Worst Case Scenario



There was nothing but the pain.

It was everywhere, pouring into her mind from all directions.

It burned her skin, froze her bones, ripped her flesh from her limbs, and those were just the sensations she could describe. Throbbing spikes of harsh light echoed through her mind.

She tried to move, but her muscles wouldn't respond.

She tried to scream, but hear lungs wouldn't exhale.

She couldn't think, couldn't remember why the pain was there, what it was after, or if a reason even existed. She could feel it tearing away at her soul, at her very identity.

All she knew was that she couldn't let the pain win.

But even with this knowledge, the attacks came, stronger and stronger, striking again and again.

The pain battered her, driving her to her mental knees.

And then there was one final blow, and her defenses crumbled.

"Naughty, naughty, little girl. You should have learned by now... to do as PSIMON SAYS!"

There was black silence.

And she knew she had failed.

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