Worst Case Scenario

Heat Wave

M'gann had been unconscious for most of the time, so she wasn't sure how long it had been since she'd been recaptured or how far they had dragged her.

Not until she saw the Bioship.

To be more specific, she saw the crushed remains of the ship's bow, which was half-buried in the ground from the force of the impact.

M'gann felt like she was going to cry, seeing it like this. Though it didn't look like it to most people, the Bioship had been alive. It was the only thing she'd brought from Mars, her only connection to the planet besides Uncle J'onn.

And it was gone.

The two men holding her arms threw her down. She tried to catch herself, but with her wrists shackled behind her back and feet bound together, all she did was land on her side.


"This good, sir?" one of the men asked Sportsmaster, who seemed amused at the whole thing.

"That'll be fine. Do it."

The man nodded and signaled two others to come forward. M'gann noticed several weapons of both Earth and Apokoliptan design were pointed at her. Not that she'd be much of a threat without her powers.

"And Freeze?" asked Sportsmaster.

"Tau and Vega report that the chopper made it back to the base and is preparing for evac."

"Too bad it couldn't bring us, the clone or Freeze's toy with him" said another.

Shifting her head, M'gann could see at least three other men off to her right, making it at least eight total. Next to them stood Conner, standing obediently and holding Mr. Freeze's massive ice cannon. His eyes stared straight ahead and it was clear that he wasn't in control of himself.

M'gann started to get up, but a boot connected with her chest and she fell over onto her back.

"What did you do to him?" demanded M'gann, her still-weak telepathic voice somehow full of rage. Thoughts of all the horrible things she would do to them surfaced. Normally, she suppressed those thoughts, but not now. She needed time for the drugs to wear off and somehow it felt like anger could get her there faster.

Sportsmaster laughed. "Nothing he wasn't meant to do. You do remember he was manufactured, right? As a weapon. Sort of a cheap knockoff of the real one, if you ask me, but still workable. You, however, have reached the end of your usefulness to our organization."

A slimy liquid splashed over her, and it only took a second to recognize the smell.


Tucking her legs under her body like she'd done in cheerleading practice, M'gann managed to make a froglike leap to her feet and slam into the goon holding the gas can. As he fell, she charged towards Sportsmaster.

"Conner! Fight it!" she cried out.

The mercenary chuckled and batted her aside with the back of his hand without blinking an eye. Conner didn't move from where he was.

"Don't you get it?" said Sportsmaster. "His brain's not home. If your telepathy was at full strength, maybe you could reach him."

He delivered another kick to her ribs before bringing the heel of his boot down on her forehead.

"But right now? You might as well try to talk to a brick wall."

The mercenary picked up the fallen gas can and shook what was left of its contents onto the groaning Martian.

"Poor little Megan" he said, pulling out a silver cigarette lighter. "Killed when her little ship went down. Didn't even last long enough to put up a fight, like the others did. Too bad it didn't help them, though."

"What did you do to them?"

Sportsmaster tilted his head in a way that suggested he was smiling behind his hockey mask.

"Does it really matter?" he asked, flicking on the lighter. A small orange flame popped into existence.

M'gann didn't like fire. Few Martians did. Especially not when they were coated in gasoline.

"Conner! Please! Help me!" she cried out, using the last of her telepathic strength.

Conner blinked once but didn't move.

"Bye-bye little girl" said Sportsmaster.

He tossed the lighter.

It landed at her feet.

The world exploded.

M'gann screamed.

And then there was nothing but the burning.

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