Worst Case Scenario

Shifted Perspectives


Robin's head hurt. He brought up a hand to rub his forehead only to discover that he couldn't.

Great. Captured again.

He was lying on his side on a hard concrete floor. The reason he couldn't move his hand quickly became apparent. His arms were pinned behind him sealed in heavy shackles usually reserved for those with super-strength. His ankles where also handcuffed together, the middle chain being wrapped around a pipe protruding from the wall. And it appeared that he was wearing a standard-issue power inhibiting shock collar.

Someone really didn't want him leaving.

"Tsk" came a voice. "I suppose you're awake now, aren't you?"

Robin recognized that voice, though he wished with all his heart that he didn't.


Sure enough, the girl formerly known as Zatanna Zatara was sitting in a folding chair on the other end of an otherwise unremarkable concrete room. She was still wearing the same outfit that she'd had on when they'd seen each other before, and Robin absentmindedly wondered if she'd had it prepared or had simply magicked it up.

Tala sighed and tossed the old leather book she'd been reading on the card table next to her.

"I suppose I better get this over with. According to that imbecile Sportsmaster, I am to guard you for the next two hours, after which you will be transferred over to another location they refer to as 'Gemini Base'."

A two hour layover, huh? Not much time to break out. Well, Robin did always love a challenge.

Tala rubbed her forehead. "Feel free to cry or have a mental breakdown or whatever it is you humans do at times like this but please be quiet when you do it. Not only am I saddled with the peasantly duty of guarding you, leaving me unable to properly resume my work in the mystic arts, but I have a slight migraine. It must have been all the struggling your friend put up before she, well, you know. Died."

"Tala" said Robin, narrowing his eyes. "When I get out of here, and I will, you can be certain I'll..."

"You'll what?" asked Tala in a bored tone. "Kill me? You can't kill me. This body, maybe, if you got lucky, but I can always find another."

Robin silently fumed that he'd even considered that. Even if killing wasn't the exact opposite of what he had been taught and believed in, there was still the fact that Tala looked like and talked an awful lot like Zatanna.

And wasn't there the tiniest, tiniest chance that some part of Zee was still inside there? Could he really kill his friend in order to avenge her?

Robin stared into Tala's eyes, looking for a tiny hint, anything that Zatanna was still in there somewhere.


Maybe he'd just kick Tala in the face and send her to Belle Reve Extreme Containment.

"But I am going to get out of here" he added. No reason to let her have the last word.

"If you say so" said Tala with a wave of her hand as she re-opened her book. "Gag mih." White fabric appeared out of thin air and wrapped around his mouth.

Okay, that was a reason to let her have the last word.

Ah well, the conversation was wasting time anyways. He had more important things to do.

Like escaping.


There was a darkness surrounding her, compressing her to the size of a pea, if that big. She couldn't move, couldn't breathe, couldn't think.

She wasn't even sure if she was alive.

She could tell the others were in trouble, but what could she do? All she knew was that any movement, any attempt to fight back, and she would be found.

She would be destroyed.

And in that tiny little hole she had managed to dig for herself within what had previously been her mind, Zatanna Zatara cried.

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