Summoned to Middle Earth

Chapter 16

Ch. 16

Thorin Oakenshield was an angry man. He was upon a back of a Great Eagle, flying away from his greatest enemy; Azog the Defiler. Who moments ago had his arms around Hermione Granger.

Thorin glanced over to the Eagle that was behind him; which had Hermione and Bofur, who was having a hard time trying to keep Hermione upon their Eagle.

As his mind went back to the fighting and he was moments away from clashing blades with Azog, which was when the Great Eagles had come and started going after all the Orcs and the Wargs that the Orcs were riding upon. One of those Eagles had gotten to him before Azog had time to react that Thorin was there, ended up getting himself hurt upon everything else.

When Thorin's Eagle had landed; Thorin was able clime off of his mount, and waited for the rest of company to get upon the ground. One by one; the Eagles came down and everyone was upon the ground, then came the last Eagle who had Bofur and Hermione.

Once Bofur was upon the ground; he reached up and grabbed Hermione and down they went, as Bofur yelled out, "Help! It's Hermione, she needs help!" Hermione had landed upon Bofur, with her back facing him, where the whole company saw blood leaking out of her clothes.

Gandalf came running towards them; as Thorin had tried to do the same, but most of his company had grabbed a hold of him, to prevent him from coming closer to Hermione, Bofur, and Gandalf. Thorin was growling as he was trying to get closer to the three, but hardly moving an inch in doing so.

Gandalf grabbed his staff and waved it upon Hermione's body, as he was chanting. Thorin glanced over to the floating mirror and growled out, "What's going on?"

Severus Snape looked up and said in an unmoving voice, "She's bleeding to death because of the Pale Orcs nails, which punctured her abdominal area." All the men within the company had paled from what the Dark Wizard was telling them. "Gandalf is using one of my old spells to help stitch up her wounds and bring her blood back to the right levels that they need to be."

Thorin was calm after hearing Hermione's old Potions Professor telling him what was going on, to where the company had let go of their leader, who fell to the ground and watched as Grey Wizard, who was working his magic upon the young woman upon the ground.

The sun was setting; when Gandalf was finished with the chanting upon Hermione's bloody body, who was breathing much better than she was before but still asleep. Gandalf looked around and said, "Someone get some firewood and make a fire. When need to get some water and a bowl. We also need to get some stew going as well."

Many of the Dwarves had gone out to get the things that Gandalf had asked about. Thorin had gotten upon his feet and walked over to Hermione and then asked, "What's wrong with her, Gandalf?"

The old wizard sighed, "Azog's nails cut into her to the point that she may never have little ones, unless she sees the Lady of the Wood. The wired thing is she had no idea that he had his nails until she was far away from the issue. One of us has to be up all night to make sure that she doesn't run a fever."

"I'll take first watch then."

Gandalf sighed, "That might be best; I need some rest before morning. The spell took a lot of energy out of me, than it has before."

Dwalin and Gloin had come back with loads of firewood, while Dori and Ori had come back with quite a bit of water, which Bilbo had come over and helped on of the Dwarves by helping with the cutting up some vegetables for the stew. Thorin took off his cloak and laid it upon the ground and lifted Hermione within his arms and laid her upon his cloak, and then sat down next to her, as he was watching his men working around the campfire.

After a while; Balin had walked over with two bowls within his hands and gave one of them to Thorin. "You must eat Thorin; you need to keep up with your strength."

The leader of the company growled, "Hermione is the one that needs to eat, more than I and I will help her if I must." Thorin leaned down and brought Hermione up, to where she was laying back against Thoirn's chest and her head was between his neck and shoulder. "Give me her bowl, Balin."

When Balin gave Thorin one of the bowls; Balin had to ask, "What are going to do, if Hermione can't wake up from this injury in the morning?"

Thorin fed the young woman small bites of the stew, and he was rubbing her throat, to help her sallow it. Thorin growled out, "What do you mean?"

"How are we going to make it to the Lonely Mountain, before Durian's Day?"

"We need to make some kind of sled for Hermione to ride on, as she won't be able to travel on her own and I am going to be the one pulling the sled."

Balin glared, "I'll get the lads to get one made, but you're not pulling any sled when you have not rested or eaten anything."

Thorin gave Balin his own glare and said, "I'm making sure that Hermione is fed first, before I eat anything and I will get some rest in, once we have a figured out on who is going to be on lookout throughout the night."

Once Hermione was fed; Thorin had laid Hermione back down upon the ground, once again and then went into her bag and found some blankets and through them upon her. He then reached for the bowl that Balin had given him, and started eating his own dinner; as Balin went off and asked a few of the Dwarves to get some bigger logs, leaves, and twigs to make a sled for Hermione to use on their travels in the morning.

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