Summoned to Middle Earth

Chapter 31

Ch. 31

Thorin Oakenshield had received word about people were at his front gates and told Hermione to go to their room to lay down. She had gone with some choice words aimed at him, before doing what she was told to do.

Thorin was at the gate; seeing the bowman before him, alone.

"What do you want," asked Thorin.

"Some resources to help restore Dal; since Laketown was destroyed by the dragon that you have unleashed."

"I will not do that; where were was man when my people were left homeless? I will tell you; they were nowhere to be seen, only demanding for us to build things for them; when men wouldn't do it for themselves."

The man before the Dwarves sighed, "So you're going to be like them, then? Where is Hermione? I would like to speak with her."

Thorin growled, "You leave her out of this! It would upset the children that she's carrying!"

"WHAT," cried out the bowman. "When did this happen?!"

Severus had followed Thorin to the gates earlier and called out, "Its true mutt. She is with children, since the early hours of this morning!"


The bowman turned away from the gate and rode back to Dal.

Thorin glared at his men, "No one tells Hermione of what has happened! I don't need for her to be stressed out."

"Understood," answered all the Dwarves.


What Thorin did not know; the dragon from the night before had put into motion for many life-altering chain reactions throughout the land. War was upon them all; Dwarves, Elves, and humans were up against orcs and other dark creatures. Severus Snape had managed to fight alongside Thorin; for he was able to wield magic from the mirror, which seemed to magnitude the power behind it. Killing off the creatures with very little effort.

Thorin was grateful for having the dark wizard next to him; knowing he had a great and powerful ally.

When Thorin; his two nephews, and one of his best men rode up to the old lookout fort. Along with Severus Snape with them.

Thorin split the group up; looking for the pale orc, but the professor stayed near the dwarf king. Severus knew he had a bad feeling about coming there and soon would be proven right.


Hermione was within her room; when she started hearing battle cries, she had gotten up from where she was laying made her way towards the door. She tried opening it, but found it hard to open; with a sigh she waved her hand over the door and found that nothing happened. This caused her to panic and started banging on the door.

"Hermione, don't," yelled a voice that she knew as Bofur.

"Why have you done this to me," cried out Hermione.

"This was Thorin's wish; as well as the dark wizard's. The wizard had cast a spell upon the room and then was ordered to watch the door and not let you out."


"You can't Hermione; you're with children of Thorin, I can not let you out until it's over."

At the moment she heard those words from Bofur; she nearly wished that she was no longer pregnant. This nearly caused her to cry for thinking that; but it was true, she wanted out and be part of the fight. She should have listened to her gut feeling that she had; when she was heading to her room that something like this was going to happen, but she believed that Thorin would not have done this to her and let it go. For the first time in ages; she was wrong about something.

"Please Bofur; I want to fight alongside Thorin," stated Hermione.

A sigh had been sounded before he spoke, "I'm sorry lass; I will not go against Thorin's wishes."

Hermione upon the feeling of desperation; she had started pounding upon the door until her hands became numb, and her will had gotten weaker. She then made her way towards the bed and lay down.

She whispered to the room, "I wanted to fight alongside you, Thorin. Life wouldn't be worth living without you alongside me."

With a heavy heart; Hermione started to weep, for she felt for the first time in years; she felt helpless.


Up above the major battle; Thorin had just managed to get the pale orc under the ice and wanted to follow the body, to make sure that he had died at last. Severus stopped him by using his magic to pick Thorin off the ice and placed him upon the aging stones, and then placed a sticking charm upon him. To where the dwarf would not be going anywhere.

Thorin growled, "Let me go wizard!"

Without a sense of acknowledging the dwarf; Severus floated across the ice, following what he believed to be the dead body of the pale orc. Without warning; the orc managed to get out of the ice and slammed his club upon the mirror that held Severus, which managed to crack and released the man within.

With raised arms; his magic blocked the blow from hitting him, then he uttered the killing curse and then his own cutting curse of his own making for good measure. The pale orc was now dead. The battle was now over.

Severus waved his hand towards Thorin and he became unstuck; he asked, "How did you know he wasn't dead?"

Severus smirked, "I have lived a life to never trust what you see."

Thorin then made his way towards the dark wizard, "Is this how you looked like; before getting yourself trapped within the mirror, before coming here?"

Severus smirked, "Why do you ask? Do I not look that much different than before?"

Thorin glanced at the wizard and noticed how beak like of a nose that he had and how it had looked slightly crooked before, for in real life looked like it was even more so. "Your nose didn't look so . . ."

Severus sighed, "Understood. Should we get you back to your wife, before she rages war on us all?"

Thorin sighed, "Yeah, I'm not looking forward in what she would do to me."

"I keep the magic block within your room that way she wouldn't be able to use her magic against you."

"Good," stated Thorin.

He then glanced around for his men; where Balin came running towards him with tears upon his eyes, "Thorin; I have come with such bad news."

"What is it," asked the Dwarven King.

"It's your sister's lads," the elder dwarf shook his head; as he went on to say, "They didn't make it." At this moment the dwarf started to weep even more.

Thorin closed his eyes for a moment, "We will send word to my sister, but I must face the rage of my wife; before she destroys the mountain."

The men laughed hollowly; they were enjoying the fact that they were alive, but sorrowful that they had lost a couple of their men and them being Thorin's nephews. As the group turned and headed for their home; Erebor, and on the way they had also ran into Thorin's cousin; Dain.

"Hello laddie; thanks for allowing me boys to come to war."

Thorin smirked, "Glad to oblige, but I must be heading towards Erebor and put out the fires with my wife."

"WIFE," yelled Dain, "When did you become married?"

"About a night ago, cousin."

The dwarf gleaned, "It must be the end of the world, if you found a lass to settle down with? So tell me before you leave, What kind of person is she, for you to be married to?"

Thorin laughed, "If I told you; I may not find myself married for long, lucky for me she is with my children."

Dain also laughed, "Wow; you have been busy. Well; I'll let you go and calm down your lassy. I'll start heading home with my men."

As the people upon the battlefield made their ways towards their homes or wherever they have put up their residence for the time beings.

Thorin made his way to his own home, with his men following him. Once they had reached the front gates; where Thorin left his men, who were starting cleaning the mess; from Thorin breaking down the front gates with a massive bell.

Severus followed Thorin up a few levels to where they stopped outside an oak door; where Bofur looked both worried and happy to see them.

"How is she," asked a gruffed Thorin.

The other dwarf sighed, "She's mighty angry, Thorin. Would you like to stay out here for a while longer?"

The ruler smiled, "No Bofur; I better get my arse in there and settle her down, or put out a wilder fire later."

Thorin left the other two outside the door; as he closed the door, a swift blur of movement had shoved him into the wall.

"How dare you leave me here! I would rather had gone out and fight along with you!"

Thorin growled and picked her up; to where her legs had wrapped themselves around his waist, "I would not have lived with myself if I had allowed to do so; nor would I have my head in the war, which I almost didn't. If your professor wasn't there; I'm afraid I would have been dead."

This caused Hermione to stop her ranting and gasped; as she raised her hands up to her mouth, "Is he . . ?"

What neither one of them knew; the door that Thorin had stepped away from, had opened up.

"Glad to know that someone cares," stated a deep velvet voice.

This caused Hermione to jump out of Thorin's arms and onto the ground, to where she was able to turn around and see Severus Snape upon his feet; once again. This shocked Hermione very much, "H . . ow?"

Severus smirked; "I saved Thorin by putting myself in danger and sacrificing myself; which the pale orc cracked my mirror and I was freed, which I killed that creature."

"Wow," stated Hermione, "thank you for bringing my husband back."

"You're welcome," then he turned away from the married couple and left them alone.

Thorin kissed his wife, "Come; it's been a long day."

Then two spent the rest of their time; showing one another, how much they had ment to the other.

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