Worst Case Scenario

End of the Line

The silence of the concrete room was shattered as a square metal grate fell to the ground with a loud crash. A second later it was followed by a black-caped boy holding a small fire extinguisher, followed a second after that by a redhead in yellow spandex, who in a fit of physical grace to be remembered for the ages, promptly landed on the other boy's back.

They were, of course, Robin and Kid Flash.

The two hurried to their feet (Robin glaring at KF and his terrible landing skills) and surveyed the room. It was, like so many other rooms they'd encountered since their arrival at Cape Chidley, small, sparse and made of concrete.

"Is she still behind us?" Robin whispered.

There was some banging in the vent above, followed by a black-haired, cat-masked, sai-weilding assassin flipping down into the room.

"Probably" the speedster replied. Understatements were one of his specialties, after all.

"Now, boys" Cheshire said, twirling her sai on her finger. "You're rapidly becoming more trouble than you're worth. However, since your cute archer friend's not around for me to take my anger out on, you'll have to do."

Robin eyed the door behind them before turning to face Cheshire. "Sorry to disappoint, but we're not interested in taking part in your personal therapy session."

"I can recommend a psychologist, though, if you need it, babe" Kid Flash said with a wink.

"No thanks" said Cheshire, leaping forwards. The two boys jumped to the side in opposite directions, trying to confuse her. Unfortunately, Cheshire was feeling smart and so followed Kid Flash, who, being powerless, was least well equipped to fight her off.

"Don't think so!" Robin shouted, swinging the fire extinguisher like a club. Cheshire ducked, dodging both the blow and the follow-up kick.

Kid Flash reached the door and turned the knob. For once in their lives they were in luck as it was open.

"Gotta go, nice meeting you, bye!" Robin shouted, pulling the pin from the fire extinguisher and spraying the assassin. Cheshire coughed as she was enveloped in a white cloud. Robin dashed to the door and slammed it closed, kicking the door handle to break it off, jamming the lock.

"That's not going to stop her, is it?" Kid Flash asked.

"Nope" Robin replied.

They ran.


Cheshire stumbled out of the cloud and swore.

"They've made it into the lower levels" she reported on her radio.

"Knew you couldn't stop them" Sportsmaster muttered, just loud enough that she could hear.

"Like you've been doing any better, Crusher" she responded.

"That is enough" came a new voice on the comm channel, soft and raspy but authoritative. Both Cheshire and Sportsmaster ceased arguing immediately.

"The threat that Robin and Kid Flash pose to this base is now very high" said Vandal Savage. "Your failure has forced my hand. I have deployed our most powerful on-site agent to detain them. Continue your pursuit, but do not get in his way."

"Understood" Cheshire said. Sportsmaster just grumbled.

As soon as she was sure the radio was off, Cheshire swore some more and kicked a hole in the wall in frustration. Those two brats were going to pay. Big time.

Then she took a second to breath and started to work on the door.

"You know, superspeed would be really helpful right now" Robin panted.

"Don't I know it" replied the (alleged) speedster. "Still don't have any, though. Sorry."

Robin grabbed him and pulled him into another room, this one full of computer monitors.

"Is it just me, or does this look like communications gear?" the Boy Wonder wondered.

"Not just you, man" said KF. "This is high end electronics. Possibly hooked up to some sort of broadcast antennae. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"That we use this stuff to make a call out of here and summon the League?" Robin asked.

"Well, I was going to suggest that we steal cable, but that works too." Robin was pretty sure he was kidding, but decided that it was better not to ask as they got to work.

"Ow, ow, ow!" Klarion cried out as he hopped around with his jacket on fire. "Jeez, Tala, you don't have to be so mean!"

"Oh, really, now?" said Tala. "Are you saying you don't deserve that?"

"Oh, seriously!" said Klarion, brushing the flames off, causing them to sizzle and vanish. "The Salem thing was centuries ago! You've really got to let things like that go."

"I spent all of those centuries unable to act on this plane because of your little 'joke' you immature piece of..." Tala replied.

"Enough" said a new figure whose shadow towered above them both.

"Hey, I know you!" said Klarion. "You're that Bulk Adonis guy we set up to take the fall for the Light!"

The figure growled.

"Show some respect, Klarion, if that's not to much for you to handle" said Tala.

"Do you have their location or not?" the new arrival asked, clearly impatient.

Tala swept her hand over the floor in the direction that her arrow had pointed her, waves of magic bending to form an image of what was on the other side. Moving her fingers slightly, she continued to zoom through floors and walls until the image of Robin and Kid Flash hurriedly working with a series of computers appeared.

Good. They were stationary. Fools.

"Send me there" said Savage's trump card.

Tala nodded and spoke a few backwards words. Space rended itself into a glowing red sphere in front of them.

"Hmmph" said Klarion. "Words. I remember back when we had to use words to cast spells. It was before he was even born."

The figure grunted before he entered the portal.

It was time to end things.

"And... done" Robin said, as he replaced the microphone.

"You really think the League'll be able to get that?" Kid Flash asked.

"Get it and hopefully trace it to our location. Unfortunately, it's not transmitting just yet, might take a few minutes before it starts. Hopefully I hid the protocol well enough that the baddies won't realize it's there until it's too late. But for now we've got to move before they figure out what we were up to."

A red sphere of energy appeared outside the door, followed by heavy footsteps. The two heroes flattened themselves against the wall. For a second they could believe that whatever was outside didn't know that they were in that room, that it was going to move on and search elsewhere.

Then the door flew off its hinges and crashed into the room. A massive man with pointed ears and a lightning bolt on his chest stood in the doorframe.

"Black Adam" Robin said, failing to keep the fear out of his voice. Robin was not afraid of much, but even he couldn't take on a Superman-class strongman unarmed.

After all of this, are we finally going to be taken down like this? When we're so close?

Adam did not say anything. Instead, he flew forwards. Robin slid under him, only for a hand to lash out and grab his cape.


Adam tossed Robin above his head and the Boy Wonder struck the concrete ceiling.

"Rob!" Kid Flash shouted, right before a super-strong palm sent him flying into a wall.

Robin was still (somehow) conscious and he lashed out with a kick, but his ears were ringing, his eyesight was blurry, and he was completely and utterly exhausted.

The kick deflected off Adam's impenetrable skin. Adam tossed Robin into the main monitor, which shattered from the impact. Robin slumped, unconscious.

Kid Flash, still dizzy from the impact, stumbled forwards, torn between the duel instincts to help his friend and to flee. In the end he did neither, as another blow from Adam sent him into a wall.

The Fastest Boy Alive took one last, blurry look at the massive man's emotionless face before he, too, slipped into unconsciousness.

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