Summoned to Middle Earth

Chapter 11

Ch. 11

Hermione had found herself at the elven city of Rivendell. The last thing she could remember was Gandalf talking to Thorin, then a little wizard came flying out of the forest with many rabbits pulling his sled. Saying something about a necromancer at the old Fort, along with a dark looking sword that a dead witch king had come out of the shadows and nearly killing the little wizard.

Hermione just could not understand, why she could not remember anything else from then on. She had woken up finding herself in a bed, with a grand view of the water fall, flowing next to a grand city.

She had no clue as to how long she was standing next to the window; when she heard someone coming into the room, and when she looked over her shoulder, she saw that it was Gandalf.

"I see that you have awakened up."

Hermione growled out, "Yeah and I don't know how that I have found myself here."

Gandalf sighed, "I can help you with that. You see; there was a pack of wild wolf-hyena like creatures had been chasing after one of my old friend, Radagast. But they were looking for our dear friend Thorin, who they have been trying to hunt down and kill him. You were about to reach for your wand, when Thorin ordered me to stun you to the point that you would not be able to wake up until now."

"WHAT!" shrieked out Hermione in the most bombing voice that was able to carry itself to the all the living dwarfs, elves, and wizards alike, within a twenty mile radius. It was enough to have the walls shake through the city.

"That's not all, Hermione," the older wizard had aged, as he had grown older in front of her. "According to my friend; who is the Lord of this city, had stated that one of two of your soulmates is Thorin Oakenshield."

"Who is the other?"

When Gandalf did not say anything, a voice spoke up from a corner of the room, "Why don't you just tell her Albus. She has the right to know."

Professor Severus Snape came out of the shadows, still in his floating mirror. Hermione then moved her eyes to Gandalf, to let him know that she wants to know what was being said.

The old wizard glared at the dark wizard, "You're other soulmate happens to be a prince of the elves, his name is Legolas Greenleaf of Mirkwood. His father happens to be the one that wouldn't help Thorin or his people with a dragon that took over their homeland."

Hermione had become weak in the knees and fell to the hard wooden floor of her room. Severus rolled his eyes, "That isn't all Miss Granger." Hermione then glanced up to see her old potions professor and say a sour look upon his eyes, "If I had not been killed by the Dark Lord's snake and you weren't in this world, you and I were soulmates within our world."

The young woman gulped, "At this moment; I think I would have been happy to be your soulmate than Thorin's or the other man, who I don't know about yet. At least I have known you for seven years, sir." Severus looked pleased and confused, all at the same time. Hermione had ended up giggling, "Don't worry sir; I'm not about to proclaim my undying love for you."

Severus smirked, "Not at all Miss Granger, but I had wished that I could have treated you better than I have. There were days that I hated living the life of a spy, because of the fact that I had wanted to award you some points of my own, and I couldn't."

Hermione was tearing up from what she had heard from the professor that she had worked so hard to impress, but could not get him to acknowledge her. There was a small part of her that told her that it was, because he was closely working with Voldemort that had prevented him from awarding her any points or anyone else from Gryffindor house.

She gave him a small smile, "Thank you, sir."

Gandalf sighed, "It's time for us to make it down to the dining hall, Miss Granger. Lord Elrond will waiting for us there, where you and I, plus the Lord of Rivendell and Thorin will be sitting at a table together."

Severus sneered, "Oh goody, more fun."

Hermione sighed, "Can I have a few minutes to wash up?"

The grey wizard gave a nod and walked out of the room and waited for her in the hallway with a floating mirror at his side.

Severus asked, "Albus; what will happen to Miss Granger if neither of her soulmates survive this upcoming war?"

"We shall wait and see. We will have to allow the fate of Middle Earth to play out how it shall play out. Things change, when you add a new piece of the puzzle, for everything changes when you add that one piece."

The potions professor sighed, "When will you stop talking in riddles?"

Gandalf could only give a dark look, before the door to Hermione's room had opened and she had walked out into the hallway. Both men had glanced at the young women before her, and saw that she had brushed her hair and cast a cleansing charm upon her, for she looked much better than she did before. Plus she had put on one of a few dress robes that the elves had provided for her; which was a long sleeve deep blue velvet dress that flowed down to her ankles. There was also a gold belt around her midriff, along with a gold elven crown upon her head. Both the belt and crown were small and petite in size, but made Hermione's inner beauty come out more than ever. Hermione had dark blue eye shadow upon her eyes, rose colored blush upon her cheeks, and coral colored lips from the makeup that she had found in her bag that she has been carrying around.

Hermione had glanced up and saw the looks of shock upon two men's faces, when they had noticed how grand she was looking. She was more pleased to see that the dark wizard was giving her more than just a shock look upon his face, but also a pleasing one, as well.

Hermione gave a small flirtatious smile, "Shall we make it to the dining hall, gentlemen?"

Gandalf gave a small cough, "Yes, we shall."

With that being said, Gandalf led Hermione and the floating mirror down the halls of Rivendell to the dining hall.

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