Silent Courage

Chapter 25: The Wrath of Majora, Ghirahim's Fatal Flaw

Chapter 25: The Wrath of Majora, Ghirahim's Fatal Flaw

Our feet touch the ground with a small cloud of dust rising to our ankles. We're in a deserted plain, no trees, no grass, no water. Just barren, red rocks creating a desert-y canyon. The sun beams down and it doesn't take long for me to grow hot in my armour, but that's the price to pay to have protection.

Sheik looks around, guiding me into the shadows by pushing his hands into my shoulders. Once he knows it's safe, he looks back at me, smiling sadly. “This is were we go separate ways,” I tilt my head. “It won't be long before Majora and Ghirahim find out where we are. We need to leave each other to fight them,” he kisses me, and I feel like an ice cube in the desert. Which we are in, by the by. All too soon, he parts the kiss and rubs our noses together. “I love you.”

'I love you too. And Sheik, Rosalie saved me. I was almost caught and things would have gotten ugly, but she pushed me down a hill out of Ghirahim's reach. She wanted me to tell you that she's sorry. She's sorry for what she's done,' I hug him, feeling tears at the corners of my eyes. 'She died to save me.'

“Thank you for telling me,” he whispers lifting my arms off of him and putting them at my sides. “Stay strong. You have the power of the Sages, Oni, and all of Hyrule behind your back. You can defeat Majora. I believe in that.”

'And I believe you can beat Debby-I mean Ghirahim!' I blush when Sheik cocks an eyebrow.


'That's what Majora calls him. Dunno why,' I laugh. 'See ya, Sheik. I'll try to find Majora. It'll be easier to fight her out in the open, don't ask me how I know that. I blame Time.'

With a final nod, me and Sheik part ways. I go south, towards some cliffs, and Sheik goes West, towards a grey, stone castle. The path ahead of me grows wider between the two cliffs surrounding me, letting the sun bake me more than before as I tread on. I'm soon sweating a bit by the time I make it to the end, and I find I'm on the outcropping of a cliff. Carefully, I move my foot to the tip and look over the side, seeing a dried-up river bed far below, jagged rocks spread all around. I do not wanna fall down there any time soon.

I look around the outcropping and see a path to my right, leading to a higher point above. Seeing no point in staying here, I head up the path, which is wide enough to walk without worry. I run my hand over the hot stone as I walk, feeling the heat in my fingertips. This is such a change from Hyrule's weather. But I guess if Demons love the heat and despise the cold, this would be ideal.

Then I find a crack in a wall. It's small, but big enough that I can squeeze my way through it without having to shrink down. I crouch down in front of it and close my right eye to look in with my left, seeing a faint glow from inside. Looking around to check for any signs of danger, I stand and turn sideways, putting my left foot in first and entering the tight spot.

Not a moment too soon. A sudden shadow glides over my hiding spot and the ground trembles when powerful talon land where I had been moments earlier. The head of another dragon like the one I fought before comes down, the fork-like tongue tasting the ground and air. It's eyes turn to my hidey-hole and become slits as I stiffen. I stop breathing as it comes closer, one eye bigger than a full-body mirror. The dragon moves its head so I can see its muzzle and it opens it's mouth, making a gust of breath out and rush past me. I make a face at the smell and cringe when the tongue comes out, snaking into where I'm hiding.

'Don't touch me, don't touch me, don't touch me,' I chant inside my head as I start moving deeper into the crack. Suddenly the ground beneath my feet gives way and I fall with a gasp, trying to grab onto something. The ground opens up into a small cave and I land in some water, surfacing and coughing the water out of my lungs. I shake my head, making my hair plaster to my forehead, and look around, seeing blue, wavy lines dance on the walls.

I don't have time to marvel when it feels like I'm being pulled downwards. I hold my breath as I'm tugged through the water, trying to fight my way out of the current that's pulling me. But I don't break free and manage to find myself being tossed around inside a tunnel, gaining bruises along the way.

Suddenly a memory comes back. The Dragon Scale! I look at my left forearm and turn to where I'm heading. If I can't fight the current, I'll follow it. With the help of the Scale, I burst forward, creating a stream of bubbles behind me as I start to see spots in the corners of my eyes. So the Scale doesn't let me breathe underwater, just swim faster. That would have been nice to know beforehand.

I see light and a second later I fall out of the tunnel and land in a river. I swim to the shore and gasp for air, shaking my hair out of my eyes. Jeez, haven't even found Majora yet and already I'm getting in trouble.

'I need to stop having bad luck,' I mind-mutter, picking myself up and looking around. Looking up, I find I'm below the canyon. Okay, now what? At least the dragon's gone, that's always a good thing. I don't need a giant lizard distracting me from Majora.

Speaking of which, where is she? She should know where I am right now, shouldn't she? And when exactly am I supposed to use Oni's mask? Right when she gets here or when I need his help the most? While thinking this through, I walk down the path beside the river, keeping to the shadows to not overheat. I come to a dead end and turn, only to bump into something.

I stumble back a step and look up, already knowing who I bumped into. Majora smirks down at me as the sun behind her head makes me squint my eyes. “Hello, Little Hero,” she picks me up by the back of my collar before I can make a move. I didn't know she could have hands. “So you have finally found me. Or should I say, I have found you,” she laughs into my face, making me cringe. “You know, you don't look like much of a threat,” she tosses me up and extends her arm, grabbing my foot and hanging me upside-down in front of her face. She pinches my nose, moving my head from side-to-side. “Short, skinny, scrawny. But I know not to underestimate you and your reincarnations. That's a mistake I made before while fighting the Hero of Time. He was just a kid back then. But now I know what you are capable of.”

Scowling, I punch her in the face, but she just laughs at my attempt, shaking me. “That was cute,” she laughs again, dropping me and making me land on my head. “But I'll have fun with you. You know exactly who will win in the end, but who doesn't enjoy playing with their food?” she snaps her arms to the sides, making her whips come out. I scramble to my feet, pulling out the Master Sword and holding my shield up.

'Okay, Time, I think now would be great to power up our sword,' I think, backing up as Majora slowly looks down at me.

'Couldn't agree more,' I almost drop the sword when his voice enters my head. The Master Sword suddenly glows, the lights of the Sages entering it in a swirl of colour before the light vanishes. The blade becomes larger, sharper and, somehow, lighter than ever before and glows with the colours of the Sages' Medallions. A single Medallion, with a fraction of each other colour, appears between the wings on the hilt, the Triforce on it.

'Thanks,' I think, getting into a fighting stance.

And so it begins, the final fight. I need to win, Hyrule will be destroyed if I don't.

Majora doesn't move her feet, but she sends her two whip/arms at me. I duck under one but get hit in the gut by the other. I suck in a breath and drop to the ground, rolling to get out of the way of the next blow. I stab my sword forward, but she jumps into the air and kicks down, almost crushing my skull. I say almost because I jump back.

Before she can recover, I slice down her upper arm. No blood drips as she gets her footing again. She laughs as I back away, making sure not to corner myself. “Surprised? You shouldn't be, Demigods don't bleed, so you're out of luck if you think I'll die from blood loss,” she summons a metal top, sorta like the Spinner, and it comes at me. I hop out of the way as it passes, but another comes from behind and knocks me forward before exploding.

My right shoulder burns, but I push that aside and roll under Majora's legs, stabbing up as I go, but she grabs my sword and pulls me away, tossing me into the wall. With the power she has, she makes me create a huge dent in the wall, and I'm still grateful my Triforce makes me more durable. I slide out of the dent and raise my sword, glancing at my wrist when I see something shine in the sun.

Galore's Necklace! I completely forgot I put it on before the battle! I may not be as powerless as I thought. 'Glide,' I think as Majora sends her arm/whips at me again. I jump into the air, the wind underneath my feet pushing me up, and I come down in a Final Blow. Majora sees what I'm doing and moves out of the way. My sword gets buried an inch into the ground, but I'm at least able to pull it out before Majora can hit me.

The insane Demigoddess wraps her whips around me, pinning my arms to my side, and raises me up, about to throw me. 'Power!' I think and break free of her grasp, landing on my feet in a crouch and stabbing forward. I slice open her calf, making her screech as blue blood trickles down her leg. I roll backwards when she tries to stomp on me, jumping to my feet and changing the Necklace-um-Bracelet to glide.

With the help of the Bracelet, I run sideways on the wall, getting a bomb out and tossing it as I kick off the wall. I fly in an arch above Majora and drop another bomb. She hits both of them away as I land behind her. I stab forward, aiming for her back, but she spins, kicking out her foot and getting me in the chest. From the force, I fall back and skid along the ground, coming to a stop thanks to a boulder. I wince slightly, but get to my feet.

She suddenly starts spinning, her arm/whips twirling along with her, and I bring up my shield, which saves me from most of the attack, but pushes me into the boulder from the impact. I grit my teeth and wait. She stops and I lower my shield to see her right in my face, her mouth open wide. She tries to bite me, but I move under her arm and slash at it, only to get hit back by her pushing my head back.

I stumble but stay on my feet, feeling sweat form on my forehead. This is not good. I'll need to be careful, I can't let the sweat fall into my eyes. A single mistake could be the end of me and Hyrule. I can't afford mistakes.

She sends more tops at me, and they circle me. I try to jump over them, but she hits me back and I land in the center, just as they go off. With the blast, I'm sent into the air, feeling burns on my back. I flip so that I'm face the ground and sheath the sword, pulling out my bow as I rapidly fall. I shoot an arrow, hoping my plan will work.

Majora moves out of the way of the arrow and I smirk. Good, she fell for it. I quickly take out my sword and slash forward just as she turns her attention back to me. I both stop myself and hurt her by making sure my sword meets her collar bone, right between the shoulder spike and her neck. She bites my arm, though, and I scream as she shakes her head like a ravines dog with a toy. I force myself to bite my lip and I tug my sword free, hitting the hilt on her head to make her stop. She drops me from her mouth and steps on my stomach, holding me to the ground as I struggle. “Well, that was just pathetic,” she says as she grabs my sword quickly and tosses it into the river. Fuuuuuuck. “You didn't last very long at all. I'm actually disappointed,” Majora sighs. “It's no fun if you die so soon!”

'Lucky for both of us I ain't gunna die just yet,' I think, throwing the bomb I had taken out at her face. It explodes and she screeches, falling back and stepping off of me. 'See ya when I got my sword,' I salute at her and dive into the water, quickly spotting the sword at the bottom. I fight the current and swim down, thankful that Sheik convinced (forced) me to take the Scale. He still owes me for that.

I shake my head. Not important right now! Stay on task, you idiot! I grab the hilt and kick off from the bottom, bursting out of the water with a spin and whooping as I shoot over Majora's head. I kick her as I go over. My joy is short lived when I land on my face. Goddess Dammit. What a time to be a klutz. I pick myself up and turn to Majora, swinging the sword in a circle in my hand. Her right cheek is charred black and looks like it hurts. Good.

She spins again, coming at me fast and with more force, and I don't have time to raise my shield. She hits me across the chest, sending me across the river to land on the other side, where the tiniest bit of land is. I push myself up, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, glaring across at Majora. She jumps into the air, coming at me while changing her whips to hands. So she intends to punch me. I get to my feet, ignoring the cuts on my hands and face, and pick up my sword, standing my ground as she comes at me.

At the last second, I duck and let her sail over me. But she grabs the back of my shirt and brings me up, slamming me into the wall behind me. She lifts my head and bites my nose. I feel tears well my eyes when she pulls her head back and I feel the tip of my nose get taken off. I blink rapidly to clear them, glaring at her as she smirks at me. I hear a gulp and my ears fall. Did she just eat a part of me?! She licks her lips, smirking. “Well, I won't be disappointed when I'm finished with you,” she practically purrs and takes her right shoulder spike off. She can do that?

“GAAAAAAH!” I scream when she stabs it into my side, letting it dig in far before twisting it and pulling it out. I can feel shards of my armour in my skin. She still holds me to the wall as she punches me in the nose. Pain erupts on my face and at the back of my head.

I won't take this! I bring up my knee and get her under the chin, making her head get thrown back and I notice her eyes. They're filled with pain. I feel a new strength rise in me at this discovery. That's her weak spot! Right under her chin! She pulls me away from the wall before hitting me back into it again, scowling.

“That was either really stupid, or really smart,” she hisses, moving her other hand to hold me by my neck. I gasp and bring my hands up to her hand, trying to pry her fingers off my throat. “I'll go with the stupid part.”

I need to get outta this! I glance down at my sword, which is behind Majora, half the blade leaning over the water. 'Come back! Come, please!' I think with all my might. The sword shivers, as if it can hear me, and rises up behind Majora. I try not to let my surprise show in my eyes, but Majora obviously sees.

“What's your problem?”

'Stab her in the back!' I think to the sword and it points right to the small of her back before shooting forward like an arrow shot out of a crossbow. She screeches when it hits and drops me, letting me crawl away and get to my feet on shaky legs. I raise my hand and think, 'Come back, please.' The sword comes out of her back and I grab it as it comes back. I smile, running my thumb over the Medallion. 'Amazing.'

I look back at Majora, who turns, her back stained with her blood and a small puddle forming behind her. She looks confused, before anger warps her features and she jumps forward, striking me across the face before I can retaliate. I yelp as I fall back, my back slamming into the water. I surface and find that I'm being pulled along by the current at an alarming rate. Majora uses her arm/whips to walk in the water, her body high above as she comes after me.

Rocks suddenly appear and I brace for impact, sheathing my sword. I slam into the rocks, almost bouncing off and getting pulled along by the water every time I do. I try to grab hold of one, but it's too slippery and I can't get a good grip. Bruises and my already bleeding side get worse as I keep going, but eventually I go with the current.

Majora is still in hot pursuit, almost getting me a few times, when I suddenly find myself heading for a waterfall. Sucking in a gasp, I look around frantically before seeing a lone, dead tree hanging off a cliff above me. I pull out my Clawshot and aim, shooting it. It latches onto the wood and pulls me from the water as I fall over the, uh, fall.

I reach out for a branch before my face can collide with the tree, looking down to see Majora screeching with rage up at me. I put my Clawshot away and use the tree to climb to the cliff, getting over the edge and onto solid ground. Looking around, I quickly think I should have just gone over the waterfall. A single, large piece of rock juts over the edge of a canyon, no way to get off. Looking over the edge, I feel myself pale at the clear drop to certain death. There are no death-spikes, but the ground is far enough to make me flat as paper.

'Dear Nayru, what did I get myself into?' I think.

I hear a thud behind me and turn, unsheathing my sword while I do. Majora pants, looking at me with pure hatred as her right arm is a whip and her left is a normal hand. If anything about this woman is 'normal'. I run my hand over the tip of my nose, it's still bleeding slightly. I hope that didn't make her want to eat any more than she already does. “Well well well, you've gotten yourself in quiet the fix, haven't you, Link,” I shiver when she uses my name. “'Innocent' little Link. 'Naive' little Link. 'Heroic' little Link. HA!” she lets out a humourless laugh. “There's nothing 'heroic' about you. You are stupid, weak, mortal. However, I am smart, strong and immortal. There's nothing here to help you, no one around to stop me,” she advances on me as I reach my hand into my baggie. “A mere mortal like you can't possibly kill a Demigoddess like me.”

I look her right in the eye, willing myself to be heard by her. 'You're right, Majora,' she balks in surprise, I don't flinch. 'I can't kill you. Not on my own,' I close my eyes, letting my bangs fall into my eyes. Then I smirk. 'But I'm not as alone as you might think,' I pull out Oni's Mask and, without hesitation, put it on.

“NO!” Majora screeches, stepping away from me as it starts.

I grow taller, bulkier and heavier. My armour drops off and replaces itself with the similar armour I saw Oni wearing. My hair grows and is somehow wrapped into a horsetail inside my hat. The Master Sword glows, growing larger, but never losing its colours or new hilt. The double-helix shape expands with the Sages' colours, and I toss my shield aside as I grab the sword in both hands. I see fear clearly on Majora's face when I feel the last of the transformation pass. I spread my feet, holding the Double Helix Sword tightly.

“You're no longer the only one with the powers of a Demigod,” Oni and I say at the same time, our voices echoing slightly. “And we won't lose to you, Majora.”

With a shriek of rage, Majora runs at us. Oni and me stand our ground and wait. I swing the sword and meet Majora's arm, which is hard as stone. We push against each other, trying to best the other.

'She's slowly going mad,' Oni whispers in shock.

'Wasn't she before?' I ask, rolling away.

'Not this mad. Insane, yes, but not truly mad. I think that Demon stalker of yours had something to do with this,' he 'says'.

I nod and step forward, stabbing at Majora's chest, but she dodges and flails her whip at me. It trips me up from behind and I slam on my back. Looking up, I see her coming to grab me, but I roll out of the way, getting to my feet. Good to know putting on the Mask got rid of my wounds for now.

'If you power up an attack, a wave of magic will shoot out of the sword. It will do a lot on her,' Oni tells me.

'And how do I do that?' I ask, ducking under one of her blows but, not being used to this height, I get hit over the head anyway and land on my front, head over the edge looking at the water. I get up before Majora can push me over.

'Bring your sword back and swing with all you've got. Now hurry up, Kid. If we don't defeat her by sundown, you'll be at a disadvantage.'

'What do you mean? I can see fine at night,' I think, charging up the power he's talking about.

'You have my eyes at the moment, and while Majora can see like a cat, I'm about as blind as a Keese in the dark.'

'Oh...' I dance away from an exploding Spinner and swing the sword down. A wave of blue energy comes out and hits Majora. She glows the same blue momentarily before slumping forward, her breathing ragged and short. I'm panting a lot too, and sweat is drenching my face. That energy reminds me of something, but what? It was from a dream, and there was a similar blue light in it. Coming from a short sword. My head snaps up. 'Sky!' I grin and raise the sword, pointing it up. I see the sun shine from behind the Double Helix. A greenish-yellow light runs down the dual blades, meeting at the hilt before making the already colourful sword glow.

Majora charges at me just as I swing my sword, hitting her in the chest. This hurts her, but she still falls forward and knocks us both of the cliff. I try to grab onto the side, but she's got my leg and is dragging me down. The ground races towards us as we send punches and kicks at the other, doing all we can before we both end up dying from the fall.

'Don't give up yet, Kid,' Oni thinks, I can feel him smirking. 'Demigods are much more durable than mortals.'

With the help of Oni, I land on my feet and Majora lands on her back a few feet away. A low groan escapes her and she staggers to her feet, both her hands whips once more. “You'd really do this to me, Oni?” she asks. “You'd really kill your own little sister?”

“You've left me no choice, Majora,” Oni says through me. “This was your fate when you went against the Gods. Now you must pay for the lives you've taken.”

She looks down. “Then your vessel must pay,” my eyes widen and she suddenly pins me against the cliff behind me. “You need a body to fight, she needs you to live,” she brings her hand behind my ear and tugs at a piece of flesh. That must be how to get the Mask off. “So long, Brother,” she pulls the Mask off of me and tosses it behind her as I go back to normal. She grins at me, panting into my face before spitting into it. I retaliate with the same. She pushes me up the cliff wall so that I'm above her and tuts, shaking her head. “Ghirahim still needs you to finish his project, and then I can finally kill you. Too bad I have to wait.”

I growl at her, once again feeling my wounds. With a vengeance.

“But that doesn't mean I can't play with my food,” she smirks and I gulp as she brings me to her eye-level. She looks me over, as if sizing me up. “What can you live without? Sadly you need your left hand to live,” she pushes me into the cliff with one hand on my chest, the other playing with my hand. “You need your head at least,” she knocks the side of my head. “And you need your torso and legs and such. Hmm...what to take, what to take.”

She goes to play with my right hand a bit and I try to head butt her, but she's too far for me to move. I go with the next best thing. I slap her with the same hand she's playing with, right on the burn. She looks at me with an intense glare and grabs my wrist. “That wasn't very smart, you know,” she whispers and brings my hand close to her mouth. I gulp, starting to shiver slightly when she licks my hand, a hungry gleam in her eye. Oh Goddesses, she won't, will she? “I have wondered for so long how fingers taste.”

'SHIT!' she bites down on my hand. “AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I scream at the top of my lungs as she sinks her teeth in, tossing her head from side to side as she pulls back, ripping half my hand off. Tears run down my face as my scream still tares my throat until I can't make any sounds other than whimpers. Through my tears, I see Majora licking her lips. I can't think of anything other than the pain in my hand.

“Ahh,” Majora lets out a sigh, wiping my eyes with her thumb. I try to bite her hand, but she pulls back before bopping me on the nose. “I'd look at your hand if I were you,” she smirks and shoves my hand in front of my face. Two fingers, my pinky and ring finger, and half my hand are missing, blood's running down my arm and onto the ground, and I feel nausea hit me like a Moblin. Majora laughs and pushes my hand into my face, which makes me whimper again in pain. “Isn't it beautiful? I certainly enjoyed my meal!” she laughs shrilly and lets me drop. I clench my hand into my stomach, trembling as I try to stop the blood, but to no avail. She picks up my sword gingerly and laughs, no longer paying attention to me. “Some sword this is. It can't save you. Nothing can.”

'No,' I look at my hand, tears still running down my face. 'It can't save me. But I can save myself and Hyrule. I don't need Oni's Mask to defeat you.' I struggle to my feet, using the wall behind me to push myself up. My hands are shaking, and a hot pain is still alive in my right arm, but I somehow push it aside. 'Okay, okay gotta think. Something to make me loose control. Things that would happen if I hadn't gotten that warning from Time.'

The Sages would have never been found.

The Stalfos would have never been on our side.

The Smog would have taken over much sooner.

Vaati and Shadow would have never helped us get here.

We would have never learnt about Ghirahim's plans. Or what he's capable of.

Jabu Jabu would be dead and we'd have a drought.

Midna probably wouldn't have come back and we wouldn't have the Twili on our side.

I wouldn't have met Navi, who's helped me live.

The Domain would have been dried up.

I would have never been reunited with Rocky, and he would have been killed.

Volvagia would still be alive.

I would have never met Charlie, my only family left.

I wouldn't have gotten along with Alex.

Nura and Adam probably wouldn't be together.

Chimera, Cerberus, Felix, Elsie and the Phoenix wouldn't have helped us.

So many more would be dead.

The Sheikah would still be under Osamu's rule.

The Wind Tribe wouldn't have discovered what was in their Temple.

I wouldn't have met Sheik, or Sonja, or Hitoshi.

I wouldn't have known I wasn't the last Hylian.

I still wouldn't know what my parent's are like.

I would have never discovered what love is like.

Zelda, Ilia, Rusl, Uli, the Village, the Resistance, Midna, Nura, Adam, Alex, Sonja, Sheik, Charlie, Hitoshi and so many others would be dead.

And...and I wouldn't be who I am right now.

I would be the Hero of Hyrule, the Hero of Twilight, the Decadent of the Hero of Time. I wouldn't be Link. I would be my titles.

Rage, hate, fear, happiness, sorrow, pain and love. There's something connected to all the thing's I have done, and I would be lost without that.

This all goes through my mind in three seconds and my mind snaps. I rise, raising my hands, even my half-gone one, and feel a strong sense of magic run through me. It engulfs me, surrounding me in light, roaring like a hungry lion. And I embrace it. I grasp a hold of this magic, keeping it close, and Majora turns when the Master Sword is taken out of her hands by this magic. She turns to me, awe and shock on her face. My short hair ruffles in the 'wind' of the magic as I feel my feet rise off the ground. My clothes and armour burn as fire rises behind me. My skin is chilled as ice-cold shards brush against it. The Master Sword rests in my left hand, glowing brightly like the sun. I raise my head, glaring at Majora, who steps back in fear. I can't help but smile deviously at that.

'I will not let you kill. My. FRIENDS!' I mind-yell, my 'voice' strong despite not being able to talk. I feel my Triforce burn on my hand, but ignore it. 'And you will NOT win Hyrule!'

Everything goes blank as I unsheathe the sword, using both hands despite the pain.

-Sheik's POV, after the separation-

I stick to the shadows as I run, having to force myself not to think of Link. She has her battle, I have my own. Although, I think I might be taking a different approach than heading right into the fight. I pull out a small vile from my belt, glancing at the label. I tuck it back into the belt. Ghirahim will pay for a lot of things.

I'm already inside the castle, sneaking by guards at every corner. Ghirahim's either really cautious or paranoid. But not enough to keep me from getting to him.

A group of guards pass by me as I hang at the top of a tapestry, behind it so they can't see me. I hear two of them fall behind and start talking. “When is he going to finish that experiment? I don't think the army will hold much longer without him.”

“Yeah, I know. At this rate, we'll lose even without him or that Demigoddess being killed.”

They're silent for a moment and then the second one speaks again. “Do you think we'll be free once Ghirahim is dead?”

“I wouldn't talk about that, Rupert.” Rupert? That's a pretty normal name for a Demon. “You know the Lord's got a lot of eyes and ears around the castle.”

“Of course I do. But there's something amiss today. And not just because our people are fighting for what they think is 'right'. I can sense a being. It's strong, and the aura is wise.” Is Zelda here already? I need to make sure she's safe before finding Ghirahim. “Captain, search the castle, find this aura. I fear this person might get hurt badly by Ghirahim.”

“Yes, General.” The Demons part ways and I look around the Tapestry, seeing one of them stop at a window and sigh as he looked out of it.

“I hope Wyatt is alright out there,” he says to himself. “And you can stop hiding.”

I pale. Goddesses, I just made a mediocre mistake by showing myself. The Demon turns, looking at me right in the eye. I jump down and take out my daggers. The Demon just stands there, unfazed. “So you're the presence I've felt for the last few minutes. I'm surprised Ghirahim hasn't found you yet. Although, he is too preoccupied with his experiment at the moment. Put those daggers away, I'm not going to hurt or kill you.”

“Why should I trust you?

“Because I can take you to Ghirahim disguised as a Demon.”

My eyebrows furrow. “You're working against him?”

Rupert stays silent. That's all the answer I need. “Why?”

“He's not the rightful leader of the Demons. He used an age enchantment on himself so he wouldn't grow old. In reality, I'm the leader of the Demons. And we were, and still are, happy living in old Hyrule. Ghirahim just wants to destroy yours so that he can impress Demise if he does come back.”

“That explains a lot. Do you know where he is.”

“Yes, but I can't show you or tell you. I've already put my people in danger, I can't risk anyone else.”

I nod. “I understand. You won't turn me in?”

“No, but if you don't hide soon, I won't need to. I assume you heard me talking to one of the guards, so I don't need to tell you who I'll be trying to find. This aura is powerful, and I don't want that power to fall into Ghirahim's hands,” Rupert goes past me. “The armoury is to the left and the end. Sneaking won't get you any farther.”

Rupert disappears when I look back and I smirk. “Thanks,” I say under my breath and follow the directions. I open the door and my smirk grows. Good, this is going to get interesting.

I dress up in some armour, grab a sword, and sneak out of the armoury. Passing by a window, I nod to myself. This should work just fine, all my skin's covered. Hearing voices, I look ahead of me to see a patrol of three Demons. One spots me and calls me over. “You there, you shouldn't be standing around. We need to help that Twili take the Princess to Ghirahim. The Lord doesn't trust him enough.”

“Lead the way,” I say and follow them through the castle, feeling myself smirk. Are they that dull, or are they letting me go along?

I make a mental map of the castle, making sure I remember every turn and door for when I need to escape. Even if some aren't willing to follow Ghirahim, others will be. My mind goes back to the vile I have. I slipped it into my bag before the battle, and I was smart to do so. Now I can repay Ghirahim for what he's done and what he almost did.

There's a voice and the four of us stop to see Zant walking down the hall, muttering to himself. I don't notice Zelda behind him right away and I grow confused when I see she's not bound. So she really did give herself up willingly. I was hoping she wouldn't. And I hope she wasn't hurt. “Zant, come with us. We will take you to Ghirahim.”

“Very well,” he says and we leave. Lucky for me, I get to guide Zelda.

“This is either smart or foolish,” I whisper.

“Risks need to be taken,” she whispers back, unfazed.

“But there are bad risks.”

“It's too late now. And don't talk to me, you'll blow your cover.”

“A bit too late,” I smirk.

We stop at a large pair of double-doors and I get a sense of Déjâ Vu as the doors open. How come? Zant leads Zelda in, she suddenly acts as if in a trance, and I look around the room, my eyes widening. It can't be...

“I've brought you the girl, you're spell worked. Now, I do get the Twilight Realm, right?”

Like a slap to the face, I remember. I had a dream at the Wind Palace, about this moment. I had forgotten about it completely.

“Yes, you will. But not yet, first we must be rid of any nuisances that will stop us from our goal.” Those nuisances are Link and I, I know it.

“Of course, I will go look for them, do you wish for me to bring them here?” Look under your nose, moron. Actually, don't, I have a job to do.

“Throw them in the dungeon when you do. We don't want to risk them getting away,” Ghirahim says, still at the throne.

Zant turns and leaves. Ghirahim motions Zelda forward and I fight instinct to follow to make sure she's safe.

“Ah, Princess, what a great spell I put on you,” he says, walking forward and around her. “Now, tell me where the hero is.”

“I do not know where she is,” Zelda's voice is empty and hollow. Heh, good act.

Ghirahim scowls. “I see. Do you know why I want her? Why I need her?”


“She will become my wife,” I clench my fists. This sick monster isn't going to get her. I'll kill him before he can. “She will bare strong children.”

Suddenly, I feel a wave of fear wash over me. Odd. My vision becomes slightly blurry and I see a face. Is that...Majora? She's looking at my right hand, but it's not mine. What in Hyrule? Oh Goddesses, don't tell me I'm looking through Link's eyes! Majora licks 'my' hand and 'I' shiver at the look in her eye.

“I have always wondered what fingers taste like,” she opens her mouth.

'SHIT!' Link's voice rings through my head and Majora bites down. Link's scream breaks my heart and I want to reach out to her, but I can't move. My right hand bursts with pain, my pinky and ring fingers stinging, as well as half my palm. Oh Link.

I'm snapped out of the trance-like state and shake my head slightly, finding that no one noticed me. My back's on the wall beside the door, the other guards are standing at attention on either side of it, and I straighten, feeling dread swamp me. What happened to Link?

“Take the Princess to the dungeon,” Ghirahim says. “I will need her kept quiet while I work. If you find any traces of the Sheikah or Hylian, tell me.”

“Yes, Lord Ghirahim,” we all say, with me a little bit behind, and take Zelda away. My mind keeps drifting back to Link. I hope she'll be alright.

I close my eyes for a few seconds, still walking. No, I have my own mission! I can't keep thinking about her, no matter how much I worry. Link, please be okay.

Making sure to remember every tapestry and suit of armour, every door and every window. I need to remember my way to and from the dungeon on the first go, if I don't, I'll get hopelessly lost, and that won't be any good at all. The guards lock Zelda in and I stay behind to talk to her. I tell her what I saw and she narrows her eyes in thought. “This might have something to do with your Connection.”

“You know about it?”

“It's obvious,” she says simply, still in thought. “I have heard that Connected can share each other's pain and look through the other's eyes. Oh, I hope Link's alright.”

As she says it, there's a large tremor that shakes the castle, causing doors to rock and windows to shatter. Some bars on the cells snap and tiles from the roof fall to the floor. I look at Zelda and she looks at me. It's as if we know what happened. “Link,” we both whisper, when there's another tremor.

“She's using her Hidden Power,” Zelda says, running her hands through her hair as she paces. She's scared.

“I thought I hadn't seen the worst of it,” I mutter. Please be okay when I find you.

The door at the end of the hall opens, and Ghirahim comes in. I hide in a corner and narrow my eyes. “Princess, the spell should have worn off by now. Can you possibly tell me what made that earthquake?”

“I won't tell you anything,” Zelda glares at him coldly.

Ghirahim sighs. “Such a shame, it would have saved you a lot of trouble,” he goes to open the cage and my eyes widen. I take out the vile and sneak up behind him as he raises his hand. I grab him from behind and force the entire vile into his mouth, knocking his head forward so he swallows it. He wheels around at me and scowls. He lungs at me and I bend my legs, moving to the side before he can get me.

“Sheik, that was stupid,” Zelda says quietly, more to herself than to me.

Ghirahim laughs. “Did you just give me poison? Foolish Sheikah, I'm immune to any kinds of poison,” he chuckles. “And you just wasted a perfectly good potion.”

I clench my fists at my stupidity. I should have known it wouldn't be that simple, and I just gave myself away! I bring out my chain-whip, but something knocks the back of my head and I black out.

-Link's POV-

I come back to reality and find Majora panting, deep gashes covering her body and blue blood at her feet. Blood, red and blue, is on my hands and front of my armour, but I ignore it as I once again feel the pain in my hand. I drop the Master Sword, bringing my hand close to my stomach in a vain attempt to stop the bleeding. My left hand goes to my side, and I bring it back to see it stained red.

This is not good, I'm losing too much blood, and I'll faint if I don't end this right now. My vision's already fading.

Majora looks at me, breathing heavily and her eyes burning with hate. She throws her head back in a screech and starts to glow, growing bigger than the 'giant' I faced in the Ruins. She looks down at me, stomping in front of me and making me stumble. “I won't die from a mere mortal. I am a Goddess!” she reaches down and I roll, wincing at my injuries, and get to my feet.

I bring up my left hand and call the Master Sword to me. It flies into my hand as my legs shake, fatigue and exhaustion setting in like a blow from the Megaton Hammer. My bones and muscles ache, my injuries make me sluggish, and all I want to do is lie down and sleep, but I force myself to stand straight. Majora brings her foot down, but I leap back before she can squish me. I slash forward and the blade sinks into her ankle, but she kicks back and I'm sent flying into a cliff face.

She lets out that high, screechy laugh, throwing her head back. Her shadow covers me and makes me shiver as she sneers at me. I look up, seeing her face blocking out the sun. It's going to set soon.

“At last. At last I have my chance,” she swiftly picks me up by my foot, dangling me in front of her face. The sword falls from my hands and she grabs it, stabbing it into the stone cliff until only the hilt is out. I notice a crack make its way up the cliff towards some rocks. She brings me to her eye, and I shiver as I see myself, broken and bloody. “I don't care if Ghirahim needs you. I'm going to kill you right now so that you won't be a bother in the future,” she tilts her head back and drops me into her mouth.

A though comes to mind as I fall. Maybe there is still a chance to kill her. I think fast, making sure Galore's Bracelet is on glide, and somersault in the air, making sure I go backwards. I land on the eye on her forehead, making her screech and bring her hand up. I roll away and grab the horn on her head, my right hand in my stomach, and I start swinging, doing my best to ignore my side.

I let go and fly over to my sword. I grab it with both hands, trying not to look at my right, and plant my feet on the rock before pulling. The crack that was created grows. I watch it run up and down the cliff and I feel my eyes shine. From the top of the cliff, rocks start to fall, making the cliff rumble. I turn my head to see Majora slam her hand into me, crushing be against the cliff before bringing me to her face in a clenched fist. I struggle to break free, but I only a bit of energy left.

“I'm...going to KILL YOU!” she yells into my face and I close my eyes.

'Din, Nayru, Farore, please help me,' I plead as I fall into her mouth. 'I wish to borrow your power, if only for a moment, so I can finish her off,' Majora shakes as the rocks fall down. She jerks forward and slams into the ground. It's almost as if I can see what's happening. 'I wish for her to never walk on the earth again. I want her gone, destroyed. She's done too much harm and will never learn to change. She's a lost cause. Please, help me.'

“As you wish,” three voices echo inside my head, one slightly familiar.

My world fades as I start to go down her throat.

-Sheik's POV-

I wake to find myself chained to a wall. My body aches and I look over myself to find I was beaten while in my unconscious state. I look up to see Ghirahim standing there, a vile and dagger in both hands. “Good, now that you're awake, I can have more fun beating you.” I scowl at him, hoping that Zelda and Link are alright. “It's no fun if I don't get a result. Besides, you will be a perfect tribute to my Master.”

“Your Master will kill you the moment you bring him back,” a weak voice says. I look around Ghirahim to see Zelda in the cell opposite me.

“Quiet!” Ghirahim turns on her, raising his hand so his palm is facing her. Lightning shoots out of his palm and Zelda screams as it hits her. I wince harshly. Ghirahim looks back at me. “Even so, my Master will reward me once I bring him back.”

“He'll kill you. He's done it before and he'll do it again,” Zelda says. I wince when she gets shocked again.

“I've told you to stay out of this!”

“You speak so highly of your Master, but you're nothing but a pawn. A piece being used and will be disregarded when the time comes.” Zelda, shut up! “Just like Zant.” I try to block out her screams.

“I am nothing like that foolish Twili! I only brought him back so he could do my chores for me and so I wouldn't be found out until I chose.”

“You brought back a dead man?” I say. How could he? There's no possible way to bring back the dead. It goes against all the laws the Gods made. Those who are dead should stay dead.

“Yes, it was fairly easy. His soul was weak and fragile. But my Master's soul is powerful and hard. It has been a much more difficult task to bring him back.”

For some reason, my heart rate speeds up when he says 'powerful.'

“And once I have the Hero, I'll use her and the Princess here to give him the strength to live. They both possess the Triforce, and even if the last Holder is dead, two pieces will be enough to give my Master power.”

Again, my heart races at the word 'power.' What in Hyrule?

“The Triforce is only at it's strongest when it's united. Apart, they pieces only benefit the Holder,” Zelda says. “And as you said, the the Keeper of the Triforce of Power is dead. He has been for many months now. There's no chance of you getting that power.”

“Two is enough. And I will find that girl before long. But before I go, I have some business to do,” he bends down in front of me and marvels the dagger. “You know, Sheikah have wonderful eyesight. 20-20 if I am right. Even in the dead of night, you can see the smallest blade of grass. It's your best sense. I wonder how great you'll be with only half of what you have.”

Before I can think, he stabs the dagger into my left eye. I can't help it, I let out a scream as it digs in. He takes it out and slashes across my eye. I shake with suppressed pain, feeling blood ooze down my face. My left eye is tightly shut, now useless as Ghirahim stands straight. He splashes the vile at my eye and it stings more, making me close my other eye.

“Enjoy my gift to you. Now, bring the Princess with me. I feel the Hero drawing near.”

-Link's POV-

Am I dead? I look around. I'm lying on my back, surrounded by darkness. I move my hands, crying out in pain. Bringing my right hand into me, I sit up fast, my head hitting something above me. Well, I'm most certainly not dead. That's something. But I feel like I could be.

I feel a warm glow on my left hand and use my teeth to take off the gauntlet and glove. My Triforce lights up the small enclosure, and I find I'm surrounded by boulders. Aw crap. Looking around, I see something beside me. Reaching out my left hand, I pick it up to get a better look.

With a gasp, I drop it and scoot backwards, my back meeting the boulder behind me. It looks like half of Majora's torso, only it's much smaller. The one, eerie eye stares at me, unblinking, and the four spikes are broken in different places. Another piece is beside it, in the same condition, and I realize. This is Majora's Mask. Or the remains of it. It's...broken. Does that mean...she's dead?

Suddenly the rocks moves and I bring my arms over my head, expecting them to fall on me, but I feel wind rush past me. Lowering my arms, I look up to see a giant hand and let out a scream. The boulders are tossed away and whoever took the boulder looks down at me. I can see milky-white eyes from high above and the armour that glows in the moonlight.

'O-Oni?' I think, dumbfounded.

The Demigod crouches, squinting his eyes to try and get a better look at me. “Gah, even in the moonlight I can barely see you. One second, Kid,” he shrinks down to his normal, but still giant, height and offers his hand. I hesitantly take it, wondering how I'm not dead. “The Goddesses released me just before my sister swallowed you. She got pinned down by a boulder and was too maddened to think of a way out of it. I slit her head in two, and she fell. Only an Immortal Being can kill another. When you called upon the Goddesses help, they broke me free of my Mask and allowed me to aid you. I healed the worst of your wounds and kept you under the boulders so you would stay safe until they healed. But I can't bring back your fingers and hand.”

I raise my right hand to my face. A red-soaked bandage is wrapped around it and it still hurts like a bitch. But I guess I should be grateful that I'm alive.

“But you need to hurry. I momentarily gave you enough energy to get to the castle and fight for at least ten minutes, but after that you'll faint and be rendered useless until you wake up.”

I fume. 'Don't call me useless!' I mind-yell at him.

“I know you aren't. You saved me from my prison, and now I can serve as the Demigod of Justice once again,” he walks over to Majora's remains. “And my sister, Demigoddess of Chaos, will no longer be a worry to you're world,” I can hear the sadness in his voice. I walk up behind him and tap his arm. When he turns, I hug him, burying my face into the spot just below his stomach.

'I'm sorry you had to kill her. Even if you hadn't been close in years, it must be hard to lose a sibling,' I tell him. He bends down on one knee and hugs me back, his large arms almost crushing me.

He breaks the hug and stands, looking down at me with a “I will forever be in the debt of you Links. I will gladly help any of you who wish it in the future. And your kin. You've done the Gods good. You will forever be rewarded with help. I must go, but first, take this,” he gives me a small gem. “It may be worthless in your world, but call it a birthday/midwinter present from me.”

With that, he vanishes with Majora's remains. I wrap my fist around the gem, tucking it into my Baggie, which miraculously stayed with me this entire time. 'I'll forever help whoever needs it,' I think and turn to the castle. I can see the tallest tower from here. Determined to save my friends, I set out with a limp.

What greets me when I get to the castle is an ambush, and I don't even fight or struggle as they bind me and push me, roughly, through the castle halls. I'm taken to a large throne room and my mind jerks to a memory. I've dreamed of this place! Back at the Palace of Winds! Has the talk between Zant and Ghirahim already happened?

“My Lord, we have the Hero,” I look up at the throne, seeing other guards surrounding Zelda. I catch her eye give her a small smile, my legs starting to get weal. Oni's spell is waring off.

Just from be being here, Zelda's eyes brighten. I notice that she's covered in bruises and possible scars and glare at Ghirahim, a growl coming from the back of my throat. That bastard hurt her!

“Good,” he grins, his eyes flashing hunger at my face. Since my hands are in front of me, I move them to flip him off. I smirk when his eyes narrow at me. I also notice Zelda smile sadly. No doubt she sees my hand. “That was very rude,” he comments, waving the guards off. “You are dismissed. I will handle the Princess and Hero.”

Once they're gone, I run over to Zelda, trying to hug her. 'Majora's dead. Oni saved me.'

She wraps her arms around me and looks at Ghirahim as he laughs. I bury my face into her neck. “Two of the Triforce Keepers. Such a close bond, in either form.” I turn in Zelda's arms, feeling my legs growing weaker. Crap. “And with such a bond, I can finish my experiment,” he turns and the throne is destroyed. A curtain is hung behind the throne, and I see the shadow of a body. “My Master just requires the Wisdom and Courage of you two, and then he will have the power to live once more.”

“Only if we give it willingly,” Zelda says. “And we'll never give the Triforce to you.”

Ghirahim chuckles, and that chuckle becomes a loud, cold laugh. I shiver. That's the laugh I heard from my dream of him, before I met him in the flesh. “You really think I don't know that? I will force the Triforce out of you. You literally can't live without it. It's like a second heart. If I cut off the hand with your Triforce on it, you'll die in a matter of seconds. But I can't do that to my future wife, can I?”

'Future wife my ass!' I think, willing him to hear me. He blinks in shock, just like Majora. 'I'd rather eat my own faeces that marry you!'

“And before you said you'd never give up meat, which you would have to do. Demons can't digest meat properly,” Ghirahim sighs.

'Fuck you.' I'm on the end of my temper right now, the pain along with th fatigue setting in is just leaving me annoyed and ticked off.

“Link, calm down,” Zelda whispers.

Ghirahim raises his hands to the side in a 'welcoming' manner. “Well, you aren't going to deal with reason, I see. I suppose I will have to go with the alternative. Bring in the Sheikah.

Zelda's arms keep me still as my eyes widen. He found Sheik? I hear the doors open but can't turn, Zelda's keeping me in place. 'Zelda, how'd he get caught?'

“A mistake anyone would make,” she whispers. “Link, keep control of yourself. If you use anymore magic, you might be killed.”

'What do you mea-' I begin when the doors bang open.

“The Sheikah has escaped!” even Zelda lets me go in surprise. We turn to see a fully grey Demon with darker grey diamond markings on his skin. He's wearing a long robe covered in thin armour. His eyes are pitch black, but not unwelcoming. There's a strange sort of warmth in them.


“He wasn't in the cell and there was a massive hole in the wall. I have reason to believe that he is somewhere within the walls of the castle.”

Ghirahim swears. “Make sure these two stay here,” he orders the guard, who nods. Ghirahim leaves and the guard watches him go. He turns back to us, smiling.

“Good, thought that would distract him,” he laughs. A very true laugh. “The name's Rupert. I don't have much time to explain who I am, we need to leave this room. Only in here can Ghirahim use whatever plans he has.”

“Why should we go with you?” Zelda asks.

Rupert smiles at her. His smile is almost childish. “Because I'm not a horrid Demon like Ghirahim. I know you have no reason to trust me, Princess, but I assure you, I won't hurt either of you,” he sighs sadly. “By now my brother is probably dead. He and some of the Demons were forced to fight in that bloody siege.”

“Okay, but if you turn against us, I will not hesitate to kill you,” Zelda warns as we follow him out. I walk on shaky legs and Zelda notices. She bends down in front of me and motions for me to get onto her back. I smile gratefully and climb on, wrapping my arms over her shoulders and resting my head.

-Zelda's POV-

Once Link's on my back, I continue to follow Rupert, watching for any signs of malice. So far his words have been true and sincere, but I won't trust him that easily. “So who are you exactly?” I ask.

“I'm the real leader of the Demons. Or I should be. Ghirahim preformed a young-age spell on himself long ago, after he escaped his Master's sword. He's ruled over us, in the same body, for thousands and thousands of years. Contrary to belief, Demon's don't live much longer than Hyrulians. He should have been dead centuries ago.”

“So he is the exact same Ghirahim from long ago,” I say. “I was wondering if he had been reincarnated or not.”

“No, sadly he's the same one from the old tales.”

“You know of them?”

“Every Demon does. From those lessons, we either agree with our people or the Hylians. I happen to be for the Hylians, along with several other groups. My brother is fighting reluctantly, and I fear he's already dead.”

“I'm sorry if he is. But I had no choice, I had to protect my people.”

He looks over his shoulder at me, smiling sadly. “I understand, I don't blame you Princess.”

'Zelda, what happened to Sheik?' Link asks, yawning a little.

“Ghirahim stabbed and cut his left eye. I won't be surprised if he goes blind.” I glance at her right hand, seeing the missing fingers and flesh. “Did Majora do that?”

'The half-missing hand thing? Yeah, she bit my hand and ate it,' she shivers. I adjust her on my back. 'It hurt.'

“You're little friend is stubbornly strong,” Rupert says, smiling warmly this time at the both us. “I assume she took on that crazy Demigoddess.”

“Yes, she did. She did a good job,” I turn my head to smile at her. Her eyes are closed and she tightens her arms in a hug of sorts.

“She's loyal to you, I can see that.”

“It comes with knowing each other from past lives.”

'It gets awkward when I remember I was a man every time before, and we probably had a thing in a few of them,' Link laughs tiredly. I laugh with her, shaking my head.

“Shh,” Rupert stops and I look around, listening for anything. “Someone's coming. Quick, into this room. The moment Ghirahim goes into the throne room, he'll know I'm not working with him. And he'll know I let the Sheikah go twice now.”

'Hmm?' Link lifts her head. 'You helped Sheik?'

Rupert looks at her as we hide in a small closet in a bedroom. “How did I just hear you?”

I look at Link, wondering that too. She blushes slightly, hiding her face. 'I dunno, really. The last little while I've just been...willing myself to be heard. It surprised Majora, too.'

“Might be a side-affect from entering the Demon Realm,” Rupert says before motioning for us to stop talking. We hear voices outside the room and the doors open. Footsteps tap around the room and voices make their way thought the closet.

“When I get my hands on that Demon, he is dead,” Ghirahim says, tearing the place apart.

“I don't understand how he could sense them. I mean, he's not very powerful with magic,” another voice says.

There's a slapping sound. “Fool, of course he has strong magic. I locked most of it away when he was born, but it might be coming out more now that he's older. I couldn't have him rebel against me when he got old enough. Now, find them, kill Rupert, and bring the Princess and Hero to me.”

“...Yes, my Lord,” the voices fade and the three of us let out a breathe.

“Is it safe?” Rupert whispers, barely about a breath.

'I can check!' Link thinks, trying to get off my back.

“Are you sure?”

'Yep, I can become littler and see.'

“Fine, but be careful,” I tell her, letting her down. She pulls out the Kokiri Stone and shrinks, climbing under the closet door to look around.

“She's cute,” Rupert whispers. “Very eager to help.”

“Don't let her hear you call her that. She has her pride.”

“Which I believe has been on the line this whole time?”

“You haven't seen her as a puppy,” I smile.

“Am I to assume she's like a best friend?”

“Yes, you are. We haven't known each other in this lifetime for long, but it didn't matter.”

“When did you meet her?”

“I didn't know what she looked like until we faced Ganondorf, that was four or five months after our first meeting.”


“She can turn into a wolf.”

'Zelly, it's all clear!' Link mind-calls and I open the door, finding her standing in front of the door. 'Ghirahim and the Demon are gone.' Her legs are shaking again and I catch her as she falls forward. 'Too much.'

“Don't push yourself,” I tell her, getting her on my back again. “Save your energy.”

'Oni said I have only ten minutes of fighting left in me, if we do fight, let's make it quick,' she thinks as we exit the room.

“Which way from here?” I ask. Rupert waves his hand and I follow him. We keep to the shadows and I remember what my father once told me about our old heritage. We have Sheikah blood in our veins and I was lucky enough to get the natural Stealth of Shadows that made ancient Sheikah famous.

We walk for a few minutes before we come to a large room. Rupert sighs, looking around. “To really get out of here, we need to go through here. No one will think of this-” he's cut short when a dart hits his neck. I duck and turn, glaring at Ghirahim and another Demon standing at the doorway.

I ease Link off my back and she staggers a bit on her feet, using my shoulder to stay upright. 'Oh dear.'

“That foolish man,” Ghirahim shakes his head. “I should have known he wouldn't follow my orders. How idiotic of me. But enough of this little game of hide-and-seek. No matter, I can take your Triforces from anywhere, as that is what I must do to finish my goal and revive my Master.”

He steps towards us and I glance at Rupert. I make sure at least my foot is touching him and teleport us out of the room and to the only place I can think of.

Link stumbles and I grip her sleeve, keeping her on her feet as I look around. We're back in the throne room, but it's better to keep our distance for at least a little while. Rupert groans, rolling over. So he was just hit with a sleeping dart.

'Zelda, what're we gunna do?' Link asks, looking around. 'We need to find Sheik before we escape.'

“I know, but I'm not sure where he could be,” I mutter. “He's most likely looking for us.”

'Knowing him, he's probably memorized the hallways,' Link thinks.

There's a rush of cold wind and I sigh, knowing Ghirahim teleported behind us. We turn to where the throne used to be and find him standing there, arms crossed and head shaking. “You thought it was that simple?”

Of course I know it's not, I'm just buying us some time until I know we'll be safe.

“Princess, Hero, why not just hand me your Triforces?”

“You say it like it's that simple,” I say. “We were blessed-”

'And cursed,' Link mind-mutters.

“-with these since birth. We still don't know their full potential, even with the knowledge of our past selves. They're given to us to Keep, and we won't give any information about them to the likes of you.”

“A shame, really. Very well, have it your way Princess,” he rushes at me and I summon Din's Fire, when Link steps in front of me and unsheathes the Master Sword. “Get out of my way!” Ghirahim smacks her aside and I burn his face, making him scream in pain.

“Don't you dare hurt her!” I yell, glancing at Link to see her struggling to her feet. “You hurt her any more, and I will disobey every rule my mother taught me.”

Ghirahim raises his hands and sends lightning at me. I flip over the shock and use Farore's Wind. He moves out of where he thinks I might go, but I reappear where I was and burn him. He jumps forward and sends scolding water my way. I spin and create Nayru's Love, reflecting the water back at him. I run forward while he's distracted and punch him in the stomach with pure magic on my hand, the sparks of my magic gold. He flies back, landing on the ground near the door, and gets up, scowling at me.

I cross my arm across my chest, fist clenched as magic sparks fly around my hand. My other hand goes behind my back, holding a flame in the palm.

Ghirahim teleports and I spin when I hear footsteps behind me, my fire and sparked fists harming the Demon. I look around the room and find Link hiding behind a pillar, her whole body shaking. Oh Link, even after all this time, you still fear magic.

The false Demon Lord rushes at me with his curved sword. I teleport above him and kick down, sending magic to my foot and making his face meet the ground. I step on his back so he can't get up and burn the back of his neck, digging my shoe into the small of his back.

He throws me off and I land on my feet a little ways away, steadying my feet and crossing my arms, summoning my magic again. He teleports and comes up behind me, slashes diagonally down my back before I get a chance to move. I grit my teeth and spin, using Nayru's Love to knock him back, and jump, kicking forward and hitting him in the throat.

He flies into the pillar Link's behind and she peeks out, unsheathing her sword and coming to his side. She tries to stab downward, but Ghirahim sends out a wave of magic and pushes her back. I teleport and catch her before she can slam into the doors. I lay her down and stand in front of her, sending a ball of Din's Fire at him. It explodes before reaching him and sends him flying up.

Ghirahim stands once more, panting. Link gets to her feet and sways, shaking her head. 'We need to finish this soon.'

I nod, when I notice a shadow move in the corner. Good, Sheik's here. We need to distract Ghirahim, there's no way we'll be able to kill him. The Demon teleports and I grab Link's hand, running forward and spinning, facing Ghirahim as he rips his sword from the ground. Link stumbles and turns, looking dizzy.

“Link, I hate to ask this of you again, but I need to borrow your power,” I turn to her. She looks at me and nods, giving me her left hand. Like so many months before, our Triforces glow as we close our eyes, summoning our power. I raise our hands, lifting Link off the floor an inch or two, and look at Ghirahim. “Goddesses and Gods of Hyrule, I call your divine power to hold this one captive.”

Steel vines burst out of the walls, wrapping around Ghirahim's wrists and ankles, suspending him in the air. He lets out a Din's Hellish scream of rage and tries to burn the vines, but the fire goes to where they come out of the walls and shoots back, burning his arms. “Let me go, you stupid girl!” he yells.

Link collapses and I hold her up, putting her arm around my shoulders as mine goes around her middle. “No way. You wouldn't let me go if the roles were reversed,” I try my hardest not to pant and show my fatigue.

“Look at you, you're exhausted, she's useless, and I will break out of these eventually. I still have the will to revive my Master. No one else will help y-!”

A dagger digs into his chest and he's cut off of what he was about to say. Sheik steps out of the shadows, a bandage over his left eye as he glares at Ghirahim with his right. “That can't be farther than the truth, Ghirahim. They've got me.”

You? What can a worthless Sheikah like you do to me? This dagger is nothing!” Ghirahim laughs.

“Perhaps, but,” Sheik turns to the curtain, “what would your not-very-alive Master think about this?”

Ghirahim's eyes flash dangerously and he growls. “Don't you dare.”

Sheik walks up the curtain and I look over my shoulder. He moves it aside, and all there is is a black mass of energy. The remains of Ghirahim's 'Master'. Sheik brings out his Chain-Whip, swinging it in circles and making it burn white-hot. I see a pulse of energy and my eyes widen. “Sheik, don't touch that!” I yell as he raises the whip. He stops. “Step away from it!”

But before anything can happen, a familiar, low, echoing laugh comes from the mass. It rises into the air and flies past us, going through Link and I. Everything becomes cold and my legs buckle from underneath me. Sheik faints behind me and I look at Ghirahim from the floor. The mass breaks the vines and surrounds him, making him look around in panic. The last I see of the Demon is his fear-filled face before the mass encloses around him and shivers.

A dark purple aura emits from the mass and that familiar laugh rings through the room. The laugh echoes in my ears and I feel my right hand burn as everything fades. No, I need to stay awake. Weakly, I grab Link's left hand, closing my eyes. I stretch my magic, making it cover Sheik, and take in a deep breath.

Hyrule Castle. Hyrule Castle. Hyrule Castle, I chant in my head, using the last of my magic to teleport us. I black out once I hear frantic voices.

-Link's POV-

Slowly I wake, blinking my eyes to clear my fuzzy vision. Specks of black float in front of my eyes when I see a sun overhead and I wince, closing my eyes. With a quiet groan, I sit up, running my hand over my face and rubbing my eyes. “Oww,” I moan, then freeze. I just spoke...didn't I? “Testing, testing, one two three,” I say, rubbing my throat. “Goddess Dammit, I hate talking.”

I hear a moan and look to my right to see Zelda lying there. Then I notice we're in a field of tall grass and flowers. That's odd, this place is familiar. I try to remember where I've seen this place before. I shake my head and get to my hands and knees, finding that, even with half my right hand missing, it no longer hurts. I crawl over to Zelda and shake her shoulder. “Zelly, you gotta get up. I dunno where we are, but it sure is familiar-looking,” I tell her.

She rolls to her side, picking herself up and rubbing her temples. “I used way too much magic,” she moans.

“It'll be fine,” she looks at me. “Don't look at me like that, please. We're in a place sorta like the Sacred Realm, I think. I know I've been here before, but I can't quiet remember where.”

She looks around her eyes widening. “I know this place. I came here after I transferred my power to Midna.”

“So that's what happened to ya,” I say thoughtfully.

“It's our inner-consciousness.”

“Oh! I remember! I came here after I was poisoned in the Forest Temple. Farore met me and healed my injury. She looked like a twelve-year-old and was taller than me,” my shoulders sag.

Zelda nods. “I met Nayru,” she gets to her feet and I follow suit. “And Din. There wasn't much I could do other than talk with them. It honestly did get very boring.”

“Sorry you felt that way, Princess,” we jump and turn. I blink, taking in the people in front of me.

Farore, looking more like an adult at the moment, is standing beside a woman with long, water-blue hair that reaches her ankles and is pulled out of her face. She's wearing a long, sky blue dress that matches her eyes. She's also pale as the moon.

The woman next to her looks like a Gerudo woman, but with slightly darker skin. Her hair is as red as fire and her eyes are like lava. She's wearing a red tube-top and Gerudo pants that flan out on the legs but are tight on the waste and ankles.

Oh wow. All three Goddesses.

Nayru smiles softly. “You two did very well. And tell Sheik we thank him as well. We can't bring him here like you two.”

“I'll pass on the message!” I smile.

“Majora's safely locked up in the Gods' Realm,” Farore says happily. “She'll never be a bother to the mortal world again!”

“But Ghirahim did escape, even if barely. He's no longer in Hyrule, but be wary. He may return one day,” Nayru warns.

“Did he finish his goal?” Zelda asks.

The Goddess of Wisdom shakes her head. “We do not know. I get the feeling he did, yet he did not at the same time.”

“It's as if he only half-finished,” Farore pipes up. “His plan to bring back his Master only half-failed.”

“So that was Demise?” I ask.

“We're not sure,” she shrugs, putting her hands to the sides for emphasis. “But at any rate, we're very proud to call you two our Keepers!”

We smile, when I notice Din hasn't said a word, and is more behind her sisters. I frown, suddenly very sad. Here people are, praising those who have the Triforces of Wisdom and Courage, while the Triforce of Power is Tabooed into being evil. It's not, it's just been bad luck that got it into Ganon's hands. Literally.

Timidly, I walk by Nayru and Farore, going up to Din. Her eyes are closed and she's turned away, so she doesn't see me coming. “Din?” I speak up. She looks down at me. She's the tallest of her sisters, even taller than Majora, and I feel like the size of a baby. “Could...could you bend down, please?” I ask, locking my hands behind my back and looking down, kicking at the dirt. I'm not sure how she'll react to what I'm about to do.

With a sigh, she bends down, giving me a bored look. “What is it, Kid?” she asks.

I lunge forward and wrap my arms around her neck, burying my face into her shoulder. She tenses up, her eyes probably wide. “I'm so sorry Din, I wish Ganondorf never got the Triforce. I wish you weren't thought of as the bad person who granted him that Power,” my eyes sting and I hug harder, trying not to think that she can break my spine in a split-second. “I have no reason to believe you're a bad person. I know you're not a bad person. And I hope one day your Triforce gets redeemed and it's true colours are shown. I hope someone other than Ganondork will get it, someone well-deserving and self-less. Someone who wants to redeem it as much as you do. I know you have no real control over who gets the Triforce, but I'm sure one day, it will fall into safe, sturdy hands.”

Before I can unwrap my arms, I feel Din's arms surround me, covering my entire torso. Her hand rests on the back of my head and I feel her put her face into my own shoulder. I start crying when I feel tears soak through my tunic.

“You're one-of-a-kind, Kid,” she whispers, standing up and resting me on her hip like I'm a baby.

“Hey, is this necessary?” I ask, running my arm across my eyes to dry them.

“For me,” she answers.

“I haven't seen her cry like that since Ganondork first got the Triforce of Power,” Farore whispers.

“Shh,” both Zelda and Nayru shush her. Din and I laugh a little.

“Here, let me see your hand,” she puts me down and holds my right hand. Just one of hers can enclose my hand in a fist. She sighs sadly, looking at my hand. “I wish there was something I could do to heal it, but even I can't bring back missing appendages or digits. Or noses.” I cross my eyes and look at my nose. I forgot about that. “So you'll have to live without them.”

“I'm sure I'll get through,” a trough crosses my mind. “What happened to Sheik?” the Goddesses laugh, making me wonder if they watched me being an idiot.

“Sheik is safe. He'll never be able to look out his left eye again, but other than that, he is perfectly alright, save a few injuries. Now, we've healed all we can for you two. You'll need to go,” Nayru says. “Farewell.”

“Bye, Link! Bye, Zelda! Hope you live happily!” Farore hugs us both.

“See ya, Kid,” Din kisses my forehead, making me blink. I didn't expect that, and I don't think the other Goddesses did either. “I hope your words come true one day.”

The world flashes and fades. I expect to wake up, but there's yet another surprise waiting or me.

I sit up, finding myself in the Sacred Realm. Shaking my head, I get to my feet and call for Time. He puts a hand on my shoulder, making me jump. He turns me and puts his other hand on my other shoulder, I can see his pride eyes dancing. “You did wonderfully, Twi,” he says, smiling. “You really did us Links proud. The Four Swords and Min wanted to meet you, but they thought that you had enough to deal with right now. Maybe another day.”

“We did it, Time! We destroyed Majora and set Oni free!” I grin, hugging him. “It's stupid how Ghirahim got away though.”

“Not as stupid as you'd think. The moment Majora died, the siege paused and when Ghirahim was taken, it stopped all together. It was as if everyone knew it was over and that Hyrule won. I, and the rest of us, are very proud of you, Twilight. You've become a fine Link,” he chuckles. “Although, I gotta admit, when I first saw you, I wasn't a all eager to believe your worth.”

“Huh? But you seemed happy to meet me,” I say, pulling my head away to look him in the face.

He chuckles, closing his eyes for a second before re-opening them. “Have you not figured it out? About who I am?”

I look closely into his eyes, seeing a small spark behind them jump. My heart races. “Your Hero's Shade!” I gasp.

“Yes, I am. Or was. When you defeated Ganondork and was Knighted, I had no more regrets about what I had helped unleash. I knew that Hyrule was in safe hands. And still is. After I was returned to this state, I was made the Sage of Light. So, in reality, you started your adventure for the Sages during your first one.”

“Whoa,” I mutter, smiling at him before hugging him again. “Thanks so much, Time. You, Sky, and all the others, you've all helped me so much. I can only hope I can help any future Links and give them my own knowledge of the things I've faced.”

“You will. We all help one another, because-”

“-We are the only ones who know what we're going through, and we are family,” I finish, laughing. “Does it count as narcissistic if I tell you I love ya?”

He laughs. “No, we may go under the same names and have same memories, but we are all different people. You being a girl is proof of that. And I love you, too. I hope you can relax until the end of your days.”

“Me too. Will this be the last time I see you?” I ask, pulling away as I feel my eyes grow heavy.

“Maybe, but we'll meet again. Goodbye, Link, live to your elder years and be happy. Never stray from the path you have paved for yourself, my Child.”

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