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Number One Zero


After an accident, Robin mysteriously disappeared. The Titans have moved on with their lives, except for Raven. 2 years after, and their world is suddenly filled with mystery, revenge, and danger.

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1

The night sky was pitch black, but the stars in it shone brightly, a stark contrast against the darkness that was enveloping it. Underneath the beauty of the skies was Raven, the lone Titan, standing on top of their T-shaped tower. She stood at the edge of their rooftop, simply allowing the night breeze to carry her dark cloak. She stared at the vast expanse of the sky above her, lost deep within her thoughts.

Many years have passed since they started the Titans. Now they were all in their early twenties, changing as time moved on with them. Her purple hair had grown longer, just past her shoulders. Her costume had not changed at all, but her body had become more curvaceous as she came of age. Her amethyst eyes have been marked with an even deeper pain and sadness, if that was even possible.

After all, it had been exactly two years since that fateful day, and she had not been the same ever since.

She was pulled away from her thoughts when she heard laughter and enjoyment from the Tower. Unlike her, most of her teammates did not change from their former selves. Cyborg and Beast Boy were still having their daily tofu-meat battles in the morning and their Gamestation duels in the evening, despite the fact that their relationships were progressing with Bumblebee and Terra respectively. Starfire was in one corner of the common room, spending her time with her boyfriend Aqualad. She had moved on so fast from Robin that Raven even wondered if she really felt something more than the Boy Wonder than a petty crush. The whole team didn’t seem to remember what this day commemorated; it’s as if they completely forgot that this was the exact day, two years ago when…

The Titans were chasing after Slade throughout the city. They had just defeated his army of Slade bots and were now chasing him towards an abandoned building that was covered in explosives. He disappeared in the building, and Robin was right behind him when he felt Cyborg’s hold on his arm.

“What do you think you’re doing? Let me go! We’re losing Slade!” Robin ordered desperately, wanting to catch the villain at all costs.

“Are you crazy, Robin? Can’t you see that building’s rigged to blow? You’re walking into a trap!” Cyborg shouted, trying to convince Robin, but to no avail.

“Fine, if you don’t want to help me, then I’m going after Slade alone.” He uttered the last word with such an acidic tone that they couldn’t help but feel as if they were burned by it.

Robin forcefully pulled his arm out of Cyborg’s grasp and ran after Slade, disappearing into the abandoned building. The Titans watched him leave; somehow knowing that he was walking toward his death. But they couldn’t do anything about it, save for one.

Right after Robin chased after Slade, Raven flew to him, following him as well. This time, Cyborg caught Raven’s arm, wondering why he had to make the same speech twice.

“Not you too, Raven.” He said with such sadness and fear in his voice.

“Look, I know Robin’s walking into a trap. But I’m not just going to stand here and let him march to his death without giving a fight.” Raven said with much determination in her voice. She quickly pulled her arm out of Cyborg’s grasp and flew into the building, hoping against hope that she could save Robin before it was too late.

Despite the fact that she didn’t mean to hurt any of them with her words, the other Titans felt horrible after Raven spoke. They knew what Raven said was true, but they couldn’t do anything as they idly stood there, seemingly sentencing both of their friends to their deaths.

Robin searched for Slade through the dark vastness of the abandoned building, hoping that he could still find his arch nemesis. Raven was only a few meters behind him, a sigh of relief escaping her lips when she found the Boy Wonder unharmed. Just then, timers started beeping all around them, telling them that they had less than five seconds before they all went off, exploding altogether as they trapped the two heroes in their marble wake.


“Robin!” Raven called out, hastily grabbing his arm, pulling him towards her.


“Raven?” Robin asked in disbelief, surprised to find his best friend there, saving him from apparent death. “What are you doing here?”


“Shut up before we both die here.” She replied dryly, putting up a shield above them.


“Raven…” he breathed out in shock as he started to comprehend how his best friend was risking her life to save him. How she was the only one here to save him. She was the only one…


Everything around them started exploding. The bombs all went off at the same time, making the building collapse on top of the two heroes. Raven could feel the strain of having large chunks of concrete crash upon her shield, but she couldn’t give up just yet, not until they were safe. Not until he was safe.

As the last of the debris fell upon her shield, Raven felt completely drained and exhausted. It took all of her strength to maintain that shield above them as the building collapsed around them. Now that she felt sure that they were safe, she finally let her shield down. Protecting them from the explosion took more out of her than she expected, and she collapsed instantly. Robin caught her and carried her close to his chest, eternally grateful for saving his life.

“Raven…” he breathed out her name once again, only beginning to comprehend how much she had sacrificed just to save him “I won’t forget this.” He promised softy as he held her fragile form.

Raven’s vision was blurry from sheer exhaustion, but she swore she saw the Boy Wonder draw his face closer to hers, and felt the warmth of his lips upon hers. He pulled away after a few moments, only to hear a voice call out to him.

“Robin, come it’s time to go. Hm, it seems that one of your friends did pass the test. That still does not change anything. Let’s go.” The voice was menacing and familiar, but through the haze of exhaustion, Raven failed to recognize from who it came from. She was slipping in and out of consciousness, making her vision so blurry she could barely make out Robin’s face. But somehow, she felt his meaningful gaze upon her weak body before settling her gently on the ground and leaving. Before Raven could make any sense of what was happening, she slipped into unconsciousness as everything faded to black.

The Titans found her in the rubble alone, completely puzzled as to what had happened. Raven remembered those last few blurry moments, but none of them could comprehend what they meant. They searched for Robin for about a month but with no luck. They eventually gave up on their search and went on with their lives. They decided that Cyborg would be their new leader, and even took Aqualad into their team. That was when he and Starfire started going on into their relationship. Just after two months after their leader disappeared, the Titans moved on, accepting Robin’s disappearance; except for Raven.

After the Titans gave up, she continuously searched for leads as to Robin’s whereabouts. Most of them were dead ends, but that did not deter Raven’s spirit in finding her lost leader. A year after his disappearance, she had been investigating a string of robberies and murders all across the United States, as well as Europe. The news reported that most of these crimes were committed by the same person, a person who shared Robin’s unique fighting style and agility. She didn’t want to believe that this was her leader, her best friend, but she couldn’t deny what her mind was telling her. More importantly, if this was the former leader of the Titans, she had to know why he was doing such things. But before she could investigate any more into these crimes, the perpetrator suddenly stopped committing crimes and the trail went cold once again.

Now, exactly two years after Robin mysteriously disappeared from their lives, she still felt devastated. Robin was the one person who didn’t give up on her, even if she fell into the depths of hell. And yet, right when he needed her the most, she couldn’t find him. She felt like she had failed him. No matter how much she tried to save him, he was still taken away from the Titans, from his friends, from her. She had no idea how he was, if he was hurt, if he was alright. She didn’t even know if he was still alive. But the one thought that scared her the most was that she failed to tell him how much she cared for him. All she wanted to do was to thank him for everything he had done for her, and to tell him just how much she meant to him. Unfortunately, with the way things were looking, she highly doubted that she would ever get the chance.

She cast her eyes downward, feeling the pain of failure and hurt from longing for him to come back. She slowly closed her eyes, coming to the realization that Robin may be lost to her forever. She was slowly starting to give up on him.

But she knew she couldn’t do that just yet. Not when he was so close…


Her eyes suddenly shot up. She did not know if her ears were deceiving her, but she heard his voice. She heard him whisper her name, as if into her ear. It had been two years since she last heard it, but she was certain. She knew it was him.


She heard it again as she felt a ghost of a touch caress the small of her back from underneath her cloak. She quickly turned around, half expecting for him to be standing there. But all she saw was the empty rooftop around her.

Tears started welling up in her eyes as she began to comprehend what all of this could mean. But before she could even begin to decipher the mystery, a loud alarm started blaring throughout the Tower. There was trouble in the city. And even though Raven wanted to delve deeper in the latest occurrences, she knew the city came first. She heaved a sigh before teleporting into the common room and serving her fair city once again.

The Titans were not called out to the docks because there was a crime that they had to stop. They didn’t need to save anyone, not tonight. Because the image that they were staring at right now showed that they were too late.

The whole team could not believe the sight that was laid out in front of them. After years of being tormented by their arch nemesis, they were shocked to say the least to see him like this. They saw Slade’s lifeless body hanging limply on a wall. His neck was hanging from a piece of wire, as dried blood poured out of his body and to his nearby surroundings. His armor was destroyed at various points on his body, while his mask was cracked to reveal a man with white hair and an eye patch. Despite the fact that they hated the villain for all of the hardships and pain that he had put them through, they did not want to see him like this. Even this seemed inhumane for the super villain that hung lifelessly in front of them.

But what bothered them more than the disturbing sight of his body, was the menacing message that was written behind him, probably in his own blood. This frightened the Titans even more, because they knew that the message was for them.

“I did what you couldn’t do.”

Fear encased their hearts as they read and re-read the message over and over again in their minds, as if that would change what it meant.

“Maybe the message isn’t for us. Maybe this is some kind of all-out mafia war or something.” Beast Boy said nervously, breaking the silence that fell around them.

“Oh that is true! I do not believe we had any intention of doing something as cruel as this!” Starfire exclaimed, as she fearfully held Aqualad’s hand in hers, desperately searching for comfort from her boyfriend.

“Well whatever that message means, we can’t let our guard down. We still have to be careful. I’m going to tighten the security in the Tower to make sure no one gets in but us.” Cyborg said with much authority in his tone.

Raven, on the other hand, kept silent throughout the whole discussion. She could admit that she was afraid of what that message meant to her and her teammates. But at this point, she felt relief in her heart more than anything. She knew how much Slade had tormented her, especially during the prophecy. But know that he was dead- finally dead- she couldn’t help but feel relieved. Somehow, she felt that she was at peace, and that she could close that chapter in her life.


She heard his voice again. Her heart jumped within her chest, recognizing that voice for the second time that night. As they were slowly bringing Slade’s body down from where it was hanging, she could strangely feel that someone was gazing intently at her from her back. It was as if whoever was staring at her was searching through the very confines of her heart, of her soul. She felt fear race through her veins as that person continually stared right through her. She couldn’t take any more, so she spun around to see who it was. But for the second time that night, she didn’t see anyone behind her. All she saw was the vast sea that opened up from the pier.

Before she could ponder once again on what had just happened, gasps could be heard from all around her. She quickly faced front to see what was going on, only to have a gasp escape her lips as well.

As Slade’s dead body was lowered from its position, another message was written before them. And this time, they could not deny any more that they message was not for them.

Whoever did this had a score to settle with the Titans, and that made them more afraid than they ever were tonight.

“You Titans are next.”

After the disturbing image of Slade’s defiled body was presented to them, the Titans headed back to the Tower and Cyborg quickly improved upon the Tower’s security system. He then warned all of his teammates to be careful and to keep a look out for anything suspicious. He knew that they had to keep their guard up, especially with a threat like that directed towards them. He knew that they were dealing with someone very dangerous, and somehow he had a gut feeling that he knew who this person was. He just wished, with all of his half-metal heart, that he was wrong.

They all went to bed after Cyborg’s briefing, but with so much fear in their hearts. There was a great feeling of dread that hung around the Tower. It was as if they knew that something was going to happen tonight. Unfortunately, they also knew that they were powerless in stopping it from happening.

Raven surprisingly managed to fall asleep. Despite of everything that has been happening to her, she knew that she needed her rest. Especially since she was determined to understand what was going on. She needed to know where or from whom those whispers were coming from. Actually she knew the person who kept whispering her name; she just needed to know if it was really him.

As she was deep in her sleep, she saw a vision of herself lying down on her bed. She didn’t know why but her soul self was seemingly showing her what was happening while she was sleeping. She suddenly saw a figure stand beside her bed. It seemed like a man with spiked hair, a domino mask over his eyes; he was wearing a black body suit, and had a gold belt hanging from his waist, with a bold letter ‘R’ in the middle. Her eyes widened at the sight before her; she was almost certain that this was a dream. She knew that it was close to impossible to have him in her bedroom. After years of endlessly searching for him to no avail, here he was, standing in her room, gazing at her… lovingly?


He whispered her name and the sound seemed to resonate within her soul. It felt like he was calling her, rightfully claiming her after all these years. He moved a stray strand of purple hair out of her face, admiring its length. He softly caressed her cheek, enjoying the warmth he felt from her. He bent down and whispered something in her ear, something that got Raven’s heart racing within her chest.

“Wake up, Raven. Things are going to start getting exciting in the Tower. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun, would you?”

She shot up from her bed, jolting herself awake from the strange dream. But it felt so real to her, she was almost certain that it had just happened. She tried to shake her thoughts away from the foreboding dream and got out of bed. She had to warn her teammates. If what he was saying was true, then she knew that they were all in danger.

She managed to get them all into the common room. Beast Boy was still quite groggy from being disturbed in his sleep, while Starfire was shivering in Aqualad’s chest. Cyborg had a firm expression on his face, but he felt fear inside his heart as well. If Raven woke them up in the middle of the night, he knew it was because of something important. And with the past events that had been occurring around them that night, he was pretty sure he knew what this was about.

“Listen guys, we’d better stay alert tonight. I had a dream” she inwardly winced when she called her vision as such, knowing deep inside her heart that it was anything but a dream. “And it warned that something was going to happen in the Tower tonight.” she finished her warning, somehow summarizing what she saw in a way that her fellow teammates could understand.

Before the Titans could comprehend what Raven had just said, the power went out in the Tower. Everything was pitch black. They heard heavy metal doors crashing at the entrance and all the windows throughout the tower. They were locked in; no one could go in or out the Tower at this point.

“What is going on?” asked Starfire frantically as she held Aqualad closer to her.

“Hold on, I’m checking.” Cyborg muttered, as he switched his robotic eye to night vision, and checked the Tower’s predicament through the computer in his arm. “This is bad.”

“What? What’s bad? What’s going on?” cried Beast Boy as he changed into a bat and flew around the room anxiously.

“BB calm down! From what I can tell from the scanners, it says that the power was cut and the Tower went into a manual shut down procedure. That means nothing is going in or out of the Tower unless we get to the bottom of this.” Cyborg explained to his teammates as he gazed on them through his robotic eye. “We should probably split up and try to bring back the power so we can unlock the Tower.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Cyborg.” Raven interjected, finally giving her two cents through this debacle. Unlike the others, she had no problem seeing through the dark, which was probably why she could see clearly through the flaw in Cyborg’s plan. “We have to stick together, especially since most of you are at a disadvantage in the dark. We can reconnect the power together and watch each other’s backs as we get there. We just received a threat, and this is probably their first step in attacking us.”

Cyborg winced at her words. Ever since becoming leader, he felt so protective of the title. If anyone else seemed to have a better idea than him, he couldn’t help but feel hurt. He desperately wanted to prove to everyone else that he could take on Robin’s role, but he couldn’t do that, not with everyone questioning his decisions. But he knew Raven was right, so instead of fighting against it, he swallowed his pride and decided to go with Raven’s plan.

“Okay, we stick together throughout this whole thing. No one separates themselves from the group, no matter what. We’ll go down the basement together. Starfire, raise a starbolt so we can see where we’re going.” Cyborg said.

Starfire nodded and lifted up the starbolt from her hand. She kept her other hand in Aqualad’s, demonstrating the fear she had in her heart.

“Alirght, Titans go!” Cyborg whispered, as the group went out of the common room together, not knowing of the dangers that lay ahead of them.

They slowly trudged through the hallways, with their fear slowing them down. Danger could be lurking in any corner, and they knew that. They were too careful with each step that they took, but they knew it was a necessary precaution, especially with what was about to come to them.

“Aqualad?” Starfire called out, suddenly disturbed that her boyfriend was not by her side. She spun around, bringing the light of her starbolt with her as she desperately searched for her missing boyfriend. She spent almost every waking moment with him, to the point that she was unnerved if he wasn’t at her side. Especially at a time like this.

“Friends, please go on ahead. I must look for Boyfriend Aqualad.” Starfire said hastily as she flew to the opposite direction.

“Starfire! Wait!” Cyborg called out. But it was too late, Starfire had already disappeared into the darkness. “Damn it.” he muttered as he brought out two flashlights from his mechanical body. He checked on his battery life and it showed that he only had 10% left. He knew that with the light he was giving off right now, his batteries would die out within the next hour. They had to bring the power back soon or else he’d collapse without the intruder even laying a finger on him.

Starfire flew past a few corridors until she saw the blue of Aqualad’s costume. “Boyfriend Aqualad!” she called out with much joy, as she flew toward him. But that joy was instantly replaced with fear as she saw Aqualad’s unconscious body lying on the floor. Before she could even get closer to him, however, she felt his presence in front of her. She let out a gasp, shocked to actually see him again.

“So this is the piece of trash that you replaced me with?” he said mockingly. “Well, I suppose it all makes sense. Trash attracts trash, doesn’t it?”

“No…. you can’t be here. You disappeared… you were gone!” Starfire exclaimed, shock and disbelief overcoming her features.

“Yes, yes I did disappear. But that doesn’t mean that you can just move on and forget about me as if there was nothing between us!” he shouted out, raising his voice and letting his anger coat it.

But just as easily as he lost control of his emotions, he reined them back in, allowing a cynical smile to creep up his lips. With a soft chuckle, he said “And that is why you are going to pay for everything you did. Now you can feel everything I felt when you traded me for him.”

He charged at her with only his fist ready to strike. She only watched, helpless in her fear, as his fist connected to her beautiful face.

Beast Boy was getting impatient. They decided to stay in the same spot where they were so that when Starfire found Aqualad, they could continue on their journey together. But it had been fifteen long minutes without Starfire, and he couldn’t take another minute of just sitting there in the darkness. He had to do something before he shot his own foot.

“Guys, Starfire is taking too long. I’m going to check to see if she’s okay.” Beast Boy said, getting up as he masked his impatience with concern for his friend.

“Beast Boy I don’t think that’s a good—“ before Raven could even finish her statement, he was gone. “--idea.” She didn’t like how her teammates kept on splitting up even though she made it clear that they had to stick together. At this rate, the intruder could kill them all with ease, without them even knowing it.

Beast Boy stayed in his cheetah form, using the cat’s night vision to see through the darkness. It was still quite hard to see anything in front of him, but he knew he still had to find Starfire. It was either that or sitting with Cyborg and Raven, who were both so immensely caught up in their thoughts that he couldn’t even annoy one of them.

As he sprinted through the darkness, he suddenly bumped into a dark figure that was standing in his way.

“Ow, what the--?” Beast Boy muttered out loud, as he held on his head, checking for any bumps.

“Is everything really a joke to you?” he said in such a menacing tone, Beast Boy instantly leapt in fear upon hearing it.

“It c-can’t be! Is that you? Dude, what are you doing here?” Beast Boy asked in disbelief.

“Why to claim my revenge of course.” He said mockingly, as a twisted smile curved in his lips. “Do you think being left alone to die is even remotely funny?”

“No! You don’t understand! There was nothing we could do to save you dude! We even tried to look for you!”

“And then you got tired and gave up, and went back to your precious Gamestation. I should’ve known that beating Cyborg in your stupid game was more important than looking for me.” He drew closer to Beast Boy , until he was just at arm’s length from him.

“No! That’s not true!” Beasboy pleaded, taking a step back, trying his best to distance himself from him. But as he backed up to a wall, he knew he had no chance to escape.

“Beast Boy , we all know what the truth is. And you know that I’m getting the last laugh.”

Beast Boy was helpless as he felt a roundhouse kick hit his stomach and sent him flying across the hall.

Cyborg checked the battery meter on his arm. “2%. Damn it!” he muttered to himself as he saw the dwindling power from his arm.

“Cy, is everything okay?” Raven asked, worried for the safety of all her teammates. It had been exactly 30 minutes, and none of them have come back from wherever they wandered off to. And she knew that that was not a good thing.

“Raven listen, we have to go to my room. I’m out of juice and I still have a few battery packs and a generator inside it. Just let me recharge and then we can go look for Star and BB.” Cyborg said, trying to mask his desperation with an authoritative tone.

Raven only nodded in understanding of her dear friend’s needs. She helped him get up and walked their way toward his room. She knew that her half-robotic friend had his limitations, and that she needed to take care of him, since he was the only one with her right now.

They reached his room and Cyborg punched in his personal code, a code that only he knew. “I’ll just be a sec. whatever you do, stay outside my door and wait for me until I’m done, okay?”

“Just don’t take too long.” Raven said in her monotone, with a hint of worry in her voice. She knew that things have gone terribly wrong, and she needed to get to the bottom of things and fast, before anything bad happened to Cyborg. Unbeknownst to her though, as Cyborg’s door closed, a dark figure slid in, giving him the opportunity to have a private chat with the half-metal man of the Titans.

Cyborg moved through his room with ease, using his cybernetic eye to see through the darkness. He saw his generator and started walking toward it, a sense of relief overcoming his features.

“You know, I would’ve wanted to fight you in better circumstances, so we can really see who the better leader is.”

Cyborg froze in his tracks upon hearing his voice. He slowly turned around and saw him, leaning against the wall in his room.

“How did you get in here?” Cyborg asked bravely, pointing his sonic cannon right at him.

“Oh please put that down. I know you don’t even have enough power for a single shot.” He said mockingly. “And here I thought you’d pose more of a challenge for me. I am quite disappointed in you. Tsk Tsk.” He started walking toward Cyborg in a taunting manner, knowing very well that he had the upper hand against the half-machine man.

Cyborg’s anger suddenly marred his features. He always felt inferior to their past leader, and so he fought so hard to be better than him. Yet here he was, taunting him, making him realize that all his efforts were a waste. He couldn’t even protect himself from the man who was in front of him. But he’d be damned if he wouldn’t at least try.

“I don’t need my sonic cannon to beat you!” Cyborg said, charging at his opponent. He saw how his lips turned into a smirk as he went on a defensive stance, ready to attack at any moment.

“Your lust for power almost sentenced me to my death.” He began, as he jumped above Cyborg’s approaching form. He landed right behind the half-machine man, only to finish what he was saying. “And now my lust for revenge will bring you to your knees.” And with that, he sent Cyborg a punch that was the start of his defeat.

Raven was meditating outside of Cyborg’s room, attempting to calm down her nerves. She knew that something was going horribly wrong in the Tower, but she also knew that whatever it was, she couldn’t face it alone. Her teammates were missing, and her current leader needed to recharge his batteries. Every fiber in Raven’s body was screaming of the danger that was all around her, but she knew that she couldn’t do anything about it. Fear and worry started creeping in her mind, sensing that something was not right in Cyborg’s room. She broke out of her meditative state and was about to phase into his room when the doors slid open.

“Finally, you’ve come out. I was starting to get so worried I was about to go into—“ she started saying these words until she realized that it wasn’t Cyborg that walked out of the room. She took a step back, trying to see who was standing in front of her.

Through the darkness, she saw the spiked hair, the domino mask, the black jump suit, the belt with the letter ‘R’ on it. And this time, she was certain she wasn’t in a dream anymore.


He called out to her once again, closing in the space between them. Before she knew it, he had his arms tightly around her waist, as if he was not going to let her go.

“Robin.” She breathed out in disbelief. She still could not believe what was going on. She had searched for him tirelessly, only to be in his arms once again. She couldn’t help the tears brimming from her eyes as she held on to him as well, satisfying the longing in her heart. She held on to him tightly to convince herself that this was not a dream; that he was really here with her, holding her as if he would never let her go.

“Raven” He breathed into her ear “You can’t imagine how long I have waited to hold you in my arms like this.” He moved up one of his hands into her purple hair. “You were the only one, Raven. The only one..”

His words broke the spell in Raven’s mind. Suddenly, she became aware of everything that had been going on throughout that day. And somehow she knew that Robin played a vital part in all of it.

“Wait, Robin” she said as she pulled away to take a look at his face. “What is going on? Where are our friends?”

Even in the darkness, Raven could see how his face soured at the mention of his former teammates. His eyebrows furrowed as he replied with much venom in his voice

“Where they belong”

“What do you mean? Robin what did you do to them?” she asked frantically, as her eyes widened at his admission.

“I only gave them what they deserved, for leaving me to die.” He spat out, still with rage and disgust in his eyes.

Raven bowed her head down, remembering that fateful day two years ago, and how she had failed him as well. “Are you here to punish me too?” she asked, in just barely a whisper, feeling as if she deserved whatever pain was coming her way.

At her words, Robin instantly placed a finger under her chin and lifted it up so she was facing him. “Raven, you are the only reason why I am standing in front of you today. I would never do anything to harm you, or let any harm fall upon you.”

A smile spread across her lips upon hearing his honest words. She was glad that Robin didn’t blame her for the events that had happened that day, even if she felt that she had failed him. But then she was reminded of her teammates once again. Robin was distracting her with his admissions of affection toward her, and he was doing a pretty good job in doing so.

“But Robin, what did you do to them? Did you kill them just as you had killed Slade?” She didn’t know where those words had come from. She had no proof that he had killed Slade, nor did she want to expect the worst for her teammates, but she had no idea what was going on. And this time, she knew that she needed answers from him.

His face turned grim at her words, but he still kept a calm composure as he answered her questions. “Slade deserved what he got, and as for the Titans, well they deserve something else entirely.” A wicked smile danced on his lips as he said those words.

“Robin…” she gasped, trying to still her fearful heart that was beating wildly in her chest. It was only then that she had realized how much the Boy Wonder had changed. Could’ve it been because of the crimes that he committed in the past? And why did he even do those things?

“Oh c’mon Raven, I know that you have been looking into me for quite some time now. Did you really expect me to be the same person that disappeared from this Tower two years ago?” That sinister smile once again curved into his lips as he started drawing closer and closer to her face.

“Robin..” she breathed out his name. She felt an overwhelming fear rise in her chest. It was only then that she realized how dangerous this man was before her. Logic told her that she needed to get out of his arms as soon as possible, despite the loud protests of her heart. The man before her was completely different from the Boy Wonder that she had saved two years before. Unfortunately, she realized this too late. She didn’t even know that she was already trapped in his arms; she was the mouse that fell prey to the cunning cat. And she had no way to escape.

“The only thing that didn’t change in me,” he began, as he was inches away from Raven’s face, “was my undying love for you. I have waited so long to have you, and now that I do..”

At that very moment, he placed a deep and passionate kiss upon her lips. His kiss was filled with so much longing that it had seemed to show her longing for him as well. He bit on her lower lip, asking for entrance. Logic screamed inside her brain to end this while she still had the chance, but for once she gave in to her desires and let him in, allowing him to taste her. She felt their tongues dancing together in a rhythm of her own, giving her a pleasure that she had never felt before. But this delight could only last so long, as she felt him slide a pill down her throat. Instantly, she felt her vision blurring as she weakly pushed away from his lips. “Robin, wha--?” she barely whispered as she blacked out in his arms.

“..you will be mine forever.” Robin finished, still in that menacing, possessive voice. A dark and twisted smile danced upon his lips as he held Raven’s unconscious body close to his, and disappeared into the darkness.

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Jordan: An easy read, it moves very quickly and towards the end it did feel a bit rushed and sometimes forced, but it’s an enjoyable read that you can be done with in an hour or so!

Carine: J’adore la fluidité de cette histoire , il y a une vraie intrigue , on se doute bien que ce loup shadow est un métamorphose, juste il faut laisser le temps au temps

Kaari: I love the little details that don't make logical sense but seem to bring the story together to complete a circle that can't be broken. Alot of writers don't grasp that books are a freedom of sorts you can literally take it anywhere you want to. It's a real gift when the author is able to break n...

Kaari: OMG the drama! Twists turn and plots seasoned with well written steamy scenes between multiple couples. I'm seriously obsessed

Kaari: Just finishing book 4 of this great series and will read 5 before the night is through

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Kaari: I'm currently fighting a cold so laying in bed with all these characters to keep me company is perfection

Kaari: I'm pretty sure I'm going to be reading all of these back to back great stuff

Pournima Ganapathy Raman: Something new and you can never guess what will happen next

Lisa: I love the story line so far but there needs to be a hit more background on the characters.

Danny: Me re gustó que digo me encantó...Lamentablemente no me gustó que...hayaterminado 😭100/10

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