Number One Zero

Chapter 15 : Epilogue

"Jump City has once again been attacked by Plasmus, after the villain escaped from its prison. TheTeen Titans were able to contain the menace but only after a grueling three-hour battle that caused so much damage to the surrounding area. The city is in it's worst condition yet as it has been barraged with so many villains that it is barely standing. On top of all that, the Teen Titans are having great difficulty in defeating the evildoers. This might be due to their drastic change in roster. Last year, old favorites have returned from their long months in recovery such as Cyborg, Beast Boy and Starfire, while Robin and Raven have been replaced by Speedy and Aqualad.

No one knows what had happened to the two birds, but their loss has been greatly felt by the city. The villain-capture rate of the team has gone down by 45% since their restructuring. Because of this, the city has faced insufferable damages to its infrastructure. The people have been living in fear and despair that many of businesses and shops have closed. Many of Jump City's citizens have moved to nearby cities such as Keystone City, and even up to Gotham and Bludhaven, leaving the once progressive area in the hands of destruction of the villains.

In other news, the once crime-ridden and poor city of Bludhaven has undergone a drastic change, all thanks to the mysterious vigilante Nightwing. Crime has dropped up to 50% ever since the dark hero suddenly appeared in the city one year ago. Business has also been booming, thanks to a new industry that set its base there and had faith in the down-trodden area. Many were surprised by the sudden emergence of this company, but rumors have spread that the Grayson Corporation is linked to Wayne Industries, and oddly enough, Haly's Circus. Though this new conglomerate may be puzzling to many, it has given so many citizens job opportunities that the people of Bludhaven are now leading better lives than before. Slowly but surely, the city is rising up to the ranks of Gotham and even Metropolis. We can only wait to see what other surprises Bludhaven has in store for us all. I'm Robin Scherbatsky for DC52 news, goodnight everyone."

The TV screen turned black shortly after.

Raven stood from the sofa and walked toward their glass wall, overlooking the now beautiful city of Bludhaven. Ever since they came to the area over a year ago, Robin had greatly improved things here. The streets were almost crime-free, as compared to the dangers it held before. The economy was booming because of his "corporation". It seemed that he was creating his own version of Utopia here in the streets of Bludhaven.

But of course, that wasn't the whole story.

Even now that they were together, she still had no idea what he was doing, or what his plans were with the corporation. She was introduced to them as their mistress, and they seemed to have respect for her. (Since they knew what she could do to them if they didn't). But aside from that, she still didn't know what sort of scheme he had for the Titans, for the corporation, or even for the world. It brought fear to her heart that she was still in the dark, even with all his proclamations of love for her.

And to add to all of that, it seemed that he was giving special attention to the Titans West, making sure they had a healthy dose of villains everyday. She couldn't help but feel pity for her former teammates as they were badly beaten each time. Even until now, she wasn't sure if she made the right decision all those nights ago. But at this point in time, she didn't have a choice. If Robin wanted her to stay there forever, then she would.

Speak of the devil. She thought as she felt his presence enter the room.

A pair of muscled arms wrapped around her stomach, as a husky voice whispered in her ear, "Hey,Rae."

"Hi." she said, with a small smile in her voice.

"How was your day?"

"Oh you know, just watching the news. You're too hard on the Titans you know."

"Hm?" he asked, as he traced his nose to her ear.

"I said, you're punishing the Titans too much. The people of Jump are getting caught in the crossfire."Raven replied, biting back a moan as Robin started kissing the side of her neck.

"I don't know what you're talking about. It's not my fault they can't handle the villains. I am not concerned with the Titans anymore. The world doesn't revolve around them, you know." He finally stopped his romantic onslaught on her neck and gazed out into the city with her, still in his arms.

"Really? So you have nothing to do with what's happening at Jump?" she asked, trying to look up to his masked face.

"I promise you, Raven. I'm not doing anything." he looked down to her face, enjoying how she fit so snugly in his chest, right above the blue emblem of his Nightwing costume.

"I'm sorry. You don't tell me anything so you can't really blame me for jumping to conclusions." shebowed her head down feeling too much like a trophy wife to the Master.

"It's not that I don't trust you, Rae." he moved his hands up to her arms, trying to soothe her by softly rubbing them. "But I'll tell you when everything is final. I'm just making the adjustments so wecan live the life that we always wanted. So that we can live in a world just for us. Right, Mrs. Grayson?"

Raven couldn't help but smile as she gazed down on her wedding ring, her hands clasped in her husband's. How he got her to marry him, she still wasn't sure up to now. But it wasn't like she was regretting it either. In fact, if she was completely honest with herself…

She turned to him and let their lips connect with a fiery kiss. Robin responded enthusiastically as well, kissing her like she was his and his alone.

In one swift motion, he lifted Raven up into his arms bridal style, and slowly brought her to their bedroom, never separating himself from her lips.

"Wait Richard, are we doing this again?" Raven asked in between kisses.

"Why not? Are you actually saying no?"

Her only reply was kissing him full on the lips. He smirked at her action and finally brought them to the bedroom, closing the door behind them. Yes, if Raven was truly honest with herself, she had no qualms about being the wife of the Master.

In fact, she actually loved it.

She actually loved him.

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