Summoned to Middle Earth

Chapter 24

Ch. 24

The door swung wide open when the man that Hermione had known as Sirius Black; came rushing in and found that the dwarves were gone and besides his children, Hermione was the only one there. The man came towards his son and demanded where the others had gone.

The boy said, "I tried to stop them Father, but they went off as soon as the sun had gone down. They even demanded Ava to stay here while they were out."

The man grumbled with a question within his eyes and then glanced towards Hermione, "Is that what they are calling you these days?"

She smirked, "You didn't realize that Thorn was calling me that earlier? It was his idea to call me something that people would have a common enough of a name and so that call me Ava; when I'm around other people, which means life." Hermione glanced away from Sirius, "It's kind of fitting since I'm trying to give them back their lives; their home."

He growled, "They are going to get you killed."

Hermione was not willing to talk any more of the dangers that she would be facing soon; she then glanced towards Sirius, "So how did you really come to this world?"

The man sat down, "I came here through the Veil; it seems to sling shot people into other detentions or time periods of Earth and I was rewritten to fit into this place. I became what people around here have called me; the bowman, and I have been a trader. Then I found a woman who wanted to spend her life with me; she gave me all these children that you see before you, and she died from an illness that came upon Lake Town; not that long ago."

Hermione gave him a glare, "That really doesn't answer anything!"

Sirius chuckled, "I wish I can give you an answer Kitten, but look around you; we are no longer in London and we are a far cry from Hogwarts girl. What can I tell you that can make you believe that I'm here?"

She had gotten upon her feet fast and glared, "Have you tried to come home? Have you ever thought of Harry, once since you have been here?"

The man gave her a heated glare that seemed as dark as the Black Family that they had left behind from their own lives, "I have done everything within my power to do so, Hermione!" She knew that she was in trouble whenever she heard her own name from his lips; the ones that she wanted to kiss once, "I no longer have my WAND! It was lost to me, as soon as I had woken up to this place!"

The three children gasped as they hardly ever heard their father yell at anyone before. "PA!"

Sirius grumbled before saying, "I'm sorry kids; she and I were old friends once."

"Is she and elf than Pa," asked the youngest girl.

Both Hermione and Sirius smiled, "No; she isn't love," answered the older man within the room. He had gotten upon his feet, "Come son; we should see where the Dwarves had gone off to. Stay here Ava; we don't want them to be mad at you if you had come along with me, now do we?"

Hermione gave him a hard glare before the man and son had left the home; she heard their feet walking away, but knew not to follow after them.

She had thought over what Sirius had said about his journey across the Veil; she then wondered if it was some sort of traveling device that people travel across the stars to another world, or if he was right that it sent him across time and space. There was no way for her to find out. Hermione felt like she had gone out of line when she had asked him questions about if he had cared for Harry or if he even tried coming back.

As far as she had seen from Lake Town; she had no idea if there was a device to be had, for him to even make the return trip. Malfoy had said that he had found himself here; once he had been killed by his master, was it the same with the Veil?

She wondered, 'Is the Veil really a death transporting device like the people at the Ministry had believed?'

Hermione hated not knowing the answers; to things that baffled her, she had to face the realization that she was no longer in Hogwarts. Where she could run to the library as soon as a question finds its way into her brain, for there will be no more books that could give her all the answers that she seeks. It was time for her to grow up. Grow up to the fact that there will be no more easy answers any more.

She closed her eyes and thought, 'Where ever you are Dumbledore; you will find that I will haunt you if anything happens to me, because I hate that I had to grow up faster than I should have. I was never ready to face Voldemort, with all the faces and bodies that he had. I only did it for Harry, not to save the whole world!'

Tears were making their way out of her eyes; while they were still closed, 'Did you send me on another death mission; just because we are doing the Greater Good for all, or am I just being overwhelmed of emotions? The same ones that I had laid buried, even when Ronald had left us.'

What Hermione had not realized was that she was starting to become droopy to where she had to lay her head upon the table before her. One of the girls had walked over with a blanket and draped it across her shoulders, and they had left her alone; even when their brother had come back without their father, who was sent to jail.

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