Worst Case Scenario



Robin, Red Arrow and Rocket took cover in the bushes.

This was actually the third set they had gone to, but Robin wanted to make sure they where far enough away from the crash site to avoid detection.

Finally, they set down Zatanna (who was showing no change in condition) and took a moment to rest.

Red Arrow was on the radio, trying to contact the Watchtower, the Cave, the Canadian Government, anyone.


Robin took a second to mess around with his wrist computer (which had been damaged in the fall) before reactivating it.

He pulled up a map of the area with nine glowing dots laid over it.

"Okay, I've still got approximate locations and vital signs from the Team's transmitters" said Robin.

The dots were in five groups: One white and one red dot farthest inland to the west, three white dots surrounding a red dot a little bit north of that, and then one white dot on its own, one yellow dot not too far from it and one last white dot out near the coastline. The computer took a second to assign a name to each dot.

"What do red dots mean?" asked Rocket.

"Health critical" replied Robin. "Yellow is injured, red is down."

"But they're all still alive, right?"

"For the moment" replied the boy. Labels appeared on each of the dots.

The group of four dots in the middle was, of course, them, Zatanna being the red dot. The dots further west were Artemis and M'gann, with the Martian in the red. The other two white dots were Aqualad and Superboy, the yellow one Kid Flash.

"Hey, Artemis? Can you read me?" said Robin into the radio.

"I don't think that'll work" began Red Arrow. "I can't raise anyone."

There was some static, followed by a reply.

"I'm here! Are you guys okay?"

Robin grinned at Red Arrow. "You aren't a genius. Besides, they're probably jamming our long-range coms anyway. Short-range is way harder to block."

Red Arrow rolled his eyes and took over on his radio. "Artemis. What's your situation?"

"Oh, well, you see, we was just flying along when there was this big explosion and we started falling out of the sky. You know. Boring stuff. How are you guys doing?"

"Not the time for sarcasm. What's Miss Martian's status?"

"I think she's okay, but she's out cold. She pulled me out of the ship and then passed out in midair and then I... uh... landed on her." Rocket winced. Having had half of the ship fall on her, she could definitely sympathize with the Martian girl on that one.

"Artemis, we're about half a mile north-east of your position" said Robin. "Can you move M'gann over here?"

"I don't know, I moved her away from the crash site but I think she's a little heavy to drag that far."

Suddenly there was an explosion over the radio.

"Crap!" screamed Artemis. "I've got bad guys, incoming!"

Robin and Red Arrow looked at each other. Robin nodded.

"Artemis, this is Red Arrow. I am coming to you, over. Do you copy?"

"Hurry!" replied Artemis. "They're everywhere!"

Red Arrow took one last look at the map and then sprinted off.

Robin and Rocket stared after him until they couldn't see him anymore. Then Robin's radio beeped again.

"Artemis?" he asked.

"Uh... no" replied a sarcastic voice which could only belong to a certain Wally West, AKA Kid Flash.

Sure enough, the yellow dot marked 'Kid Flash' had turned white again.

"KF! Are you okay?"

"Uh, yeah. Sorry about that. Must have blacked out when I landed. What I miss?"

Rocket, by virtue of her particular style of superheroing, knew a fair amount about falling long distances and figured Wally was lucky he had some resistance to impact from his superspeed powers. Otherwise, he would have had a lot worse than a ten minute nap.

"KF, the whole Team is scattered across the area" said Robin. "I think Superboy and Aqualad are close to your position. I'm with Rocket and Zatanna but RA ran off to help Artemis and Miss Martian. Do you see anything?"

"No, man. It's pretty dark out here. Wait! Hold on."

Another voice appeared on the radio.

"This is Superboy. What's the situation with you guys?"

"We're okay but Artemis and M'gann are under fire" replied Robin. "Have you seen Aqualad?"

"I talked with him a minute ago. He's heading to the beach to meet up with me."

"Right. You three link up and then head... Damn it!"

"What!?" asked Rocket, Superboy and Kid Flash simultaneously, although at varying volumes.

Rocket glanced at the map Robin was looking at. One of the white dots had just turned red.

"Superboy! Aqualad's vitals just went critical! He needs help, now!"

"On it" said Superboy, running even faster than he had been before and leaping into the air. Stealth was pretty much blown at this point anyway. He landed, ran a few feet and then leaped again.

Of the original three, Kalder had been the one who had really saved him from Cadmus by convincing him to help them. He couldn't leave the Atlantean in trouble.

And as soon as Kalder was safe, he could go help M'gann.

The Kryptonian clone landed in a mess of bushes and, finding himself unable to safely leap due to tree cover, ran straight through it and any branches in his path, battering them out of the way with his invulnerable arms.

Spotting what looked like a clearing ahead, it occurred to him that what he was running through weren't leaves... Or at least natural ones.

They were artificial, plastic.

Superboy reached the clearing and then stopped in shock.

This wasn't a natural grove of trees.

It was camouflage.

And then there was a quiet ping as several automatic turrets swiveled to face him and opened fire.

Red Arrow ran fast, his heart pounding in his chest.

Artemis and Miss Martian. The two most likely moles.

And he was abandoning the group to run out and save them.

The hero complex thing was really getting kind of old.

"Artemis? Can you read me?" he said into his radio.


"Artemis! Come in!"


Closing in on what he was sure was the location, he grabbed an arrow from his quiver, ready to engage.

The wreckage from the front of the Bioship had landed hard. Parts of it were still on fire, giving the area an eerie red glow.

Red Arrow stopped, scanning the area, bow raised.

There was no one there.

The archer swore. Of course he would get there too late!

And then there was a slight crack behind him.

Red Arrow whirled around, but a bola arrow struck his chest, wrapping it in tight rope, pinning his arms to his side and causing him to drop his bow. The bowstring snapped forward and launched his arrow into a tree, which exploded.

He leaped to the side, avoiding a gas arrow and ducked behind another tree, pulling out the knife he kept in his boot and cutting through the bola.

The archer turned and darted towards the next tree, trying to avoid being an easy target. A shadowy figure swung down from another tree and landed next to him.

Red Arrow lashed out with his knife, but the figure parried and kicked him in the chest. Red Arrow stumbled back, trying to regain his stance.

The figure leaped up and he got a glimpse of green cloth and yellow hair.

And then her foot connected with the side of his head and everything went black.
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