Summoned to Middle Earth

Chapter 30

Ch. 30

The next morning came to those within the Lonely Mountain and with it a rested Thorin; who was hard at work within the treasure hall, looking for the Heart of the Mountain, while Hermione sat upon the throne watching him. She was asked by Thorin to do so; for he did not want Hermione to go any amount of distance away from him, knowing that they would be having a child together.

As she sat; Severus Snape hovered next to her, as he saw noticeable signs of the dwarf king losing his mind. "Have you come up with any names for the children, yet?"

Hermione glanced towards her old professor with a question within her eyes, "Children?"

"You didn't notice the color of glow that came from your union other than the one that united the two of you?"

As Hermione sat upon the mighty chair; she had noticed that she had laid her hands upon the area that had glowed from the night before, as if protecting them from an unknown danger that has yet to come. "No, I haven't thought of it. I believe it was purple. I had thought it was a mystery child of royalty or something."

Severus laughed darkly, "I can see why you would think that way, but no. The High Elves are very good with their magic. No; it simply means that you're going to have twins, one of each I believe."

She gasped, "A boy and a girl? No wonder Thorin was in shock last night!" She then glanced down towards her husband. "No wonder he is looking for the jewel now, he wants to protect what future that has yet to come."

"Protect yourself and the lives of your children, Ms. Granger. This war is no place for such things," stated Severus Snape.

She glared at him as she growled out, "I will not leave my husband for death."

Thorin than found the crown that was within the gold, gems, and other things and placed it upon his head; showing all that he was now king. A few steps away; he found a smaller crown, of which he took it out of its hiding place and made his way up the stairs to the throne platform and placed the small crown upon Hermione's head.

With a great smile upon his lips; he said, "A crown for my queen."

She smiled sadly, "Why don't you take a break and eat something Thorin, you haven't had anything since yesterday."

The king sighed, "I'll eat when I'm able to find the jewel and not before."

"Then I won't eat until you do," stated Hermione.

Thorin yelled, "You can't do that! Not while you're with children!"

This caused the company to run into the Throne Room; with questions upon their faces, it was Bofur that spoke first, "Children! Children! Well that just changes everything."

Balin gasped, "Than you would have to eat something Thorin, if she doesn't want to eat anything until you do."

Thorin glared at the elder dwarf, "I understand that Balin." Then he glanced around and asked, "Who is manning the gate?"

This caused everyone but Balin to run off towards the gate.

The wizen dwarf spoke again, "I'll have a bit of stew to be sent to the two of you, but you should get some rest before finding the Heart again. You don't want to lose any energy before you find it."

"FINE," growled out Thorin. "I know when to listen!" He then sat down beside Hermione in his own throne.

As Thorin sat and rested; Hermione sent a small spell towards him, which caused him to close his eyes and drift as he waited for the meal to come their way. She was worried; very worried about the lives of the people from Laketown, the lives of the Dwarves that she had grown the care about, the unknown factor of Gandalf, her unborn children, and for her husband.

About an hour or so had passed and Balin had come back with two bowls of stew, which he had placed at the thrones' arms. He glanced towards Thorin and asked, "He's resting?"

She sighed, "Not by choice; I did cast a small spell at him and he feel into a light sleep, he should be waking up here soon."

Just after she had said soon; he had woke up to the smell of the stew that was next to him, he then picked up his bowl and started eating. This caused a smile to play upon Hermione's lips; to where she even picked up her own bowl and ate as well, while Balin moved away from the new royals of the mountain and stood next to the flouting mirror.

"What are the odds of everyone to live after this whole ordeal is over," asked Balin.

Severus sighed, "The future is ever changing and hard to keep up with those said changes; as far as I can see, it's still fifty-fifty. As much as I know her; she can either save the life of her children by staying where she is, or losing her mind by following her heart by following Thorin into the heat of danger."

Balin sighed, "Either way; not very good odds," as he glanced over the dark wizard within the mirror.

"No indeed," stated Severus Snape.

Balin then asked, "If you were her; would you risk it all for the one that you love?"


As Balin was getting ready to head for the front gates, "I'm not going to break the heart of the lads but I'll keep in mind, knowing that Thorin and Hermione were met to be together; even it met their death in the end."

Once Severus was alone from all to hear him; he whispered, "Just like Lily and her husband. Potter!"

For the first time in eighteen years; Severus Snape's eyes had started leaking out into tears, he did not want to go through the same ordeal that he had on that Hallowing night. He never cared for Miss Granger as anything but annoying girl that she was. Who really did not have a future; not while the Dark Lord Voldemort was in power, and the years at Hogwarts were never easy upon her. She was always at young Potter's side; making sure that he would live another day, she was forced to grow up faster than most of her age.

He made an oath at that moment; he would make sure that she would not have to fight another battle again, or experience a life of Hell without the one that love was given. He will make sure that she would die old with her husband and family that they would make together. Even it met to give up his life once more, in order to do so again.

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