Worst Case Scenario




Another missile slammed into the ground behind them. At this point, the constant explosions didn't actually faze them anymore, and they were making pretty good time. Running for your life will do that.

The thought had immediately occurred to Robin that no one's aim was this bad (especially not if they were using a thermal scope system) and of they were almost certainly being herded into a trap.

Of course the other option was being blown to smithereens, and that seemed a less than preferable solution.

Still, with KF running ahead and Superboy lagging behind somewhat (being the slowest of the three), they were probably spread out enough to see the trap coming and show the enemy why you don't mess with the Team. So, all in all, things weren't actually exactly as bad as they appeared.

Then Kid Flash started choking and things got much worse than they had appeared.

Wally couldn't breathe. He stumbled and then fell to his knees, coughing and retching.

He barely even reacted when Robin slammed into him, wrapping his arms around the speedster's waist and dragging him along.

"KF! KF! Get up!" shouted Robin, desperation starting to fill his voice.

There was another explosion off in the distance. For some reason, Wally found the entire situation incredibly funny.

"Wally! Stop it! Why are you laughing? Wally?"

Wally felt strong arms that surely belonged to Superboy scooping him up and carrying him.

"What happened?" the Kryptonian demanded.

"I think he's been poisoned!" shouted Robin.

In the background, Wally noticed that the explosions had stopped. Somehow that made it all even funnier.

"Like Zatanna?" asked Superboy.

"No, different symptoms. A lot worse. I think it's Joker Toxin."

"Joker what?"

"It's... Look out!" cried Robin. There was a loud grunt and the closet thing he could make to a scream from Superboy followed by gunfire.

Wally laughed. He fell suddenly and landed with a loud thud. The gunfire continued, inter-spaced with the sound of energy blasts.

It was all so funny, and he didn't really know why.

And then Wally let out a choking gasp and slipped into unconsciousness.

Superboy was not having a good day.

He'd fallen out of an airplane, been sprayed with automatic gunfire, been hit with an airstrike, and failed to save Kaldur. His girlfriend was missing and quite possibly injured or worse. Plus he had to carry Kid Useless while fleeing a bunch of heavily armed enemies. While the other boy was laughing no less. Wally's laugh reminded him of Professor Ivo's MONQIs, and that made him mad.

And that was before he got hit by the sniper.

It wasn't even a bullet, more like a spear gun or something. All Superboy knew was that one second he was carrying Wally and dodging bullets (for the speedster's sake, not his) and the next there was a two foot long dart sticking out of his shoulder.

Superboy had been shot before (quite a lot, actually), and that had always hurt (a little, at least), but not like this. The dart sunk into his flesh, somehow penetrating his invulnerable skin. It hurt enough that he dropped Kid Flash in shock. At least that stopped the laughter.

Superboy stumbled forwards before ripping the dart out of his skin. There was his blood on it, alright. The tip of the arrow broke off, but the part remaining was a dark black with tiny flakes of glowing green.


Robin threw another pair of exploding disks into the treeline, trying to keep the gunmen there off their game and unable to line up the one shot it needed to end the promising careers of Dick Grayson and Wally West.

"Come on, SB!" he shouted. "We're sitting ducks out here!"

Superboy threw away the spear in his hands and shook his head like a dog, trying to clear it.

He bent back down to pick up Kid Flash when one of the goons wielding Apokoliptan weapons fired. A red energy beam struck the Kryptonian, sending him flying backwards.

Robin ran towards the speedster, who was lying unconscious on the ground, hurling everything he could grab off his belt at the enemies, trying to cover himself.

The gunfire stopped.

Robin didn't have time to question this miracle as he grabbed KF and threw the boy over his shoulder. Superboy could take care of himself, and was too big for Robin to carry anyways.

Suddenly, there was a high-pitched ringing in Robin's ear and his well-trained acrobat's balance failed. He faceplanted.

Wally landed on top of him, an unnatural, distorted grin on his face, his breathing strained, wheezing.

Robin reached for his utility belt, only for his hand to be crushed under a combat boot.

It occurred to Robin why the goons had ceased fire. They didn't want to hit their own man.

He looked up at an all-too-familiar figure wearing a blue hockey mask.

The figure was waving a small headset, like the one used by Count Vertigo during the Injustice League Incident. The type that used ultrasonic waves to screw over your balance.

"Cool toy, eh, kid?"

And then Sportsmaster stomped his boot onto Robin's face.

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