Summoned to Middle Earth

Chapter 29

Ch. 29

Hermione Granger was in the massive hall of treasure; along with Bilbo Baggins, Balin, and a flouting mirror of Severus Snape; far and away from the Hall of Kings. Then Thorin came out of the shadows and wrapped his arms around her, just as a massive roar and shake accrued.


This caused Hermione to try to wiggle out of Thorin's grasped that he had upon her; which caused the dwarf to growl out, "Be still; there is nothing that you can do for them."

She managed to push herself away enough to look within his eyes, "How can you say that, they are people that are going to need our help!"

Thorin would not let her go but glanced over towards the mirror that had the dark wizard within, "Tell me wizard, what would become the people of Laketown?"

Severus grumbled, "Few will die. Most will use the ways of the lake to get away from the town. The man in town, who is Hermione's friend, will be the one to bring down the dragon."

Thorin than glanced towards the woman within his arms with a smirk upon his lips, "You see; things will turn out alright. Now come with me," as he grasped one of her arms, as he led her through the treasure hall; with Severus, Bilbo, and Balin following them.

"Where are you taking me," growled out Hermione, as she stumbled from keeping up with Thorin, who seemed to be on a mission of his own and trying to get out of his hold.

"Can't you see that I'm looking for something," stated Thorin.

This caused Hermione to get aggravated, "For what purpose do you have to drag me around like some caveman, who just discovered a woman?"

Thorin glanced over his shoulder to her; with a knowing smirk, "You shall see, Hermione."

This caused her to stop struggling for a moment, for it had been a while since she had heard her name upon his lips. It was enough for Thorin to get her into one of the most important places within the grand mountain. He led the group to the king's chamber; where he found a stash of gems, gold, jewelry of all shapes and sizes.

Thorin glanced towards Balin, "Where would my grandfather put those bracelets?" As one hand was still upon Hermione's wrist, while the other was going through the objects before him.

Balin glanced towards Hermione and then Thorin as he asked, "You mean the marriage bracelets that he was given by the high elves? I thought you don't want anything to do with their magic?"

Thorin glared at the elder dwarf as he went on to say, "I don't like anything to do with them but I don't want my woman running around without me knowing about it, and no one is to have her but me."

Hermione at this moment had stopped struggling and gasped out with shock upon her face. She knew she was woman and that men of some cultures still viewed them as property, but she never thought in her whole life to be seen as one.

Bilbo seemed to understand what was going on, "What are you planning on doing Thorin; she's a witch and a very powerful one, what makes you believe that you can bend her will?"

Thorin still going through the boxes and boxes of shiny objects answered, "I'm not going to bend her to her will, as you have put it Bilbo. I'm going to secure her to my will; as a husband does to his wife, in the act of marriage. Once I have found these bracelets; they will unite us in a marriage bound, much stronger than any known magic within the lands of Middle Earth." He ended up finding those said bracelets in a wooden box that was hidden under a table that was in the middle of the room, with maps upon the said table.

Bilbo was ordered to set the maps aside and then brought the box upon the table, once it was done; Severus spoke up, "You do realize that once you place those things upon your bodies, you are going to have to consume the act of marriage for those to work, don't you?"

Thorin gave a heated look towards the man within the mirror, "And your point, wizard?"

Balin was the one who spoke up; as gently as he could, "He means are you willing to take Hermione's free will, in order for you to be happy?"

Thorin stopped his movements and then glanced towards the witch and said for all to hear, "I'm not taking her whole will; I'm just asking as a man to a woman to be his wife and to be with for one night, before she runs off to save all the people that she wishes."

Hermione gulped from the intense look that he was giving her and the words that he spoke; she stuttered out, "Th . . . or . . . in."

He spoke to where she was the only person that could hear him, "With these bracelets; I want to unite us in marriage, for I fear of a war within a day or so, and I don't want to die without knowing what marriage would have been like with you."

Hermione was within an internal war with herself; she wanted so badly to go out and kill the dragon that was burning Laketown, while the other wanted to stay and marry Thorin which was something that she had dreamt about for quite a while. She had heard from her professor that only a few would die that night and that Sirius was going to be the one that would kill the dragon; so she knew that the town was in good hands, even though it was against her better judgement to stay where she was.

With a great sigh; she nodded her agreement with the Dwarf King before her, who brought out the two bracelets and moved the clothing aside to place the golden metal upon their skins.

Balin spoke up as soon as the bracelets were locked in place, "I announce our King and Queen of the Lonely Mountain."

Thorin glanced at those that were within the King's Chamber, "We will see all of you in morning; tell the men to wall up the hole that is in the front gates, I don't want uninvited guests."

The elder dwarf sighed, "Understood; come Bilbo, we have work to do." The two left shortly after that.

Severus glared at the only dwarf within the room, "You better treat her better than this after this forced marriage that you have done upon her."

Thorin sighed, "I didn't mean for this to happen this way. You should know; wizard, I'm doing something about what I might not be able to do in a few days. I just want one night; just one night to be with her, can I at least have that?"

Severus closed his eyes, "I don't condone you for this because I would have done something similar to this, if I was given a chance to do so with my Lily. But I request that you start out very gentle with Hermione, for she has never been with anyone before you."

Thorin glared darkly towards the wizard, "I kind of figured that out from your overprotectiveness that you had over her, but I will easy your worries and be as gentle as I can."

This caused Severus to shutter, before his flouting mirror had left the King's Chamber and by doing so, leaving the new marriage couple behind. Hermione and Thorin were looking at each other. One out of worry and other out of hunger; for what was to come next was nearly upon them, which would change their lives from that moment on.

"Come wife; it is time for me to show you how much you have affected me so."

Thorin gently wrapped an arm around Hermione's shoulders and led her towards the bedchambers, where they were met with dust, cobwebs, and other types of passage of time since anyone had used the room. With a wave of her hand; all evidence of such things were gone, and turned towards her husband and noticed how hungry his look had gotten.

Thorin stepped away from her and started pulling off layers and layers of armor and clothing; to where he stood before her a chiseled looking chest before her, which had caused her to gape and gulp from the fit body before her. Hermione knew that he was a warrior but the muscles that seem to want to pop out of his body, screamed the years of wars and training that he had done in his life time.

He walked towards her and started taking off every piece of fabric, like one who was opening a precious Christmas present, ever so slowly. Once he had gotten her to nothing but her skin to show; he noticed the purple scares that were upon her body before, were not there. With a question within his eyes, this caused Hermione to glance down and saw that one of the deadly spells that she had endured in the Department of Mysteries in her fifth year was gone.

"It's gone," she gasped. Then the words of the school's nurse had come to mind, "There is nothing that I can do to make it go away and I fear that you may not experience motherhood, once you're ready to be one, because of this unknown curse that was thrown at you." It had brought tears to Hermione's eyes during that time and tried ever so hard to not get herself into any relationships in case they wanted a family. Now she was given hope; thanks to her time in Middle Earth, she may have a chance at a family after all.

Hermione than glanced up towards the man before her; with the most brightest smile that she had ever given to anyone, and this caused Thorin to growl in need and want. He wrapped his arms around her and led her towards the bed; where he pushed her upon it, as he took off his pants and then climbed in after her.

He placed his lips upon her neck; which caused her to wiggle beneath him and started to feel something that became even more harder that it was thought possible. As she was lost with all the wonderful feelings that she was experiencing; she was losing all sense of control that she ever thought would ever exist, she even felt her own magic swirling around the room.

Thorin had never felt a charge within the air before; he had sex before, but nothing was compared to these feelings that he was undergoing before he had even entered the woman that he wanted so very badly. He could not wait any longer; with a gentle enough shove, he was within her. Her legs wrapped around the back of his knees; locking him to her, and the magic that was within the air urging him to continue.

He leaned down and kissed her lips; like a caged creature that needed something to live for, his arms wrapped around her to secure her to him.

Thorin then started rocking back in forth in small and gentle movements; until Hermione started clawing his back, urging me to move faster. He could smell the scent of her juices coming forth as they continued their mating dance; as their kisses became rough and needy, as lips became tender and moist.

As the two gasped out in the union of the marriage; their bracelets had glowed white that flooded the room and the outer corridors, showing that they are indeed bounded. Another softer glow was shown upon Hermione's lower region; for only the two to see, which surprised the two of them.

She glanced up towards a sweaty looking Thorin and asked, "What was that?"

With a panting gasped, he answered, "Legend says that whoever is married under these bracelets a white flash with show for all to see that they are indeed in a union; if another glow is shown upon the woman, she will be shown a color to indicate if she is with child because of said union, the color will tell the woman what child to expect."

"I'm with child," Hermione gasped out in wonder.

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