Summoned to Middle Earth

Chapter 15

Ch. 15

Hermione Granger was being pulled down the mountain side by Thorin Oakenshield; which she was trying to get out of his hand's hold, but he would not budge. Once they had gotten to a safe distance; it was when Hermione was able to get out of Thorin's hold, and walked a few feet away from him.

Thorin growled out, "You woman are a bit of trouble to have around."

She glared at him, "I can take care of myself; who is the one, who keeps getting himself into a load of trouble? First was the Trolls and then it was the Goblins, what's next; Orcs or even evil Elves?!"

Gandalf was looking around to see if they had everyone and then said in a panic voice, "Where is Bilbo? Has anyone seen Bilbo Baggins?"

One of the Dwarf's spoke up, "I saw him before the Goblins took us away, while he was hiding in the shadows."

Then Thorin growled out, "I can tell you what happened; Bilbo had found a way to get away and I wouldn't be surprised to find him half way home about now!"

After a breath of silence; Bilbo Baggins came out behind a tree and calmly said, "I'm here."

Thorin did not want to believe his eyes that the little hobbit had come and wanted to fight to find out where he had gone. Gandalf spoke up and said, "It doesn't matter, he's here."

After a moment of standing around; they heard an Orc horn blasting through the countryside. "RUN!" was yelled out and everyone ran down the hillside. Thorin had tried to get close to Hermione and grab her wrist again, but she wouldn't get close to him. As she was running towards the back of the group, next to Bilbo; she turned around and through her hands into the air and yelled out, "BOMBARDA!" This had destroyed part of the countryside to get the Orcs and their wolf like creatures to stop from coming after the company.

Most of the Dwarves had gotten to a ledge to where they had to climb up the trees; Hermione had made sure that Bilbo was in front of her, as they were running towards their friends. Hermione had then pulled her hands up again to do another blasting spell, when she heard a yell, "GET THAT WITCH!" That was when she felt a leather strap being wrapped around her middle and pulled her back; which had caused her to scream. As she was being pulled back; she put her hands upon herself and growled out, "Protego." She enjoys saving other people more than just protecting herself.

Once the leather strap through her into an Orc's arms; it was when she saw how pale this creature was, and knew from the stories that the Dwarfs had told that it was the one Orc that nearly killed off Thorin's bloodline. She gasped as the Orc wrapped his good arm around her.

The Orc started laughing, "I know that you can understand me; witch. I need you to calm down or your Dwarf will see you die before his eyes."

Hermione than glanced up and saw all the Dwarves were climbing up the trees to get away from the snapping teeth bellow. She also saw that many were looking towards her, and could not believe their eyes that the Pale Orc had lived.

Thorin had yelled out, "AVA!"

She then glanced over to her old Headmaster and spoke in Latin; which she knew that he would be able to understand, "Forget about me! Gandalf, protect the Dwarves. Get everyone far away from here!"

Gandalf spoke in common tongue as he looked into her eyes; which spoke the hurt and the pain of fear that she was going through, "Is that your wish, my dear?"

All the Dwarves were looking between Hermione and Gandalf, trying to figure out what they were saying to one another. "It is."

That was when Thorin yelled out, "NO!"

Then Gandalf took out his staff and set the pine cones on fire and through them down to the ground, to get the dark creatures away from them. Throin wanted to get down off of the tree, but his men were throwing the fire pine cones down and he did not wanted to bet burn.

The Pale Orc spoke into Hermione's ear, "I can smell your fear. I can sell your pheromones as you glance over at the would-be-king." He rubbed his sharp nails across her middle as he growled out, "You are the first female of magic that I have ever run across and you will be my prisoner."

As she was glancing at the Pale Orc; she saw movement coming towards her and she said with a smirk upon her face; which Severus Snape would be proud of, "I don't think so." Then she pushed herself away from the Orc that held her and rolled down the mountainside, as the Dwarves came running up the hill to get to her.

All the able fighting Dwarfs had gotten into a fight will the Orc and their mounts. When Hermione had gotten closer to the trees that were on fire; she was able get upon her feet and ran towards the tree that Gandalf was on. Once she was within the tree branches; she glanced down and saw Thorin fighting against the Pale Orc.

She was in shock that she was nearly wetting herself as she was seeing Thorin fighting; it was such grace and wonder, it made her believe that she was seeing poetry in motion. She noticed other Dwarves fighting, but none could take her breath away, not like Thorin could.

Hermione than closed her eyes and prayed for all that could hear her, "Please protect Thorin and his men, we really need a miracle about now."

It was within that moment that the Great Eagles had come and took care of the creatures of the night, and then picked out the company and took to the air. What she did not know, was that Gandalf had sent for them, nor that he had friends in high places.

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