Summoned to Middle Earth

Chapter 19

Ch. 19

Hermione Granger was being led into the Woodland Realm by Prince Legolas; which Hermione was having a hard time, because he reminded her of someone that she had gone the school with. The same blond hair, blue eyes, arrogant attitude, and spoiled rich kid; the person that she was thinking about was Draco Malfoy, and she knew that Legolas was no Draco. She knew from experience that he would not be jumping around in the trees and shooting off arrows at dark creatures at will, just like a simple breath could bring death to another.

Hermione glanced around and noticed that the forest had built a kingdom within, with trees intertwining with one another to make pillars, bridges, hallways, staircases, and whole lot more. To her; it was nothing short than slice of Heaven that was built by Middle Earth's own hands and it had taken her breath away.

Legolas was walking next to Hermione, with one of his arms wrapped around her shoulders; as he led her to his father's throne room. He felt the heat radiating from her clothes and into his hand. There was a pulling that was coming from his inner being that was trying to get into the woman next to him, which he wanted to know who she was and why she was affecting him so. One of his guards was following them, with a Dwarf that he knew as Thorin; who seemed to be glaring at him more than it was thought possible, as if the small man had claim over the wizard's daughter.

Legolas wanted to laugh at such a thought; for the young woman next to him was generating such power that he believed that she could protect all the cherished living beings across the world. It had taken them a few minutes to send the other Dwarves down to their cells; while the prince and another guard had taken Hermione and Thorin to the throne room.

Once they had got to their destination; Hermione was facing down when they had entered the spacious room, when she heard a purr, "Miss Hermione Granger, it is so good to see you again."

Hermione had forgotten to breath, her heart had dropped and found its way into her stomach; she knew that voice, the same voice that she ran into in her second year at the book shop. She glanced up and whispered as she saw the man before her, "Mr. Malfoy."

The man chuckled darkly, "It's nice to see you too, my dear."

Legolas glared at his father, "Do you know her, father?"

The king before them with long flowing blond hair; with piercing blue eyes, and sharp facial features, said, "I was known another name in another world. After the second war; I was tried to death, as Miss Granger's friends watched on. My wife and son of that world were able to live on, but I was sentence to death for following the wrong man and his power hungry to take over the world."

Legolas growled, "This is not true! I am your son and your wife; my mother is dead. You are alive and standing before me, how can you say these things?"

Thranduil gave a smirk towards Legolas and Hermione, "I was from another world my son, before I was born into this one. Miss Granger was summoned to Middle Earth by Gandalf the Grey, were you not?"

Hermione hissed, "You know that I was."

Thorin spoke up, "What does this have to do with me?"

The King of the Woodland Realm glanced over to his son and said, "Leave us." Legolas glared but did what his father had told him and left the throne room. Thranduil went on to say, "Everything has everything to do with you, Thorin Oakenshield. Once you go and claim your homelands from the dragon, you would unleash to most dangerous creature upon the lands. Everything will end in dragon fire."

Thorin yelled, "You didn't help my people; when the dragon showed up and left my people out in the cold!"

The blond hair king yelled, "Don't tell me that I don't know anything about the Drake from the North," when his face was melted away by glimmer of magic, and only bones and muscle remain from his face. Once the king stepped away from Thorin, his face went back to normal and his voice calmed, "If I helped you, all I'll be asking is for the gems that I have given to your grandfather; the ones that sparkle like starlight. I would like to have my ancestral gems back."

The Dwarf growled out, "No. Every gem that's within the halls of my forefathers stays within the mountain."

"Then you will never leave this place. As time passes by; a hundred or even a thousand years, it would only pass as a moment to me. Guards! Take him away." Once the guards had taken Thorin away; the king glanced over at Hermione and calmly said, "How do you like my son of this world?"

She sighed, "He reminds me very close of your other one. What is it with you and your sons? Neither one of them know how to handle a woman like be, which I'm not surprised."

Thranduil chuckled, "Drace had a crush on you and he didn't know how to take it that you were a muggle-born witch and not a pureblood that I had raised him, for him to seek after. As for Legolas; he doesn't know that you are his soul mate and he is having a hard time realizing it, which may take until the end of your mission for him to find out." The king sighed, "Who will you pick?"

Hermione glanced away from the man before her, "I won't know until the end of this mission, or if the mission would ever end for me, because fighting a dragon can be quiet tiring."

"Yes, you can be right about that." Thranduil purred, "Should I send the guard to lead you back to the Dwarves, so they know that you're not potting against them. If you do managed to get out of here; my dear, I want those gems that belong to me to come back."

Hermione sighed, "Why do you need them so much?"

"So Legolas could give him to his bride, for his marriage present; for it is our custom since time began here."

The young woman groaned, "If I can," with that the king called for the guard, who walked Hermione down to the cells; where the Dwarves were being held up.

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