Worst Case Scenario

You Have One New Message

Batman's cell phone rang.

The ring was unexpected enough that it took him a moment to realize what it was and snatch the device out of its pocket on his belt. This was his private cell phone. Not his "Bruce Wayne" phone (that was tapped by at least three tabloids and one rival company), not his Justice League communicator. A grand total of six other people on the planet had the number. Three of them were Leaguers on-site. Alfred had Batcave access and Lucius had Alfred access. That left one other person.

"Hello?" he said, answering the phone, silently praying that it was him. And he hadn't prayed in years.

"Hey, Bats" came a voice, unmistakably Dick's.

"Robin? Where are you?" he asked. Green Arrow perked up his ears.

"Before you start asking a bunch of questions," Robin continued "you should probably know that this is a recording. I wasn't able to send a live transmission, but hopefully this'll get out without being detected. Speaking of which, you should get the Watchtower to trace this transmission. Like, right now."

Batman touched his earpiece.

"Watchtower, this is Batman. I need a trace on a call being received by the following number ASAP."

"Uhh... Roger that, Batman" said Captain Atom. "We've been having some computer glitches up here, but everything still works. Running trace sequence now."

"Anyways, now that you've gotten that settled" Robin's voice continued, "I should probably give you a sitrep. Kid Flash and I ended up in some sort of base with a whole mess of villains, including but not limited to Mr. Freeze, Sportsmaster, Cheshire, the Brain and his pet gorilla, possessed-Zatanna, Black Manta and Psimon, plus minions. We heard a voice on a loudspeaker which sounded like Vandal Savage. If so, he may be the one behind this little 'secret society of supervillains,' to use your terminology."

Batman did some math in his head. That was a massive force, as supervillain team-ups went, dwarfing the Injustice League. If someone was behind it, Savage would make a lot of sense. And come to think of it, other than interfering in Kid Flash's attempt to save Queen Pertita of Latvia, Savage hadn't stuck his head up recently. And the main beneficiary of that scheme had been Count Vertigo...

"Regardless," Robin continued, oblivious to the Dark Knight's thought process, "I think we're sitting in their nest. If you can trace this message, you'll find it. Once you do that, bring the League. We're going to need everything we've got to take this place, but there's something down hear that requires a lot of power and that they seem very eager to protect, so that's not going to be good news for us."

Batman agreed wholeheartedly.

"Anyways, Bats, KF and I were able to escape, but we're still stuck inside the base. We're free for the moment and sending you this message via the bad guys' own comm equipment, but it's only a matter of time before they pin us in, and to tell the truth, I don't have any gear and KF's super-speed isn't working, so our chances of fighting our way out are small. But don't worry about us. We'll think of something like we always do. Just get the dang signal traced, okay? Thanks. Love ya. Also, KF says hi. This message will repeat until someone evil thinks to turn it off. Robin out."

There was a momentary pause before the message restarted.

"Hey Bats. Before you start asking a bunch of questions..."

Batman took the phone away from his ear. Green Arrow started to say something but Batman tossed him the phone and opened up a channel on his earpiece.

"Watchtower, do you have the signal's location?" he said.

"Roger that" replied Captain Atom. "I've narrowed it down to a rural area outside of Stuttgart, Germany. Attempting to get satellite imagery now."

"Acknowledged. Let me know once you have something we can go on." Batman paused for a second in order to send out another message. "Flash, are you at Mt. Justice yet?"

"Negative, Bats" said Flash as he sprinted over the Atlantic Ocean. "If I've calculated right, I think I'm about four minutes out from the East Coast."

"Right. Call back as soon as you're there. I need communication with the Team reestablished at once." He paused for a second. "Be careful. There may be a hostile presence there. It is also possible that Artemis may be compromised. Watch your back."

"Aw, you do care about me" Flash replied. Batman severed the radio connection.

Green Arrow handed the phone back to Batman, having listened to the duration of the message.

"What do you think?" the archer asked.

"Robin and Kid Flash just handed us the keys to bring our mysterious foes down" the Dark Knight replied.

"Then let's not keep 'em waiting" said Arrow.

"Not yet" Batman said. "We've been doing nothing but blundering into trap after trap this entire time. This time we're going to compare notes first, go in smart. We've got one shot at this, but we will rescue Robin and Kid Flash." He looked down at the phone and his grip tightened.


"And we will make the ones behind this pay."

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