Jetter Mars Tentacle Difficulties


Jetter Mars is sent on a mission to fight a monster. With tenacles. Will Mars defeat the enemy or will tables turn for Mars will get a pleasurable surprise?

Action / Thriller
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

It was a peaceful day in Japan. Mars is at the park with his siblings, Miri and Melchi. The kids at the park were at the fair nearby. Mars jumps up and down excitedly to play with the ray guns. “I’m going to play with the ray guns Miri! See ya!” yelled Mars as he rushed off to the arcade. Miri watched her brother run away. “I hope he doesn’t break anything!” said Melchi; who was in Miri’s arms. Miri looked at her baby brother and sighed. “I hope not,” Miri said softly.

*At the arcade*

A bunch of young boys was at the ray guns section; including Mars. “Move over it’s my turn!” said Mars as he shoves a poor boy out of the way. He aims the nozzle at the giant monster snake which was the target. After a few minutes with the ray guns, Mars realizes that the robot snake isn’t going to go down with the weak ray guns. Boldly Mars went into the arena and fought the robo snake. All the boys were yelling at him to stop, but it was on use. Mars already destroyed the robot snake. Hands-on his hips triumphantly; Mar came out of the arena with pride. “Aw, why do that for?!” yelled a boy wearing a baseball cap. Mars looked and him and frowned. “Didn’t I just save you time and effort?” the Bionic Boy said. “Thanks to you, we don’t have a target now!” said the boy. Without thinking, Mars kicked one of his legs. He hoped to miss, just show that he wasn’t a robot to be messed with. But it caught in between the boys’ legs and hit his groin. The poor boy collapsed on the floor with a yelp. Mars eyes filled with worry as he knelt beside the boy; apologizing quickly. Too late, it has already caused a scene. “Didn’t mean to! It was an accident! Why you humans so sensitive anyway?” Mars felt a hand. It was Miris’. “Come on, Mars. You caused enough trouble.” Miri dragged Mars with one hand and holding Melchi with the other. Apologizing on the way out.

*At Dr. Kawashimo home*

“Not only you destroyed property, but you hurt a human! I’m very disappointed in you, Jetta Marusu.” Mars winced. If Dr. Kawashimo says his full name in Japanese, he’s in bigger trouble then he already is. Suddenly a question popped in his head. “Dr. Kawashimo?”

“Yes, Mars, make it quick because I have a meeting”

“When I accidentally kick that boy in between the legs, he just falls to the ground. Why is that?”

Dr. Kawashimo gulped slightly. He knew he had to teach Mars about this sooner or later. “Okay, listen up Mars, here a quick lesson”. Mars groaned softly. “As long if it’s quick, I’ll listen.” Dr. Kawashimo cleared his throat. ” You kicked the boys’ reproduction system, also known as the penis and the testicles.” Mars starts to have a perplex look on his face as he tries to file the new information in his database. “Looking bewildered, I see. Let me explain it further. The reproduction system is the reason why we’re here. Yo-”

“So only male humans have the reproduction system?” asked Mars, trying hard to understand.

“No Mars, women do too, have a reproduction system. How they make human is the ques-” Dr. Kawashimo glanced at his watch. “Wish I can explain more, Mars, but I have to go,” said Dr. K. He grabbed his jacket and rushed out the door. Leaving a confuse Jetter Mars. A few moments la

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