hate doing the most. Killing.

-Third POV-

Ghirahim smirks, looking down on the destruction that his army is bringing to this land. He looks to the sky and scowls, those foolish Sages, they won't hold up forever, and when they fall, the Twilight Smog will consume the Castle and they will be taken by the darkness. He turns his head to Majora, who's sitting lazily on a rock, hands behind her head and her legs crossed. “Shouldn't you be in the fight?”

“Naw, your Demons 've got it,” Majora waves an equally lazy hand. “Besides, I'm saving my energy to rip that scrawny Hylian apart.”

“You're not ripping her apart.”

“Pft, like you thought any differently before you knew she was a girl, Debby. And a besides of my own, you only need her to bring back that master of yours. I got nothing to do with that, the only reason I agreed to fight with ya at all was because I wanted the land my foolish brother took from me. And to get it, I need to get rid of the vessel that can hold my brother. That Hylian.”

“Stop calling me Debby!” Ghirahim growls, casting his gaze on the bloodshed. “It is nearly nightfall. Time sure does fly by when a battle rages. Soon, we will make our move to get the Princess and Hero. They'll be helpless.”

“I wouldn't be too sure, Debby,” Ghirahim cringes and clenches his fists in irritation. “You never know what they got up their sleeves. Who knows? They could be planning their own means of fighting you. Oh look, there goes another one of your siege towers. A lot good those things did. That Hero you're after is crafty, I'll give 'er that.”

“Shut. Up,” Ghirahim narrows his eyes. “Their army is weakening.”

“Humans are feeble, can't expect much,” Majora says, flipping of the rock when she sees the ground start to shift. “Wait a second, that ain't part of the plan.”

“Stalfos?” the Demon Lord mutters, seeing an army bigger than his rise from the frozen earth as if it were water. “How did they get Stalfos on their side?”

“One of the great mysteries of life, Debby.”

“My name is not Debby!”

-Link's POV-

I lift my hand from the frozen earth, not even knowing how I managed to summon the Undead army from the ground. Maybe they sense great distress? I dunno. The three leaders of the army nod my way before rushing into battle, as reckless as the other Stalfos who have joined the fight. I can't help but smile as I keep fighting. Both the army and the bile that threatens to make its way out of my stomach. The more I stab and strike an enemy down, the more I feel sick and scared. I take in my surroundings again, even with the skeleton army, we're loosing numbers too fast to keep going. We're loosing the battle.

Suddenly a messenger runs by, yelling a retreat to the Castle. “Princess Zelda has called a retreat! Leave at once!” he yells.

I look around, but there are so many wounded and unable to get back. Are we just supposed to leave them here? Epona, limping, nudges my side and jerks her head to the side. I see a young solder stumbling along, their side bleeding heavily. I won't let this solder die! I run over to them as they collapse and get their arm around my shoulders, lifting them up and letting them lean on me. 'I'll get you back,' I think, starting forward, when the solder talks.

“I see you're as stubborn and faithful as ever,” I glance at the solder, who I realize is Ilia. “That's going to get you killed.”

'If it means you go on, I don't care,' I think and I know she sees it in my eyes. Before she can say anything else, she faints and my legs buckle, but I force myself on. I look over my shoulder, the army is rushing at us, not willing to lighten up. The Stalfos army is fighting back, keeping them at bay. I see a Stalfos waving the people into the city.

“Keep a move on! We'll take care of these pests!” he yells as I pass with Ilia on my shoulders and Epona beside me. I take one last glance behind me before the gates close and I look down. We've had a heavy lost at the very first battle. I hope the other races make it soon.

I make sure Ilia is being cared for in the infirmary before I run to find Zelda. I find her near the stables, wearing light armour and holding her bow and quiver of Light Arrows. 'We were losing big time back there, Zelly,' I think, panting as I hold my shoulder. The healer had to force the arrow through the back of my shoulder to get it out, then she gave me a red potion to drink and forced me to sit down to patch up the wound. 'Can we still do this?'

“Yes we can. Midna just got back, her people are coming to fight. They'll be here soon,” she looks out beyond the walls. “Keeping the Harpies from crossing the wall was difficult, a few even got in before we could get them down. But most of the creatures are in the field.”

I nod, rinsing my mouth again with a water flask. I had thrown up after leaving the infirmary. 'It's crazy out there. It was horrible,' I look down, gulping. Rocky flies down beside me and licks my face. I give a forced smile and scratch his chin, trying to think. 'His army's endless, we'll have lost all our people by the time we make a big enough dent in his army. We gotta do something to prevent anymore deaths!'

“I know, I'm trying to think of that. It's hard, none of the other races have made it yet, and we only have the Stalfos out there now. By the way, thank you for getting them here.”

'No problem,' I sit down harshly on a barrel, swinging my legs. 'We lost, Zelly.'

“We lost the battle, not the war. But I fear we will if something isn't done about Majora or Ghirahim.”

'What can we do? It's not like we can just walk into the Demon Realm and take them on ourselves,' I think, patting Rocky between the eyes. 'And even if we could, how could we get around? We don't know anything about their place!'

“That's it,” Zelda whispers and grabs my hand. “Link, your a genius!” she pulls me off the barrel and I just stare dumbfounded at the back of her head as I'm dragged off.

'I am?'

“Yes! Why didn't I think of it before? We need to see Vaati and Shadow, I think I know what they have been up to this entire time.”

'Huh?' she ignores me.

We come to the library and Vaati and Shadow are here, arguing about something or other. “I'm just saying that it might not be worth the effort,” Shadow shrugs.

“And I'm saying that this is the one chance we have at finishing this stupid war.”

“Vaati, Shadow, have you two been trying to get to the Demon Realm?” Zelda says, cutting to the chase and not even bothering to beat around the bush.

Vaati looks at her, impressed. “Finally caught on, have you? Yes, we've been doing just that from the beginning. It was part of my bargain to be free. I knew all along who was the enemy, but I couldn't tell anyone, or I'd be sealed again. But this spell is tricky, it can only be opened once a day, and only for a few seconds. And only people who have an actual quarrel with the ones they wish to fight can enter.”

'Eh?' I raise an eyebrow and look at Shadow, be he shrugs, seeming as clueless as me.

“So only people who have something against Ghirahim or Majora can go through?” Zelda says.

“Yes. The spell isn't finished quiet yet, so you'll have to hold off the army for at least another day. Think your solders are up to it, Princess?”

“With the Stalfos, we'll be able to hold up until the other races have arrived. Will you inform me once the spell is complete?”

“I'll get Shadow to find you and tell you. I can't leave this library unless something dire happens, or the spell will break to the beginning and I'll have to get the raw materials again. And we won't have time for that nonsense.”

“Thank you for your help.”

“I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing it for myself so I can be free of the Goddesses.”

“Zelda!” Sonja drops onto the top of one of the bookcases, pale and red-faced at the same time. “You need to see this.”

Sonja takes us to the upper walls of the Castle and we gasp at the sight. The Twilight Smog is slowly coming closer, and there are no signs of the Sages. Panic fills me and I put my hands on the wall, leaning over and mind-shouting, 'Time! Sages! Where are you?!' as loudly as I can.

Zelda comes to my side, her eyebrows furrowed with worry. “Something must have happened to them. I can't tell if it was good or bad,” she looks at the field. “The army's advancing. We'll need to send our troops back out there so they can't reach the walls. Link, do you think Epona's up for more fighting?”

'No, her back leg is too injured,' I think, still gazing at the on-coming Smog.

“And Rocky?”

'He's fine. I can probably ride him and take some people out from above.'

A hawk cry rings through the air and the bird lands on Zelda's shoulder, a letter tied to its foreleg. Zelda takes the letter off and pats the hawks head as she reads it. I see a small fire rise in her eyes. “We might not be at such a loss as we thought,” she smiles. “It's a letter from the Sheikah, they'll be here just after nightfall. Apparently, a purple ball of light is guiding them through the Smog so they don't become their opposites.”

'Naoko!' I grin, looking back at the Smog. 'That's it! The Sages are guiding their races to the battle! Since all of Hyrule is covered in the Smog otherwise, they had to get here somehow!'

“I would guess the Sage of Light is protecting Ordon, considering he's one of your past lives and will know how much worry you'll be in,” Zelda folds the letter and tucks it into her belt, looking back out to the field with a renewed spirit. “The Gorons will probably get here first, then the Wind Tribe, followed by the Zora, Sheikah, and finally the Dekus and such from the forest. We have more people on our side than I first realized.”

I look up at the top of the Smog, which is almost touching the tallest tower of the Castle. I feel hope rise in my heart and I smile. Not all is lost yet. Zelda's right, we lost the battle, but we might just win the war. The Stalfos are doing a huge part in keeping the enemy back, and the archers on the walls are shooting any Harpies or Gryphons that try to fly over. We're holding up, and that's all we can do until our allies arrive.

“I got good news for you guys,” we turn to see Midna leaning on the door, smirking. I also notice that Noir is standing behind her, arms crossed. “My Twili have arrived. They're waiting outside the Castle in the Town, ready to follow my orders.”

“With our people, you've got the advantage of surprise on your side,” Noir gives a thumbs-up. “We already sent some of them ahead to ruin the supplies and towers of the army.”

'Wait a second...' it clicks. I remember when I heard his name before! 'You mentioned Noir after I found out you were a Princess!' I think.

“Remember that, do you?” Midna giggles. “Yeah, he was the big doofus who tried to take on Zant after he cursed me,” she says jokingly at Noir.

“No time for going through memories, we need to get back to fighting,” Zelda says. “Link, head down to the field on Rocky. You don't need to fight on him, but he might be able to help more on the ground than in the air.”

I nod and stand on the wall, whistling for my dragon. He soars under the wall and I jump off, landing behind his head as he flies towards the field. I hear Noir speak before I'm out of hearing range. “That friend of yours is crazy...She's the one who helped you, isn't she?”

“Yep,” I imagine Midna nodding and shake my head.

I look down at the field as Rocky flies in circles overhead. The Stalfos are doing a good job, but they break so easily. The good thing is that they keep coming back to life so long as all of them are alive. Sorta like the Twilight Messengers. Speaking of those guys, I see a bunch of them waiting just outside the Smog. They don't need it to live, but I'll guess it makes them stronger. I whistle at Rocky and he dives towards some Demons, snatching a few of them up and crushing them between his talons and the walls of the city. He pushes off the wall and flies sideways, making me grab his horns tightly, and he headbutts a tower, causing it to crash to the ground in splinters as he goes right through it.

Seems like both of our spirits are heightened now that we know our allies are coming. I see solders and knights coming back into the fight and Twili rise from the shadows, wielding sharp blades of all sorts and cutting through the Orcs and Moblins with ease. Good, now we have a better way of getting rid of those big guys. I look back ahead as Rocky flies high and he picks up a Demon in his mouth and a Harpy in each talon. He snaps down and his teeth tear the Demon in two and he smashes the Harpies' heads together before dropping the bodies. He sprays boiling water down on Demons who are shooting fire arrows, dousing their fire and burning them in the process. He may be young, but my dragon is a smart fighter.

Suddenly a loud roar makes its way to my ears, and it isn't Rocky's. I look up along with Rocky and I see a talon disappear into the Twilight Smog. I whistle and Rocky goes lower, keeping his guard up, when a another dragon flies down from the Smog, blocking Rocky's way. The dragon is much larger than Rocky, probably even larger than Volvagia, and looks more like a Aeralof than a serpent. It's scales are a silvery colour.

Goddesses, why do I attract giant monsters?

It roars and fire comes out of its mouth. Rocky dodges the flames just barely and sprays water at the dragon, but it does little to affect it. It flies towards us and Rocky spins to dodge, making me slip back a bit.

I unsheathe my sword as Rocky straightens and stand up shakily, readying myself for the next move. The dragon dives and I whistle for Rocky to lower just a bit and he just moves out of the way. The dragon flies over our heads and I stab up, but my sword doesn't even leave a scratch as it flies above. Its back talon hits me and I slide all the way down Rocky's body until I get to his tail. I fall off for a moment before throwing my arm out and grabbing his tail before I fall to my doom. He flicks his tail towards his head and I fly again. He catches me in his talon and moves out of the way of more fire, but his lower half gets burned. He lets out a pain-filled roar and turns to the dragon, hissing.

The dragon's eyes turn into harsh slits and they fly at each other, opening their mouths and breathing fire and water at one another. The two elements meet and a cloud of thick steam falls around us, making the air hot and sticky. I find it almost hard to breathe and can't even see Rocky's head through the thickness.

I hear a roar, see a stream of fire stop mid air, I can only assume Rocky's spraying back, and feel a jerk before I'm ripped from Rocky's talon. I feel much smaller talons grip my foot and look to my foot to see a Gryphon holding me, a dangerous smirk in its eyes. It lets go, but I get my Clawshot out and shoot it. The Gryphon moves out of the way and grabs the chain just above the claw, and my ears drop as I stop falling. Oh dear, I should have thought this plan through-

The Gryphon flies off quickly, making me swing around and grip the base of the Clawshot with both hands. It weaves in and out of the dragon battle, getting its feathers and fur singed. I swing my legs up into myself to not get burned alive and retract the Clawshot, pulling myself towards the Gryphon as it comes out of the cloud. I pull out my dagger and plunge it into the Gryphon's neck when I meet it. Its talons scratch me down my front, but I ignore the shallow injury and kick off its head. It falls to the ground and I grab onto the first thing I see. As it turns out, it's the whisker of the dragon Rocky's fighting.

The whisker whips up onto the dragons muzzle and I get tossed between its eyes, making it roar in surprise. I look at the eye on my left to see it looking at me and I grin as I take out my sword and stab it into the socket. The Aeralof-like dragon breathes fire all around him in a tornado-like fashion and I grab onto its scales. It's scales are too thick to hurt it, and I won't kill it simply by stabbing it in the eyeball. Remembering the time I fought Morpheel and had to get inside its mouth to hurt it more, I groan. This is gunna be like that, isn't it?

Sighing, I move to the tip of the dragon's nose while it stops flailing. I can feel its eyes fall on me and I turn to see the eyes. Time to piss of a dragon. Oh joy. Come to think of it, it's already pissed off from the whole eye stabbing thing. It throws its head up so I go flying and opens its mouth. I groan and get my sword out, ready to stab its throat and, hopefully, do a lot of damage.

The dragon has different plans. Instead of just trying to eat me, I see a red glow form at the back of its throat. Farore's Spirit! I move my arms as if trying to fly and the fire starts towards me. It almost gets my foot when it suddenly gets moved out of the way. The steam has cleared and Rocky tackled the dragon and wrapped his body around it, preventing it from flying.

I stop falling when a large gryphon with copper feathers and gold fur catches me. He's even bigger than Elsie! “Knew you'd need help. Guess I've replayed you, huh?” he looks at me and my eyes widen. Felix? “Didn't you hear me arguing with Elsie when you first met her? Told you I'd be of age soon. Now, we gotta kill that dragon if we're gunna win. It's the only thing we need to worry about for the moment. And since it's so big, we can both fit into its mouth and get to its heart. It'll be messy, but at least the biggest threat will be killed.”

Somehow I don't think this is the biggest threat. I look down and see Rocky let go of the dragon just before they hit the ground and the dragon made a large crater in the earth, probably crushing a lot of enemies too, since we're farther back where no Hyrulians or Twili are fighting. It opens its mouth wide and Felix folds his wings, making them cover me. I'm still able to see, and we go right down the dragon's throat. The dragon's mouth closes behind us, if the dim light is anything to go by, and we enter it's stomach. Felix flaps his wings and looks around. “Where can we go from here?”

The stomach rumbles and we're suddenly jerked aside. We're thrown into the wall of the stomach, just to my luck I hit it first and Felix next, and slip down the wall for a second before Felix flies off it. The male Gryphon looks around quickly and shakes his head as I lift my face from his feathers. “Well, we can't get to the heart this way,” he says and kicks off the wall of the stomach. He heads back up the throat and only just stops when a stream of fire soars over our heads. I look up to see a tube of some sort. That must be where the fire comes from. The hole's small, only just a little bigger than me, and almost unnoticeable. “I got it!” Felix hits a balled talon into his other, his eyes smiling. “Dragons have two very weak points, their heart and their heat sack. The heat sack is where they store the energy to breathe fire. If you can crawl through there and destroy the sack, the dragon will die!”

What?! I don't have time to react when Felix takes me off his back and is already stuffing me into the tube head-first. I try to make myself as big as possible, but I'm already half-way through the entrance. “Come on, we don't got all day. He'll breathe fire any minute! The tubes really-” I see a red light and scream, alerting Felix. He pulls me out by my foot and the fire soars by. I let out a small sigh before I'm once again forced into the tube, my entire body in before I can even think. Felix blocks the tube.

No other way, I start crawling through the tube, finding it odd how something that gets attacked by fire is so cold and...slimy. My hands are suddenly lost underneath me and I fall into a small chamber that stinks like the gas in Faron Woods. I gag and see sparks fly from another tube and hit the gas. I gasp and duck my head as the gas explodes and goes through the tube. That was close. I stand up, a bit wobbly due to the 'floor' of the chamber, and stab down, ripping the flesh.

There's a loud roar and I see sparks fly, but the gas escapes through the unnatural slit and doesn't allow fire to pass. I smile for a second, when air rushes passed me and pushes me through the tube at an alarming rate. I fly out of the tube and hit the other side of the throat upside-down and face-first, which silences my scream. Felix grabs my tunic and flies out, not bothering to put me on his back. We get out of the mouth just before it closes and the dragon falls limp seconds later. Rocky's standing on the dragon's stomach, looking confused about how it died 'randomly'. Felix drops me on Rocky's face in a sitting position and I grin up at him. “You're welcome,” Felix salutes and flies off to fight some of his clan members.

Rocky takes off before the Demons close by can hurt us and flies over the main battle. We're still losing a lot of people, but at least we won't have to worry about the dragon. Thank Goddesses.

He flies back to the thick of the battle and I jump off him to join the fray. I fall onto a Demon and knock him to the ground, where we start to wrestle each other. I punch him in the nose, he punches me in the eye, and he rolls over so he's on top. He takes out a dagger, but gets shot in the head with an arrow and I cringe as he falls over me, pressing me into the snow. I kick his body off and get to my feet in time to bump into another Demon. He gets ready to stab me when large hands come from behind him and crush his skull. Eww. A Goron stands behind the Demon and smiles at me, clapping me on the shoulder. Should I be unnerved getting touched after I saw these hands shatter a skull? “Stay strong, Brother,” the Goron says and curls into a ball. He bowls through Demons and jumps into the air, punching down and forcing a Gryphon to the ground, where he crushes it beneath his body. I know how much that hurts.

I unsheathe my sword and block a Moblin's spear with my sword, following up by slashing its stomach open. The stomach bursts and guts spill out, making many people and Demons around me slip and fall, and I myself fall forward. I quickly put my hands in front of me so I don't end up having a face-full of blood. I grin sheepishly to myself as I get to my feet. Oops.

I don't get much time to think on it when I see a man trip over a corpse with an Orc chasing him. I run over and jump to the side, roll, then come back up in a spin, effectively hurting the Orc with a Back Slice. I land on my feet as it turns and I slam my shield into it, even if it doesn't do much, and flip over its head, slicing down. My sword cuts into the back of its head, then, with a jerk, I get pulled back and hit the Orc's back. I look up to see my sword stuck in its skin. I try to tug it, but the Orc swings its club back, almost hitting me, then swings it forward as it charges, seeming to forget about me. I turn so I'm facing its back and grab onto the ragged leather around its shoulders, placing my feet on its back. I make my feet walk up the Orc's back until my feet get on his head and I push my feet forward as I pull the sword, trying to get it out.

It slides from its skull and I fall, landing on my back with a clang. Okay, not my best plan. I sit up and crab-walk backwards when it steps back, almost crushing me with its foot. I scramble to my feet only to trip backwards and tumble into a Demon, making him fall and get stabbed my a spear. A little dizzy, I look around when I'm pulled to my feet by a Goron. “Careful, Brother,” he warns and punches the head off a Harpy.

Biting back a nervous laugh, I pull out an arrow and strap a bomb onto it. I start to light it when I get tackled to the ground. My head slams into a rock and my vision blurs as spots dance in front of my eyes. I hear a ringing sound in my ears and nothing else. I don't even hear the battle going on around me. I faintly feel hands fumbling with my armour, then a pricing hot pain in my side. The weight and pain is taken off somehow and I'm lifted up to my feet, my arm's put around someone's shoulders and I blink to try and clear my vision. “Why do you always need saving?” I know that voice. I look up, still dazed and unable to really see, and spot rose red eyes.

'R-Rosa...Rosaliar?' I think weakly and I'm rushed into some shadows and sat down to sit up on a wall.

“You need to pay attention, you would have gotten killed if I wasn't here,” she says, taking off my armour and putting her hands on my side. “Now, stay still so I can heal you.”

I nod slowly, blinking to try and see again. After this battle, magic is the least of my worries. My side stings and I bite back a gasp as I feel the wound seal up. Rosaliar shakes her head. “Well, now that that's over, stand up and get back to fighting. And take care of yourself, I'm not here to watch you die for being a moron,” she stands and jumps back into the fight. I use the wall to push myself to my feet and I lean on it to get strength back to my legs. I look down at my side, just a small white scar is left of the stab wound. Why did...she save me? And what is she even doing here?

There's no time to waste, Gorons are starting to fall and we still have a city to defend. I unsheathe my sword and shield, stepping back into the fight.

-The Start of the Siege, Sheik's POV-

I stand on the walls of Castle Town, wearing light chain-mail armour so I can still move freely. The defence down below stand at attention as the Chancellor gives his small speech. My heart pounds in my chest. The army on the hill stay there for a few seconds before starting down the hill slowly. From my perch I can see siege towers being pushed by Orcs to the top of the hill. We'll have to look out for those. In the distance I see Harpies and Gryphons take off from the ground and the army runs down the hill. The defence runs towards them, weapons at the ready.

“Archers, ready your bows!” Zelda commands, walking down the line behind the archers, her own bow in hand and a thin sword on her hip. “We must stop the Harpies and Gryphons from making it above the wall. Do whatever means necessary to stop them from finding their way in. Light the torches!”

I've never heard her so much like a commander. If she didn't have her responsibilities as a Princess, she could probably be the commander of the army. The Mythical Monsters draw close, some dive into the battle on the ground, but most of them fly towards us, talons ready to tear us open. I get my throwing knives ready and crouch. “First line, fire!” Zelda yells and the archers let their arrows fly. The rain of arrows hit the monsters, but some either shrug it off or dodge them as others fall to the ground. Zelda herself manages to shoot a Gryphon in the neck with a Light Arrow, which travels through the neck and pierces the heart of a Harpy that was behind the lion-eagle hybrid.

I jump into the air when a Gryphon almost makes it passed and land on its back, stabbing a knife into its neck and tossing it away before it can fall and crush any of the archers. It hits another Gryphon and makes it fly off course and smash head first into the wall. I pull out my chain-whip and swing it at a Harpy's foot, snagging it and swinging the chain down as I land on the wall again. The Harpy is sent to the ground below with a sickening crunch and I pull my chain back before I'm taken after it.

“Second line, fire!” Zelda's command is followed by another rain of arrows. One of the archers gets grabbed by the shoulders before he can shoot and he's thrown over the wall. I whip my chain around the Gryphon's neck just as it enters the city and it screeches as I pull back and make it spin around. I let it fly and pull out some more throwing knives as a Harpy advances on me. My knife goes right through its eye and it turns just before it hits me, but instead of pulling back it hits the ground and gets its head cut off by Rosalie, who's also fighting on the walls. I think she's here just to be close to me.

A Harpy starts to summon a ball of fire in its mouth and has time to shoot it before anyone can take it out. It hits several people and they get burned alive. Their screams echo in the air, but the rest of us continue to fight. We're already loosing so many numbers on the ground. All I can be grateful for is that Link isn't one of them. I can feel it.

I shake my head. I can't think of her, I need to focus on my own fight. Again, I jump up from the wall and grab a Harpy this time. It scratches my face with its talon, but I stab its heart and let it follow its falling brethren. I land on the wall again and bring out my chain-whip, swinging it around in quick circles at my side. It burns white hot and I send it at a Gryphon who grabs an archer. The Gryphon screeches and lets go of the man, flying wildly into another Gryphon and causing both of them to get killed.

“A Harpy got over the wall!” Zelda yells and I look back to see the Harpy soaring over the rooftops. “Kill it before it gets to the Castle!”

“I'm on it,” I say and jump off the wall, jumping from rooftop to rooftop so I can catch up to the hybrid. I slide down the side of one house and propel myself off it, taking out my throwing knives and hitting the Harpy's wing with them. It cries out in pain and crashes into the fountain, flailing about in the cold water. I land on top of the fountain and observe. It's acting as if the cold is burning it. A plan grows in my head and I summon cold water between my hands in a sphere. I send the water at the Harpy and it screeches before blowing up, only the feathers show any signs that it came here.

A grin spreads across my face. Their weakness is cold. I rush back to the wall and climb up it, quickly looking around for Zelda. I find her shooting a Harpy through the mouth and see the arrowhead sticking out the back of its head as it falls. Nice shot. “Zelda, I found out the Harpies' weakness,” I say, throwing a knife into a Gryphon's eye. “They're weak to the cold more-so than the others. The one that got in fell into the fountain and acted as if it were getting burned alive.”

“Good to know, tell those down the line, quickly! We can't afford to lose too many people, or we'll be defeated,” she pushes my shoulder towards the archers and I let out a soft chuckle before going down the line, doing as the Princess says.

“Anyone with magic, hit the Harpies with Ice Arrows, that will cause more damage than you realize,” I tell them, continually throwing knives at whatever tries to pass the wall. Some of the flying creatures manage to grab some archers off the wall and kill them, but we're taking more of them down than they are taking us. Can't say the same for the ground fighting. We are losing many people to the army and with each kill we have less of a chance of winning this war.

I see Sonja teleport onto a Harpy's back, stab its neck, then jump to another one as it dived bombs her. She slices its head off and kicks off its body, propelling herself into a third Harpy and stabbing its heart. She lands on the head of a Gryphon and kicks down, sending it off course and sending it into the wall with a sickening crunch. It's going to take a while to clean up after this. I cringe. If we win, that is.

Through the fighting and defending, I feel many emotions not connected to what I'm doing. Overwhelming fear, sickened stomach. But I myself don't feel sick, and my fear isn't very strong, I'm more focused on the fighting. Where are these coming from?

Suddenly my stomach jumps through my throat and more fear rises inside me as I use my chain-whip to bring down a Harpy. I even hear a horse whiny in my ears and the sound of metal and shouts. I focus my eyes on my own fight, but I hear noises not connected to mine. Then a thought crosses my mind, but only barely. '-na, calm down! I'm trying to help you!'


“Sheik!” I snap my head up and pull out a knife as a Gryphon comes at me. I plunge it into the eagle/lion's neck and throw it over the wall. Sonja's looking at me, worried. “Pay attention already! You could have gotten killed just then!” she scolds me like I'm a child and shoots a Harpy.

I see one of the siege towers coming closer, then see a speck climbing up it. I recognize that green hat anywhere. What the heck is Link doing? I half-focus on the fight on the walls and half-look at where Link is, when she moves out of my sight and climbs into the tower. What in Hyrule? The next few minutes I see the Demons on the tower fall off of it. Link's really putting her morals aside for Hyrule.

All the while, I'm still throwing knives and whipping the flying enemies, some of them carrying Demons, when a large explosion shakes the wall. Me, Sonja and Rosalie jump onto the turrets and look down to see some Orcs trying to ram the doors open. With a nod, we all jump down, pulling out our weapons. Sonja's daggers dig into the skull of one and she pulls them back, ripping the head open and plunging one of the daggers into the brain. Rosalie rotates her hands in a circular motion and mutters something, turning into a cobra and coiling around another Orc's neck, choking it. I make the end of my chain white-hot and whip it into the face of the last, by this time the pillar they were using is dropped, and it roars, stepping back and crushing a Demon before falling into the water below the bridge.

We climb back up the wall quickly and make it to the top to see one of the siege towers explode and fall to the ground, colliding with one beside it. I also see Rocky fly above the heads of the army, Link behind his head. I can't help but smile as I watch her. That reckless little Hylian. I notice more siege towers advancing and turn to Sonja. “We need to deal with those towers. If they reach the wall, we'll be done for.”

“One step ahead of you,” she grins and whistles. Out of nowhere, the phoenix I had met a while ago flies down, creating sparks with each flap. Sonja points to the towers. “Burn them, if you please,” she says and it screeches before taking off, its wings blazing. “You didn't think I wouldn't find that bird, did you?”

“Didn't doubt it for a second,” I remark, finding myself out of throwing knives. More archers fall and take down the flying enemies. I can see our numbers falling fast on the ground and I can't help but grow worried over our defence. Suddenly, I see a Twili appear on the field, he seems to be holding Link up.

He says something to her, if her confusion is anything to go by, before he disappears into the battle.

A suddenly feel an overwhelming chill crawl down my spine. The air becomes slightly colder, but not due to the snow and wind. I look along the wall and find that everyone else feels it too, as they're shivering. The flying enemies back away from the wall, screeching as they fly to the ground. From the cold earth, I see bony hands rise and pull bodies out after them. Stalfos.

The skeleton warriors come out in hundreds and start fighting the army, which makes me grow confused. How in Hyrule did they get here? And why are they fighting for us?

“So she wasn't kidding,” I look over to Zelda to see her smiling slightly. “Link said she got the Stalfos on our side in the Forest Temple. And they came just in time. We need to fall back.”

“We're losing that badly?” Sonja asks, looking out at the field.

Zelda nods and heads towards the Castle after looking out. I think I saw a tear run down her cheek. I sigh, it's understandable. She is, after all, losing the people she needs to take care of. I notice Sonja limping and tap her shoulder, gesturing to her leg. “You okay?”

“I'll be fine. It's not deep or anything,” she smiles. We head back to the Castle in silence when I notice Rosalie trying to follow Link, who's helping a solder into the Castle. I narrow my eyes and walk up to her, putting a hand on her shoulder.

“We need to talk,” I say, pulling her away and crossing my arms once we're in the shadows. “I think you've already been warned about what will happen if you hurt Link.”

“I wasn't going to hurt her. I was going to make it look like an accident,” she smirks.

“This isn't a joke!” I growl harshly. “Rosalie, I don't care what you have against me, but don't take it out on Link. She doesn't deserve that.”

“Who said she didn't? Everyone says she so pure, so innocent,” she snarls. “She's nothing but a pathetic coward. She couldn't even stand up to me with I showed the slightest ounce of magic to her. She fears me. How's that for courage?”

“I think your confused about what courage is,” I lean on the wall beside us. “It isn't about being unafraid, it's about fighting for what's right, despite your fears. And yes, she does fear you. She fears magic and you. She hates you. But you know what? She also saved you.”

“Saved me?” Rosalie looks slightly taken aback. Good.

“Yes. If Charlie hadn't stepped up when he did, she would have gotten me to say that. She didn't think you deserved to die because of some mistakes created by Osamu,” her eyes widen despite herself. She looks down, her eyebrows furrowed.

“You really love her, don't you?” she whispers.

“With all my heart,” I reply with a nod. “Rosalie,” she looks up, “if Link needs help, can I trust that you'll save her, and not let her die?”

She remains quiet, staring into my eyes, searching. Searching for what was once hers. After several minutes of looking at my eyes, she nods slowly, her shoulders slumping. “Fine. She obviously means a lot to you. More than I ever had,” I nod with a smile and hug her, she freezes.

“Thanks...Rosa,” I whisper, letting go and giving a short nod before heading out of the shadows.

“Uh, Sheik?” I turn to her. “I'm...” she shakes her head, scowling. “Never mind. Just make sure that Hylian doesn't get herself killed,” she turns and jumps off the rooftops, making me confused. What was she going to say?

Suddenly, the pillars of light that had kept the Smog back flicker out and instantly the purple clouds start to move in at a snail's pace. I frown in worry and run to the wall, crouching on the turret as the Smog comes closer. This is not good. Rocky suddenly flies over my head and I duck, watching him fly to see him stop at the tallest tower. I see Link jump off and land on him, flying back into the fight.

“Good luck, Shorty,” I mutter, leaping from the wall into the field. It's time I got into the biggest part of the fray, the archers can handle themselves on the wall with Zelda. I run at a Demon who is about to take down a solder and stab a dagger into his neck, making him collapse to the cold ground. Then I skid on the ground like I'm ice skating, kicking the legs out from under another Demon and sending my dagger through his face to follow through. More solders come out of the city and rush into the battle again, refreshed and ready to fight until the end. And for many of them, it is.

A Moblin tries to grab me, but I slip under its massive hand and my Chain-Whip wraps around its neck. I pull hard on the chain and it falls forward. I sidestep before it can crush me and stab it just behind its ear. It roars and I jump away as it swipes at me. A sudden bolder crushes its head and I blink when a Goron unrolls himself, rotating his head so it cracks a bit. “These overgrown pigs won't stand a chance now,” he smiles. I never would have pictured a Goron killing something, let alone in such a gruesome fashion.

Shaking myself from the thought, I duck under a Demon's arm when he takes a slash at me and grab his wrist. His eyes widen in surprise and I go behind him, twisting his arm to his back and turning just in time to use him as a shield to stop an arrow from impaling me. I drop him and swing my Chain around me in circles, wrapping it around three other Demons and a Harpy. I swing the Chain down and send them flying, landing on the ground with a loud thud.

I see something come out of the Smog and find myself in the shadows, looking up to see a huge dragon come out of the purple clouds. I see a serpentine-like body near it and my heart skips a beat.

Oh Goddesses, Link, why do you attract giant monsters?

The dragon breathes fire, but I don't get to see the outcome when a Harpy flies towards me. I bend my legs and jump into the air, kicking down with my feet into its back. It crashes into the ground and I land on top of it, slicing its throat quickly before throwing one last knife into the eye of a Demon. I follow up the knife by sweeping his legs out from under him and letting a solder come in and stab his heart. I nod to the solder before running low to the ground, hitting the weak nerves on the army and giving the solders an easier time to fight.

A shadow suddenly leaps from the ground and hits a Demon I didn't see coming. The shadow smirks and I realize it's a Twili before the tall being glides through the army, cutting down enemies swiftly. I feel myself smirk as more Gorons and Twili join the fight. I also notice the red beam of light slowing down the Smog. So the Sages are leading the different races here, huh?

Good luck, guys, I think.

A sudden pain comes from my right arm and I turn my head to see a Demon got me while I was distracted. Mentally hitting myself for my mistake, which could have cost me my life, I use the bottom of my hand to smash his nose up. His eyes water and I spin, kicking him away into another Demon.

When I'm fighting, I see two people out of the corner of my eye. Rosalie's helping Link into the shadows, but I don't see anything more once they're hiding. I smile despite myself. Thank you, Rosa...

-Link's POV-

I block the noises as best I can, the sound of my sword tearing limbs, stabbing organs and taking off heads. It's enough to make my stomach churn. Every now and then, the back of my mind becomes aware of what's going on, but I forcefully push it away, staying concentrated on the task at hand. Keep the army from getting into the city. How long will this take?

I see a blue light flash from the corner of my eye and I smile slightly when I hear the war cries of Zora. Finally! It's about time! We need all the help we can get here!

The blue light is closely followed by an orange, and then ten minutes later by a purple, and finally a green. From all around I see the Wind Tribe, Sheikah, Skull Kids and Wolfos join the battle, fighting the army from the back in, so now we have them surrounded. With a cry, I bring my sword down on a Harpy I was dealing with and run forward, a new energy flowing through me. We might win this. The army is finally starting to weaken. We might actually win this!

Not wanting to get too caught up in my thoughts for the future, I shake my head and accidently bump into somebody. I turn quickly and raise my sword, resting it on the person's neck as he lays a dagger tip on my forehead. My eyes widen when I see Sheik. We grin an apology to one another and go back-to-back, fighting whatever enemy comes our way.

'Hey, Shorty, on your left!' he thinks and I swing left. A Demon falls.

'Watch your right!' a Demon is thrown away by the Chain-Whip.

'How are you holding up?' I push my knee into the gut of a Demon and stab his heart.

'Could be better,' I reply. I hear him shoot a fireball out of his hand.

'I think all of us could.'

We notice an Orc about to kill and run at it together. Sheik jumps into the air as I slide under the Orc, bringing out my hammer and slamming it down on its foot. Sheik wraps the Chain-Whip around its neck before it can recover and I slice my sword down its abdomen as it falls forward. It shakes the ground when it lands and we go back-to-back again, resuming our fighting.

All around us Gorons, Twili, Zoras, Skull Kids, Stalfos, Wolfos, Wind Tribesmen and Sheikah fight, most taking down the army much easier than before, and others falling. I can't help but look up at the hill where Ghirahim is standing and smirk. Weren't expecting this, were you, Lord.

Then a Harpy picks me up by my shoulders, taking me into the air. I try to swing my sword, but another Harpy comes and takes it, throwing it to the ground as if it's on fire. 'Link!' Sheik mind-yells, preoccupied with a Moblin.

'I'll be fine!' I call back and struggle, trying to break free of its hold as it slowly takes me to the Smog. I'm forced to stop when it almost lets me go and I gulp as the Smog comes closer. 'Nononononononono!' I chant, grabbing onto the Harpy's talons. 'I don't wanna go in that!' I think and before I can get through, I turn my head and bite the Harpy's leg. The taste is fowl, but that's the least of my worries when it drops me. I watch as I fall away from the Smog, but for some reason, I'm not afraid. Really, I feel calm. What in Hyrule...?

Nothing's coming to save me, I'm gunna to fall and break my back on the wall or ground, yet I'm...relaxed. I'm not screaming or flailing. I think...I think I'll be just fine.

The ground is close now, I can see from over my shoulder, and I suddenly turn so that I'm facing the ground. I get ready to land, when Epona jumps out from nowhere and I land on her, draped over her back like a saddlebag. I lift my head and shake the dizziness away, looking at my mare. But she's hurt! She needs to get outta here! She stands on her hind hooves, rolling me off her back, and stomps the ground, snorting at an approaching Demon and Orc. I get to my feet, trying to regain the wind that was knocked out of me, and pull out an arrow.

Thinking fast, I throw it at the Demon's face. It goes right through his nose and he falls back, dead before he hits the ground. Epona bucks the Orc in the groan and it doubles over, making me proud of my mare. Nothing seems to get a painless experience from her. I run at the Orc and stab my an arrow into its head, making it roar in pain as it brings its hands to its forehead.

It looks at me watery-eyed and picks me up before I have a chance to move. It slowly crushes me and I push at its fingers, trying to get them off. Epona bites the Orc's arm, but he looks down at her with a snort, raising his arm higher. He shakes her off and she lands on her side, neighing loudly in pain. The Orc snorts and raises his foot above her, making the blood drain from my face and I struggle harder. No! Epona! Run! My mare rolls over, just missing the foot, and staggers to her hooves as I'm once again getting crushed.

I see a fire blaze in her eye as she stands on her hind hooves and pushes her front into the stomach of the Orc. He lets me go and I fall, getting stuck under his arm when he falls back. I try to get up, but it's too heavy for me to lift. Epona grabs the skin in her teeth and tries to pull up while I push her face away. She needs to run away! RUN!

Another Orc comes up behind her and her ears flatten when she sees the shadow. She pulls the arm off me just as the Orc swings his club, and it makes contact with her side. I feel something in me burn as she falls, blood coming out of her side as she lays limp on the ground. The Orc, thinking me dead, walks off and I crawl over to Epona, shakily putting my hand on the side of her face.

''Pona?' I think, shaking her neck. She lets out a weak whiny and blinks at me. I see two looks in her eye that aren't even human, I've never seen them before in her. Contentment and acceptance. 'Epona?' her eyes grow misty, unseeing, and I feel my heart twinge a little in pain. Tears fall from my eyes and onto her face. 'No. Please. Epona, don't do this to me,' I think, resting my forehead above her eye and closing my eyes. 'I'm so, so sorry,' tears still falling, and the aching in my heart hurting, I rise to my feet, fists clenched as my ears fall to the sides of my face. 'You were...are the best horse I could ever hope to have. Thank you.'

A roar comes from behind me and I turn to see the very same Orc running at me. I stand my ground and hold my hands forward, jumping a little when my Iron Boots come onto my feet. I grab the Orc's skin, getting pushed back slightly, but hold firm. I look up at the Orc, satisfied to see shock in its eyes, before I turn and toss it into a tower's path, causing the tower to collapse onto it, killing it.

That's for taking Epona away from me.

I look down at her in sadness, finding it surreal that she's gone. Turns out, this was our last adventure together.

I shake my head. As much as I hate it, I can't mourn for her. She wouldn't want me to be distracted. I lift my head, seeing the fighting around me as if it's a dream. I need to keep fighting, I need to be strong. I'm not the only one who's had a loss.

Taking out my bow and arrows, I shoot whatever is endangering another person, whatever I see as a threat, and as quickly as I can. Repeat, repeat, repeat. I fall into a rhythm of half-awareness, thinking enough to not get myself killed, but just not enough to think of the lives I'm taking.

Oh, and there I go thinking about it. Nope! Get back on track! Quickly!

I try to push away the hurt feeling of losing my companion, wishing that it hadn't been that way, but also knowing that Epona kept her promise. One day, when I was a wolf and too tired to become human, I was talking to Epona, and she said that, no matter what, she'd protect me to the death. Looks like she was right.

I scowl to myself, mentally hitting my head. Stop it, Link! You have a fight to win! You can think about the past later! If you get to later...

Aaaaaaand now I'm arguing with myself. Gotta say, as insane as I am, this is a whole new level of crazy.

Once again shaking my head from my inner thoughts, I continue shooting and seconds later, I find that I'm out of arrows. I've used a hundred already? Goddesses.

I start to pull out a bomb when a Demon grabs my hair, pulling my head back and bending my spine. He brings his elbow down on my chest and lets me fall to the ground before sitting on top of me, his hands on either side of my head. “Got you,” he says smugly, getting a rope out to tie my hands. I glare and feel a rock press against my neck, and I smirk. I hit my neck on it, not caring about the pain, and change into a wolf, making him fall forward in surprise. I wiggle out from under him and jump on his back, pressing his face into the snow and biting his neck. He screams and I see a Wolfos leap forward. I jump off of him and the Wolfos rips him to shreds, making me cringe.

Now I can get back to business. I weave in and out of people, biting ankles and scratching backs as I go through. A Demon's about to end a Zora, but I jump onto his back and pull him back, making him fall. I ignore the fact I'm being crushed and bite his neck until he falls limp. I kick him off and the Zora pats my head before running back into the fight. Anytime.

“Hey Ssshrimp!” I jump at the hiss and look to see a cobra tower over me. I growl. “Calm down, ssstupid! It'sss me Rosssalie,” I blink. She can be a snake? “Now lisssten, I have a plan to ssslow down the army. We'll go into their camp and ruin their sssuppliesss, then they won't have the ssstrength to fight forever.”

I nod and follow her under legs and hooves, only getting stepped on a few times. We bite anyone from the army as we pass and sneak into the small camp they set up. Somehow, Ghirahim's managed to stay unscathed from his little perch. Coward. I almost growl, but stop myself as I see Rosalie's tail disappear into a tent. I get onto my stomach and crawl in, looking around to find barrels of food and water. Rosalie's coiled up on top of one, tasting the air.

“We'll have to be quick,” she hisses and sinks her teeth into the barrel she's on. It breaks open and water pours out, making me slip on the snow. I skid into three barrels, effectively taking them out, and food covers me. I shake myself to get it out of my fur and hear voices from outside the tent. Rosalie slides out from under the tent and I look around, trying to find a way out.

“Get that snake!” I hear Ghirahim yell and see his shadow move away from the tent flap. I gulp and sneak to the front, sniffing to make sure he's not close. I poke my head out to see him bringing Rosalie to his face, smirking.

I growl lowly and spring forward, bringing his legs out from under him and making him drop the shape-shifter. He doesn't have time to react before we run/slither off and hide in the shadows of a cliff. Rosalie's coiled up and I'm low to the ground, hears back as I silently snarl at the Demon Lord.

“Y-you sssaved me,” I look at Rosalie, noting her shocked eyes, and nod shortly, turning back to the camp. “W-why?”

I lock my eyes with her, willingly letting her look into my thoughts. 'You deserve a second chance,' I think. 'You're not like Osamu. I can tell that deep down, you're a good person. Even if you try to hide it behind hatred and sarcasm.'

She just stares at me, unspeaking. I look at the camp again to see Ghirahim and Majora arguing. I roll my eyes, honestly, it's like they're a married couple. “You must have seen what attacked me!”

“Nope, I was watching the show,” Majora says, hands behind her head as she looks on at the battle. “Gotta say, the way that Hero of yours handled the dragon was impressive. No wonder you want her on our side. Oh well, she'll be useless before long anyway,” she shrugs, stretching her arms above her head.

What's that about me being useless?

“Yes. No more fighting once she becomes my Lady.” Can a dog throw up? If he keeps going like this, I think I might find out. I gag as Rosalie sends me an amused smirk.

“I'd love to sssee that,” she snickers quietly.

'I don't,' I feel a shutter go down my spine as Ghirahim keeps talking.

“We're so close. A few more minutes, and you'll be taking the Hero and Princess to the Demon Realm. I'll be waiting in my throne room. Make sure that neither of them bring anyone else, or find each other. It could be bad.”

“Eye eye, Debby,” Majora salutes. I put my paws over my muzzle to keep from laughing. That's who Debby is! Aw man, I'm calling Ghirahim that next time I see him as human! That's brilliant. I don't even know why it's so funny, it just is.

Suddenly a shadow covers us and we look up to see Majora standing there, seeming to have jumped from her rock. She smirks down at us as I feel the fur on the back of my neck prickle. Rosalie hisses as Majora grabs her by the neck and me by my tail, making me wince. That's not making it heal any better!

“Hey Debby! Found your Hero,” she tosses me forward and I land in front of Ghirahim, shaking in anger and fear as I rise to my paws. He sneers down at me, looking at Rosalie struggle in Majora's hands.

“Who's that?”

“I can find out,” Majora's hands glow a faint purple/blue colour and drops Rosalie as she becomes human again. She scowls at the insane Demi Goddess.

“If you're going to kill me, get it over with.”

I'm not going to waste my energy killing the likes of you,” Majora laughs shrilly. I try to sneak away, but Ghirahim steps on my tail, making me yelp and get pulled back.

The earth shakes as a Moblin comes over, carrying a spear like they usually do and looking down at the Sheikah as she jumps to her feet. I see her glance at me and before I can blink, she punches Ghirahim in the eye and hits the back of my neck, changing me back to human. “Get out of here! You've saved Hyrule once, you can do it again!” she yells, pulling me to my feet and pushing me towards the hill. I slip on the snow and start tumbling down, hearing Rosalie yell from the top. “Tell Sheik I'm sorr-!” her voice cuts off into a scream, but I don't get to see what happened when I slam, face-first (typical), into a dead Orc's side.

I push off the body and look up at the hill, seeing Rosalie hanging off the spear's head in the air. Her body's tossed aside and I feel rage burn through me. Don't worry, I'll tell him.

Navi's voice suddenly enters my ears and I look up to see her hovering over my head. “The portals complete! Vaati did it! He and Shadow are waiting for you in the library. Zelda will meet you there.”

I grin, giving out my hand for her to sit on it. 'Thanks, Navi. You should rest, you've done a lot today,' I tuck her under my hat and run back to the Castle, taking care of any of the army that gets in my way.

I sprint to the library, panting hard by the time I make it, and lean over with my hands on my knees. I smile up at Zelda, but it comes out in a grimace when I see a scar running down the side of her face. “Good, you made it,” she says, taking my hand and guiding me to the back. Vaati stands there, arms crossed and eyes closed. Shadow's sitting on the back of a chair, looking bored. “Remember what Vaati said? Only those who have business to deal with can enter the Demon Realm. So, only people who have met either Ghirahim or Majora can go through.”

'You mean I'll have to fight them on my own!' my eyes widen. One person is hard enough, but two?!

“No. There's someone else who has some unfinished business with Ghirahim,” Zelda says as the doors open behind me. I look over my shoulder to see Sheik walk in, carrying my sword and shield. He smiles grimly at me and hands them over.

“Looks like we're going in,” he says.

“I'll be coming, but not the same way as you,” Zelda says and takes a deep breath. “I'm going to let myself be captured by Ghirahim.”

“'WHAT?!'” me and Sheik yell, waking Navi from her nap and having her fall off my head.

Zelda remains as calm as she can be, but I can tell she's terrified. “It's the only way for me to help in there. And I will distract Ghirahim long enough for you to get through. Do not try to fight anyone who captures me,” she looks pointedly at me. I smile sheepishly, but worriedly. Will she be alright? Sensing my concern, Zelda pulls me into a hug, much like she did...was it this morning or last night? “I'll be fine. Don't worry about me. When you get in there, all you'll need to worry about is Majora. Sheik can deal with Ghirahim. Okay?”

'Okay,' I nod, letting go of the hug. 'When will it open?'

“Soon,” Zelda turns to Vaati. “Is it ready?”

The Wind Mage gives a simple nod and a dark purple portal, not unlike Ganon's portals, opens, sucking the air and dust in around it. The books ruffle and pillows fly to the portal, but they're knocked away by an invisible barrier. “Ghirahim has entered the Demon Realm. Majora will be there once Zelda is caught. Go now!” he says and Sheik and I look at each other.

With a firm, final nod, we look at the portal. Gripping his hand, we enter the portal and I feel a rush of cold wind blow through me. Here we go.

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