Summoned to Middle Earth

Chapter 12

Ch. 12

Hermione Granger had found herself walking through the halls of Rivendell; who was followed by Gandalf and Severus Snape, in his flouting mirror. The two men knew that Hermione was angry with Thorin Oakenshield for ordering grey wizard's magic against the young woman; who is on her way to the dining hall, where the Dwarves and many Elves were waiting for them or the evening dinner.

Hermione was angry, knowing that Thorin had ordered her old Headmaster to use magic against her. She understood that the Dwarf wanted to protect her, but he was doing things all wrong in her book of morals; even by woman's standards. She was going to give him, her piece of mind if things do not go well for the two of them soon. She was about to stun him to next week, if it were to get him to listen to her.

Once she had gotten to the dining hall; she followed Gandalf to the honor table on the open balcony, where a small table for a sitting of four was stationed away from the loud eating Dwarves, and the musicians' elves, which were out powering each other of sound. Once the Hogwarts knowledge people had sat down or hovered next to the table, it was when that Hermione had noticed Thorin, who had cleaned up nicely; from the last time that she had seen him.

Thorin had glanced over to Hermione and saw that she was looking radiant, even more so than their travels in the great open doors, where the air was clean and refreshing. Then he glanced within her eyes and saw the hidden heat of anger towards him, even though she showed a smile when she was talking to other people. He knew then that should not find himself alone with her anytime soon.

Lord Elrond of Rivendell was talking to Hermione about her travels across Middle Earth for a few minutes, until he asked his big question, "Has Gandalf the Grey, tell you anything about your two soulmates upon this realm?"

Thorin piped up and asked, "Two?"

Elrond gave a hidden smirk to Gandalf, before facing Thorin and said, "Yes, as the matter of fact Thorin Oakenshield. You see; fate has made sure that Lady Granger has an iron grip to stay here, if she had no soulmates, she may find herself dead after your quest was over with."

Thorin glanced at Gandalf and then looked up the Lord of Rivendell, "So; who are her soulmates, if you don't mind me finding out?"

Elrond gave a shy looking glance over at the young woman, "Your two anchors that would keep you to this world are Thorin Oakenshield here and the other is of my kin; his name is Legolas Greenleaf, Prince of the Woodland Realm of Northern Mirkwood. I know that both of these men are mighty warriors of their own right and they will protect you from any harm that comes your way, if you only pick the right one that you would not mind living the rest of your life with."

Hermione; for once in her grand length of life, had no questions to ask. She was in shock; she had really hoped that Gandalf was just joking around about the whole soulmate thing, but it looked like he was not jesting like he normally would. Then she found a question that had just popped into her own head, "What is the outcome of this quest?"

Elrond glanced over to the grey wizard; with a very dark looked upon his face, "Nothing is written in stone, Lady Granger. Fate has a funny way of changing things in life that we may never had dreamed about, but it's up to us if we want to live with the choices that fate has been granting us, or we throw it away and take life for granted. All of man; has faced this choices more than once in their own lifetimes and some of them don't even know the true meaning of happiness, but it's up to those who know what it is and hang onto it, like the last dying breath that we hold to our own hearts."

Hermione was in shock; for she had never thought that she was getting a sermon about romance, love, and fate from a High Lord Elf. She had thought that most of her knowledge would come from books about how to stay alive and how to get the Wizarding World to acknowledge Muggle-borns as good as any pureblood that was within the community. Before she had found her way to Middle Earth, Hermione had thought that she had years to find the one to settle down with, after a few years of going to extended learning from a university and then find the job that she was destined to be at.

Not once had Hermione had ever picture herself to be destined to two different men and it's all because of what it is too happened to the outcome of the mission that Thorin and his men were on. This is probably one of those times that she wished that she had never walked out of Divination Class, back in her third year; it may help her find her inner eye within her dreamscape and find the answers to her hard core answers.

Elrond had seen that she was busy with her inner mind, as she was digesting the information that he has given her. He then glanced over to Thorin, who was keeping his deep blue eyes upon the young woman; the Elf Lord had also noticed that the Dwarf was so deep within his own thoughts that he was not as guarded like he would when he was around elves. The Elven Lord had wished that Hermione would find happiness with Thorin, if the fates so deemed it; the Dwarf warrior really needed to find happiness and not the bitter person that he became after losing his home to the great dragon, Smaug.

The Elven Lord than noticed Gandalf and the man within the mirror watching the two soulmates before them, and knew that the dark man was one of said soulmates from Earth. If the dark man had night died to save Lady Granger's friend's life, they would have found love; but fate was funny how things worked for the two of them. The dark wizard; known as Severus Snape, would be Lady Granger's watchful eye within her travels of Middle Earth and he was doing so without being asked.

"If we are all finished with our dinner; than shall we go to my library and figure out what you have come here for."

It was then that Lord Elrond had gotten upon his feet, and the rest of the people at the table had gotten up to follow him, plus Balin had joined them on their journey to Rivendell's grand library.

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