Silent Courage

Chapter 5: The Search for the Water Sage Part 1

Chapter 5: The Search for the Water Sage Part 1

The next few days pass by and I smile broadly as I take off my cast, stand up and bounce on my foot to make sure it can take my weight. I cheer as only a mute can and fist pump the air, smile growing bigger. Zelda’s bell-like laugh rings through the room and I turn to see her standing at my door, arms crossed and a smile on her face too. “Well look at that, you’re not on bed rest anymore.”

“Gah-ha-ha!” I just jump around, laughing loudly as I start to get hyper.

“And here comes the energy you couldn’t use in bed,” Zelda shakes her head. “I swear, laughing and yelping are the only sounds you can actually make.”

‘I don’t care! I can use both my legs again! See ya later, I’m gunna go run in the field!’ I tell her and run passed her, almost flying down the corridor. I jump out of the way of a passing maid and mind-shout ‘Sorry!’ as the tray she’s carrying crashes on the ground and I keep running.

I dash through the castle quickly and soon come to the field, stretching widely as I take in the air. I take out my Horse Call and Epona gallops over, neighing loudly as she nudges my chest. ‘Hey girl,’ I rub behind her ear as I mount her. ‘We’re going on a long run!’ I snap the rains and the wind rushes passed me and ruffles my tunic as my loyal horse runs over the field.

By the time it’s noon, we’ve stopped and are resting by a small pool, me leaning back on Epona as my feet dip into the water. I put my hands behind my head and sigh contently as the soft breeze blows through the trees. ‘This is much better than being cooped up in my room,’ I smile to myself as I decide to take a quick nap.


The world moves slowly, black images move passed me and sounds reach my ears like I’m hearing them from underwater. In the distance, I faintly see a large beast rising out of the earth, roaring to the sky as it makes its escape. Everything rushes to normal pace and I blink as I look around, where am I? I’m in some sort of strange ruin, a temple at the top a hill and in the center of the place is a large hole spiraling into the ground.

‘What is this place?’ I wonder as I step forward, peering over the edge to see a weird sword-like lock at the bottom of the hole. Curious, I start to head down and come to a stop in front of the sword-lock, I can feel some old, dark power radiating from it. I hear footsteps and turn around, unsheathing my sword and shield, to see a boy standing there, looking at the sword-lock the same way I bet I was. He walks right through me, making both me and him shiver, and continues to walk to the sword-lock.

He takes out a short, blue sword and points it to the sky, a bright blue light goes down the sword before it makes the blade glow. The boy brings the sword down and a short wave of pure light slashes through the air and hits the sword-lock, sending it into the ground. What?

The image shifts and everything goes black. Now I’m walking in an endless void, one column of light the only way I can see. I come to a short stop when I see a pit at my feet, a rushing river at the bottom. I start to step back, but my foot touches air and I pull back, turning to see the river on this side of me too. The ground beneath my feet starts to become smaller and smaller and soon I’m falling towards the river, knowing I’ll die if I hit the fast water-

‘WAH!’ I yelp when I feel something clamp around my hair and tug. I sit up fast to see I’m sitting in the water of the pool with Epona tugging my hair to get me up. ‘Sorry, ‘Pona,’ I stroke the blaze on her forehead and nose as I get up, looking at the water. ‘Must have rolled into it in my sleep.’ I look up at the sky to see the sun high in the sky and shake my head as I mount Epona.

‘Alright, let’s go girl,’ I think and turn her around. With a snap of the reins, she gallops off and we head back to the castle, my hyper energy dying down as we go. ‘That was a weird dream, and who was that guy? Oh well, probably won’t affect me,’ I shrug the dream off, since it’s not the weirdest I’ve had, (it didn’t feel like the vision I had with Hero of Time Link) and keep my eyes ahead as clouds start to drift by.

I come back to the castle and bring Epona to the stables, giving her a sugar cube and some hay before heading back to the Mess Hall to eat. I come in, my memories from the dance playing through my mind, and see Nura and Adam being all cuddly with one another.

“Told you I was right,” Navi says, flying over and sitting on my shoulder. “I had a feeling those two would wake up and smell the roses.”

‘What do you mean?’ I ask.

“Nothing, it’s just something fairies know,” she shrugs as I sit down on the other side of the two.

“So we’re going to Zora’s Domain now?” Adam asks.

I nod, yawning widely as Zelda comes over. “I see your energy’s died down.”

“No kidding, you almost ran into me in the courtyard,” Nura says.

I just shrug. “Alright, you should get going. And Alex won’t be coming with you today, he’s run off somewhere,” I roll my eyes, not a problem to me. If anything he’s colder to me now that he knows I’m a girl. “But someone else will be coming.”

“Who?” Nura asks.

“Shadow, apparently Vaati told him something to make him go, but I’m not sure what.”

‘We probably don’t want to know,’ I think and stand up with the others.

“Oh, Link,” I turn to Zelda as the other two keep walking. “Here, I fixed your bag, the magic must have worn out, making the hammer fall out.”

‘Okay, thanks, Zelly,’ I grin and take the bag before running after the lovebirds.

As we saddle our horses, Shadow shows up, not looking happy. “Why are you coming with us?” Adam asks.

He rolls his eyes, “I’m not telling you.”

Before the red head can go on, I whack him over the head, only to get hit on the back of my head by Nura. She grins innocently as I glare at her and I mind-grumble as I get on Epona. ‘This is going to be worse, I can tell.’

‘Yep,’ Navi nods and we head out.

“How are we going to get down?” Adam asks, looking over the bridge at the lake below.

I smirk, ‘You’ll see. What’s worse is getting back up.’

I walk over to the shack and snicker at my friends’ and Shadow’s faces when they see Falbi. I go up to him and he greets me, “Hi, welcome to Falbi’s Flight by Fowl! For twenty Rupees, you can grab a Cucco and possibly even make it to the Isle of Riches!” I hand over a red Rupee for each of us and I jump off with a black feathered Cucco (Gery: I always go for that one in the game, he’s different ;) from now on his name is Coal).

After I make it to the front of Lanayru Spring, I turn and see the others come down before looking up the river. How can we get up? All the times I went up, I had to be a wolf and get carried by the giant Twilight/Kargarok. “Well now what?” Shadow asks.

“Well, we could ask Lanayru, she’s sure to know something,” Navi says and we all shrug before starting to walk into the Spring.

“Mr. Hero and I won’t have to,” Shadow smirks and I stop to look at him. “You see that?” he walks over to a stump on the land beside the waterfall, it looks like the one I saw in the Forest Temple.

“‘Yeah,’” we nod.

“It’s called an Entrance, it lets Picori come to Hyrule,” he explains.

‘Picori?’ I wonder. That sounds slightly familiar.

“Who are the Picori?” Nura asks.

“That’s not important, what is important is that I can go in and Mr. Hero here can use his stone, then we can go up the river. Have no idea how you two will get up though,” he shrugs.

“I’ll stay with them and see if we can think of something, maybe Lanayru can help us once you go,” Navi says.

‘Okay,’ I nod and walk after Shadow. ‘So how does the stump work?’

“Normally I wouldn’t be able to do this without Vaati’s help,” Shadow says, seeming to read my mind. “But I know a quick spell that will make the stump think I’m a Picori. Anyway, use the stone and we’ll find a way up.”

‘I really hope the Zora’s aren’t frozen like last time, or worse,’ I think as I grip the stone, shaking my head as the lake becomes an ocean. Shadow soon comes up and grabs the back of my tunic, dragging me after him.

“Alright, I already have a plan,” he smirks as we head over to a Guay. So we’re going to ride it? He lets go of me and shoots the Guay in the head with an arrow. It turns its head to us just as Shadow passes me the bow. The crow-like bird’s eyes narrow at me and I blink in confusion before looking down at the bow and back at the bird, eyes going wide.

‘Shadow, you’re a d-’ I’m cut out of my thoughts when the Guay flies at me, making me turn around and run. Unluckily for me, Shadow sticks his foot out and trips me. I fall forward and tuck into a ball, protecting my head as the Guay’s shadow covers me.

I peek out between my arms to see the Guay lowering its head to me. It screeches, making my ears ring, and goes to peck me, when I see Shadow jump onto its head and get a reed into its beak, using it as a makeshift rein. “Well, that worked well,” he smirks at me once the bird calms down enough, but it’s still obviously ticked at being rode on.

I glare up at him as I get to my feet, only to get knocked back down when the bird stomps on the ground beside me. I try to get up again when the Guay picks me up by my tunic and starts to flap its wings. ‘Wait, get me on!’ I mind yell but we’re already in the air, me dangling out of its beak. ‘Please don’t drop me, please don’t drop me,’ I force myself to calm down but nervousness still bubbles in my stomach as we head up the river.

“I didn’t expect that to work,” Shadow yells over the river.

‘Wait, he didn’t have a plan? Sounds like something I would do,’ I muse.

“Nice to see someone not freaking out every time I do something on a whim,” he yells, making the Guay go higher. “It gets annoying after a while.”

‘No kidding,’ I roll my eyes.

The flight is smooth for about five more minutes when a strong gust of wind blows us off course. The Guay squawks and I feel air rush passed me as I start to fall towards the water. ‘Not good. Not good!’ I think as I look around for something to help me, but nothing I see can help me. I gasp when talons wrap around me and pull me up, making my stomach drop uncomfortably.

“‘That was weird,’” Shadow and me say/think at the same time.

‘Something is defiantly wrong,’ I think. I gasp when I’m suddenly thrown in the air and land on the Guay’s back facing its tail feathers as I grab on. When my ears twitch I look up to see a Kargrok come out behind a stalactite. ‘Sweat Nayru,’ my eyes go wide and I tap Shadow’s shoulder.

“What?” he asks, and I can tell he turns around, since the Guay goes off course a bit and I hear him curse under his breathe.

The giant lizard-like bird flies at us and I gasp when the Guay shoots forward, making me slide down its back and grab its tail feathers to keep myself from falling. But this is the least of my problems as the Kargrok gains on us quickly, opening its jaws wide. I somehow manage to get back onto the Guay and stand up slowly, making sure I have my footing, before pulling out the Fairy Bow and aim down the beast’s throat.

I let the arrow go and it flies straight into the back of the Kargrok’s mouth, right above its throat. Caught by surprise, the Kargrok screeches and flies around frantically for a moment before shaking its head and glaring at me, rage deep in its eyes. What did I just do?

Screeching again, it lunges forward and clamps its teeth down on the Guay, barely a centimeter away from my foot. But the crow-bird squawks and thrashes around, trying to get out of the beast’s mouth, when the Kargrok shakes its head, making Shadow and me fall off before it eats the Guay. Seeing a rock below us, I close gulp and cringe, getting ready to make impact, when something catches me and surrounds me in darkness.

‘Wha?’ I think as I slowly lift myself with my arms. I sit on the back of my legs and push on either side of me, trying to get out of whatever’s holding me. That’s when the thing holding me opens and I fall onto my stomach. Shaking my head, I look up to see a Zora girl looking down at me in wonder, then her other hand, which is holding Shadow.

“Never seen bugs like this before,” she says to herself as she drops me onto her other hand beside Shadow before clamping her hand shut, squishing me and my clone together.

“Gew, dude, personal space?” Shadow snaps.

‘Not my fault,’ I think, trying to move away from him. Then we’re dropped into a small bottle, me on the bottom with Shadow sitting on me. ‘Why?’

“Great, just perfect! Now we’re stuck in here!” Shadow hits the glass.

‘Can you get off?’ I try to push up, but I can’t move.

“Stupid jar, that kid’s lucky I can’t stab her,” Shadow growls.

‘You try and I’ll stab you,’ I think, still trying to get up.

Eventually, he gets the idea and stands up, letting me breathe normally again as I get to my feet. We both look up at the lid and come up with a plan. Without even looking at each other, I get on top of Shadow’s shoulders and try to unscrew the lid, but there’s a sudden jerk and we’re sent down again. I huff in annoyance as we sit up, so much for that plan.

When we stand up again, we look to see another Zora kid come, this time a boy, and he talks to the girl before seeing us in the bottle. “Wow, those a weird bugs.”

“I was thinking the same.”

“You know what? I have an idea, c’mon!” he grabs the Zora girl’s free hand and drags into the water. Instinctively, we hold our breath, but quickly realize that the water can’t get us.

“Do I want to know what they’re doing?” Shadow asks.

I shake my head, ‘Probably not.’

The Zoras are soon swimming up the waterfall and Shadow’s banging on the glass, trying to get out. ‘It’s not gunna work,’ I lean on the glass as the Zoras make it to the top of the falls.

“So what’s your plan?” the girl asks.

The boy grins, “Throw the bottle over the side!”

I feel my ears drop and look at Shadow with wide eyes, he’s looking back with the same expression. “Shit,” he mutters before we’re sent into the air.

We both scream as we come closer and closer to the water. ‘Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap,’ I think as the water’s only a few meters away.

Suddenly we both gasp when something else catches the bottle, we look up to see the Kargrok is back and scream again as it flies higher and above the rocks. It’s only now that I realize something’s wrapped around me and my own arms are around something. Turning my head, I find that Shadow and I are hugging each other. “Ah!” we both yelp and fall back. “What the Din’s Hell?” Shadow yells as his back hits the glass as I do the same to the other side of the jar. “Why were we just hugging?”

I just shrug, about as freaked out as him. We’re knocked back into the problem when the Kargrok shakes the jar, making us hit the sides and each other as we’re flung around. ‘Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow,’ I curl myself into a ball to try and protect myself, but it only works for a bit before the Kargrok throws us into the air and clams its teeth around the jar. We come to a dizzy halt and I sit up, the world spinning, to see the glass starting to crack. ‘Either we’re gunna get eaten or the glass will cut the Kargrok’s mouth and it will spit us out.’

Shadow, on the other hand, gets to his feet and pulls out a bomb from his own Never Ending Bag. He lights it a moment before the glass breaks and throws it down the Kargrok’s throat as it starts to swallow. I grab onto the dangly thing at the back of the throat and feel Shadow grab my ankle as I see the bomb fall. After a few long seconds of tense silence, the bomb blows up and sends a column of smoke at us, making us cough as the entire Kargrok’s mouth is filled with smoke.

‘This was your plan?’ I wonder as my eyes start to water from the stinging.

A second after this thought, we’re both flying through the air and rocket through the waterfall. I slam into the wall behind it first and gasp when Shadow slams into me before we fall a few meters to the ground. The wind is knocked out of us and we both just lie here, trying to regain our breath. ‘Well, we’re alive, that’s all I can ask for,’ I muse and sit up once my breathing returns to normal.

“I hope that doesn’t happen again anytime soon,” Shadow growls as he gets to his feet, wringing out his hat from the water.

I nod in agreement as I get to my own feet, looking around the Domain. Nothing seems out of ordinary, did Zant not come yet?

Apparently not, since I spot him glide down from the roofless top of the Domain. No one even notices him as he summons a strange orb and raises it above his head. I go to grab the stone, but the Domain shakes as he sends the orb at the water. ‘Please don’t freeze it again,’ I silently hope.

He doesn’t freeze it, what he does it much, much worse.

It starts as a small ripple, then the ripple grows and starts to rise in the air, taking the water with it. The edges of the water slowly go down as the waterfall stops moving. I feel myself shake as he takes all the water from the Domain into a giant orb and soon the place is empty, Zoras look around in fear, some trying to get out of the deep waterless pool, and some barking orders of what to do.

The ground suddenly trembles and Shadow and me look over to see a group of Zora solders running our way. We’re soon running and dodging feet as they almost step on us, clearly not going to look down when their home is in trouble. I get kicked by one of them and sent flying to land on the helmet of another, my belt getting caught on it. Silently cursing, I tug at my belt as I look up at Zant, who disappears into Twilight Particles like the coward he is.

I eventually detach my belt, but I never thought of a plan once I did. I start falling and groan after I hit the ground, thankful that I don’t get stepped on. I shakily sit up and wince, grabbing my side to feel a bruise. Farore’s Spirit, why do I keep hurting myself? I stand up and rest my hand on the wall, only to pull it away when the rock becomes scolding hot. Wait…what?!

I look up again to see a blazing ball of fire floating just above the Domain, making the place become a furnace as the Zoras become sluggish and fall to the ground, their skin becoming dehydrated.

Growing fearful for the fish-people, I look up to see if I can find a way to the top of the Domain, I need to see if everyone’s okay. “Hey, Hero,” I look over to see a leg and look up at Shadow, who’s back to his normal height. “Use the stone already, it’ll be easier to climb,” he snaps.

Rolling my eyes, I grab the stone and blink as the heat comes more fiercely. I look at Shadow to see his face already red and his hair is slightly more gray than black. “What? This happens in the heat, nothing to worry about,” he says and starts walking.

Not completely convinced, I follow and we climb up the rocks, ignoring the heat coming off of them. We eventually come to the top to see the same result, the water dried up and Zoras everywhere, all unable to move. I hesitantly walk into the throne room and I see a tunnel at the very bottom of the pool. I’ve never seen that before. I look around, but I can’t think of anything I can do. Gah, I hate feeling helpless!

“C’mon, you can get angry at yourself later. If we go through the tunnel, we might find a way to help them,” Shadow hits me over the head and starts to climb down.

Shaking my head, I go down too, knowing he’s probably right, and sighing at myself for thinking this. When we make to bottom of the dried up pool, we walk through the tunnel to see the walls still damp and drips of water drops falling from the roof. A small light of hope brightens inside me as we continue through the darkened tunnel. Thanks to the Twilight, I can now see in the dark, I think it’s the side-affect for turning into the wolf. Wow, never thought I would be grateful for the Twilight.

We soon find ourselves at the end of the tunnel, only a small hole for us to go any further. “Someone must have thought to play it safe and cave in the spot. Too bad they caved it in with a rock Entrance,” Shadow smirks.

‘Wow, how many different Entrances are there?’ I wonder as he goes in and I use the stone. We easily make it through the gap and come to a large lake, untouched by Zant’s spell. I sigh in relief as I walk in, making my way up the steps of the rock dock-like thing that goes into the water. I walk to the edge and look into the deep water, it looks like it would be big even when I’m normal size.

“See? Maybe we can clear the cave in and get the Zoras here,” Shadow says as he comes up beside me. I just smile to myself as I gaze over the lake. But my smile fades when I see something deep in the pool. Oh-no, did Zant bring a monster here? The monster breaks the surface, sending Shadow and I far back with a wave of water, and we sit up to see a giant fish/whale thing blinking its large black eyes at us.

I go to reach my sword hilt, but the giant fish just looks at us, not appearing hostile. “What is that?” Shadow asks.

I just shrug and stand up, cautiously walking forward. That’s when we hear a voice, “Who are you, why are you so small, and what’s happened to the Domain?”

We turn and look up to see a teenage Zora crouching to see us. She has the usual Zora body, but her eyes are silver instead of purple, blue or sea green and her scales are slightly darker. She has three bottles of water on her belt and looks to be fine. “We’re nobody important, I used an Entrance, he used the Kokiri Stone and a guy called Zant dried it up,” Shadow replies dully.

“How can it dry up? That’s never happened before!” the Zora looks back at the caved in wall. “I was coming in here to feed Lord Jabu-Jabu when rocks fell and blocked me off. I’ve been waiting her for maybe half an hour before I saw you two.”

‘Jabu-Jabu? Is he the giant fish?’ I wonder, looking back at the fish.

“Yeah, that’s Lord Jabu-Jabu, the reason that this part of the Domain is full of water would probably be because he uses his energy and magic to make the water. He’s the one who creates water for all of Hyrule and if he were to get sick and die, a horrible drought would start,” she explains.

“Why were you feeding him? Wouldn’t there be fish in the lake?” Shadow asks.

“No, this water needs to be clear as crystal, since it travels over Hyrule. And I was chosen by Queen Rutela to feed him before she died. And I’ve taken the job very seriously since,” she says. “Anyway, my name’s Coral, could you help me move the rocks and get the other Zoras in here?”

I nod before thinking, Shadow glares at me and Coral smiles. “Thank you so much! I would hug you if you weren’t the size of a fairy!” I rub the back of my head, shrugging it off.

Suddenly we all hear a groan and look up to see Zant once again, and he’s standing on top of Jabu-Jabu. “Thanks for that information, Zora, now I can cause the first plague to Hyrule,” he laughs crazily before stabbing a glowing sword, much like he did to Stallord, into Jabu’s head before leaving. Jabu thrashes around in the water, making large waves splash at us. I feel cool scales wrap around me as Coral picks me and Shadow up so we don’t get swept away.

Once he’s done thrashing, Jabu-Jabu’s eyes glow a menacing white, his grey scales get lined with black and red, and I see his teeth become sharper when he opens his mouth. I feel, and almost see, a gust of wind come from behind us and Coral’s hands tense around me and Shadow suddenly, making us both gasp. “Oh-no,” the Zora whispers before being moved forward agenised her will. “He’s going to eat us!” she yells and tries to run, but can’t move and is forced back and into the air. Screaming, we fly into Jabu’s mouth and all becomes dark when he clamps his teeth down.

I wake up some time later so find myself covered from head to toe in a thick liquid. Gagging, I stand up and look around to see the Coral on her hands and knees, seeming to be looking for something. Her hand comes over me and knocks me back into the liquid before picking me up. I gasp and sputter when the liquid gets in my mouth and I hear Shadow laugh from Coral’s shoulder. “See you’re awake, lazy,” I glare at him.

“Are you guys okay?” Coral asks. We nod as she puts me back down, “Shadow told me about the Kokiri Stone, and your names once he stopped being stubborn. You can use the stone and we can get out of here faster.”

I nod and reach for the stone, but my hand only makes contact with my skin. Nothing’s around my neck. Eyes growing wide with panic, I look down and around to see if I can find the stone, but it’s nowhere in the liquid. ‘Where is it?!’ I think frantically.

“What’s wrong?” Coral asks then she blinks. “No…it didn’t…get lost, did it?”

I nod, still looking for it in my pockets. “I know you had it before we came in here, it must have broken off when we were eaten,” Shadow growls.

‘Eaten? Oh yeah! Jabu swallowed us…wait…that means the Kokiri Stone is somewhere inside him! Oh great,’ I run my hand over my face with an annoyed sigh.

“Good job, now what?” Shadow asks as Coral picks me up again and puts me on her other shoulder.

“We’ll go find the stone, hopefully we can find it before anything else happens,” Coral says and starts walking. “We’re also going to have to cure Lord Jabu-Jabu from that curse.”

Then the ground, which I assume is Jabu’s tongue, moves and I grab onto Coral’s scales as best I can so I don’t fall off. ‘He’s not-’ I don’t get to finish my thought before we’re sliding down Jabu’s throat, all three of us screaming.

Coral manages to grab hold of some skin just before we can fall into the stomach acids. Looking around, I spot a flap of skin that can possibly resemble a door. Coral must have spot it too, since she takes a dagger out and sighs sadly before digging it into the skin and moving up. I can tell she’s feeling horrible about hurting Jabu more than he already is.

She makes it to the ‘door’ and opens it, a disgusting squishy sound coming out of it once it lets us pass. She crawls in and we find ourselves in a strange hall-like place, who knew this was here? “Good, I heard rumors that Jabu had safety halls and places inside him in case he was sick, that way the doctors could deal with the problem without having to worry.”

“That’s just weird,” Shadow says.

“I know it is, but it’s helpful,” Coral walks around a corner.

‘How will we find the stone? What if it fell into the acids?’ I think to myself, looking around in case anything tries to surprise us. That’s when I see some bubbles jumping around, making me raise an eyebrow.

“What the heck? What are those?” Shadow asks.

“Shaboms, they sometimes come into the Domain during summer, they’re easy to get rid of though,” Coral says and kills one with her dagger. “They’re not a problem, but we’ll have to be on the lookout for any other things, you never know what might happen.”

‘That’s what Midna wouldn’t shut up about when I first met her,’ I muse.

“So how exactly will we find the stupid stone? For all we know, it could be dissolving in the stomach acids,” Shadow says.

“Not possible, there’s another pipe that discards uneatable items, like the stone, and Jabu stores them there until doctors come in and take them out, since sometimes rocks and dead animals fall into the water.” This girl knows a lot about being inside Jabu, has she been here before or something?

We come to a small ‘room’ and I see some acid below us. “This isn’t right, there’s not supposed to be acid around here,” Coral mutters, crouching down. She looks over too far and I soon find myself falling off her shoulder. With a gasp I hit the fleshy ground, and yelp when she almost steps on me. ‘Hey! I’m here!’ I get to my feet and wave my arms, but the Zora seems more worried about Jabu, since she steps over me and keeps running.

Oh Goddess. I rub my forehead and look the way she went in disbelief. Great, now not only am I tiny, I’m tiny and lost inside a giant fish. ‘Who hates me up there?!’ I mind-yell to the roof. ‘Hope the others don’t find themselves in here too.’

-With the others-

“Thank you for showing us the path,” Nura smiles at Fyer after the old hunched man brings her, Adam and Navi to a tunnel that will lead to the Domain.

“Yeah yeah yeah, just make sure next time you come to me with Rupees, or I might not let you get back up to the bridge,” he says and walks off.

“What a grouch,” Nura mutters, rolling her eyes.

“Do you think Link and Shadow are alright? It didn’t look too promising when they flew off on and in the beak of the Guay,” Adam says.

“I think they’re fine. But let’s hurry, we need to make it to the Domain before something happens,” with that, the Hyrulian, Gerudo and fairy head through the dark tunnel. Luckily Nura managed to take Link’s lantern without the girl knowing, and the trio uses that to navigate through the tunnel.

After a few minutes, something seems to change, the air seems thicker and milder than the two expected, and Navi frowns to herself, something was terribly wrong, she knew for a fact that Zora’s Domain is cool, the air filled with moister to keep the Zoras hydrated. Growing worried, she flies ahead and comes out of the tunnel to see the river dried up and a glowing orb further down the way.

“This is not good,” Adam shakes his head slowly.

Attentively, they go on and gasp when they see the sight before them. Zoras are everywhere, collapsed on the ground and with no water in sight, a bright ball of fire hangs in the air, blazing intense heat on the home of the Zoras. They go to a Zora solder who’s managed to stay on her feet and she looks up, sighing gratefully. “Thank Lord Jabu, someone’s come,” this makes the three confused, where are Link and Shadow?

“What’s going on?” Navi asks as Nura and Adam catch the Zora before she falls.

“We don’t know, I only caught a glimpse of the frog-headed man before he disappeared into thin air,” she gasps.

‘Zant,’ the name rings through their minds as the Zora keeps talking.

“He must have dried up the Domain, then set that ball of fire ablaze, me and some of the other solders have been trying to get as many people as we can to the lake of Lord Jabu-Jabu, but a cave in blocked it off and we don’t have the strength now that we’re out of water.”

“Jabu-Jabu?” Adam and Nura whisper, looking at each other.

Navi ignores them and keeps talking to the Zora, “We could help move the rocks, then move the Zoras to the lake.”

“You would? Oh thank you! But I’m worried about Coral,” she sighs.


“She’s Jabu-Jabu’s caretaker, she went into the lake maybe ten minutes before it was blocked off, we were getting ready to clear it twenty minutes later when this happened.”

“So she’s still with Jabu-Jabu?” Navi asks to make sure.

“Yes, if anything happens to him, she knows what to do. She’s the head of the healers for him when he’s sick.”

“Hey, did anyone else come here? Two boys, look the same, one blonde and wearing a green tunic, the other with black hair and tunic?” Adam asks.

“No, we saw nobody come in here, although we did see a Kargrok attacking a bottle, then it exploded for some reason,” the Zora says, sounding confused.

‘So they must have still been small when it happened,’ Navi thinks. “Alright, c’mon, we need to go help them.”

In about ten minutes, they’re at the end of the tunnel and moving the rubble out of the way. “Why couldn’t Link move them out of the way?” Adam wonders out loud.

“One: she’s lazy, two: she’s scrawny with only a bit of muscle and three: it was probably just easier to go through,” Nura says.

“Right,” he mumbles and pushes one of the last few rocks out of the way. They walk out of the tunnel and to the dock-like rock that dips into the water. “Wow, look at the size of this lake!”

“This is where Jabu-Jabu lives, he’s most likely in the water. But where are the others?” Navi asks, looking around. She spots something on the ground and flies down, breath getting caught in her throat at what she sees.

The Kokiri Stone.

Why is it here? Where are they? Link’s obviously tiny now since the stone’s so small, did it break off? Then a rumbling makes the teens fall over and Navi quickly takes flight, eyes growing wide when she sees Lord Jabu-Jabu rise from the depths. But he doesn’t look well, his eyes are a dull white, black and red streaks cover his scales, and his teeth aren’t very inviting.

“What is that?!” Adam yells, scrambling to his feet as he takes out his bow and Nura takes out her twin glaives.

“That’s supposed to be Jabu-Jabu,” Navi says. “But he must have been cursed.”

“Yeah, he was. Look at his head,” Nura stares at the black and red sword-like thing in the fish’s head. “No doubt Zant did this.”

They turn to start the search for their friend, but something stops them. A powerful whirlwind of air is rushing from in front of them, slowly pulling them back. Navi’s wings drop, the fairy knowing exactly what’s happening. ‘Not again,’ is all she can think before they’re sent flying backwards into Jabu’s mouth. ‘Ugh, never thought I’d have to be in here again,’ she sighs in annoyance as Nura lands on her feet and Adam lands on his back in the saliva.

“Gross! I’m covered in fish spit!” he gags, getting to his feet and wiping the saliva off.

“That’s the least of our problems,” Nura says, looking around the mouth. “Why do I have a feeling that the others are in here?”

“Because I think they are, and I also think Shadow and Link might be small,” Navi says, holding onto the leather strap coming off the stone.

“Well, we should get going, we have no idea what might happen,” Nura says and they head off, careful not to trip.

They come to the end of the straight path, right below them is the stomach, daring them to fall into the acids. “Look, there’s a door over there!” Navi flies over and the two quickly run in before they can get killed. “Maybe they went down this way?”

“We’re about to find out,” Adam shrugs. The trio walk down the hall-like aria and clamp their hands over their ears when they hear a loud thumping. “What is that?”

“It sounds like a heart!” Navi yells over the noise and they keep walking before entering a huge chamber. Like Navi said, a large, pink heart pulses quickly, sending blood throughout the body.

“That’s not good, his heart’s going too fast,” Nura mutters.

“It’s like he’s trying to fight the curse back, he’s obviously scared, and he has no real control over himself, there might be a small part in him that’s defending himself agenised everything,” Adam says.

“Since when have you been a scientist?” Nura teases.

“Since a second ago,” Adam grins. “C’mon, we need to find the others.”

“No kidding, it’s one thing being inside a fish, it’s another being inside a fish when you’re Navi’s size and flightless.”

“Smaller than me and flightless, too,” the fairy bobs up and down before spotting another ‘door’. “Let’s go.”

-Back to Link-

I still can’t believe they haven’t noticed I’ve been gone yet. I know I’m small, but really? This is one of the times I wish I wasn’t mute.

Sighing, I come around a bend to find another Shabom coming at me. No! I’ve been taken into the air by enough of these buggers! I jump to the side but my back hits something, making me tense up. I slowly turn around to see a large paw in front of me. Looking up, I see a brown furred, three headed dog baring its teeth, moving its head close to me. It takes a huge sniff and almost sends me off the ground, but snorts into my face, making me fall back before it puts a heavy paw down on me. All three heads take a turn to sniff me, and I see some differences between the heads.

The one on the right has floppy ears that fall to its muzzle, the brown fur around its nose is lighter and its eyes are a deep, deep brown. The middle head has one floppy ear and one straight ear and it has black circles around its eyes, which are an icy blue. And the head on the left has both ears pointing up, a white stripe going from the middle of its ears to its snout, and one brown eye and one icy blue eye. The first head looks curious, almost happy to see me, the middle head narrows its eyes at me, not completely trusting me but not going to attack, and the last head is growling at me, not trusting me one bit.

‘Nice three headed dog,’ I think as the one with floppy ears brings its head close to me, making me shrink back into the flesh floor. Hesitantly, I reach up and let the dog head sniff my hand. It wages the tail they all share in approval and nudges the other heads away, letting me get to my feet. The moment I’m standing, something long, wet and stinky goes up the length of my body, covering me in a slimy liquid. I turn around to get a face full dog tongue, getting covered in another coat of dog drool. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but when it comes to me being tiny and getting licked by a head of a three headed dog, I do mind.

The second head pushes the first out of the way and narrows its eyes as it pushes me down with its nose, sniffing my head before exhaling into my face. I quickly grab my hat when it starts to rise off my head, but that’s the least of my problems when the second dog head takes a huge intake through its nose and I fly off the ground and soon darkness surrounds me.

‘Eww!’ I try to get myself unstuck from the nose, but the dog head has other plans. It snorts me out, sending me a few meters through the air to slam into the wall and fall to the ground, groaning as not only drool covers me, but dog snot too now. ‘Okay, that’s enough fun,’ I think bitterly as I dizzily get to my feet and take a step forward, only to bump into the paw again and fall back.

I shake my head and see the last head looking down at me, head held high. Apparently it isn’t done looking at me yet. Slowly, it lowers its head and takes a small, short sniff, only enough to ruffle my tunic, which I’m grateful for. It looks at the other heads and nods, the other two nod back and the last head looks back at me.

With a quite ‘woof’, the last head flips me onto my stomach and picks me up by my tunic before placing me on the head of the middle. ‘What?’ I can only wonder for a second before the beast-dog runs forward, making me grab onto the pointed ear. Okay, to make it less confusing, the right head is now 1, the middle head is 2 and the last is 3. Fix it into the mind, Link!

I still wonder what in Hyrule this thing is. It comes to a chamber and I blink as I see a weird beast with the body and head of a big cat with a mane, a goat coming out of its shoulder and a snake for a tail. That’s just messed up. “You’ve brought something?” the mixed creature’s cat head asks in a deep voice as it trots over. It’d be huge even with me normal size.

The dog heads nod, making me fall forward slightly, and the mixed creature looks at me with all its animal heads. “Sorry about Cerberus, love, he gets excited, suspicious and growly when he meets someone new,” the goat head apologizes, its voice neither low or high.

“It happensss all the time. Now, tell usss why you are here,” the snake head demands in a hissy, no pun intended, raspy voice.

‘I’m trying to heal Jabu-Jabu,’ I think, but they all just blink at me. ‘Oh great.’

The snake head narrows his eyes, “I sssaid, why are you here! I don’t like to repeat myssself! Essspecccially to sssomething I can sssnack on!”

I tap my throat quickly, hoping they can get the message. “You cannot speak?” the goat head asks. I nod. “Well, no matter. You’re here to heal this fish, right love?”

I nod again, finding it weird how he calls me ‘love’.

“In that case, we can help you. But first, I need to ask you something,” the cat head says.

‘What do I need to do now?’ I wonder.

“You sssee, little sssnack, we are not from thisss placcce. We are from a world where we usssed to live peacccefully with other creaturesss called Mythical Monssstersss. Have you met sssome of the othersss? Like gryphonsss and sssuch?” Snake Head tastes the air with his tongue as he speaks.

I nod, so they’re called Mythical Monsters?

“Well, we were living happily with our clan when a strange man in red came to us, he was something we’ve never seen before and we were trying to fight, but he summoned some strange portal and sent us to this lake. He gave us a job, to kill this fish from the inside, but once we came in here, we didn’t even try. Cerberus was sent soon afterwards, but we convinced him to not do anything, then the fish became sick only a few hours ago. We believe you can help and we can help you. Little Human, we ask only one thing, we will join your side, if you can send us back home once more,” the cat head requests after the explanation.

‘Why are so many creatures asking for my help?’ I wonder, nodding at the creature. All heads smile at me and Cerberus barks happily, jumping around and making me tumble off his head.

“Now, we can take you through the fish’s innards so you won’t get as hurt, but we must rest. Night will soon fall and you look tired, love,” Goat Head says softly.

“Cerberus, we are setting down for the night,” the three headed dog barks and goes into a corner where a make-shift nest has been built out of fur, most likely the mixed creature’s mane. Said creature nudges me with its cat head, making me get up and walk over to the nest. The creature lies down in the nest beside Cerberus and I carefully climb in, yelping when Goat Head picks me up and puts me into Cat Head’s mane.

Soon, I fall asleep in the soft warm fur.

-With Coral and Shadow-

“I still can’t believe I lost him!” Shadow rolls his eyes as Coral says this for the umpteenth time.

“It was bound to happen sooner or later, a lot of bad crap happens to the dude,” he shrugs nonchalantly.

“I still feel bad,” Coral mutters, cursing loudly when she comes to another dead end. “We’ll never find the stone or the problem at this rate! Jabu’s never been this big inside before!”

“And you know this how?”

“I’ve already said I take care of him, right? I come inside him when he’s badly sick or when something’s bothering him and it can’t be fixed outside. Usually he shrinks his internal organs so I can find the problem in less than a minute, but with him being cursed like this, he doesn’t have that ability and I’ve never had to use a map.”

“Might want to put that on a list if this happens again,” Shadow remarks as Coral sighs and sits down, crossing her legs and leaning her head back on the flesh wall.

“I really hope we can fix this. I’ll also need to go to the temple behind here so I can get Jabu’s next meal.”

“What temple?”

“The Temple of Lord Jabu-Jabu is at the bottom of his lake, there’s a giant air pocket so non-Zoras can breathe in there and it’s where the best fish is, and that’s Lord Jabu’s main food source is.

Shadow yawns widely out of boredom, why was he even here again? Oh right, so he can get some ingredients for Vaati’s spell. I hope it works, I don’t want to have gone through this for nothing, he thinks, looking down the ‘hall’ when he hears talking. Oh great, it’s the Hero’s friends.

“Hello?” Coral sits up at the sudden voice, looking to see shadows bouncing off the walls. Grinning, the Zora stands and walks over to see a Hyrulian boy, a Gerudo and a blue fairy. “Oh good, you must be Coral,” the fairy says, circling her head.

“How’d you know my name?” she asks.

“We were told by a Zora solder that you were feeing Jabu-Jabu before the tunnel was blocked off. And we see you have Shadow with you, but where’s Link?” the fairy asks.

Coral blushes and rubs the back of her neck sheepishly. “Er…well…I sorta…lost your friend earlier when we were looking for his stone…sorry?” she grins when the three all groan.

“How come crap always happens to him?” the boy shakes his head, hand rubbing his temple.

“He’s just lucky, I guess,” the Gerudo shrugs. “I’m Nura, this is Adam and Navi. Do you know a way out of here?”

“Well...yes and no,” Coral says. “There are three ways out of Lord Jabu-Jabu, the obvious one is through the mouth, but that way’s out since he can’t shrink his organs, the second one is his blow hole, which actually isn’t far from here, so we don’t need to go into detail about the last one. All we have to do is find your friend, cure Lord Jabu-Jabu, and find our way back here.”

“Sounds easy enough, but how will we find this place again?” Nura asks.

“I can make a short term mental map of any place I’ve been to, once I come to a new place, the old map leaves my memory,” Navi explains.

“That outta be helpful,” Adam says. “Alright, let’s go find Linky!” that’s when every single one of the teenagers yawn, reminding them everything they’ve been through the last day and so. “After we get some sleep, of course.”

“Still got the stone?” Nura asks Navi.


“You have it?” Coral asks.

“Yes, it was on the ground just outside Jabu-Jabu’s mouth, he either spit it out or it fell of Link as you were being sucked in,” she bobs up and down as they find a chamber that can be used for sleeping. And luckily for Shadow, there is even an Entrance. Smirking, he becomes his shadow self and soon he’s normal size, cracking his back contently as the others settle down on the floor.

‘I hope Link’s alright,’ Navi thinks as sleep overcomes her.

-Link’s POV-

I wake up to the ground under me moving. Confused, I sit up to find myself nestled in thick orange fur. Oh yeah, I’m inside the giant fish and I’m helping more creatures, at least I know what they’re called. Mythical Monsters, they seem pretty real to me.

Shaking my head, I stand up, yawning and stretching, to see the mixed creature and Cerberus still sleeping. I suddenly lose my footing and fall into the nest, making a silence ‘oof’ when I hit. Blinking the rest of the sleep from my eyes, I sit up and get to my feet quickly, hoping nothing bad happens.

Too bad my luck sucks, eh?

I don’t even know how this happens, but now I’m stuck between Cerberus and the mixed creature’s bodies, trying my best to break free and get air. I manage to get my head and left arm out and grab Cerberus’ fur, pulling to try and get myself out.

Once I get free, I walk forward but fall again as Cerberus wakes up. All three heads yawn right into my face and I blink rapidly to get the wetness out of my eyes. 1 spots me and pants happily as I pick myself up, only to get licked by 1 slowly, getting lifted off the ground for a few seconds before he lets me fall onto my butt, covered in dog saliva again.

‘Great,’ I roll my eyes and flinch when 1 drools on me, making it worse. ‘This is just going too far.’

2 apparently thinks so too, since he snaps at 1 and rolls me out of the nest and licks me off, making me dizzy as he turns me over and covers me in more saliva. I get to my feet to hear a chuckle, I look at the mixed creature with eyes narrowed in annoyance as he enjoys my dismay. “We never did introduce us, did we?” he asks, coming over and towering above me as Snake Head still sleeps and Goat Head slowly wakes up. “We are Chimera, you may call me Lion-” the cat head starts.

“-Goat-” he smiles.

“-and Sssnake,” he hisses with a yawn as he wakes. “Ssso, what are we going to do today?”

“We must find Little Human’s friends and help it cure this fish,” Lion says. I huff at being called an ‘it’, but I guess humans do it all the time to animals.

“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go,” Goat says and the Chimera walks towards the door, Snake picking me up on the way. Cerberus bounces around us as we leave and I grab onto Lion’s mane, making sure that I won’t fall off any time soon.

“Ssso, Little Human, what isss your plan for when you become normal sssizzze?” Snake asks.

“You can’t ask it things like that, it can’t speak, remember?” Goat says.

“Whatever,” Snake rolls his eyes.

“Stop bickering, we’ll destroy that bridge when we come to it,” Lion snaps as Cerberus slows down to trot beside him. “Now, Little Human, are we still in agreement over what will happen?”

I nod and I see a smile grow in his brown eyes. “Good, we didn’t think you weren’t, but you can never be sure.”

As the two Monsters walk through a small room, I look into my Never Ending Bag out of boredom. My hand finds something soft and I pull to find a blue tunic. ‘The Zora Armour? I thought I lost it in the Temple,’ I blink in confusion and see a note in the hood. I take it out and see Zelda’s handwriting. Apparently, she took the Armour out of my bag before I left, saying she knew I would lose it. Gee, thanks Zelly.

Smiling, I stuff it back in and look around, Shaboms and some Stingers are all around the hallway we’re in. The two beasts easily take care of the nuisances and we come to a small room with a weird platform-like thing in the middle. The door behind us gets some gross looking vines on it and locks us into the room. What now?

The platform rumbles and lifts into the air by some force and a large Lizalof jumps out of the hole the platform created, holding two scythes in both of its clawed hands. It screeches and jumps over Chimera’s head, slashing forward. A gush of blood spurts out of Goat’s neck, dampening his grey fur crimson.

I take out my sword and shield (I got my old one replaced while on bed rest) and run at the Lizalof, getting ready to fight it when Cerberus jumps onto it and bites its shoulder plate. The large lizard hisses and flings Cerberus across the room, the three headed dog whimpers when he hits the wall and falls to the ground.

Lion roars loudly as he spins around, making me fall off their back, and leaps at the Lizalof, slashing his claws across the creature’s face. It jumps back, screeching in agony as it holds its bleeding face, but it quickly recovers and narrows its ugly yellow eyes at Chimera. It takes a weird orb out of its shoulder plate and breaks it over its own head, and soon I see nothing but thin air. Where did it go?

I get my answer when I feel something step on me. I gasp and try to wiggle out, but the invisible Lizalof doesn’t even notice me. Grunting in annoyance, I take my sword clumsily in my right hand and manage to cut its foot, making it lift off of me. My relief is short lived though, when I feel something long, wet and sticky wrap around me, pinning my arms to my side as it lifts me up. Oh Goddesses, what is with all these tongues?!

Luckily I don’t end up in the Lizalof’s stomach, since Chimera comes over and Snake bites the tongue off, making me fall and get covered in black blood. I land on the ground with a soft thud and look up to see the Lizalof become visible, claws clamped over its jaws as it screams in pain. It glares at Chimera and charges, swiftly cutting off his front paw. Blood erupts from the wound, pushing me back as the wave crashes into me. I get to my feet, slipping slightly on the bloody floor, and stumble over to the Lizalof’s tail, I’ll need to end this fast.

The tail comes around and hits me in the stomach, and my first instinct is to grab on as it swings around. After getting air back into my lungs, I slowly start to climb the tail, coming to the back and finally make it to the head before it can finish the two Monsters off. I take out my bow, notch on five arrows, and let them go to hit it in the eye. It brings its claw to its eye, narrowly missing knocking me off, and with the distraction I take out the Master Sword and stab down in a Final Blow, the sword going right through its head.

With one last cry, the Lizalof falls forward and I land on Cerberus’ 3rd head, sighing as the adrenalin dies down. Cerberus gets up and walks over to Chimera, Lion licking his paw, Goat breathing heavily and Snake hissing, having being cut down the length of his body. ‘Are you alright?’ I wonder.

“We will be fine, we heal quickly,” Lion says, getting to his paws and limping. “It is just a little draw back, we can still go on.”

Cerberus nods, making me grab onto 3’s ear, and starts to walk onto the platform, which came down once the Lizalof was beaten. I look down at my tunic and cringe in disgust, I’ll definitely need a back after this.

1 apparently thinks the same, since he knocks me off of 3’s head and starts licking me as I try to sit up, but he doesn’t let me. ‘Gah-stop-stop it!’ I think and start to get away, but he’s not done yet and pulls me back with his paw, making my hair stick up once he’s done ‘bathing’ me. I shake my head and take off my hat, wringing out all the saliva and drool before putting it back on and getting picked up by 2’s nose and flung onto 3’s head. I can’t wait to find the stupid stone.

We keep walking and soon I start to hear a fast beating sound. We come into a large chamber where we see Jabu’s heart, and it doesn’t look good. I don’t know anything about giant fishes, but I’m pretty sure hearts aren’t supposed to be black with bright red veins. “The curse is starting to affect the insides more. When the heart is fully black, the curse will not be able to be cured, and the fish will become an evil creature working under that man in red,” Lion says.

“We must stop that before it happens,” Goat says worriedly.

“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’sss go and take care of thisss curssse,” Snake hisses.

“But how will we do it?” Goat asks.

“There,” Lion points his head to the other side of the heart chamber. “There is a door, we might be able to destroy the curse from there.”

‘How do we get over?’ I think. My silent question is answered when Cerberus walks to the edge of the hole under the heart and crouches. Eyes growing wide, I get onto my stomach and grab his fur right before he jumps. His front paws make it onto the other edge, but his back paws are dangling in the air. I look back to see a dark abyss of nothing when I feel myself slip off. ‘Oh crap!’ I think before I’m surrounded by something dark, wet and with a horrible smell.

The thing I’m in moves and once everything stops, the thing around me opens and I see I’m inside 2’s mouth before I drop out, more drool falling on my head once I’m on the ground. I do my best to wipe the drool off as Chimera leaps and lands gracefully, wincing when he instinctively puts his paw-missing leg down. “Well, let’s go,” he says simply and picks me up as he walks over me. He puts me on his back and enters another chamber, but this one has no light and once again my Twilight Sight is the only way I can see.

I kind of wish I couldn’t.

A huge snake is coiled inside the chamber, head turned away from us as it sleeps. “What isss a Basssilisssk doing in here?” Snake asks quietly.

“Eating the fish from the inside,” Lion replies. “Little Human, do not look this thing in the eye, if you lock eyes with it, it will blind you then kill you with its venom.”

‘Good to know,’ I think with a gulp. I’m already mute, I don’t need to be a blind mute.

My ears twitch as the door we used to get in here opens and I turn on Chimera’s back to see the others. ‘Oh thank Nayru!’ I get to my feet. ‘Guys, they aren’t going to hurt you!’

Navi tells them telepathically as she flies to me, face growing confused when she sees me. ‘What happened to you?’

‘You don’t want to know,’ I shake my head. ‘Anyway, please tell me you have the stone.’

‘Yes I do,’ she hands it over and I sigh with a smile before jumping off Chimera’s back as he walks forward. I gratefully use the stone and look at the others to see them trying to let their eyes adjust and Shadow staring at the Basilisk with wide eyes.

‘Navi, you’ll need to tell them to not look at the Basilisk in here in the eyes, or else it’ll blind them before eating them.’

“Don’t move,” Shadow tells the others before Navi can say anything.

“Why not?” Coral asks, sending me an apologetic look, which I shrug off.

“There’s a giant as Din’s Hell snake and its waking up. I’ve heard of these and they’re called Basilisk, their stare blinds you,” he says and we all look at him. He rolls his eyes, “When you have to stick with somebody who’s obsessed with books, you tend to learn a lot.”

‘I agree with you there,’ I nod, thinking of Zelda.

We turn back to the giant snake to see Chimera and Cerberus running at it, but the snake turns its head and my friend’s and I close our eyes before we’re blinded. We hear a loud hissing and I risk opening my eyes to see the snake looking at the other Monsters. He must not affect them, with all their different heads he’s probably confused and can’t focus on one when the others get in the way.

“We’ll need to kill this thing fast, Jabu’s heart looks horrible,” Nura says.

“Alright, let’s go, but we’ll have to be careful,” Adam tells us without needing to and we run at the snake.

It tastes the air with its tongue and can only glance our way before we all attack it. I stab at his scales, but the sword bounces off the hard skin, Adam shoots it with his bow, but the arrow deflects off and he ducks before he’s hit with his own arrow, Nura stabs both her glaives down but gets the same result as me, Shadow throws a bomb at it, but the snake bats it away with its tail and Coral can’t do anything since she doesn’t have a weapon.

“It’s not working!” Navi yells, trying to zap the snake with her magic, but it bounces off and hits me in the face, making me fall back. This is why I hate magic.

“It’s scales are too hard, we’ll need to attack a soft spot!” Nura yells as she jumps onto the snake’s body, Cerberus and Chimera are still trying to find the weak spot, and she runs up.

What happens next is so fast that none of us have time to react. Just as Nura makes it to the snake’s head, it wraps its tail around her and before we know it, looks her in the eye. My blood runs cold as I see her amber eyes become slightly faded and her pupil turns a misty grey. No, she’s…

“Nura!” Adam yells, I look at him to see absolute fury in his eyes. With an angry cry, he lifts his bow and shoots the snake in the eye before quickly shooting the other. The snake recoils back and drops Nura, hissing in anger. Luckily Adam runs under the Gerudo and catches her before she hits the ground, but she’s looking around in sightless panic.

“What happened?” she asks.

“You’re…” Adam can’t bring himself to say it.

A hiss catches my attention and I look at the snake to see it sticking its tongue out. It hisses and wraps its tongue around me. ‘Again?!’ I yell mentality as it picks me up. It brings me to its eyes and I stare for a few moments, then realize that Adam revenged his lover. The snake is blind. ‘You’re going to pay for what you did,’ I think and kick the snake in the nose.

It lets go of me and I drop to the ground, flipping to land on my feet as I pull out my sword and shield. ‘So his weak spot’s his nose,’ I muse, smirking at the snake that hurt my friends.

“What’s going on?” I hear Nura ask as Adam helps her to the side.

“The Basilisk…blinded you, Nura,” Adam’s voice cracks when he says this. I feel a lump grow in my throat, it’s one thing to know something, it’s another to say it.

I see a shadow loom over the two and look up to see the snake’s tail coming down. Not thinking, I run forward and push them out of the way just before the tail slams into them. Pain erupts over my body and soon darkness takes me over.

-Third POV-

“Link!” Navi yells, trying her best to get the snake off of the Hylian. Oh no, this is getting from bad to worse!

“We need to end this, take those two to the side and we’ll deal with this!” Shadow snaps as the tail lifts of Link. Coral picks her up from under her arms and drags her over to Nura, who’s flexing her hand in front of her face.

Coral quickly gets to work and brings out a potion, giving it to Link and making her swallow it. She shivers even in unconsciousness and turns over, groaning. “You’re going to have to help them, you know,” Nura says, knowing Coral’s still there. “They need anyone who is able to help.”

“I-I can’t fight though,” Coral whispers, looking back at the fight to see the mixed creature get hit into a wall.

“You already know the weak spot, right?”

“Yeah, the nose.”

“Then attack that. Do it with your fists if you have to, but just kill it quickly before it can hurt anyone else,” Nura turns her head to Link when she groans again in her sleep.

Taking a deep breath, the Zora stands up and walks over to the battle on cat quite feet. She trots up to the snake and grabs its scales, easily climbing it since she’s climbed Jabu-Jabu so many times, and makes it to its head. She looks at the fins on her arms, can she really do this? One look at the hurt and tired people convinced the scared Zora to fight. She summons her battle fins and stabs her arm back, making the fin-blade go through the snake’s nose. It hisses loudly and shakes its head, but this only makes the stab wound worse as the fin-blade is dragged across the nose.

Coral takes the fin out and jumps off the snake before it falls, letting the others in on killing the beast. The last blow is from the three headed dog, it jumps forward and bites the snake with all three heads before shaking its head and ripping the nose apart like a rag doll.

The snake slowly stops moving and the teens let out a sigh. Finally, the thing’s killed.

Link groans again as she sits up, head throbbing and her mouth tasting bitter. ‘Oh joy, potion,’ she mind-mutters and shakes her head to see Nura.

The Gerudo grins at her, somehow knowing she’s awake. “Hey Linky, you know what? Now we’re both disabled,” she says with humour in her voice.

Link shakes her head with a small laugh, only Nura can be blinded and make a joke out of it.

Slowly, the Hylian helps Nura get to her feet and the two lean on each other for support, but Link forcibly makes herself stand straight, not wanting to rely on her friend to help her walk, when Nura obviously needed it more. “What will happen now?” Nura asks.

‘Why do people always ask me these questions?’ I wonder.

“Now we can cure Jabu of his curse, the sword thing is right here,” Adam says, looking up. I follow his gaze to see the tip of the sword poking through.

“I think I can get it,” Coral says, crossing her fins and clenching her hands before quickly parting her arms, making two fin boomerangs fly up and hit the curse. It breaks easily and the room lightens up with a groan escaping all around them.

Suddenly the room shifts and moves, making all of them but Coral freak out slightly, and when it stops, they walk out the door to find themselves in the mouth of Jabu-Jabu, which is open with the teeth not as sharp. Chimera and Cerberus are the first to run out, since they’ve been here the longest, and they slowly follow them as Link passes Nura off to Adam.

“You alright?” he asks.

“Other than being blind, I’m good,” Nura grins at his direction.

Once they come out of the mouth, they see some Zoras sitting around and moving in and out of the tunnel. The solder Nura, Adam and Navi talked to earlier walks up with a large smile, “We grew worried when we didn’t see you around here, but it looks like you’re safe after all. We managed to get all the Zoras in here, but the Domain is still heated up.”

“How will we break this curse?” Navi wonders.

“We’ll most likely have to go to the Temple of Lord Jabu-Jabu,” Coral says. “It’s at the bottom of this lake and we might be able to find a way to break the heat in there. But none of you will be able to come, Jabu-Jabu needs to recover so he can’t take you there.”

Link puts up a hand, ‘I have the Zora Armour, I can go with you.’

Navi tells Coral this and the Zora lets out a sigh. “Good, I didn’t want to go alone.”

“I’ll be coming too,” Navi says.

“Okay, we will rest here tonight and go to the Temple in the morning.”

‘And along with helping the Zoras, I hope we find the Sage,’ Link thinks as she and her friends go into a dry-ish cave. After setting up a fire, they all settle down and let sleep take them.

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