Worst Case Scenario



Cape Chidley, Labrador, Canada

December 27, 17:48 AST

A mere two hours later, the Bioship shook slightly as it dropped back down to subsonic speeds and cloaked, leaving nine teenage superheroes to prepare for the mission.

Artemis was examining the satellite images of the compound on Robin's wrist computer.

"You have to admit, it doesn't look like all that big of a place" she said. Indeed, the 'facility' consisted of only a few small buildings, no more than three stories high.

"The Cadmus lab in Washington also seemed quite small" replied Aqualad. "They are adept at creating vast underground bases."

"Hey, Aqualad, check this out" said Robin, pointing to a specific part of the map. Aqualad, Artemis and Red Arrow leaned over to look at it.

"The base is on the coast. If they did make something underground, it might have an entrance underwater."

"A possibility" said Aqualad. "Can we pilot the Bioship down there to check?"

Miss Martian, who was working the controls from the command seat at the center of the vehicle, nodded. "We should be able to get down there."

Red Arrow shook his head. "We're too big. If they have sensors down there, they'll detect use, even if we're cloaked."

Robin thought about it for a second. "Then it sounds like you'll have to go by yourself, just to check it out."

"I am your leader. I will not abandon the Team" said Aqualad.

"It's not abandoning" said Robin. "It's recon. If anyone else here can breath underwater, please raise your hand."

No one raised their hand, although Robin was aware that both he and Artemis had mechanical rebreathers with them. Ocean water at night in Canada in December give any non-Atlantean hypothermia in minutes.

"Very well" said Aqualad. "Drop me off a mile or two south of the location. It is best to stay under the radar."

Miss Martian nodded and changed course, lowering altitude to a mere hundred feet above sea level, under any radar system that could possibly detect them through the Martian camouflage.

"Hey, Kalder, there's a rocky beach here, by the base" said Robin, pointing to another place on the map. "If you don't find anything, I would suggest you head up this way and approach the place on foot. You'll already be past half the security," Robin motioned to a chain link fence that surrounded the outside of the compound, "and we can link up and move in from there. Sound good?"

"I believe that will suffice. Robin, you are in command while I am gone."

Red Arrow opened his mouth as if to complain about this, but seemed to think better of it.

"We're here" said Miss Martian cheerfully. A hole formed in the back of the ship and Aqualad leaped out, landing in the dark ocean water thirty feet bellow. He surfaced momentarily to give them a thumbs up before disappearing.

"M'gann, move the ship up" said Robin. "We need to scan for any activity near the lab."

Miss Martian nodded and the ship pulled away, going slowly to avoid disrupting its camouflage. Superboy and Kid Flash took up positions at the rear hatch, one using supervision, the later switching his goggles to thermal. The ship's scanners were good, but sometimes you just needed a human – or Kryptonian – eye to be sure. Artemis moved to the front of the craft, looking over the various instruments.

Rocket sat on a bench (the ship had conjured up benches as there were too many people for each to have individual chairs) and waited. Zatanna walked over, stumbled a bit and sat down next to her.

"Are you okay?" asked Rocket. Zatanna nodded.

"Just a little dizzy. It happens. It'll go away."

They sat there for a second in silence, save the hum of the Bioship as it passed over the cliffs and onto land. Robin gave a nod to KF and Superboy, who began scanning the various trees below.

"Nervous?" asked Zatanna. Rocket nodded.

"You know, I was too the first time we did something like this." She glanced at Robin.

"I'll be fine" said Rocket. "But thanks."

"No problem" said the magician, rubbing her forehead. "But you know.."

She never finished that sentence. Closing her eyes again, Zatanna slid down onto her side.

"Zatanna?" asked Rocket, concerned. None of the others had noticed yet.

Suddenly, Zatanna started shaking, convulsing. "Zatanna!" cried out Rocket, trying to hold her down.

"What is it?" asked Robin, dashing over to them.

Zatanna stopped shaking and went limp.

"Zatanna!" shouted Robin, shaking her shoulder once. Red Arrow was right behind him. The others had just started to turn around...

"M'gann! Evasive!" shouted Superboy, alerted by his superhearing. The Martian tried to respond, but there simply wasn't enough time.

Then there was a loud explosion and everything went to hell.

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