Summoned to Middle Earth

Chapter 20

Ch. 20

Hermione Ganger was put into a cell with Thorin Oakenshield; by one of the Elven guards, when Thorin gave her a heated look.

"So what did King Thraduil have to say?"

Hermione glared at the Dwarf, "Nothing that you would like to know."


Balin spoke up, "Leave her alone Thorin, do you think that it would be wise to get a witch angry, I sure don't want to find out."

Kili and Fili laughed at their uncle from their one barred doors.

Dwalin grumbled, "Why did we bring her in the first place anyway? Sure she helped us with the Trolls, Spiders, Orcs, and the Wrangs, but what else has she helped us with? And can she help us out of these cages?"

Hermione sighed, "These bars are magic proof, and I wouldn't be able to get out of here without a key or even a unicorn at this point."

Thorin yelled, "ENOUGH!" The leader of the group sighed, "What is a unicorn, anyway?"

Hermione closed her eyes and tried to control the anger that was trying to come out and then opened her eyes and looked into the eyes of Thorin and said, "A unicorn is a horse with a singular long, spiral horn, which is attached to its forehead and it holds all the magic within the world. They are the most powerful creatures that anyone has ever seen and old a maiden could ever get close to these creatures."

Thorin glanced at her and then asked, "Are you a maiden by any chance?"

Hermione's cheeks began to become a rose color and glanced away from him, it was the only answer that he was going to get; which caused him to smirk from the answer that he was able to get from her. Throin wanted to ask some more questions when he heard a voice talking to one of his men, and when he glanced out of his door; he saw Bilbo Baggins with some keys, which he was using them to get all the prisoners out of their cages.

After everyone was out of their confinements; he led everyone down the stairs, where everyone was trying not to listen to him and trying to get out on their own. Thorin was listening and told his men to follow Bilbo. Hermione was following behind everyone, to make sure that no one was chasing after them. When they got they had gotten to the cellar; Hermione was having a hard time breathing from the lack of control of not knowing what is going to happen next, nor where the exit was.

Bilbo told everyone to get into the barrels; which Throin had to tell everyone to do so again, but when it was time for Hermione to get into one of her own, Throin grabbed her arm and told her to get into his barrel. When she had asked him why, she had to share one with him.

Thorin answered, "It's because I need to keep an eye on you and in order for me to do that, it's for me to have you right next to me."

Once everyone was within the barrels; Bilbo went to a lever that was in the far side of the room, he grabbed a hold of it and slid it into place to where the floor opened up, and all the barrels with the Dwarves and Hermione, had gone rushing down. After a thirty foot drop; everyone found themselves within their barrels, in the water. Hermione was clinging to Thorin; as close as she can to him, which caused the said man to smirk even more.

"Do you have a problem, my lady?"

Hermione glared up at him from where she had crunched down, "Yes! I don't like heights and I can't swim!"

All the men started laughing until Bilbo came rushing down to where they were waiting for him, and then used their barrels as one man boats and went to follow the currant of the water. Thorin had wrapped his left arm around Hermione as they were traveling in the water; while he was looking around for the enemy, he did not want her to get hurt by anyone.

Then like a blink of an eye; an all-out war had started, Elves and Orcs against each other and the Dwarves; until the Elves had stopped battling the Dwarves and just went after the Orcs. Thorin pushed Hermione down to where she was sitting upon the bottom of the barrel and he was placing his feet in the middle of the barrel, to where he was not stepping on her legs or feet. The Dwarves were able to use the Orcs weapons against them, once they were able to get a hold of them.

Hermione was within the barrel and was worried for Thorin and the other Dwarves; until she felt something hit the side of the barrel, she then saw him reached for it. She saw that it was an axe; she then glanced out a hole that was on the side and saw Legolas with his long blond hair, battling an Orc on land. She saw at the corner of her eye that Thorin raised the axe and through it towards Legolas; what she saw was what surprised her, she saw the axe hitting an Orc that was coming behind the blond Elf.

Thorin glanced down as Hermione looked up at him, he said, "I may be heartless at times, but I know when to protect a prince to prevent a king from coming after me and my people. I have better things to do than have a war upon my head, when I want to get to my homeland."

Hermione sighed as she glanced down, "Would it be too much to ask, for you to admit that you enjoy protecting people?"

The Dwarf before her chuckled, "I don't know what I enjoy anymore, Hermione. At one point I had enjoyed telling stories to my sister's sons. I had also enjoyed learning how to fight by my father and grandfather. I was just simple. That is was I miss most of all, the times that were simple and not having to worry about anything."

Hermione looked up into his eyes and saw that he was telling the truth, she gave a sad smile, "I hope that you get that again soon."

"Now who is dreaming now, Hermione?"

Everyone was making their way to shore, as they were planning their next move.

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