Worst Case Scenario


Robin was not having a good day. His situation hadn't changed, and he'd finally had to force himself to stop thinking about the possibility of the biggest supervillain team-up of all time. Tala was still reading her book, looking as bored as before, if not more so. If his internal clock was correct, they were going to try to move him again in less than half an hour.

'Try' being the operative word, of course.

A part of Robin was pretty sure that based on what he'd seen, these guys weren't going to give him any openings and his chance of escape was near zero. The rest of him told that part to shut up.

Tala put her book down and began to rub her forehead. Robin would have made a sarcastic remark about headaches, but he was still gagged.

Suddenly, Tala winced and then cried out in pain.

"What is- Kcolnu!" Tala's question was cut off by her own voice, shouting a very-magicky-sounding word.

Sure enough, the locks on his shackles and his shock collar clicked open for no apparent reason. Not that he was complaining.

"How? No!" stuttered Tala, a red aura forming around her. "I destroyed you! You're dead, you're dead, you're dead!"

Robin leaped to his feet and ripped off his gag, not sure what he should do. Tala didn't react to him, seemingly busy dealing with an invisible foe.

"Wait... Another? Very well, children" growled Tala, her aura growing stronger as her hands tightened into fists and pressing one to her forehead. "I'll destroy you bo-"

Her scream was interrupted by Robin's boot slamming into her temple.

"Sorry, Z" he whispered as the girl collapsed. "Couldn't take the chance. Don't worry. I'll get us out of here and back to the League. If Fate can't help you, no one can."

Zatanna didn't answer, but seeing as she was unconscious and possessed by an interdimensional being and all, Robin didn't blame her. Robin shrugged and removed the girl's jacket. He then collected the handcuffs that had kept his feet chained to the pipe and snapped them around her wrists before tying her feet together with the coat. Finally, he took the gag and tied it over her mouth. He couldn't risk her waking up evil and taking him out in a single word. He was sure Zatanna wouldn't mind, once she got cured.

IF she gets cured said the same, annoying little part of him that had claimed he'd never escape.

Shut up thought Robin, grabbing the remote for his inhibitor collar, which he tucked into his pocket. You never knew when an electroshock device will come in handy...

With that out of the way, he checked Zatanna's pocket, finding a key that looked just right for the door. Inserting it into the lock, he opened the door in a rapid motion, ready to ambush anyone waiting outside. Seeing that the coast was clear, he re-entered the room and carefully picked up Zatanna, adjusting her so she lay folded over his shoulder. Heavy, of course, but nothing he hadn't trained for.

He looked at the creepy totally-evil-magic book Tala had been reading. He briefly considering bringing it, but its large leather binding looked too heavy, and he already had his hands full.

Time to go he thought.

And with that, the Boy Wonder and his unconscious, demon-possessed not-girlfriend stepped into the hall.

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