Summoned to Middle Earth

Chapter 22

Ch. 22

While the Dwarves were hiding within the barrows; Hermione Granger was still upon deck of the boat that was taking them across the lake. She was just told by the bowman that she was his ticket to get pass the guards that were guarding Lake Town; but he had told her that he had to make a side trip into another port, where he was talking the a man upon the dry dock.

Hermione sighed as she heard Bilbo Baggins telling the Dwarves of what he was seeing; while looking out a peak hole, and she could not help but trying to hide a giggle because she had known what the man was going to do. She was not going to tell any of them of what was going to happen, for they would not like the outcome of such a thing.

As she witnessed people carrying baskets of fish upon their shoulders, as they were moving their way towards the boat, and filled each one of the barrows up with fish. The men were grumbling once the fish had stopped being dumped upon their heads, the bowman had kicked one of the barrows to get all of their attention; which had caused off of them to stop and listen in on what was going to happen next.

The man who was in charge of the boat; managed to guide the vessel to the front gates of Lake Town, where he had to stop it, just at the guard post. A guard came out and noticed the barrows being filled up with fish and not the usual empty barrows that were stated upon his cargo slip. The man was about to set the bowman upon his way; when a man in black came walking out of the shadows, who was about to tell the man who owned the boat off, when he glanced over to the young woman upon the vessel with them.

"Who are you," asked the man in black.

Hermione glared her eyes and wiggled her nose; as if the man had offended her nose, "My name has no importance to you, sir; just know that I am overlooking the affairs of the Elves, and I am overseeing what trade has been like lately. I will be reporting everything back to Prince Legolas here soon, and I better be treated fairly."

The rat of a man; who reminded Hermione of Peter Pettigrew, who was not much of a man himself; the man said, "Interesting; I have not seen any of the Elves coming to Lake Town in an age, what has caused them to come now?"

Hermione had to think fast and came up with something that would sound possible, "They have heard a rumor that a Dwarf; by the name of Thorin Oakenshield would find his way back to the Lonely Mountain, and I am here to find him. I don't want you or your men to interfere with what I need to do; while I'm within your town, sir."

"Who is this Thorin Oakenshield?"

Hermione glared at the man, "Don't be daft man; he is the son of Thrain, son of Thror; the King of under the Mountain. A well-known warrior of his people and a hardworking man, I have found no other who could outwit him in a battle."

The man in black had walked towards Hermione; like a Slytherin would, "You're telling me that a Dwarf; who is a son of a well-known Dwarf King, is on his way here? What should we do when we find him?"

The witch acted like she was thinking for a moment and said, "You find me and tell me where he is heading, but mainly do what he asks for or he could destroy a village to get what he needs to do."

The slippery man had forgotten about the fish within the barrows and let the boat pass into Lake Town; where the bowman guided wooden vessel to its assigned dock, and tied it to the dry dock. The man led Hermione off of the boat and guided her towards his hut; where they were met with his son and two daughters, which each one of the children had given the tall man a hug each. He had asked his son to get the Dwarves; who were hidden downstairs, of his overhanging hut. When Dwarves had made their way up to the main living area of the house; they were given dry blankets for them to dry off of their cold wet bodies, and Thorin made his way towards Hermione.

Once he was in front of her; he growled out, "What was that all about, are you trying to rat us out or something?"

Hermione looked into the mission leader's eyes, "I couldn't come up with anything else that would sound anything more reasonable and it got us passed the front gates, didn't it?"

Thorin's nose flared as he was thinking about the whole ordeal at the entrance of Lake Town; he gave a big sigh, "Yeah; you got us into the town, but how are going to get out of here without anyone seeing us?"

Hermione smirked, "Easy; night fall."

As one of the children walked by; they had given Thorin a blanket, before going to other areas of the house to get even more blankets for other people. As the Dwarf leader wrapped the blanket around his shoulders; he noticed that Hermione looked drained and exhausted, as if the travel has caused a lot of sleepless nights. He had to admit that it has for him on a few nights; when he lay awake, tormented about her wellbeing.

He has been battling with himself about given in to her beauty and just give into another kiss; but they had agreed that the mission was first before anything else, and then he found out that the King of the Woodland Elves wanted her to marry his son. It was enough for him; for he wanted to stake his claim by given her a heated kiss, so she would remember that he was still living and he wanted her to be his wife, when the whole torment was over.

Thorin wanted so much that the whole thing was over and he was back in his homeland; where he and his men belonged, he also hoped that Hermione would marry him. He believed that the marriage would be set in stone; to where she would sit in the Throne Room beside him and watch their children learn the ways of the mine, and to also learn the ways of a weapon and honor.

He could just picture it; as he walked towards the window and glancing out. Thorin; with their two sons and a little girl, as he could see in his mind's eye that Hermione would teach them the ways of witchcraft and still know the ways of a warrior.

'I can't wait to see such a thing,' thought Thorin.

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