Silent Courage

Chapter 8: The Palace of Winds

Chapter 8: The Palace of Winds

-Link’s POV-

‘Great, now where am I?’ I wonder as I walk through a warped tunnel. I come out the end to see a person facing away from me, I think he’s the diamond bodied guy from one of my other dreams.

I crouch down, ears flat on my head, there’s something really off about this guy. Without turning, he looks down and shakes his head, “You really think you can fight me like that?”

I growl in response, baring my teeth if he tries anything. He laughs darkly and takes the sword off his hip, “Very well, soon we will meet, and you will not be coming out of the encounter alive.”

My head snaps up from my paws and I find myself panting quietly, that dream…it felt so real. I mentally gulp, who is that guy? And why do I keep having dreams/visions with him in them? I hope he isn’t going to just come in out of the blue and kill me.

I look out the window to see the sky starting to brighten. Good, we can go look for the Wind of Farore now. I still have no clue where it is, Midna always likes to keep me hanging. I yawn and get to my paws, still don’t like being a puppy, I feel so small and helpless. And I hate feeling helpless!

Shaking my head in frustration, I walk out of the ruined barn to hear a harp being played on the roof. I look up but can’t see anybody from my spot, so I move to the broken fence of what used to be a corral and turn to the roof. Sheik’s sitting on top, staring into the distance as he plays the golden harp he had in the Fire Temple. He’s not wearing his shawl, so his shoulder length hair blows in the breeze slightly. I see something in his eye and I feel my heart flutter for some reason. Why do I always feel this around him?

“You’re really oblivious, aren’t you, Link?” I jump and turn to look up at Midna, who’s smirking down at me with her arms crossed.

‘What do you mean?’ I ask, tilting my head.

“If you don’t know, than you need to find out,” she shakes her head. I just furrow my brow in confusion.

‘Anyway, where are we going? You already seem to know?’

“We need to get to the Palace of Winds, it’s North-East of Hyrule field and we should make it there in a day and a half, give or take,” she explains, walking back to the barn with me running beside her.

‘As long as I can change back to human, I can wait,’ I think to myself.

Fifteen minutes later we’re packed and ready to go. With everything ready, we started walking to the Wind of Farore.

-The next day-

I look at the sky as we walk through the ravine that leads off of the Death Mountain Base, the sun’s starting to get low and we don’t seem close to the Palace yet. I don’t even know where exactly it is. Judging by the name it’s obviously going to have wind, but that doesn’t give me much to go on.

But, thanks to my puppy mind, I shrug it off and just follow the other two. “We should be there soon, the way to the Palace won’t be far ahead,” Midna says from Sheik’s shadow.

“Good, I’m getting tired of having to stop and wait every time somebody falls behind,” he looks over his shoulder at me.

‘Don’t look at me like that, it’s not my fault I’m a puppy,’ I think. ‘Besides, it’s not like I was that far behind.’

“You got lost at one point!”

‘That’s only because those rocks fell around me, I had to dig under them, and you kept going on your marry way down the path,’ I glare.

“Don’t start you two! You sound like a married couple!” Midna groans.

I roll my eyes and catch a glance of Sheik blushing lightly behind his shawl. Wonder why, Midna was just joking, wasn’t she? Although it’s hard to tell with her sometimes. Aw well, not really that important.

We come out of the ravine and I see a tornado in front of us. ‘Now what?’ I ask, there’s nothing else here other than some ruins of a house.

Midna comes out, smirking. “Now we go up.”

“‘What?’” me and Sheik ask.

“To get to the Palace of Wind, we need to go up that,” she nods to the tornado.

“I knew it was in the sky, but I didn’t know this was going to be how we got up,” Sheik mutters, walking towards it.

I sigh and follow, just trying to stay upright when I get close to it. Midna goes back into Sheik’s shadow and I try to go into the tornado, but it just blows me around in circles before shooting me back at the Sheikah. He falls back and I scramble off his chest, huffing in annoyance since I know what’s coming. “That was stupid,” he mumbles, getting to his feet before picking me up.

‘You try having half a mind of a puppy, my Hylian side is the only thing that’s keeping me from being a full puppy in mind and body,’ I mind-mutter.

He just steps into the tornado, ignoring me. We’re sent up into the air and everything blurs for me as we land on some floating ground. We look around to see holes in the floor, broken columns and a duty, mold covered carpet that I guess used to be purple. But I really don’t know.

‘So this is the Palace of Wind? And how are we just floating in the sky? That shouldn’t be possible,’ I think as I look through a hole and see Death Mountain looking like a hill from here.

“Says the girl who’s a wolf pup,” Midna remarks. I roll my eyes, if I was Hylian I would have stuck out my tongue, and start walking down the floating path, careful not to fall through the holes. The path leads to the right and we see more floating paths, a cracked and chipped blue switch and some Peahats.

I grind my teeth as I watch Sheik throw his knives at them, still hating being helpless and unable to fight. The minute I’m Hylian I’m going to the castle training grounds and killing some dummies.

But for now, I need to worry about how we’re going to get across. The switch looks like it’s already been hit a long time ago, so I guess whatever it did isn’t around. I look to the floating platform in front of us and see holes and cracks covering the entire area, and they’ll most likely break when stepped on. “This is too easy,” Sheik says as he gets ready to run to the other platform.

‘You’re not serious?’ I look at him.

He just jumps over the gap and lands on his feet on solid ground. “C’mon, we don’t have all day,” he says.

I huff and roll my eyes before looking at the first platform. I crouch and start running at it, and luckily I make the jump. I give a small sigh of relief and I make sure not to step on the spots that are too cracked. I manage to make it to the platform Sheik’s on just as easy and we come to a full red switch. I hit it with my paw and an old, broken bridge makes its way across the next gap.

I trot over to it and place a paw on it, testing it’s durability, before I go across, making sure to not upset the bridge and have it break under me or Sheik. I get to the other side and see another switch, but it’s behind three stone blocks, and I can’t just climb over them.

I look back at Sheik to see him going over the bridge, the gap too big for him to jump, and we both tense for a second when we hear stone breaking. I look behind him as he looks over his shoulder and we see the bridge starting to fall. Sheik runs over the rest, but the bridge collapses under his feet just as he is a foot from the edge.

Gulping down the fear in my stomach, I run over and look over the edge to see him holding onto it, something grabbing his ankle and preventing him from getting up. I pace on the edge and hear the puppy in me whine as I try to think of how I can help. “Don’t even try, it won’t work,” Sheik says as he kicks at the tentacle-like think on his ankle.

‘I can’t just leave you here! I can think of something,’ I tell him, still pacing and mind racing. I look around and spot a vine that was able to grow. Tail wagging, I run over and rip it out, coming back and dropping it down to Sheik at just the right length. ‘Alright, grab on!’ I think, getting ready to pull back.

“Midna, you could do it, right?” Sheik asks, looking down.

“Yes, I could. But I can’t. If you haven’t noticed, I’m in your shadow right now. If I try to get out, I will fall,” she says.

‘Ready?’ I ask. He looks at me dully.

“You can’t do this.”

I crouch.

“There’s no way you can do this.”

I grip the vine in my teeth as hard as I can without breaking it.

“I won’t believe for a second you can do this.”

I pull back with all the strength I can muster, growling as the puppy in me thinks it’s a game of tug-o-war. This just makes me tug harder and I start walking back, slowly but surely bringing the Sheikah up with the vine. He gets back onto the platform and stares at me. “I can’t believe you did it.”

I just give him a wolfish smile as he gets to his feet. We look over the edge and I see the tentacle go back into the clouds, the owner of it groaning, in what sounds like, annoyance.

Shaking of his stupor, Sheik pulls out the chain-whip and hits the switch, making another, equally destroyed stone bridge. I run across first again and sit down by a glowing square in the ground, the fur on the back of my neck rises when I do. Oh great, magic. It follows me bloody everywhere. I would like to go someplace without magic at least once.

Sheik runs over and is able to make it to the platform before the bridge breaks this time, and he looks at the square I’m sitting by. “I think I’ve heard about those, one of your older reincarnations used it to make copies of himself, so it must have been him that struck those switches before. But it looks like we won’t need to use these, considering you need a sword and need to know the Spin Attack.”

‘Good thing I don’t have a sword then,’ I think as I look at a single stone block coming out of the platform. Sheik hits the switch from before and a bridge, with pieces missing and others suspended in the air somehow, comes out, much worse for wear than the others. ‘This is gunna go wonderfully!’ I think with false enthusiasm.

Midna comes out and smirks at me, and I gulp, never have I liked that smirk. “Sorry, Linky, but we’re teleporting. You don’t need to break this for Denial here,” she jerks her head at Sheik, who rubs his temple and mutters under his breathe.

“I’m not in denial.”

“Keep telling yourself that,” the Twili says as she picks me up. I close my eyes and she teleports to the other platform, stopping in front of a large stone block. I look back at Sheik and furrow my brow in worry as I see him struggling to get across. I let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding when he makes it over and we go up to the block. “Well, don’t just stand there, let’s push this!”

I smile inwardly to myself and go beside my old friend as she puts her hands on the block. Sheik walks to my other side and we start pushing. We’re easily able to push it out of the way and we come to a moving stone platform we can use to get over to the next spot. It’s simple to get there and we come to yet another platform with holes and cracks.

We go up the ruined stairs and I blink when I see rusty fences, I really hope they don’t break when we walk on them. Sheik starts walking and I head after him, careful to step on the chain-links so my paws don’t get stuck in the gaps, when a Peahat comes from nowhere and slams into me, making me lose my footing and get my front left paw stuck.

‘Oh-no,’ I think as I tug my leg, looking up at the Peahat as it comes at me again, this time with its blades extended. ‘Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap!’ I tug harder, but it only hurts my leg.

It comes close and I duck as it flies forward, stopping right above my head. I look up and bite the root on the bottom before it can fly off again, and this is quite possibly the stupidest thing I could ever have done. The Peahat flies up, and my paw comes out, but I can’t let go before it’s high in the air, probably trying to find me again.

‘Oh Goddess,’ I think, trying to get an idea. There’s not much I can come up with other than attack with my claws, so here goes nothing. I scratch at the Peahat’s root and it jerks away, trying to get me off, but I hold on as hard as I can and finally scratch it enough times. It starts to fall and luckily it hits the ground before me, so I just bounce off and land on the fence again. A shadow covers me and I look up, smiling sheepishly when Sheik looks at me with an ‘are you serious?’ look.

“You just love getting into trouble, don’t you?” he asks as we start walking again, avoiding two snake-like things of fire.

‘Nope, but it loves finding me,’ I think.

“No kidding,” Midna says.

I’m about to retort when the fence we’re on shakes violently, making me fall over and Sheik stumble. “What was that?” he wonders.

I shrug, but then I see a person floating in the clouds above us. The only thing I can make out is a red cape before a blast of magic is thrown at us. Normally I would have just backed away and dodged it, maybe shaking, but my puppy mind seems to like taking over my body. I really do try not to, but I run from the magic, which is chasing me.

“Link! Stop running!” Sheik snaps and thankfully I stop, but unluckily, the magic doesn’t. It slams into me and I’m sent flying onto the stone platform coming off of the fence. I dizzily get to my paws and shake my head, looking up to see the fence starting to dissolve, with Sheik still standing on it.

‘Sheik!’ I mind-yell as he’s forced to another platform. My mind races when the clouds move in and I can’t see him. Oh-no. ‘Sheik?’ I ask, hoping he can hear me, but more clouds come in and obstruct my view around me. My puppy mind makes me crouch back and put my tail between my legs, but I quickly shake it off and look around. ‘If I can’t see, I’ll just sniff,’ I think and smell the ground.

I come to the edge of the platform and go down the stairs, but I trip forward and roll down the rest, back slamming into a broken torch. I get to my paws and look up at the torch to see it has a small fire in it, a stick at its base. I pick the stick up and put my front paws on the torch side to stand on my back paws and try to get the stick lit, but I can’t quite reach it.

I look around and spot a box near the edge. Careful not to fall, I push it to the base and get the stick again, lighting it in the flame. I get down and smile to myself when the fire helps burn away the cloud, but soon it dies out and I’m covered in droplets. ‘That was helpful,’ I think sarcastically as I throw the stick away. I look over all the edges, but all I can see is an endless void of clouds.

Who was that person? And are the other two okay?

I really hope so.

I faintly see a switch and start to go towards it, but my paws meet air and I try to scramble back when something pulls my tail, helping me back to solid ground. I look behind me to see a Poe and jump away from it, growling when it swings its scythe. I easily jump to the side, dodging the weapon, and attack the Poe, sending it into the switch and making it go off.

Heh, awesome. I smirk to myself and quickly get across the bridge, nearly having a heart attack when a rolling pillar with spikes goes by. I run in front of it, but it’s much faster than I expected. I yelp when the ground leaves from under me and I find myself sitting in a hole, regaining my breath.

“AHH!” the scream makes my ears perk up and suddenly I get a face full of feathers. “Ouch, my talon,” the bird complains and I grunt, making it jump and land on my stomach.

I lift my head to see a magpie looking me over with beady black eyes. “Well, I have never seen a wolf pup like you before, or a pup way up here in the clouds. You’re as lost as you can be!”

The magpie looks up and sees the pillar move over the hole. She jumps back and hits me in the face with her wing. “Great, where in this hole. Don’t worry kid, we can easily get out of this,” she says and rolls me over before picking me up in her talons. Once the pillar passes, she flies out and puts me down on the next platform that has spikes sticking out of the ground.

“Now, you don’t have to explain a thing, I saw you coming in with your friend and I will give you this one warning while finding him,” she says, making sure I’m looking at her. “Stay clear of the one in red, he has bad intentions, I can feel it,” and with that, the magpie flies off without a second look back.

‘One in red?’ I wonder. Could they be in relation with the ‘man in red?’ or are they one and the same? I shake my head, there’s not time to think on that, I need to get going.

I see another broken bridge and walk over to the next platform, there isn’t much here, just some spikes. Three broken pillars come up behind me, trapping me in, and I look around with narrowed eyes to see a figure in the clouds. It moves forward and I blink at the thing. It looks like a slimy blob, it’s tall, maybe about the size of a full-grown man, and is continually oozing disgusting-looking liquid.

It comes at me and I easily run to the side, it’s rather slow, and growl at it before jumping.

Bad mistake.

It stretches out, letting me see a gaping hole for a mouth, and eats me, squishing me with its just-as-slimy insides. I struggle to break free, but it crushes me harder. I spot something at the bottom and see it’s a small orb, is that it’s weak spot? Worth a shot I guess. I let myself be taken down and claw at it, but it doesn’t affect it much.

‘I can’t believe I’m doing this,’ I think before biting down. ‘Oh Goddess this tastes gross!’

The thing lets out a long, loud moan and spits me out, making me slam into the ground. I pick myself up and shake myself as I back flip away. How can I fight this? I can’t get too close, or it will eat me, and I don’t feel like getting eaten every time I want to cause damage to it. Maybe I can flip it over somehow? Or get it to fall on its side?

It rushes at me again and I run around it in circles, seeing if I can make it dizzy. It doesn’t work, now that I think about it, it doesn’t have eyes, and it swallows me again. I look down to see the orb protected by a coat of its slime, great, now what? It crushes me again and starts to send me down, there has to be a way I can kill it without getting the taste of decay and garbage in my mouth.

I kick at the orb, making the thing groan, and an idea forms. If I can get something really heavy in here, it can crush it and I won’t have to take this trip! The second I finish this thought, the thing spits me out again and I quickly get to my feet, ignoring the slime running down my fur and skin. I look around and spot a rock, I need to get it to eat that.

Smirking to myself, I turn to the thing and taunt it, making it come at me. I stand in front of the rock, getting ready to jump to the side. It lunges at me, but I dodge and it eats the rock. It groans in pain once it does, and it spits the rock out, almost hitting me. I let it come at me as I backup towards the spikes, here we go. It moves and I roll away as it impales itself.

It melts into a puddle and I finally get the taste in my mouth. ‘GAH!’ I spit and sputter, desperately trying to get rid of the vile taste. Once I do, I see a chest appear in the middle and look up at it, great, now I gotta open it. I get on my back paws and do my best to push the lid up, but I can only get it up a little. Huffing, I walk over to the rock from before and roll it up to the chest, stepping on that and opening it that way.

Once it’s open enough, I jump into the chest and am about to get what’s inside when the chest closes, making my head snap up. My eyes quickly adjust to the darkness and I look up, annoyed at myself for not making sure the lid would fall back, not close again. I sigh and look down at my paws, spotting a black bracelet with spikes all over it.

Maybe I could wear this as a collar for now? I wonder what it does.

‘Only one way to find out,’ I tell myself and pick it up with my nose before tossing it in the air. I get it over my head and around my neck the first try. I wait for a few seconds, I don’t feel any different. I groan in frustration and hit my head on the side of the chest.

To my utter surprise, my skull bashes the chest open and it falls to pieces around me. I stick my head out of the pile and look down at the bracelet/collar, so it gives me more strength? Awesome.

Nodding, I walk out from under the chest and look around, now how do I get back? Suddenly the collar flashes and I close my eyes from the brightness, when I look down again, I see it’s now white with silver wind streams going around it. What?

“I see you’ve found my bracelet,” I look up to see a blurry, transparent person floating above my head. The person floats down and bends to my height. “Young one, I am Galore, Demy Goddess of the skies,” I blink in awe as she parts the clouds around us, letting me see her.

Her hair is snow white and she looks about twenty or something, she wears a storm cloud grey dress and her eyes are different colour, one silver, the other black. She’s tall, about Twili tall, and she smiles at me kindly. “That bracelet you wear, it is mine when I was living in Hyrule. But those days have long passed, and I haven’t any need for this. My bracelet will allow you two things, strength and the ability to jump farther and glide for a time. You can change it at will and any time you need more power, or need to clear a jump, just think about it and this will change,” she explains, rubbing behind my ear, somehow seeming solid despite her appearance. “I trust you to use it well, goodbye, young Hero,” she says and disappears into the clouds.

‘…Cool,’ is all I can really think as I go to the edge of the platform. ‘So if I think about gliding, I can go over these gaps?’ I take a running jump and feel, not magic, but some force helping me clear the gap. ‘This will go a lot smoother now.’

I look around and spot a cloud above me, getting a small vision of someone using a white cape to jump up and to a higher spot in this Temple-like place. I shake my head and smile to myself, thank you past lives. I crouch down low and feel the force-like energy flow through me (I’m so happy it’s not magic), and jump up, amazed at how high I can now get.

Look out Palace of Wind, you’re not going to best me!

I make it to the top and find there are no clouds making it hard to see, which is good. I hope I bump into the other two up here, but I’m not too worried, they can both handle themselves fine. I jump off the cloud I’m on, how I’m able to do this is beyond me, and I see some light blue Chu-Chu Jellies that look like they have faces other than just being blobs.

One comes at me and I jump at it, only to get electrocuted when it creates sparks around itself. That’s never happened before. I shake myself off, trying not to laugh when my fur sticks out everywhere, and kill the Chu-Chu before it can cause me any major damage. I deal with the other one quickly and continue walking down the path until I come to another gap. With Galore’s Bracelet, I easily jump it and the one after and come to a spot with stone blocks and more of those glowing tiles.

I push the smaller stone blocks out of the way and see I need to hit four switches at once. I look at the tiles and think, ‘If I can still use my Spin Attack as a wolf, can I…?’ I try it, but fail miserably, only tripping over my own paws. Good, didn’t want to use magic anyway.

I walk to the switches and sit in the middle of them, careful not to get too close to some broken holes and cracks. There has to be something I can do…

A screech comes and I spin around to see a Lizalof jump down, it screeches again and jumps forward, slashing out with its sword. I know! I’ll get it to hit two of the switches for me! Like I did with the thing I fought before I got the bracelet, I stand in front of two of the switches, waiting for the Lizalof to make its move.

It slashes and I jump to the side, hitting the other two switches and opening a door. ‘Thanks!’ I think to it, even if it can’t hear me, and run through the door just before it closes. I start walking down the path when a gust of wind comes and blows me off. Luckily the magpie comes and puts me back on the platform.

“You ought to be more careful kid, these wind turbines still work as good as ever here,” she warns and flies off again.

‘Is she stalking me or something?’ I wonder as the turbine stops. I run passed it to find another turbine. I hide in a small hole just before the gust pushes me off, and come back out after it’s done. I step in front of the next one and let it take me to the other side, since that’s the only way I can get there.

I walk down the next path, careful to watch for the turbines, and come to another spot with an old carpet and two of the turbines blowing at the same time. I rush at the hole and make it in, my tail blowing back as the wind catches it. The second it stops, I jump up and manage to get onto the risen part above them with the help of the bracelet.

I come to another set of fences and, just like before, I’m careful not to get my paws stuck. It’s not too long and I come to a hole in the fence, with ground right under it. I jump down and come to another fence with a hole, jumping up onto it. I come to another hole and see a single rock platform moving under it. Oh boy, I’ll need to be accurate with this. I go down and land on it, thank Nayru, but now there’s a rusty gate-like thing on the fence, how can I get through that.

I feel the rock shake under my paws and jump up with surprise, becoming even more surprised when I jump through the gate. One of my more lucky moments. I walk the rest of the fence and come to more clouds with a Guay guarding them. It flies at me but I ignore it and jump up the clouds.

I come to more glowing tiles and a fast moving platform. I almost fall when trying to get on it. I get on and move out of the way of some rocks before coming to another platform. I find the way clear and see two slow moving platforms with plenty of holes. I get on one, and see some rocks in my way, so I glide to the other. I repeat this proses about four more times before coming to the next platform.

I jump up through a hole in another fence and see another platform going to another hole. This is starting to get repetitive. I just ride it to the last hole and come to another spiked pillar and some holes. I easily glide over it and go into the hole in the wall, which probably used to be a lot smaller, but now has caved in, letting me go through. I come out to a small area of a room that’s walled off from the rest and go through the already open door. Why do some stay open and others close? Weird.

I walk through and jump across the gap between the platform in front of me and get to the other side easily. I find a stray key and pick it up before finding myself back at the moving spike pillar. I jump over it and open the locked door there, quickly going through before the pillar can hurt me.

‘And some more clouds,’ I think, jumping up.

Jumping off the last cloud, I notice some Moblins roaming around. That’s weird, why would they be here? Is there more happening here than just me getting the Wind? I shake my head and sneak passed them, but one spots me and picks me up by my ruff. It grunts and sniffs me, but seems to find nothing wrong since it puts me down.

Then it steps on my tail. I let out a howl of pain before shooting forward, tugging my tail out from under his foot. I keep running until I come to another turbine and a gap. I look at my tail to see the last inch bending the other way and wince, that’s going to hurt a lot tomorrow.

Gliding across the gap, I come to more broken and cracked flooring and jump from platform to platform before any break. I come to more clouds and sigh, when will these stop? I look around me to see the sun starting to set, I’ll need to get some rest, by puppy metabolism isn’t that great.

I jump onto the lowest cloud and curl up into a ball, soon falling asleep.

‘Not another dream,’ I groan as I look around. I’m Hylian again, which I like very much, but I don’t recognize where I am. It’s some sort of castle, that much I can tell, and the room I’m in seems to be a throne room, the dark pillars holding up the high ceiling and the carpet is stained with blood, both old and new. The doors open and by instinct I hide behind a pillar, peeking out from behind it to see Zant walking up to the throne, someone behind him.

‘Zelda,’ I feel my eyes grow wide as I watch my friend walk behind the tyrant Twili, not bind or anything. ‘What are you doing Zelly? Run!’ I think, heart beating too quickly for my liking.

“I’ve brought you the girl, you’re spell worked. Now, I do get the Twilight Realm, right?” Zant asks the person on the throne. I can’t see anything of the person.

“Yes, you will. But not yet, first we must be rid of any nuisances that will stop us from our goal,” the man says, his voice calm and deep. And it sounds familiar…

“Of course, I will go look for them, do you wish for me to bring them here?” Zant asks.

“Throw them in the dungeon when you do. We don’t want to risk them getting away.”

As Zant leaves the room, everything fades and becomes dark.

My head shoots up from my paws and I pant as I look around, the dream slipping from my mind like water until I can’t even remember what it was about. I hate it when that happens, now that’s going to bug me for the rest of the day.

After a few minutes of waking up, I jump up the rest of the clouds to find they don’t lead somewhere else, but seem to be the only way for me to glide across to the other side. I do just that and go up some stairs to find more fences but find myself at a dead end and am forced to go back.

I jump to the next platform to find more clouds and come to the top to see I need to glide to the next platform like before. This time the clouds I climb lead me up to the floor above. I jump off and kill some Keese that come at me and go through the door. It closes behind me and the room becomes dark, only heavy footsteps are heard.

Eyes narrowing, I look at my surroundings to see the image of a Stalfos at the end of the room. I growl as I go over to it and it turns, slamming its sword into the ground beside me. I jump away and come back to bite it on the leg, making it cry out in pain and lift its leg to shake me off.

I fly into the wall and groan as I sit up, dazed from the collision. I shake my head to get rid of the daze and get to my paws, thinking about the power I’ll need. Like the Sky Goddess said, the bracelet flashes and changes back to the black with spikes I found it with.

The Stalfos jumps over my head and hits my side with the flat side of its sword, sending me tumbling across the floor. The wall on the other end stops me and I charge at the skeleton warrior, head down. I jump and head butt its middle, knocking it off balance before I bash its head in. The bones erupt into green flames and the torches in the room light up as a key falls on my head.

I pick it up and carry it to the locked door to the side, behind me is the big door indicating where the boss is, but I don’t have that key yet. I unlock the door and go in to find another locked door to my right and a doorway on the other side of the room, Blade Traps waiting in the corners.

Taking a deep breath, I run forward and the Blade Traps move, luckily my tail gets out of the way just in time. I wince when I look at my tail, it’s really going to hurt later. Shaking my head, I go through the doorway to find some dull glowing tiles and four switches. I easily hit them all and go through the next door. The next room has a turbine, but it’s not blowing, that is until I step on the switch to the side.

The next room is simply a hole filled floor and a door on the other side. I glide over and find another spot with a turbine not turned on. I ride the wind and push a block out of the way to find a key under it. I find that I’m back at the platform I was at before this and unlock the door.

I walk in and finally find the Boss Key in the chest. Letting out a small sigh, I take the key, which is about as big as me, and go back to the door. I find some pots, but nothings in them and I see an arrow made out of the tiles in the floor, making an arrow. ‘So this place is just telling me where to go, even if I already know? Talk about useless,’ I think, going to the edge to look around.

Suddenly the floor under my paws collapses and I howl as I fall through the sky.

I land on a floating platform and moan as I shakily get to my paws, looking around to see clouds everywhere, keeping me from seeing again. I hear someone swear loudly from above and look up in time for something to fall on top of me.

-Earlier, Sheik’s POV-

“Oh great! Now Shorty’s alone over there!” I kick the clouds around me in an attempt to get them away.

“Didn’t know you cared that much,” Midna smirks as she comes out of my shadow, looking around in the clouds.

“I don’t care that much,” I say, looking away with crossed arms. “She’s just an ally.”

“Sure she is,” the Twili rolls her eyes before walking forward. “Well, let’s go. We’re not going to find her again if we just stand around and wait for more crap to happen.”

I roll my own eyes and start walking as she goes back into my shadow. Why does she keep pushing that I like Link that much?

Maybe because you do, the annoying voice in the back of my head whispers.

I shake my head, I am not going to get into another internal argument with myself! I easily jump the gap that opens up in front of me and land on a platform with more holes and broken tiles.

I come to more solid ground and blink in confusion when I see something far ahead, it looks slightly like a building. I run towards it and find my guess right, a large, dome-like ruin stands before me, towering over everything. I push the old, creaky door and come into a large, dark and dusty room, small Skulltulas running away from me as I walk in.

I cough a few times as I go to the middle, a large stone plaque is standing in the center and I can faintly read the ancient text of Old Hylian.

History re_____, the next _________ starts, and the cy___ is ete____. From the __ginning, one rises to ________, shrouding the land and _____ing to take, one gu____ the sa____ item with their life, making _____ to stop the plot___, and one comes out from ____, no id__ what is in s____, no ___e what is to __me, and they b_____ and ______e scar____ with the t___s they ____.

As th__ __cle c________s, every _________ years they come, ne_er _____mbering their ____, but always m___ to take ____ of the f______. I k___ this will happen _____, and he ____ ______, he did not get ___ he _______, and he is not ___ to quit. I pray that t___, the ones re____ from _e and the C______ __ro, can stop him on__ _____, be_or_ he r__iv_s h_s m__te_.

The ___ I kn_w is r_a__ng t__s, please war_ ___m of _emo_ Lo_d G_______, he is o__ to _ring _e_i__ _ack again, des___ ___ise only u_ing him. He w_ll erase the mind of the De_on K___, and ma_e the w__ld a w_____land wh__e on_y Dem___ c_n live. If this is m___ or my ______d’s de___nda_ts, _isten well, th__e words mu__ be bu__t into yo_r _ind_, be pre_ar__ for wh_n he re____s. If th_s is _o_ min_ or _y fr__nd’s de_____ants, th_n _arn them a_ soo_ as y_u ca_. Please, warn them…

I blink, reading the text again, the faded symbols making it hard to read anything. All I can really get out of this are a few small words. It’s like someone actually came here and took some symbols so no one could read it.

“This is just weird,” Midna mutters as she leans on the text, looking at the ground to think. “Do you get the feeling that someone doesn’t want us to know what this is saying?”

“Yes, some are faded, but others look like the Hylian was forcibly taken out,” I nod.

“Wonder what this person means by warning someone, who are we warning? And what are we warning them about?”

“We might never know. We’d better go, we need to find Shorty,” I say, the text running through my mind.

When I don’t hear Midna coming, I turn to see her writing the text down on a piece of paper she got from her pocket. “Good thing I had some paperwork to do,” she smirks at me as she writes. “There, maybe Zelda can make it out.”

“Hopefully,” I add as she goes into my shadow. I walk out the side door and come to another rusty fence, easily killing the Peahats and Guay that are flying around. I come to another ruin and step in for the door to slam shut and the room becomes dark. I take out my chain and get it ready, eyes darting around the room for any signs of danger.

I step forward and a roar bellows out through the room before a Moblin jumps down from the roof, holding a metal shield along with a spear. The pig-dog beast snorts and charges, but I easily jump over its head and send my whip at it.

What I don’t count on is that it’s not alone.

The staff of another spear hits me over the head and I jump away before I can be stabbed through my stomach. I sigh in annoyance as both Moblins advance, why do they always have to be in groups? It’s like they know they’re too stupid to do things on their own.

One Moblin tries to shield bash me, but I roll under its legs and throw two knives at the back of its head, making it stumble forward and hit the wall. The other Moblin swings its spear to the side in an attempt to hit me, but I jump up and stand on the staff, running up it to kick it in the face.

I jump off and roll to the side when the Moblin stomps its foot, trying to kill me by crushing me. I reach back and take out a Deku Nut, slamming it into the ground before using my chain to pull me up by the old chandelier on the roof. The Moblins look around stupidly for a few seconds before I hear wings flapping. I turn my head to see a Helmaroc flying at my level.

It slams into me and knocks me off, but luckily I still have a hand on the chandelier, letting me hang from it. But unluckily the Moblins heard the attack and are now looking at me, being their stupid selves to see if I’ll let go. I take a dagger out of my belt and drop it. It pierces one Moblin right between the eyes and it falls back, blowing up once it hits the ground.

Now let’s see if this Moblin’s just as stupid, I think and drop another dagger, but the lone Moblin lifts its shield and the dagger bounces off. Great, it’s when they learn new tricks that they get annoying. Again the Helmaroc comes around and slams into me, trying to get me to fall, and it comes back around when I don’t.

Instead of slamming into me, it lands on the chandelier and starts to peck at my hands. I swat it away, but it just hops, flaps its wings for a few seconds, and comes back down to peck me again. Stupid bird. I get my chain and whip it at the bird, but it flies off and grabs the other end, flying away with it.

“Good job,” Midna says sarcastically.

“Oh shut up,” I say and kick the Helmaroc as it comes back. “I still have my knives.”

“Hum, knives versus spear and shield, I wonder who will win?” she remarks.

“I said shut. Up,” I grit my teeth.

“And I’m saying you’re an idiot for getting your weapon taken. Looks like you have something in common with Link after all, she misplaced her sword once and got bitten by a Ice Keese for it, took her two hours to break out of her frozen state.”

I look up with a deep sigh, doing my best not to lose my temper. “Will you stop it? I don’t like Shorty!” I say.

“De-ni-al!” she sings and I’m about to retort when the Helmaroc bites my hand.

Mentally punching myself for not paying attention to the fight, I swing the chandelier and making the bird fall off and get impaled by the Moblin’s spear. Good, one less thing to worry about.

Now to deal with the Moblin. I look up at the chandelier’s base and an idea forms. Perfect. I climb back onto it and take out a knife before unscrewing it from the roof. It falls, me with it, and lands on the Moblins head, stopping around its neck as I find myself sitting on its shoulders.

It goes into a blind rage and crashes out of the ruin, taking me along for the ride. I manage to get control of where it’s going and make it jump the gaps to the next ruin. It crashes through the wall and I jump off as it falls down a hole and into the sky, roaring all the way as it falls. It’s times like these that I thank my teachers.

Then the thought of what happened butts in and reminds me of why I hate them.

“Well that was fun to watch,” Midna says as she comes out of my shadow, stretching as we look around. The ruin we’re in is octagonal and has a broken lantern hanging off the ceiling above the hole. There isn’t much else about it, in fact it’s rather dull looking.

The air suddenly becomes cooler and I look out of a broken wall to see the sun starting to set. “Well, no used trying to find Link in the dark,” Midna says.

I sit down and lean back on the wall, mind drifting off to what Midna keeps bringing up.

Do I really care that much about Link? I will admit that I do like bickering with her, kind of like good friends, and it’s good to talk to a girl who doesn’t go on and on about finding a lover. But there’s still absolutely no way that I like or love her. I just can’t. Some things can’t be let go.

Why am I thinking so much about that lately? It hasn’t crossed my mind much, but now I’m remembering it all the time.

And why do I know I’m lying to myself? I do know what I feel, I do know what this is, but there’s no way that it could work. She’s still afraid of a part of me, and there’s no way she could like me like that.

And there’s one question that’s been on my mind for a while, who was that girl at the party? The one I danced with? Lora. I still don’t know why she kept reminding me of Link. It must have been her eyes, the same shape, colour and emotions. And when I caught her when she tripped, she felt…right in my arms, exactly like when Link was pushed by Jabu-Jabu-

My jaw drops slightly, for the love of Din’s bloody Hell! I danced with Link that night! I almost kissed her! Farore’s Spirit! I rub my forehead, calling myself stupid for not seeing it before. She probably doesn’t even know it was me.

I shake my head, that doesn’t matter. I didn’t kiss her, I didn’t know who she was, so I don’t like her.

Again, here’s that feeling like I’m not being true to myself. I sigh and lean my head back, soon falling asleep with a jumbled mind.

Oh great, now I’m dreaming. I look around the room I’m in, everything’s dark and the carpet looks like it’s stained in blood. How welcoming.

I hide behind a pillar when the door opens and Zant walks in, going up to a throne where a shadow of a man is sitting. Why is Zelda following him? She’s not bind at all and she can easily run. Something’s definitely wrong.

“I’ve brought you the girl, you’re spell worked. Now, I do get part of Hyrule and the Twilight Realm, right?” Zant asks the person on the throne. I slowly move closer so I can see them. Once I do, I find a man with snow white skin, grey diamonds running down his arms, legs and torso, white hair and black eyes, all he’s wearing is a red cape.

“Yes, you will. But not yet, first we must be rid of any nuisances that will stop us from our goal,” the man says, his voice calm and deep. I know I’ve heard that voice before, but where?

“Of course, I will go look for them, do you wish for me to bring them here?” Zant asks.

“Throw them in the dungeon when you do. We don’t want to risk them getting away.”

As Zant leaves the room and I try to get a better look at the man before everything blurs and disappears.

I blink my eyes open to find the sun rising, that’s odd, I haven’t had a dream for a long time. But like any other dream I’ve had, it slips from my mind. I try to remember it, but the more I try, the more it leaves. Soon, I can’t remember a thing about it, which irritates me to no end.

“Ready to go, Denial?” Midna asks.

“Stop calling me that, I’m not in Denial!” I snap, I’m not a morning person.

“The first step is knowing it, the second is accepting it. You’ve done neither of them yet, which just raises your denial,” she states.

Clenching my fists, I walk out of the ruin to find my chain on the ground. I hear a caw and look up to see the image of a magpie flying off. I’ll never understand animals.

I pick my weapon up and start to head out to see some clouds in the distance, do I see something jumping on them to get higher? Guess it’s worth a shot. I use the wall of the ruin, and jump to the lowest cloud above me, surprisingly enough, I’m able to stand on it.

I easily jump up the clouds and come to a small platform when I spot Link open a large door with a lock that’s bigger than her. I chuckle at that and jump onto the next platform as she opens the door. I follow after and find the room empty, where did she go?

The floor suddenly collapses under my feet and I gasp as I start falling. I slam down on my back and grunt when I hit. What is under me? It feels soft and broke some of the fall.

“Hey Denial, are you going to get of Link? Or are you going to keep crushing her?” Midna comes out and I jump to my feet and look down at Link, who’s glaring up at me coldly as she gets to her paws.

“Don’t look at me like that, I can’t control where I fall!” I snap.

‘You still could have gotten off me faster, Jerk,’ she mutters and shakes her fur.

“I’m not a morning person, Shorty,” I roll my eyes.

-Link’s POV-

I’m about to retort when I hear someone in the clouds. I look around and jump slightly when a laugh comes from above our heads. “I see you’ve finally arrived,” the familiar voice from my dreams says as the person lands in the clouds, still keeping himself concealed in them. “I was starting to worry that you would never come.”

“What do you want?” Sheik demands.

“To bring back the King of my people. To make my people take over. To redeem myself from what happened thousands and thousands of years ago.”

“You want the New Hyrule,” Midna accuses.

“Well, you catch on much quicker than that other Twili. He still has no clue what he’s going to do once I’m finished with him,” the man laughs cruelly.

“Zant you mean.”

“Is that his name? I can never remember, since I don’t really care at all. Yes, I do mean him. To revive my master, I must get help from others. And I found the spirit of the Twili deep in the Twilight Realm, striking a deal with him. I would revive him, if he went and got what I asked for.”

“And what did you promise him once he got what you wanted?” Midna asks.

“I didn’t promise anything, I told him I would let him have your Realm, Twilight Princess, but I don’t really care for your home, so he’s merely playing a pawn in all this,” the man says, turning away from us. “Once I am finished with him, let’s just say we won’t take over anything.”

“You said you needed help from others, that means you have more than just him and your people working with you,” Sheik says.

“You catch on fast too. Yes, I do have more help. Help from a powerful ally is wonderful, especially when I met this ally in Termina.”

‘Termina?’ I wonder.

“But I won’t go into detail about that,” the man turns back to us. “Now, mind telling me where the blasted Hero is? I need to be sure he doesn’t intervene.”

I narrow my eyes and see Sheik jerk slightly for some reason. I feel the man’s eyes fall on me and I growl, daring him to come closer. “So, this is what happened to you? Magic certainly is wonderful, is it not?” I can hear the smirk in his voice as my growl falters at the word ‘magic.’

“Don’t even think about it,” Midna threatens him by raising her hand, I force myself to stay still when she summons a small mist of magic around her fist.

“But I am thinking about it, and now I know that I can easily get rid of him now that he’s a defenceless pup,” the man laughs, I can see his arms crossed.

Then the platform shakes and something slams down on it. “Hey, you done messing with him yet? I wish to kill him,” the voice of a woman, slightly screechy and high-pitched, comes from the tall-looking figure in the clouds.

“No, you cannot kill him yet. We still need to give him to my master,” the man says with an irritated sigh. Seems like this lady keeps asking him that.

“Gaah! Let me get him now, then we can just throw him into the dungeon and be gone with that crazy thing of a man,” the woman groans.

“Shut it and let me deal with him,” the man stresses.

‘Something tells me they don’t get along,’ I think.

“What was your first clue?” Sheik whispers so they don’t hear us.

“Why don’t you shut up and go, I can do this just fine on my own,” the man says.

“Fine, ruin my fun why don’t cha? I’ll deal with you later,” I feel the woman’s eyes bore into me before she flips off the platform.

‘Great, I can already tell she’s crazy,’ I think to myself.

“Now, you’ll be coming with me, Hero,” the man steps forward but Midna sends a blast of magic at him. It takes all my strength not to hide behind Sheik.

“Oh no, I’m not done with asking you questions yet,” the Twili says. “Why did you destroy the old Hyrule?” she asks.

“Why? Can’t my people have a place to call their own?”

“Yes, but you didn’t have to run out every other race!” Midna snaps.

“Oh, but I did. People don’t like Demons, so I had to get rid of the people problem. Once everything was out of the way, my people got a home. And with all the wilted plants, we don’t have to worry about others coming to take it.”

“Not many Hylians like Gerudo either, but we’ve managed to grow beside them since Ganondorf’s defeat,” Sheik says.

“Ganondorf? I’ve heard of him, got beaten by more kids than I care to count. He’s of no concern to me, all I care about is reviving my King and taking over the land you call home.”

“‘Why?’” me and Sheik ask, though he doesn’t hear me.

“So my people can have more to own. My warriors grow stronger and more aggressive each day, and with the help of those Mythical Monsters, nothing will be able to stop me,” he laughs again.

“You’re the one who brought them here?” Midna asks, eyes narrowing further.

“Yes, I read about them in an old book I found, they lived in this land a long time ago, before even the Goddesses came. But they grew extinct when their minds were taken by the dark clouds of the chaos. I went to the time before that, recruiting willing fighters into my army and promising them land and anything they find, they keep. Those less eager to join were forced here by a portal I created, and I started the planning. Even now, more and more of those creatures are coming into my army, and we will fight and take Hyrule. And even if you try to fight, you’re armies are nothing compared to mine!”

‘So he’s the one who forced those creatures like Felix and Cerberus here, and he’s created an army with them,’ I think to myself, feeling anger boil inside me.

“And who exactly are you?” Sheik asks, taking out his chain-whip.

“Me? I am the most powerful Demon under my King, I am the one who has created the best army and the best Demon City in existence,” he steps out of the clouds and onyx black eyes glow from shroud.

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