Summoned to Middle Earth

Chapter 21

Ch. 21

Thorin Oakenshield has ordered his men to swim towards shore with their barrows; which Hermione Granger was sharing one of those with the Dwarf leader, who seemed to be having a grand life. Once Thorin had gotten their barrow as close to land as possible and crawled out of it; when he was upon his two feet once again, he turned around to help Hermione onto dry land; he had smirked when he saw how washed out she had looked.

Hermione had her hair sticking to her face and was frizzled and nowhere close to the wavy that he was used to seeing. She gave him a glare that nearly mirrored his own, when he was dealing with his nephew's antics.

A mirror had come floating next to Hermione; when she had found her feet upon the earth once more, and faced the dark wizard within. "Should we be on a look out for any orcs?"

The dark dressed wizard answered back, "Not at this time."

Hermione turned to face the leader of the many Dwarves and said, "I don't like being in situations; such as that, again."

"Why ever not, my lady," asked Thorin, as he was trying to wind Hermione up some more, for he liked her more; when she had fire within her eyes.

The young witch gave her all; with the fire that Thorin had enjoyed seeing, stated, "I don't know about you, but I would believe that you want your mountain back more than playing these childish games that you seem to be playing with me!"

Balin had come running towards the two; trying to get in between them and shushing them, "The two of you need to keep your voices down; you never know who could be listening in."

Severus Snape spoke up from the floating mirror, "It's too late for something like that."

This caused everyone to look around for what the man in the mirror was talking about; and that was when they noticed a man standing behind the group, a ways from all of them with a bow and arrow within his hands aiming at Kili. The young Dwarf was sitting upon the ground trying to mend his leg; when he realized that someone was standing behind him, with said bow and arrow. Thorin walked in between the strange man and his wounded nephew.

Thorin growled out, "Who are you and what do you want?"

The strange man then glanced over to where Hermione was standing and said, "Why are you with these Dwarves? Have they taking you against your will?"

She gave a dark look upon the man with dark haired man with wild ringlets with dark haunting eyes; which looked like he was on a great hunting trip, and seemed to be looking for a fight of some kind. "I don't like your tone; but I'm here with my own free will, and I have been traveling around with them for nearly a year now. So if you would please sir; don't ever think that these Dwarves have ever tried to hurt me, because every one of them knowns that I can protect myself."

The bowman then lowered his bow and arrow; he gave all the Dwarves another glance before picking up all the barrows up, and then moved them to the barge that he had near the open mouth river that led into the lake. Balin tried to get the bowman to take their group across the lake to where they needed to go.

The man spoke up, "I'll take you across for a fee, but I don't want her to pay her way. I wouldn't live with myself if she had to pay her way, when she has to travel with the likes of you Dwarves."

The bowman allowed all the travelers upon his boat; once everyone was upon the vessel, he stirred it out onto the open space of the lake.

Splash. Splash.

That was the sound that Hermione heard as the boat traveled across the clear green-blue water. She had felt the cold breeze upon her pale skin of her face; she closed her eyes for a moment to enjoy the peace that was freely given, something she hardly ever gives herself at times. She heard movement coming towards her, but not looking at the person next to her; until she heard a voice that she had grown accustomed to.

"What was said at the Woodland Realm's throne room, after I had left you alone with King Thranduil?"

Hermione then opened her eyes and glanced over to Thorin; who was standing next to her as he was glancing over the water, she answered, "He wanted to make other plans for me."

Thorin then turned towards the woman beside him; he had a very dark look upon his face, "What did you tell him? I take it that he wanted you to be with his son, or something?"

She sighed, "Yes; he wanted me to think about marrying his son, but I didn't give him an answer except that I was helping you to get your homeland back."

Thorin growled, "I had hoped that you would have married me and not some Elven pretty boy, such as that young prince."

Hermione chuckled as she has been glancing towards the distant land that was pacing by, "That could still happen Thorin; you of all people should know that things do change."

"My Ava; you are mine and you don't even know it yet, but by the time that we have won back my homelands from that dragon, you will know that you will be my wife. You will be the queen that I have always pictured, who will rule fairly towards my people," mumbled Thorin, so that Hermione would be the only other person that would be able to hear him.

Hermione gave a shy smile towards him.

"Everyone; get into the barrows," cried out in a harsh whisper. All the Dwarves looked at the man with questions within their eyes. "Now; before anyone sees you."

Just as Thorin had gotten into a barrow; he was moving his arms to get Hermione to come towards him, when the bowman stopped her in her tracks.

"Not you; young lady, you're staying out in the open with me. You will be our ticket to get pass the guards."

Hermione heard Thorin growl; as the rest of the men were grumbling, because she was going to be seen and not safe. Hermione had gulped as she was trying to figure out the strange man, as he was trying to shelter the Dwarves from sight. She just hoped that everything would be alright, as they were out in the open.

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