Worst Case Scenario

Unlikely Relationships


"Rise and shine, pretty boy."


Roy opened his eyes. Everything was so bright.

No, that was just him. Probably a side effect of time spent unconscious after being electrocuted.

He didn't know how or why Rocket had switched sides, but she was going to pay for that. Right after Artemis.

"Hey!" came an annoyed female voice, combined with fingers snapping in his face. "Red-themed archery man! Wake up already!"

Roy blinked a couple of times as his eyes adjusted to reveal a mop of black hair around a smiling cat mask.

"Finally" said the woman, folding her arms and leaning back in her chair. "You have no idea how long I've been sitting here watching you."

Cheshire. Watching him lying unconscious for an indeterminate amount of time. Of course. Only she would be that creepy.

He quickly scanned the rest of the room, which was rather small and seemed more like a storage room. Concrete walls, metal door with Cheshire in another chair between him and it. Add in a two-way mirror and it could be any one of dozens of police interrogation rooms he'd seen.

Cheshire removed her mask and dumped it on the table, revealing her surprisingly attractive face. She was awfully relaxed for guarding a dangerous prisoner, but he could tell she had at least two sais on her belt and a couple of other weapons tucked into various parts of her tunic, though whether they were meant for him or someone else he wasn't sure.

So. Current situation:

I'm handcuffed to a chair in a small room with a dangerous League of Shadows assassin/really hot girl/creepy stalker person staring at me.

Really not how he'd been expecting his day to go.

"Say? Why is it that we only ever meet when one of us is locked up or trying to kill the other?" Cheshire asked, sighing wishfully.

"Because you're evil?" he asked.

Oddly enough, she didn't slap him, like he'd been expecting. Instead, she chuckled.

"I guess we kind of are in the wrong lines of work for a serious relationship" she said.

"You could always change that" Roy said.

"So could you" said Cheshire pointed out.

"Not happening" the archer replied.

"That's what Artemis said."

Roy narrowed his eyes. "I'm not like her."

"Really?" Cheshire replied. "You know that things aren't that black and white. Good guy, bad guy. It's all relative. Who's to say that the Justice League aren't the bad guys? Protecting those who don't deserve protection? Master Ra's would say so. He'd say that he's trying to save the world from itself."

"Through contract killings and genocidal usage of superweapons? Sorry, but I'm not taking morality lessons from Ra's al Ghul."

"The point is… things are changing. The Justice League isn't going to last much longer. I don't know all the details, but there's a plan in motion. It can't be stopped. And when it's over, anyone in or associated with the League will, you know…"

Cheshire glanced down at the floor, as if what she was trying to say something she really didn't want to say. Roy had never thought that a professional assassin would feel awkward about saying the phrase 'be killed.'

"I…" she muttered. "I don't want you to get hurt, when it all goes down. If you get out now, they'll probably leave you alone."

"Is that what Artemis did?" said Roy, anger rising in his voice. "Run away? The League will endure. It has to. One way or another."

They stared at each other for a few seconds.

"Seriously" said Cheshire, breaking the silence. "Why can't we just have a normal date sometime? No hero/villain trying-to-kill-each-other nonsense. Just a guy and a girl at a restaurant or something. I'm not picky."

Roy was vaguely aware of the look of absolute bewilderment on his face.

"Look" said Cheshire in a this-is-the-serious-part-of-the-talk voice. "I'm interested in you. I think you're interested in me. Isn't there something we can do together that doesn't involve me beating you up?"

The problem was, he was interested. Which was weird, considering they'd only met like four times, and all of those times had involved physical violence. There was no rational reason to think that such a relationship would end in any way other than with one or both of them in handcuffs or on a slab.

Damn you, hormones.

The fact that he currently was in handcuffs didn't help his reasoning.

"You can't leave either of these lives behind that easily" said Roy.

"Look at us" said Cheshire, laughing again. "A real Romeo and Juliet story." Her laugh was pretty cute.

Priorities, Roy he ordered himself. Put figuring out how to date a supervillain on the backburner and instead figure out how to escape, find the others and hunt down the traitors.

"Yeah..." he muttered, awkwardly. "Of course, they both ended up dead, so that doesn't bode very well."

"But they had fun while it lasted, didn't they?" asked Cheshire.

"I guess they did" Roy admitted.

The assassin leaned forwards, very catlike, of course.

"I cannot disobey my master" she said. "But my orders are to keep you in this room, with the handcuffs on. So I still think I can do this."

And then she kissed him.

It was a long kiss, longer than the one in New Orleans, which seemed to have been meant more as a distraction than anything else.

He returned the kiss as best his could (with his hands and feet cuffed to a chair) and soon she had her arms wrapped around him.

To say that it felt really, really good would be the understatement of the year.

Finally, she stopped and stared into his eyes, her arms still tight around him.

"How was that?" she asked.

"Great" he responded, leaning forward for another, which the girl obliged.

Suddenly, Roy caught her foot in his and threw all his weight forward. Cheshire lost her balance and he fell, chair and all, right on top of her.

Before the assassin could react, Roy slammed his left knee into her solar plexus, driving air from her lungs. Twisting his body around, he savagely struck her temple with his elbow, once, twice, three times.

And then Cheshire was still.

Red Arrow rolled off her onto his side and took a few deep breaths. Well, the hard part was out of the way. Now to separate himself from this chair.

He didn't have time to rummage through her pockets to try and find some keys, so he pulled one of her sais off her belt. The angle was really awkward, but he was able to stick the point of the blade into the lock and in a second or two, his hands were free. In the same span of time, his legs were liberated as well.

Pulling off her belt, he tied her hands and put one of her garters over her mouth, making sure she could still breathe, of course.

He didn't have a lot of time until Cheshire woke up and sounded the alarm. Or dumped him. Or, worse, didn't.

Red Arrow quickly pulled out anything he could out of the folds of her tunic, which was not creepy, he declared to himself. If anything, Cheshire probably would have liked it.

He got two sais, what he was pretty sure was a smoke bomb, a tightly wound piece of cable with a claw (presumably a grappling hook of some sort) and what definitely looked like keys to the door. Sure enough, they unlocked it.

He was ready for anything when he opened the door, but it was just another empty hallway. Lucky him.

Roy took one last look at the unconscious Cheshire and felt a twinge of... something. Regret? Guilt?

Man, my love life is screwed up.

Then he turned and left the room.

He needed to have a little chat with Cheshire's sister.

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