Summoned to Middle Earth

Chapter 26

Ch. 26

Thorin had helped Hermione Granger out of the boat; as soon as they had reached shore, and she was barely walking on her own.

"What's wrong with you," growled out Thorin. "You're acting as if you drinking something last night that you shouldn't?"

This caused her to stop moving and fought Thorin to let her stand on her own; where many of the Dwarves could see that she had an angry look upon her face, which caused most of them to walk away from her. She turned her head around to glance towards the man, who had taught her in school, with a look that she could kill the man from behind the mirror.


"Can you talk clearly; Miss Granger, I don't think I understand your meaning," asked Severus Snape, within his mirror.

"Did you help Sirius in sneaking me some kind of potion into my tea, last night?"

Severus gave her his usual stone cold look before saying, "Why would I help that mutt, who had nearly killed me with that werewolf?"

"You did . . . Wait, what?" Hermione was getting more confused as she was talking to the dark wizard.

Severus sighed, "I shouldn't have said that but you will know that he nearly killed me back in my sixth year, just because he could PRANK me."

Hermione was able to move on her own; as the shock settled in from the information that she was given, "You mean Sirius sent you to the where Lupin was and you nearly had gotten yourself killed?"

"That would be right, Granger; but it was Potter that saved me and I had to keep my mouth closed because of what Lupin is."

"Harry's father, saved you?"

Severus glared at her and noticed the shock within her eyes and glanced over towards the ruler of the Dwarves, "If you care about her; you splash some water upon her now!"

This caused Thorin to kick into gear and ran back to the water; which was a few feet away and scooped up some water in his hands. Then he back and through it upon Hermione, who gave the two a dark glare.

"What was that for?!"

Severus was the one who spoke, "You need to stop thinking about dark thoughts when you have a dragon to face in a matter of hours and you need to wake up."

"Not until you tell me that you helped Sirius, with some kind of potion or something."

The dark wizard grumbled, "I might have slipped him an idea; you were hardly sleeping for the last a couple of days and you needed all the rest for this upcoming battle. You don't want to have these Dwarves picking up your dead body, which they might not find with in the mountain."


Thorin stepped forward and grabbed upon her arms and glared into Hermione's eyes, "IT was my idea! I didn't want you to get hurt; knowing that you are facing the One you took MY Home, I wasn't going to have you KILLED."

Her anger seemed to steamed out of her; she saw the worried look within Thorin's eyes and knew that he wanted to protect her, as far he was able to do so. "I'm sorry Thorin, but I can handle myself. I have protected my best friend for seven years; while he faced all sorts of danger, I even faced a troll at the age of eleven. Plus; I have already faced a dragon before I came to know you and your men."

Severus groaned, "Yes; Miss Granger, how in the world a know-it-all like you have stayed alive, while you lived for the answers from books and hardly experiencing anything outside of the classroom; is beyond me. We shouldn't forget that you were the one; who was turned into a statue, because of a deadly snake."

All the Dwarves around the two other-worldly people were glancing at each other; after hearing all the things that Ava had faced before coming to them, they were having second thoughts about everything. They were wondering if they could get Thorin to stop her from facing the dragon. When a few had dared to look at their leader; they saw that he was having mixed emotions, but one thing was clear. She would have to go into the mountain with Bilbo because she was the type of person that would not leave someone to a task by themselves.

Thorin growled, "We're burning daylight; let's just be on our way, shall we?"

Everyone then agreed and follow the path upwards and beyond of what they could see.

It had taken the group a while; until they were passing the agent city of Dal, a once thriving city next to the Dwarves home. Hermione could see that the place would have been a grand place to live or even visit. She would love to see the place alive, if she was able to do so. She even heard Bilbo and Balin talking about out the city, as they were still moving on; towards the mountain again.

Hermione thought, 'If I live passed this whole ordeal and the place becomes alive again, I would do anything to see it so.'

Severus was hovering close to her; while the Dwarves had mainly left her alone, "Be careful tonight, Miss Granger."

She glanced over her shoulder and smirk, "Worried about me, professor?"

"On the contrary; just worried about my mirror, when Albus finds out when you didn't survive."

Hermione faced forward once again and replied, "I'm worried about you too, sir."

What she did not see, was a small smile coming from Severus Snape. "Then again; you have Potter's spirit with you."

She started to giggle and gave a heartfelt smile as she replied, "I hope so; Professor Snape, I hope so."

Thorin; who was walking ahead of the two, had heard their talk and grumbled. He had hoped that Hermione would have forgotten her friends; for she was living in his world, his time. It was time for her to let go of all the people from her past, but then again; they were there to protect her from all those monsters that he was hearing about.

'I'm a jealous man,' thought Thorin.

He never met a woman like Hermione Granger and he did not want to live without her in his life. He will make sure that she knew that he wanted her to stay; once he had gotten his homeland back, he was planning on giving her something that would prove his word.

AN: If I don't update soon; it's because I have to have surgery during the middle of the month of July. I am not planning on quitting this story; it's been an adventure trying to be different from other people's writing. I don't know where this story is heading; my hands and my brain are not telling me anything, I love it when a story just takes off without any control from you.


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