Summoned to Middle Earth

Chapter 17

Ch. 17

The next morning came and Thorin Oakenshield found himself picking Hermione Granger up and set her up on a sled that some of his men had made for her, in order for them to keep traveling across the countryside. They had laid some of the blankets upon the sled and then Hermione, plus a few more blankets were upon her, plus Thorin's cloak. He about to get some rope and wrap around his waist and then have it attached it to the sled, but his two nephews had stopped him, when they picked up the rope, to where Kili wrapped a bit of rope around him. Then Fili took the rope and wrapped the middle part of it around an of the sled a few times and then wrapped the other end around his own waist, to where it looked like the two nephews looked like a pair of humanized sled dogs.

Thorin sighed; he knew that he was being out voted by his whole company, "Keep her safe, my nephews; my sister's sons."

With every few words; the men trekked out across the open range of Middle Earth, each and every one of the Dwarves and the Grey Wizard had ran, trying to keep at least a half days journey ahead of Azog. No one wanted to face any of the Orcs any times soon; especially when Hermione was still out, and not able to protect her own self against any attack.

When night fell; the company stopped within a hidden rocky area, to where no one could see them. The Dwarves had sent out Bilbo as lookout, for he was able to blend within the terrain better than one within the company. When he came back; he told them that the Orcs and their Wargs had moved on, but he was trying to tell the men that he had found something else.

Gandalf looked towards Bilbo and said, "You found something else out there? Something like a bear but bigger?"

Bilbo looked at Gandalf strangely and said, "Yes, how did you know?"

Gandalf looked at everyone and said, "We must run, there is a house across the way and we can hide there."

Fili and Kili had taken off running with the sled following them, then two more Dwarves came and pushed the sled to make it move even faster across the rocky ground and the grasslands; until they made it to the house, where Gandalf had told the company that they would saver at. All the Dwarves were having trouble trying to get into the house, when Thorin came and unlatched; to where everyone had fallen into the house and many of the Dwarves had gotten up and closed the door, as the bear was trying to get in. Dwalin had gotten up and found a long board and charged it at the door and slid it down, to where it was able to lock the door, from allowing the massive creature from getting in.

It was when everyone had made their way from the door, when one of the Dwarves had said, "Black magic."

Gandalf grumbled, "That was Beorn; a skin changer, and there is no black magic. There is no spell at work, but his own. Y'all better get some rest."

Once everyone went about to do their own business; Gandalf went over to where some of the Dwarves had placed the sled near the fireplace, and sat next to it to see to Hermione. He had put his knuckles upon her forehead and felt her fever had gone up, he waved his staff and a rag and a bucket of water had come to him, to where he was able to cool her fever down.

Thorin walked over to the Grey Wizard and asked, "How is she?"

"She should be fine in the morning, if we keep her fever down."

Thorin sighed and looked at his men and knew that they had done well, by keep Hermione safe while she was within the sled and they had also built the sled enough to handle the types of terrain that they had traveled throughout the two days. After a while; all the Dwarves had fallen asleep, but Thorin had found that he could not sleep until Gandalf told him to sleep. Within moments; he too, fell into restless sleep.

When morning came; he looked around and saw a big massive man, with hair upon his face and body. Then he saw the man leaning over Hermione; who looked like he was placing cool wet rags upon her forehead. This caused Thorin to be protective and he had gotten upon his feet and made his way over to Hermione, and once he had gotten there, he sat down next to her and glared at the hairy man before him.

"Don't worry Dwarf; I'm not going to take your little woman away from you. She is way too short for the likes of me," groan out the massive man.

Once the other Dwarves and Gandalf had woken up; Beorn had gotten up started serving each one of them with milk, cheese, and a bit of meat, he also did the same for Bilbo as well. After a bit of talking; the company found out that he was the last of his own people, and that he was a save to the Orcs enjoyment of entertainment. It was nothing but a dark ordeal for anyone of them to listen. Once the questions were done and over; it was when Hermione had woken up and groaned, as he was trying to sit up on her own.

Thorin turned around from where he stood and walked over to where she laid and helped her upon her feet, once she was able to stand, he helped guide her to a chair, where his men had made room for her to sit down. Thorin growled out, "Eat."

Hermione glanced up and saw the worry within his eyes towards her, and knew not to fight about the issue that he was telling her what to do, when she should get hold her tongue and eat. She reached for some bread and butter, along with a bit of water in a glass that she was given by some of the other Dwarves.

As she ate; Hermione saw that each one of the Dwarves, even Gandalf and Severus, had all been worried about her. She had not planned to get hurt by Thorin's enemy and then be out of it for a while, like she had. She just hoped that everyone would forgive her, once time had slipped on by.

Bilbo was the one who asked, "Are you feeling any better, Hermione?"

"Yes, thank you Bilbo. Can someone tell me, how long I had been out?"

Bofur gave Hermione a funny looked, "You were out for two and half days, Hermione."


Gandalf sighed, "You bled out pretty bad, young lady. I had to use one of Professor Snape's old spells in order for me to close those gashes that were dug into you."

Hermione looked down and saw that her tunic and her leather pants were ripped by three of the Pale Orcs fingers across her lower area of her body.

Balin sighed, "Lassie; why don't you go and get changed, before you catch yourself another death."

Hermione gulped and swung her legs over the bench that she was at and move away towards another area of the house, to where she could change out of her ripped closes and into a clean pair that she had in her bag. Once she was out the rags that were barley holding together, to be called clothes; she waved her wand at her and did a dozen cleaning spells upon her body, just so she can get the feeling of Orc off of her. Then she put on her clean light colored leather pants, and a sage tunic with gold stich design upon it. She then waved her wand towards her hair to where it was clean and wavy and put into a pointy tail, Hermione then placed everything else back into her bag and made her way back into the dining area, where everyone else was at.

Where Hermione found out that they were given horses and they will be making their way to Mirkwood Forest.

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