Silent Courage

Chapter 4: Rest

Chapter 4: Rest

“Why does he almost kill himself all the time?” Nura’s voice asks.

“Because he’s too stubborn to know when to give up,” Alex scowls.

“No, he’s just doing what’s right. Besides, I don’t think he cares as long as the people he cares about are okay,” Adam says.

‘Can you shut up? I’m trying to sleep,’ I think, rolling to my side.

“Looks like the Mute’s awake,” Alex remarks.

“Link, you okay?” I sit up groggily to see I’m in the Goron City, sitting on a flat, straw covered bolder as a makeshift bed.

‘I’ll live,’ I think as I look around. ‘What happened?’

“Well, after we left the Sacred Realm, we were put at the entrance to the crater,” Navi explains.

“I got to say, we were freaking out when we saw that dragon carrying you,” Nura says. “We thought he did it, but then Navi explained everything.”

‘Good,’ I sigh, at least Rocky wasn’t hurt.

“I have a question,” Alex gets up with a scowl. Adam looks at me nervously before looking away. What’s going on? “Why are you acting as a boy?”

I roll my eyes, ‘Took ya long enough.’

“He found out when the dragon said, ‘Is my Ma going to be okay?’ It was funny watching him rant on and on about how he should have known,” Nura laughs.

“But I want to know that too, why are you disguised?” Adam asks.

‘Less people question a boy with a sword than a girl with a sword,’ I shrug. Of course that’s not the full story. Midna actually came up with the ruse, saying that if I disguised myself as a boy, less people would stare at me.

“You’re screwed in the head,” Alex scoffs.

“C’mon, Gor Coron wants to talk to you,” Nura says and I get up, wincing at my injuries.

With Nura’s help, I limp to the main Goron City and meet up with Coron and the Elders. “Well, Brother, when we saw that dragon helping you out, we knew what became of Darbus,” Gor Coron says. I look at my feet. “Do not blame yourself, there was nothing you could do. Now, I want to thank you for helping us yet again. You are a true Brother to the Goron Tribe. And with Darbus gone, his son can take over the Tribe.”

“Who’s his son?” Adam asks.

“Darunia,” Coron nods to the young Goron talking to his brother.

“But, what about…” Nura trails off as she looks at the older sibling.

“Our Goron ways are different than yours, the second born child to the leader becomes the next new patriarch,” Gor Liggs explains. We all nod in understanding.

“We also owe you three our thanks, without you the Goron children might never have found a safe place,” Coron says to Adam, Alex and Nura.

“No problem,” Nura grins.

After waving goodbye, we head back down the mountain and come to the abandoned Kakariko. At least nothing terrible happened here.

‘Alright, let’s go to Zora’s Domain,’ I think, leaning off of Nura and starting to walk, but I fall to the ground in pain.

“Link! You can’t push yourself, you’re not fully healed!” Navi cries as she flies by my ear.

Adam helps me up as I think, ‘But, the Zoras-’

“Will be in more trouble if you go and die,” Navi says. “Now stop being stubborn and let’s go back to the castle.”

“She’ll never stop being stubborn,” Adam remarks and I hit his shoulder.

-At the Castle-

After telling Zelda what happened, the other three leave and Zelda gives me a stern look. “I know what you’re thinking, and no. You can’t go help the Zoras in this state.”

‘Dammit,’ I lean my head back on the couch. ‘Zelda, they’re in trouble!’

“I know that, but what good will it do if you can’t even help them?” she asks.

“That’s what I said,” Navi mutters from my shoulder. “She’s just being stubborn, like every one of her ancestors.”

“It’s final, Link, you’re staying here until you’re healed.”

‘Alright, alright. What happened to Rocky?’

“He’s hiding in the Crater until you call him,” Navi says, still sounding slightly ticked about me being stubborn.

‘‘Kay. So what am I supposed to do? I can’t do much and I need to move,’ I ask.

“If you must wander around, use those,” Zelda points to the sticks I’m using as crunches right now. “You’re leg won’t heal for about a week.”

‘Gaaah!’ I mind groan. ‘Fine, talk to ya later,’ I sigh and take the sticks.

(Navi shakes her head as she sits on Link’s head. Why must she be so similar to the Hero of Time? she thinks.

‘Oh-no,’ Link mind-groans. ‘Navi, it’s the pretty boy.’ The fairy looks up to see Sir Edward walking down the corridor towards them. She ducks into Link’s hat as the man starts talking.

“You look like you’ve been to Din’s Hell and back,” he remarks.

‘Not too far off there, Pretty Boy,’ Link thinks as she walks passed him, basically ignoring his existence.

Navi turns her body to see Edward smirk, tapping into his thoughts, she hears a few whispery words. All she catches is soon, end and bring back.

What on earth…? she thinks before looking away, shaking her head from the thought.)

I come to my room and lie on the bed, sighing in annoyance, I don’t like bed rest! “Don’t tell me you’re already bored,” Navi says.

‘Yep,’ I nod shortly.

“Is there a chest set around here?” Navi asks, flying around.

‘Yeah, but I suck a chess.’

“I’m making you play anyway.”


I stare at the pieces, ‘So, the Queen has more power than the King? Awesome.’

“Yes, now move your piece already!”

‘Okay, okay, keep your wings on,’ I think to myself as I move a piece, only for it to get taken away by Navi. ‘How are you good at this? You lived in a forest.’

“Years of practice.”

‘No kidding.’ Zap! ‘Gees! Navi, what was that for?’ I ask, rubbing my head where she shot a ball of magic at me.

“I was aiming for the window,” the fairy lies.

‘Sure you were,’ I think and move another piece, managing to get one of Navi’s Rooks. ‘AHA!’ I fist pump the air, but my excitement dies down when I see I’ve only taken one of her pieces and she’s taken all of mine except my Queen, a Pawn and my King. ‘Aww…’

“Hey Linky!” Adam bursts into the room so fast I fall off my bed in surprise.

‘Dammit, Adam!’ I glare at him as I get back into the bed.

Ignoring my glare, he keeps talking, “You won’t guess what’s happening! That Sir Edward dude is hosting a party in gratitude of Zelda agreeing to become an ally to Termina!”

‘Really? I thought she said we had too many problems right now,’ I think, sitting up in bed more.

“And you know what? Nura’s coming soon and she’s going to make you-”

“Be a girl!” the Gerudo kicks the door open, bringing a chest in with her.

‘What?’ I blink at them.

“For this party, you’re not going to be Sir Link, you’re going to be Lora,” Nura grins evilly at me and I gulp.

“But won’t people know who she is? She’s still a mute and has a broken leg,” Navi says, sitting on my head. “And what about her hair and face?”

“You leave all that to me!” Nura gives her a thumbs-up. “Adam, tell everyone to leave Link alone, Navi, can you wait outside and see if anyone is coming?”

“Sure thing,” the fairy nods and flies out with Adam.

‘Oh no,’ I mind-groan.

Half an hour later, I just stare at my reflection with wide eyes. Nura has put a black wig over my hair and tied it back into a braid, forcibly put me into a long, green-blue dress (much, much, much to my displeasure), and made me unbind myself. In other words, I look nothing like I usually do, even with my eyes being the same. (I pushed her away and even tried to run when she came at me with make-up, that’s just going too far.)

‘I feel weird,’ I think, turning around to look at my back, the dress hides my legs and Nura put a more suitable splint onto my broken leg, letting me walk on it with only a little pain. I look at Nura, who’s admiring her work.

“Wow, you sure look like a girl when you want to,” she muses.

‘I didn’t want to, though,’ I think, irritated.

“I’ll go get the others,” she starts walking but I shake my head and wave my arms.

‘No! I don’t want them to see me like this!’ I think frantically.

“Hey, they’re going to see some-” she’s interrupted as Adam comes back.

“Hey guys, turns out it’s going to be a masquerade par-” his jaw drops and his eyes grow as large as dinner plates when he sees me. I fidget and tug at the dress sleeve, it reaches to the middle of my upper arm, and grin nervously.

“How does she look?” Nura asks, putting an arm around me.

“Who are you and what have you done to Link?” he blinks, trying to not stare at me but failing.

“Link was called out to deal with some Kargaroks on the field, this is Lora, a traveller who won’t be here for long,” Nura grins widely.

“I…wow, just wow. It’s a bloody Nayru miracle that you got her into a dress without dying,” Adam shakes his head, rubbing his eyes.

“I’ve got to say, I never would have pictured you like this,” Navi comments as she flies around my head. “No one could possibly know it’s you, and they never will since you’ll be wearing a mask.”

‘Mask?’ I ask, looking at her.

“Yes, apparently everyone’s going to wear one, an even better way to hide who you are!”

‘But, what about me being mute? As far as Hyrule goes, I’m the only mute around here.’

“Exactly, as far as Hyrule goes. You’ll be from Holodrum!” Navi smiles.

“‘…Where?” Adam, Nura and me ask.

She rolls her eyes, “It’s a neighbouring kingdom that you can get to by travelling through a tunnel to the far west of Hyrule Field.”

My ears perk up, awesome, another place to look at once this problem is over.

“I have the perfect mask! Be right back!” Nura runs out and Adam, Navi and me are left in an awkward silence.

“So…it’s weird seeing you in a dress…and looking like a girl,” Adam says eventually.

‘It looks weird to me, too,’ I nod.

Thankfully Nura comes in, holding her hands behind her back with a smirk on her face. “Turn around, Linky,” she nods behind me and I mind-mumble as I turn, annoyed since they’re using the nickname more and more.

I feel something go over my face and I look at the mirror and blink, the mask she got has a wolfish face with grey fur and only lets me see my eyes. ‘Why a wolf mask?’ I look at Nura and she smiles.

“I thought it would suit you, seeing as you turn into a wolf, and who would think the Hero of Twilight’s a wolf in the first place? Alright, I’ll be right back, I need to get dressed, you too, Adam, and stop gaping at Li-Lora like you’ve never seen her before,” Nura drags Adam from the room as I roll my shoulders back, this is going to be a long night.

I look at myself in the mirror again, I really don’t look like myself, hopefully I can pull this off, and I really hope someone I know doesn’t come up to me and talk to me. That would be awkward.

I sit on the bed and Navi yells, “Don’t sit down like that!” making me jump up in surprise.

‘What?’ I ask.

“You can’t just sit down now that you’re in a dress! You might ruin it! When you sit down, you need to sweep it up under you,” she says.

‘Ok-ay,’ I think slowly and do as she says. I lean back on my hands and look around the room as I wait for Nura to come back.

I must have fallen asleep, since I am shaken awake by someone and I sit up, yawning widely. I blink a few times and once I’m more awake, I stare at Nura. She’s wearing a dark red dress that goes to her ankles, one arm has a short sleeve that goes to her elbow on her right arm and she has a gold chain with a ruby on it around her neck. Her hair is tied back and up in a bun with some lose strands falling out. She smiles at me, “So? You like?”

“Wow, that’s really nice!” Navi says from my head. “I bet no one will know who either of you are.”

“Good, that’s the idea,” Nura winks, putting on a silver and gold mask to cover only around her eyes. “C’mon, it’s almost time for it to start,” she grabs my hand and pulls me up, helping me limp from the room.

I rub my Triforce hand and freeze, what about this? Without my gloves, I can’t hide it! I’m about to tell this to Navi, when we see a group of richly dressed people coming down the hall. I feel my ears drop and I look at the ground as one man stares at me. “Hello, ladies,” he walks up to us, I can see a smile in his eyes behind his mask. “On your way to the party?”

‘What do you think?’ I really wish I can say that to him.

“No, we’re going to the stables, that’s why we’re wearing dresses,” Nura says.

The man chuckles as he looks at me, “Who are you, miss?”

I shift from foot-to-foot, not used to all this. “You’ll have to excuse my friend, she’s from Holodrum and is really shy,” Nura explains.

“Rog, you coming?” another man asks the one in front of us.

“Yeah, yeah, keep your breeches on. Bye ladies,” he bows before walking off after the group of people.

The Gerudo looks at me with a sly grin, “So, how’s your first day of being an actual girl going for you?”

I stick my tongue out at her as we start walking to the Mess Hall. As we walk, I keep tripping over the hem of my dress. “You’re strides are too long, you have to shorten them,” Navi sighs as she sits on my shoulder.

I look at my feet and start to take smaller steps, but it doesn’t help a whole lot. “Thank Nayru this is only for one night,” Nura rubs her forehead.

I nod in agreement as we come to the Mess Hall, both our jaws drop. The long tables have been pushed to the sides and are covered in mountains of food, banners of all different colours hang from the ceiling and columns, a band is talking on the steps to the high table, people are all over and wearing fancy clothes and masks, and it’s like the entire place transformed.

I tug at the side of my dress, nerves bubbling in my stomach as I look at Nura. “Don’t worry, Lora, everything will be fine,” the Gerudo smiles and brings me after her. “Now, let’s go fill that bottomless pit you call a stomach.”

I roll my eyes at my friend as she takes me to the table. I grab a Cucco leg and lift my mask up to eat it, face turned away from other people. “Excuse me,” I pull the mask down and turn to see a tall man standing there, he’s wearing a black tunic that reaches the middle of his thighs, soft grey dress pants and his black face mask hides everything but his eyes, which are a deep, crimson red, and his golden blonde hair is tied back into a short ponytail. Do I know him?

Snapping out of my thoughts, I step aside for the man to get his food and look down at my left hand, I need to find something to hide the Triforce. With that in mind, I start walking through the crowd, getting bumped into and pushed as I go. ‘Dame all these people being taller than me,’ I think, mind-grumbling as I find a low banner. I go into the shadows and look around me to see if anyone is looking. They aren’t. I quickly take the dagger I hid in my boot (at least Nura let me wear these and not those stupid high-heels), and strip off a small piece of the banner, which is a deep blue, before wrapping it around my left hand, concealing the Triforce.

Now that that’s done, what now? I start to wander around when I bump into someone. Looking up, about to apologize, I see ebony black eyes looking at me behind an eye mask. Uh-ho, Pretty Boy.

“Well hello there,” he smiles and I suppress the shiver going up and down my spine. “And who might you be?”

I take a piece of paper out of my dress pocket and hold it up. Nura thought it would be good to write down my name, where I’m ‘from’ and that I won’t be staying.

“Lora? That’s not a common name around here,” he muses.

I nod and walk away quickly, I’ll have to avoid Pretty Boy, something doesn’t seem right.

When I hear my real name, I look to the side to see Zelda talking to Nura. “Link? He’s out in the field, but if you want, you could talk to Lora,” Nura smirks as she points at me. I wave to Zelda and stifle a laugh when I see her eyes grow as she comes over.

“I never thought I would see you in a dress,” Zelda shakes her head slowly.

I chuckle, ‘Neither did I! It’s so weird, how do you wear these things all the time? They give you no freedom.’

She just giggles and shakes her head, “It’s nice to see your girl side. Even I forget who you are sometimes.”

‘That’s because I’m so convincing as a guy,’ I grin. ‘So, you accepted Pretty Boy’s offer?’

She nods, “I thought about it and decided it might help having them as allies, that way we can have more of an army if this whole thing becomes a battle, or even a war.”

‘I see the logic, but does he have to stay?’

“I know what you mean, he probably seems familiar to you too, right?” she asks.

‘Really familiar, and I’ve been having these weird dreams ever since he came here, or at least Navi tells me that.’

“I’ve been keeping an eye on him, it’d be best if you did the same. Well, enjoy all you can, Lora,” she smiles before walking off.

‘Well at least I’m not alone on that feeling,’ I muse as I aimlessly wander around.

When I see Pretty Boy walk up to the band with a cup and fork, I tilt my head to the side, wondering what he’s doing. He taps the cup with the fork and gets everyone’s attention. “Welcome, everyone, and thank you for coming to this short notice party! I would like to thank Princess Zelda for agreeing with me for the alliance, and letting me stay here as my people of my home come here to stay in the city. Some of you may be wondering: why are you wearing masks? Well, I thought it’s nice to have mysteries and secrets, it keeps everyone wanting more than they can find, and they strive to cure their curiosity. Now, without further ado, I will let this wonderful band play and we shall all dance! Thank you, again,” Pretty Boy bows as the crowd claps, but I feel dread overwhelm me. Dance? I don’t know how to dance!

I try to retreat out the door, but the crowds are too big and I can’t get passed the richly dressed people. A woman stops to stare at me in surprise and slight disgust, “Dear me, girl, you’re dress is so…plain! How in Hyrule could you wear such rags?”

I narrow my eyes at her, wishing I can talk to snap back at her, but I just walk away. Stupid rich snob. No offence Zelly.

Going to one of the long tables, I sit down with a sigh and watch as more and more coupes go to the floor as the band starts a fast song and they dance around each other happily.

I rest my head in my hand as I put my elbow on the table, just watching the people dance. I spot Nura dancing a boy in a silver tunic and black dress pants wearing a silver eye mask. Why does he seem familiar to me? No…it can’t be…

I shake my head and look away to see Shadow snickering as he puts a cricket inside a woman’s dress before walking away innocently. I feel a smirk grow on my face when she sees the bug and runs out screaming, which goes unnoticed by everyone. ‘That guy’s gunna have fun tonight,’ I muse as I yawn.

Growing overly bored, I get up and walk around the floor when I find somebody blocking me. I look up and see Pretty Boy smiling down at me, oh joy. “Hello there, Lora, come for a dance?”

I shake my head fast, but he seems to not get the message, as he steps closer, taking my hand. I snatch it away and glare at him, but he still smiles at me creepily and comes closer. “Would you like to dance with me?” he asks again.

“There you are!” we both turn our heads and see the tall man from earlier. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere!” he says as he comes up.

“And who are you?” Pretty Boy narrows his eyes.

“My name is not important, what is important, is that you’re bothering my friend,” he nods to me and I smile gratefully at him, even if he can’t see it.

“I see, and what is your friend’s name?” Pretty Boy asks, raising an eyebrow behind his mask.

“Lora,” the man shrugs, hands in his pockets.

Pretty Boy growls under his breath. “Right, well what are you? Lovers or something?” he asks.

My eyes widen for a second when he looks at the man, but I quickly hide my shock when he looks back at me. “Well, not-not exactly,” the man says quickly.

“Oh, so you won’t mind if I dance with her?”

“Eh, when I say ‘not exactly’ I mean…yes,” he looks me in the eye and I fidget. Oh-no.

“Then I’ll just sit back and watch you two dance, now won’t I?” Pretty Boy asks and walks away.

The man looks at me and sighs, “Sorry, but I saw you in trouble and I could tell you don’t like him.”

‘What was your first clue?’ I wonder.

“Looks like we’re…going to have to dance,” he shifts on his feet.

I nod slowly, biting my lip and not looking at his face. “C-come on, he’s watching,” he takes my hand gently and leads me away, off to the side where we won’t be as noticeable. With just my luck, the band starts a slow waltz (I think that’s what they call it) and I blush heavily as the man puts his hand on my side, being careful not to go any lower.

“So where are you from? I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before,” he says quietly.

I pull out the paper and he reads it quickly. “Hum, Holodrum? I visited there once, it’s a nice place, can be a little messed up though,” he muses with a chuckle. I just nod and I see his eyes frown slightly. “Are you shy? Or are you trying to not talk to me?”

I shake my head and tap my throat. “You’re…you’re mute?” he asks hesitantly. “I know someone who’s mute, they’re a knight here, you’d make good friends.”

I smile and laugh nervously, I can tell he’s talking about me. Luckily he doesn’t catch my nerves as the song stops and we part quickly. Looking at the ground, I try to walk away when the man catches my arm, “Um, one more dance? Just to prove to that guy?” he requests.

Sighing, I comply as another slow song starts. He winces as I step on his feet, and I give him an apologetic look. “Aw, it’s okay. I’ve faced worse than a person’s feet stepping on my own,” he shrugs. Suddenly, I trip over the helm of my dress and fall forward. I get ready to hit the ground, but become surprised when something stops me. Getting back on my feet, I look up to see the man caught me. Blushing even more than before, I try to look away, but he brushes the wig hair out of my face. “You alright?”

I nod fast before looking down, my heart is pounding. Why’s it like this? “I see you’re a little clumsy,” he whispers, making my cheeks flush harder. “That’s okay, I’ve met another person who’s just as clumsy.”

‘Uh-huh,’ I think slowly to myself as he tips my face up. Where have I seen those red eyes? They’re…actually kinda pretty, a soft, but deep red and I can tell this boy’s strong, smart and quick-thinking. But what’s that other look in his eye? I’ve never seen it before.

-Mystery man’s POV, before the party-

“The party’s tonight, I still can’t believe you’re making me go,” I say to my cousin as she ties my mask on.

“Ah, be quite, I can already tell you’ll enjoy yourself. Think of all the court ladies you can meet, and all the hansom devils I can meet,” she grins widely at the thought of flirting with many men. I almost feel sorry for them.

“Whatever, let’s just go,” I sigh and she walks out, back straight and head held high. You’d think she owned the place, I think bitterly as I trail behind her, walking into the Mess Hall to see all the decorations.

“Hey, there are some girls you could talk to,” my cousin points to the food table and I see a girl with mocha dark skin and bright, orange-red hair tied back into a bun wearing a dark red dress. Beside her is a girl with a green-blue dress and black hair tied into a braid just below her neck. She’s turned away from everyone as she eats some Cucco and I note she’s eating slightly like a slob.

I walk up behind her and clear my throat, “Excuse me.” She turns and looks at me with deep blue eyes and I blink, something in those eyes seem familiar, but it’s hard to tell with the wolfish mask on her face. She’s really short and slightly scrawny, but I can see some muscle on her arms so it’s obvious she works for a living. But my eyes go back to her’s, where have I seen those eyes before? I feel like I know them…

She steps aside, maybe a bit too soon, and soon retreats after looking at her hands. She’s a strange girl, that’s for sure, and do I see a limp in how she walks?

I shake my head as the host of the party, some man named Sir Edward or something, goes up and makes a speech, telling Princess Zelda how grateful he is and that some people from his home are coming to stay until everything is fixed. Wish he knew about our problems, we don’t need more people to worry about.

The band starts playing and I notice the girl from earlier sitting at the long tables, head resting in her palm as she puts her elbow on the table. She eyes shift to the other girl I saw her with earlier, who’s dancing with a boy with red hair. I look back at her to see her walk away, and I feel the hairs on the back of my neck go up when Sir Edward walks in front of her and starts talking. I can tell from here that he’s freaking her out, possibly even scaring her. On some impulse, I walk forward to here one word: Lora. Is that her name? Must be.

I walk up and call out without thinking, “There you are!” both Edward and Lora look at me in surprise as I come up. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere!”

“And who are you?” Edward says coldly.

“My name’s not important, what is important is that you’re bothering my friend,” I see her give me a grateful look.

“I see, and what is your friend’s name?” Edward asks, raising an eyebrow behind his mask.

“Lora,” I shrug, hands in my pockets.

“Right, well what are you? Lovers or something?” he asks with a hint of a growl.

This catches me off guard and I stumble over my words, “Well, not-not exactly.”

“Oh, so you won’t mind if I dance with her?”

“Eh, when I say ‘not exactly’ I mean…yes,” I sigh in defeat, looking Lora in the eye as I see her fidget with her dress.

“Then I’ll just sit back and watch you two dance, now won’t I?” Sir Edward asks before walking away grudgingly.

I look at her, sighing, “Sorry, but I saw you in trouble and I could tell you don’t like him.”

She gives me a look, clearly saying, ‘What was your first clue?’

I shift on my feet. “Looks like we’re…going to have to dance,” I say as she doesn’t look at me. I glance out the corner of my eye and see him staring at us, making a shiver run down my spine. “C-come on, he’s watching us,” I gently take her hand and guide her to a spot where most people won’t notice us as the band starts a waltz. I see her face turn red from behind her mask when I put my hand on her side and bring her’s to my shoulder, obviously she doesn’t dance much, and I can also tell from her clumsy movements.

Wanting to strike up a conversation, I start with an obvious question, “So where are you from? I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before.”

She pulls a piece of paper out of her dress pocket and hands it to me, the word ‘Holodrum’ is messily scribbled onto the paper. Why won’t she talk to me? “Hum, Holodrum? I visited there once, it’s a nice place, can be a little messed up though,” I muse out loud with a small chuckle. She just nods and I frown, “Are you shy? Or are you trying to not talk to me?”

She shakes her head and taps her throat. “You’re…you’re mute?” I ask slowly. “I know someone who’s mute, they’re a knight here, you’d make good friends.”

Her eyes smile and she laughs softly, did I imagine the nerves in her eye? The song stops and she pulls away, seeming relieved. I understand why, she’s a horrible dancer. But something in me seems disappointed that she did, and that part is what makes me grab her arm gently, she looks at me with her eyes and I feel something turn my stomach, but not in an uncomfortable way. “Um, one more dance? Just to prove to that guy?” I ask.

She sighs slightly but doesn’t move so I pull her towards me as a slow song starts. I wince when she steps on my feet a few times. She sends me a sorry look but I just smile at her reassuringly. “Aw, it’s okay. I’ve faced worse than a person’s feet stepping on my own,” I shrug. Suddenly, she trips over the helm of her dress and without thinking, I catch her before she falls. She looks up in surprise before looking down, embarrassed, and her hair falls into her face. I brush the night black hair out of the way, “You alright?”

She nods fast, looking down at her feet. “I see you’re a little clumsy,” I whisper and see her become redder. “That’s okay, I’ve met another person who’s just as clumsy.”

She looks up and I can now clearly see her eyes, a deep, clear blue, like the sea, and I can tell what she’s like, proud, wild, caring and protective, they’re actually very beautiful eyes. But why do they seem familiar? It’s like I know this girl, but I know I haven’t.

I lower my head slightly and we can’t seem the break the gaze we have on each other. But the moment is broken when the song ends, much too soon for me, and Sir Edward walks up the stairs. He turns to the people and smiles, “Well, tonight has been fun, hasn’t it? Now, the best part of the night will begin. Everyone, take off the mask of the one you’ve been dancing with, it’s time for the secrets to end.”

I see Lora’s eyes grow wide and I start to life up her mask, but she pulls away and runs out before I can get much farther than her chin, leaving me standing there and probably looking like an idiot. Who was she…?

-Link’s POV-

‘Oh my Goddess, oh my Goddess, oh my Goddess!’ I think, heart pounding a hundred kilometers a minute, as I run through the halls and to my room.

I hear wings and turn my head to see Navi flying beside me. ‘What’s wrong?’

‘I…was almost…Navi, I was almost reviled! Pretty Boy said that we had to take off the mask of the person we danced with, and I had to get out of there before my secret was shown!’ I think as I open and close the door fast, leaning on it as my breathing slowly starts to become even.

“You…you danced with someone? That must have been a sight to see,” Navi giggles.

‘Navi!’ I mind-whine, sliding down the door to my butt.

“I know, I know. I just had to say it. But look at the bright side! No one found out anything!” the fairy says as she sits on my shoulder.

‘Yeah, but it was sure a close call,’ I think and stand up, going into the bathroom to change back into my normal clothes.

“Link, I can tell you this right now, I think you’re going to get more and more close calls now that you’ve experienced being an actual girl,” Navi says from outside the door.

‘That’s not going to happen, Nav. I’m perfectly fine with being on my own,’ I ‘say’ as I pull on some sleeping pants and shirt and come back into the bedroom, stowing the wig and dress in the veeery back corner of my closet, making sure no one can accidently find it in there.

The moment I close the closet, the door bursts open and I slam my back on the closet, eyes widening in surprise before quickly becoming calm, it’s only Nura. She’s breathing hard and staring at me with big eyes. She comes over and starts to shake my by the shoulders, quickly making me dizzy. “You know the guy I was dancing with?” she asks.

I nod but her shaking doesn’t make it seem like I do. “It was Adam!” she yells, shaking me faster.

She stops and I sway on my feet before falling back agenised the closet, the room spinning. ‘That’s nice,’ I think and stumble over to the bed, falling on it with a quite grunt before shaking my head and making sense of what she said. ‘Wait, Adam?’ I raise an eyebrow.

“Yes Adam! We-I-I was dancing with one of my best friends! We-we were leaning close and the next thing I knew, I-I was…was…” she takes a few moments to calm herself before coming over and shake my shoulders again. “Oh, Goddess of the Sand, Link! We bloody kissed! Me and Adam, Adam Jonny, kissed!”

‘Can’t say I saw it coming,’ I think as she stops shaking me and I sit back, leaning on my hands and patting the spot next to me. She sits down and sighs as she lies back.

“What am I going to do, Linky? This might ruin our friendship!” Nura groans. Wow, why do people always come to me for advice?

“Give it three days, by then, either you or him will go up to one another and see what’s going on between you two,” Navi says, good, I would’ve said something to make it worse.

My Gerudo friend takes in a deep breath before exhaling and sitting up, giving me her famous smirk. Oh-no.

“So, I saw you with that boy, are your girl hormones kicking in yet?” she grins as my face flushes deeply.

‘It was the heat of the moment, it’s passed and I don’t have to think of the guy again,’ I think. ‘Besides, that guy likes Lora, not Link.’

‘Why do you sound slightly sad about that?’ Navi asks seriously.

I shake my head and take off the cast Nura made, it will be too un-comfy to wear to bed. ‘‘Night guys,’ I think and lift the covers as Nura gets off.

“G’night Link, don’t worry, I think good things will come out of this,” Nura smiles before leaving.

‘I sure hope so,’ I think to myself as I close my eyes and sleep takes me over.

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