Summoned to Middle Earth

Chapter 28

Ch. 28

Hermione Granger was within the mountain of the Dwarves; where she and Bilbo Baggins were looking for the Heart of the Mountain, but ended up meeting up with the massive dragon that was within the depth. He had managed to corner Hermione and smelled a scent of another dragon upon her skin. The very dragon that she rode out of a bank, not that every long ago. What she did not understand, was that she had many baths between those encounters; how was the dragon able to smell the other upon her skin.

The dragon spoke again, "I can smell HER upon your skin; it's like a volcanic calling to me. The smell of fire, ash, and other kinds of gold upon your living skin," he rasped out. As Hermione was going through hiding place to hiding place, he flew around the room to catch her. "PLEASE DON'T HIDE! I have been alone for so long! I'm willing to keep you alive, as long as I get to smell HER upon your living skin."

This caused Hermione to freak out for a moment, "What do you mean? I have washed many times since the moment I had left her company!"

The dragon laughed darkly, "No matter how many times or the space of time; the smell of dragon is upon your skin for life," he smelled the air of where she was before she had moved again; "She was even in heat before you had left her!"

Hermione was having trouble breathing; she was getting a sense of dread, as the amount of time that she was spending with the great dragon. She was starting to fear for her very own safety; as soon as she heard him say that the other dragon was in heat, Hermione needed to leave soon.

She glanced around and found Bilbo near the stairs; she waved for him to go on, but he stayed where he was with a shack upon his head. Hermione waved both of her arms for him to go. Which seemed to get him going; as she watched Bilbo moving up the stairs, she forgot to look for the dragon.

For the next moment; she had no idea that the dragon had found her and reached out with one of his front claws, making his way towards her. As soon as she turned around; the dragon had his paw around Hermione's body and dragged her out to look at her, where Hermione was trying to wiggle out of his hand.

Once she was near his eyes; he asked, "What do they call you, female of the humans?"

"Ava," squeaked out Hermione; it was the name that Thorin had given her.

"And what titles do you go by, Ava?"

Hermione had to think fast and spoke what came to mind, "Dragon Rider!"

The great dragon sniffed at her legs and laughed, "Indeed you are; for I smell her more, where your legs are met."

This caused her to fear for her life as she quivered, "Please, stop."

"What else are you known as?"

"Magic Weaver, Knowledge Gatherer . . ," Hermione was starting to forget most of the things that she had done in life.

The dragon moved his face away from her and glanced into her eyes, "Magic Weaver, only males of most raises are Magic Weavers. Prove it to me that you are one of these people."

This caused her to think for a moment; she knew so many spells but which one to use for a dragon to believe in her, she brought her hands together and concentrate as hard as she could. She did not want to fish out her wand and have it broken or taken away from her. A second later; Hermione brought her lips to her hands and whispered a very soft spell, and moved her hands away to show the great beast the bluebell flames.

He nearly dropped her because of the great flash of blue light; then he noticed that it was colder than any flame known within the world of Middle Earth, which was something that surprised him the most.

"How," asked the dragon in wonder.

She smirked, "It's just one of many things that I can do."


This caused Hermione to glance towards the staircase and saw the said dwarf with his men; all armed and ready to attack the dragon before her.

"That she is," answered the King of Under the Mountain.

The dragon gave a dark hungry look towards the small being before him, "Than I have no need for your mountain hoard anymore; I'll just take this little thing and I'll be off."

"NO," called out many male voices at once.

"THEN YOU MUST FIGHT FOR HER," answered the angered dragon.

Hermione caught the eyes of Thorin Oakenshield before her and whispered, "I'm sorry."

"AVA," called out Thorin; as he saw the great beast putting Hermione upon his neck, as the dragon came after him and his men.

It was the start of a war; a war that should have ended long ago, the one that Thorin should have never ran away from. With a great battle call; he sent his men to war, a war to live and let live.


Hours had passed since the moment that Thorin had called his men to war with the dragon; who had taken his homeland away from him, and also the woman that he wanted to build a life with. It had taken him a few hours but he had managed to take Hermione away from the dragon; that he had to leap through unimaginable bounds to get her away, from the oversized lizard.

Thorin had gotten himself and Hermione; as well as Bilbo and his men, into the furnaces, where the Dwarves had melted down the gold into its liquid form. He wrapped his arms around Hermione's body, pressing the two of them into a column and trying to stay out of away from the dragon's fire.

Thorin then ordered his men to get to work upon; as he still had his body against Hermione, once she glanced up towards his eyes. He leaned down and kissed her like the life was draining from his body and into hers; showing her that he was never letting her go again, once he stepped away from her. He saw her knees buckled; as if one was having a hard time staying upon their feet.

With a dark longing look, "We will continue this; once the great beast has left my home." He then turned away from her and ordered his men to get his plan under way.

It had taken a moment but Hermione noticed what they were doing and used her magic to protect them; as well as her own self, and moved away from the columns that the dragon was trying to make his way through. She spelled herself to fly upwards to where Bilbo looked like he was having a hard time with the levers.

When she had landed next to him; he had turned around and jumped back with a squeak of surprise, which caused her to say, "Sorry," to him. When the dragon crashed into the wall structure that was holding him back, they heard Thorin calling Bilbo's name and together they brought down the lever that brought forth the water.

As the two left the lever platform; they made their way down the stairs, as they witness Thorin jumping upon a wheelbarrow and used it has a boat to float upon the liquid gold. He saw the two of them and yelled out, "RUN!" This caused the two of them to run into the next room; which happened to be the Hall of Kings, where they lead the dragon into the place of statues of many kings before Thorin himself.

When the dragon had entered the room; it had caused a massive flag of some kind, to come down upon the two beings that were trying to hide from the beast.

He called out, "AVA, come out or I'll start attacking Laketown."

This caused both Hermione and Bilbo to pop out; as they both called out at the same time, "NO, DON'T!"

The dragon was surprised at seeing the little Hobbit before him, "Who is this?" Then he remembered the woman within the room, "Well, never mind; if you care about those people, then you don't ever hide or run from me again!"

Hermione stepped in front of Bilbo; as she pushed him towards the walls and away from the dragon, "That is kind of hard; great dragon, Smug. You see; you are very large and I was afraid that you might hurt me if I had stayed in one spot."

This caused him to think for a moment, "You have a point; you are a very small person." As the red beast came forward; he asked, "Than why have you kissed the would be king?"

Hermione was drawing straws at this moment and stated, "I'm only human, Smug; a man like Thorin would be hard to resist a kiss from."

This caused the great dragon to laugh; very darkly, "I know a way to become human; if that is all it took for you to be happy, my dear."

This caused everyone within the room to stop within their tracks; no one has ever heard about such a thing before and Hermione asked, "What do you mean?"

"Don't look so worried, Ava." Smug glanced around for a moment; as if seeing that no one else but them were within the room, "There is a dark sorcerer who would be able to do as I wish. He is the Master of all the things that you would call evil. He controls the lands of Mordor."

This caused Hermione to shiver even more; she had heard of a place called Mordor and knew that it was one of those places that no one wished to go, she just does not remember where she had read that.

"Maybe I should go to Laketown and show you the power that I hold, my dear," Smug then turned around and was making his way towards the doors of the mountain; when a great leader sounding voice called out, "What's wrong; running away before the battle has even started!"

Balin came out from behind one of the statues within the room and grabbed ahold of Hermione and Bilbo and led them away from the room.

As Thorin kept on saying, "Runaway; you worm!" This caused Smug to stop in his tracks for a moment and Thorin had gone on to say, "Afraid to prove to Ava that you are a coward!"

This caused the dragon to turn back around and moved his way closer to the little man upon a statue, "What are you trying to prove, dwarf?"

With a dark heated look upon the face of a warrior king; Thorin said, "That I'm better than you. NOW!" As soon as Thorin had called out 'Now,' his men pulled away chains and spikes; to where the statue revealed the image of Thorin's grandfather, in gold.

A moment had passed and the statue started melting and attacking the figure of the dragon before it; which had caused the weight of the liquid gold, to push down upon the massive body upon the floor. For that moment; everyone believed that they had won.

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