Worst Case Scenario



The explosion shook the Bioship. Superboy grabbed the side of the door to stabilize himself. Kid Flash was not so lucky. As the ship tilted, he tumbled forward through the hatch.

Superboy stretched forward and just barely grabbed the speedster's arm.

M'gann screamed, holding her head in her hands as she was telepathically bombarded by the Bioship's 'pain.' Artemis flew forward into a control panel and fell, stunned.

Robin, Red Arrow and Rocket were thrown to the ground alongside Zatanna, who still wasn't moving. Rocket couldn't believe what she saw.

The Bioship was breaking apart.

With a loud snap, a massive crack appeared between Miss Martian and Artemis and the others. This new shift caused Superboy to lose his grip, sending Kid Flash plunging to earth.

The Kryptonian swung his arms furiously, trying to grab a hold of something before his weight tipped him over and he followed the speedster into the open air.

"No!" cried out Red Arrow, who was trying to brace himself and Zatanna to keep from following them.

Already distraught (heavy on the dis-) Robin leaped forward to try and help M'gann, who was too distracted to react to the hole forming in the center of the ship. Red Arrow grabbed the Boy Wonder by the collar and hauled him back as the front of the ship split away, sending M'gann and Artemis plunging into the night.

The rear of the ship flew on for a bit, still propelled by what was left of the engine before it, too, began plummeting to earth.

Robin and Red Arrow both braced themselves against the opposite walls and tried to hold onto Zatanna, still not sure if she was even breathing. But one could tell it didn't really matter; none of them would survive a fall at this height anyway.

Not without some help.

Rocket grabbed a hold on the side and swung out of the spinning stern, shooting far enough away to avoid colliding with a large chunk of metal before she activated her inertia belt. With a low buzz, the alien hardware propelled her straight up, leaving a glowing purple trail behind.

Rocket did a corkscrew and then overpowered the momentary exhilaration of flight in order to devote herself to the slightly more important task of preventing the rest of her team from dying horribly on her very first mission with them.

Flying downwards, Rocket positioned herself under the spinning rear section and pushed with all her strength. Turning up her inertia belt to its maximum capacity, she slowly but surely lowered the ship's velocity, hopefully, just hopefully enough to not squish her on impact.

It is always hard to estimate distances when one is falling, but the ground couldn't be more than 200 feet away... 100 feet... 50 feet...

This wasn't that bad of an idea, actually. She'd seen Superman do stuff like this of TV before. Just a little more and she'd...

The inertia belt shut down.


It wasn't the thing's fault, necessarily. Rocket had never pushed it so hard before. But it was damn inconvenient for one's only source of upward propulsion to fail when one is still a ways above the ground and holding half a spaceship with three people in it. But that's how the cookie crumbles.

They fell.


Meanwhile, Artemis was having a very similar problem.

She'd only blacked out for a second, but somehow in that time the entire rear of the Bioship had vanished. Artemis leaped to her feet as the ground shifted and she faceplanted. Swearing briefly, the archer scrambled up the no-longer horizontal floor to where M'gann was slumped unconscious in the pilot's chair.

"M'gann! M'gann, wake up, dammit!" Artemis shouted, shaking the Martian on the off chance that would help.

And evidently, help it did, because M'gann started slowly coming to.

Way too slowly for when one is falling out of the sky.

Artemis was about to start swearing again when suddenly M'gann's eyes shot open.

Conner! she telepathically broadcast, a hint of panic on her 'voice'.

"M'gann, listen to me! Conner's fine! We need to..."

Without warning, the Martian grabbed Artemis in a bear hug and shot into the sky. Artemis saw her eyes were glowing unusually red.

Down below, Artemis could hear an explosion as the Bioship smashed into the ground. Unfortunately, the psychic feedback seemed to reach M'gann, because she fainted. While they were still a good thirty feet in the air.

Aw, hell thought Artemis.

And then they hit the ground.

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